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Children of the Dying Son: Mankind’s Time Has Come to an End

The year is 3030AD and after countless pointless wars and the carelessness with the precious gift that was our great planet Earth we have finally killed it; it can no longer support life. Those seeking to live have found themselves cowering on the moon, though the station built there had been one of military purposes and not really meant for long term use so time there is growing short. In an effort to find themselves a new home world, the United Federation for Humanity has formed up several elite search scouting ships that’s only directive and mission is to find a new home world, secure it and then notify those who are awaiting on the moon. However, danger and evil lurks from within their very own ranks…

Children of the Dying Son, is a fanatical religious group founded by Zackary Jacob Smith, a soldier who claims to have had a religious experience from the lord all mighty who came to him following a participating in a very nasty battle near the end of the last war. His face is scared with a burn on his left side of his face, which he attains to God trying to burn away his wickedness, which he keeps hidden under a high polished silver half-mask that has a cross emblazon in gold upon it. When the reports began to come in about the failing planet he moved quick to rally followers that the time had come to face judgment and all must now pay for their past sins. When evacuation plans began to get made he was furious and convinced his followers that God wanted to them to all die and face him for judgment for their past transgressions.

Several suicide bombers nearly stopped the whole evacuation and let to the capture of ‘Michael’, which is what Zackary began calling himself, seeing how he was the sword of God sent to destroy all those who did not yield to his might. The evacuation to the moon went on as planned though when the last of the ships went out to find them a new home, Michael escaped and managed to steal several more ships and Mechs with his followers. His mission now is to stop those ships from finding man’s salvation; because of course Mankind does not deserve salvation, only everlasting torment before God.

Our story begins with the crew of the exploration ship Elyandra…..

Basically you are playing part of the crew on a ship that is one of the last remaining hopes of all mankind, one of the few ships sent out to find a new home world for the human race. Now I will be playing the Captain, as well as two crew members, as well as the 'Bad' guy, but everyone else is welcomed to play either one of the Mech pilots or another member of the crew. Though this will have action in it, I am mostly looking for the social interaction, the drama and such that comes from people when they are loaded down with large amounts of pressure by basically being the last hope of all their kind.

There is a general plot that I have that will slowly reveal itself as we go along since I will be adjusting it based on the interactions between characters. This being said however you are not restricted from adding to the story if you think it would be helpful or fun to play, since if I find it to be too off the wall I will adjust the story to get it back on track by any means necessary. Kind of like how a DM is the final say in DnD so am I in the threads that i create and will use my power to correct something that I see as a growing problem.

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