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- Try to post once a week, if it will take you more than 2 weeks to respond, you must give adequate heads up.
- Must actively participate in plot and world development in this OOC thread.

General | +
Advanced Technology!
  • FTL Travel (takes approximately 3 days to get between systems)
  • Things like Luxury Star Liners exist
  • Lots of cool weapons (almost anything you can think of no matter how impractical)
  • Most everyone has access to some kind of spaceship, some just for use in a system, some for exploration, etc.
  • Nobody is dirt poor, but there are classes with distinct divisions, not intentional, simply the evolution of society.
  • The governments are part of an alliance, generically referred to as The Alliance. They share rules and resources and whatnot. No passport required to travel between systems, unless criminally restricted.
  • The distinct governments are lead by only members of that species, and there is the Star Council comprised of three members of each common species (elected specific to their beliefs) and one from the Cliptids.

Species | +
Human | +

Origin: Star System Sol

Appearance: Two eyes. Two legs. Pretty mediocre. Appearance varies slightly, One of two species known who are compatible with cybernetic implants.

Racial Characteristics: Varies widely. Humans have the most variable morals. Endless compassion and boundless cruelty exist in the same species, which is exhibited only by humans, and is both incredibly intriguing but scary to other species.

Culture: As humans go, some are nice and some aren’t. Human nature is pretty unique and sporadic. Sleep is a unique human trait.

Tekkans | +
Origin: Star System Tekka

Appearance: Vague humanoid. Much taller. Between 7-8 feet tall. Variety of pastel skin color. They have larger eyes, variable skull shapes and protrusions. They do not have hair, but small amount wear wigs because they like the human aesthetic. They wear utility clothing that is plain and practical.

Racial Characteristics: Highly intelligent, usually very scientifically inclined. Don’t need sleep. Pippets either take supplements to cleanse the body like sleep does for humans, or they need two or three comatose like episodes that last 10 minutes every 24 hours. Have a general mentality for efficiency, and are content making sacrifices for the greater good.

Culture: Their society is centered on leisure and technology and everything in between. They seek knowledge for the sake of knowing if it’s possible. They understand consequences, but they don’t believe it’s morally wrong to, say, build a bomb powerful enough to destroy a star system.

Gibbot | +
Origin: Star System Gw’va

Appearance: Basically blueberry people. Small, round and blobby. Look like any number of roundish fruits, from pears to apricots to apples. They are plant based creatures and their limbs are stem like protrusions from their bodies. They are generally lighter than they appear. Their coloration can be any number of watercolor colors and patterns. Their faces resemble the Pillsbury Doughboy, and are mostly just for interacting with other species, as they have a silent dance language they use among themselves. Their ability to speak audibly is made possible with a simple implant.

Racial Characteristics: This race has evolved beyond currency. Almost contradictory, they most enjoy being merchants. They like to sell things for the fun of meeting people and providing what they request. It is all very wholesome.

Culture: On their home planet, they trade trinkets like collectibles and donate them to religious shrines that recycle them back into the communities. In interplanetary trade, they don’t tend to keep the money they make because they don’t need it, they are happy living simple lives, just the basics. The money they make gets donated to whichever cause they see fit, generally whichever industry they work for, or to their government. Industries get almost 95% return from selling through blueberries. Gibbots only keeps like 5% for small trinkets or something that is classified outside of “common goods”.
*All off world Gibbots have licenses to purchase “common goods” charged to their government to accommodate for the cultural clash and in exchange for their three tropical moons dedicated to farming, leaving no one in the alliance hungry.

Cliptids | +
Origin: Unknown.

Appearance: Robotic android. Most have taken a liking to blending in with their culture, adapting partially to their attitudes and beliefs. They are near invincible, with regenerative cyber-tissues. They have the ability to alter their height and physical resemblances. They have no skin, but are not metallic either, they appear to have variable shades of matted greys.

Racial Characteristics: Pacifists. They have never been known to fight. They do not need to eat, but have been known to consume foods and beverages for pleasure. They do not age, but there have been discoveries of non-functional or “dead” cliptids on meteors and uninhabitable planets.

