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Here is the Discord for this RP.

So what if the events of Shin Megami Tensei happened in North America? The premise of this role play is that warring factions are attempting establish their own permanent status quo on the world of surviving Humanity and each other, to achieve ultimate power.

So basically, the supernatural has always existed in the world, but only now has it come into full bloom. An Apocalyptic event referred to as The Cataclysm has torn all of Humanity a new one, and in North America, which has experienced far less of a blow than the rest of the world, the population has been almost eradicated, and is down to just a little more than a dozen million citizens out of our previous three hundred and ninety million. Monsters, demons and other supernatural beings are killing survivors and stragglers. The former United States of America are now a shattered union, and some areas of the country are lawless.

There are few , but notable exceptions to the chaos, harsh life and terrors of the outside world however. Some folk have partnered with monsters, others have learned powerful magic, yet still others have managed to protect themselves with the wonders of high science and technology. The year is 2385, and it's been two hundred and thirty years since The Cataclysm transformed the world into a nightmarish terror where the strong rule and prey over the weak.

Texas and California are two bastions of civilization remaining in the world, and are their own closely allied nations, nomadic tribes roam the country in an effort to stay "safe" as much as the word safe can make sense of their situation, and there is now a large faction of communicating underground bunkers throughout the country that work as a single political entity. This subterranean society is called "Agartha". Like it was pointed out earlier, more than half the country is a very dangerous place to be. People are crowding the safer civilized areas as much as they can.

There are a little more than several powerful Cosmic factions amid a lot of other lesser factions vying for the eternal destiny of the world and all mortals. The original SMT games have Order, Neutrality/Balance and Chaos, this one has Order, Light, Mortality, Chaos, and Darkness. I was thinking of having one more Faction other than the five but I'm not entirely convinced on which one.

So Order is basically rigid and draconian control over people. There are positives but strong negatives. Someone with too much enforced order is basically a totalitarian. Too much chaos and well, there's anarchy everywhere. Even light has some negatives, even though it's the most moral and ethical. Light is more or less morality it'self but too much of it can lead to self-destruction. Mortality is basically Humanity and other non-divine races vying to enforce their will on reality, it's sort of the Balance faction. Finally Darkness is the opposite of Light. It's "The Dark Side" of this universe. It's downsides are obvious, and there are many.

So your PCs would choose a side to support.

Here is the Character Sheet:






Means Of Power: (Are you a magic user, a tech user, a supernatural being, a super hero? Or even someone who has some kind of command over monsters? You can even be an alien if you want, or something that's not listed.)

Factions | +
Large Factions Of Mortals And Humanity:

The Republic Of Texas

The Republic Of California

The Greater Community (World Wide Human survivors and their descendants who are striving to unite the world under one government. This is by far the biggest political faction on Earth.)

The Technocracy (Over a million inhabitants from before the Cataclysm survive in Subterranean Settlements. They are highly advanced societies.)

The Common Wealth Of Quebec (We always get our man. Or woman. Or demon. Whatever. We always get'em!)

The Reconquesta (Mexican land lords. Basically they want to reclaim Mexico from the creepy monsters and such for Humanity. However, they suffer from a Human Supremacy complex.)

The Nautilus Federation (Successful sea steaders and small governments from around the world came together as the Nautilus Federation. These people are the biggest rivals to the Greater Community, and indisputed masters of the world's oceans.)

The Randal Corporation: Albus Herman Randal, a man who was already alive long before the Cataclysm has survived for these past centuries through highly advanced medical technology. To call him a genius would be an understatement. He runs Randal Corporation as a Plutocrat, and his territory is literally stronger than many others. Randal Corporation is a big purveyor of technology and commerce. It is partially thanks to Randal Corporation that civilization in the Americas is making a comeback.

The Lord's Believers: An altruistic religion based on a modification of alternative beliefs on a benevolent Demiurge. The Lord's Believers put their faith in a deity called The Demogorgon. They believe the Demogorgon is teaching his faithful to become gods themselves. These folk are benevolent and charitable, but fanatical.

The Templar Order: The Templars are an organization devoted to running their territory in a peaceful co-existence with some non Humans. Templars are masters of esoteric power and martial ability.

The Illuminati: The Illuminati claim they brought the Cataclysm. They are an oligarchy of warlocks and other dark magicians that want to exert their influence over the world. However, they are not just evil occultists. Within their ranks they have genuinely virtuous faith healers and white mages as well. They were founded with the express purpose of teaching Humanity how to thrive post-Cataclysm.

The Goddess Children/Matriarchy
A Matriarchal society of almost no one but women, they are witches, amazons and others who lost their family and spouses from the Cataclysm. They survived for hundreds of years through longevity and trading resources and services, allowing males to enter the territory and keeping children. Descendants of male members of the society are the only male citizens in this culture.

The Dregos Society:
Gothic vampires, witches and werewolves. The Dregos Society wants to bring back civilization to greater numbers so they may feast on Humanity.

Certain large tribes.

Reincarnation Wars: The Well Of Souls
Save the universe and the other ones too!

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