Culture: They do not disclose their origins or anything about their technology. They like to make friends and blend in to their surroundings and adopt the culture they join. They like to migrate from culture to culture every decade or so, and there are new ones who wander into the known star systems, and those that leave on a fairly regular basis. They tend to travel in small groups.

Dix | +
Origin: Unknown.

Appearance: Non-humanoid. Sea-urchin looking creatures with no understandable language.

Racial Characteristics: Easily provoked and violent.

Culture: Unknown.

Astral Bodies of Interest | +
Listed below are the largest known colonies and settlements. 4 planets, 3 moons, and an asteroid belt to start. Smaller ones may exist, and specific areas of interest may not be listed. If you desire to add to this list (for example: small mining colony in one of the systems, an inter-system anomaly without a star, etc) hit me up, flesh it out, and I will gladly add it.

Sol Prime: Tourism for the sake of capitalism, earth has many different climates which is not usual for other planets in the nearby systems. Aliens like to visit to learn about strange and violent human culture as well as weird customs like bathrooms and sleeping.

Sol Adjunct I: Archaically known as “The Moon”

Tekka Prime: Technologically advanced. Research and Development are on the home planet, they love new gadgets, they are incapable of creating art or music outside of science based ventures, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy it. But their skills mostly lie in creating tech for all purposes.They ****ing love it.

Tekka Adjunct I: This artificial moon is purely for funsies and VR ****. Basically a theme park of science. Free to the alliance world's, and very educational. Only well tested technology.

Tekka Adjunct II: Second moon is completely artificial and super secret. Like super duper. Like prolly a military operation. Prolly creating a bomb that can destroy universe, not for any evil reason, but just to see if it can be done.

Gw’va Prime: They live on pink fluffy clouds or something strangely utopian. Their planet has a lot of religious shrines. Everyone on their planet gets food and housing no questions asked. Their prefered currency is tiny trinkets, which they like to collect and then leave at the shrines for luck or blessing for more profitable years, which then the shrines recycle the trinkets back into the community by going around at night and hiding trinkets all over town. The blueberries just find them and be like “hey thats neat”. No blueberry ever takes advantage of sneaking around at night to get rich. Everyone kinda naturally just has the same amount and the trinket trade is mostly for funsies and reminiscent of old commerce.

Gw’va Agricultural Sector: The second Gibbot planet that is completely tropical, perfect for farming immense portions of food. They produce more than enough for all members of the alliance. They head Nurishment Outpost across the alliance.

Vyper Belt: Asteroid belt of trade. Market maybe. Like hella big market. Many of the larger asteroids are dedicated to specific markets (Jewelry, vehicles, prosthetics, cosmetics, food court, etc.) To travel between there are transcarriages that are archways that instantly compress, transport through atomic launchers, then ordered and decompressed all your atoms at the location.

Characters | +
Minimum Character Sheet | +

Age: (I have not defined age ranges for each species, so if you are doing anything extreme, as long as you have some rationale for it, I'll let you have it. (e.g. Gibbots live up to 250yrs because they are plant based))
Driving Reason: (Whatever their most strong belief is)
When this name is mentioned, who recognizes it and what do they say?:

*Feel free to break Appearance down to smaller categories if you desire, or add your own, whatever you need to build them. Add family, history, preferred food, etc.

Name: Amelia “Amy” Katrine
Species: Human
Age: 24
Appearance: Short, like just over 5 foot. Not thin, well-toned with curves where they are supposed to be. Long dirty blonde hair (most often dirty because of engine oil and dirt) pulled into a bun. Naturally green eyes, but wears contacts that shift color depending on mood. Has multiple miscellaneous small scars scattered across arms. Prefers to wear a flight suit, bound around the waist when working on a hot engine, zipped when not, heavy boots and a tank top. Wears a gold necklace with a miniature charm of the largest known spaceship.
Driving Reason: A personal quest of finding someone. Also seeking experience and information and money. In that order.
When this name is mentioned, who recognizes it and what do they say?: Tramp captains will recognize her name as the owner of the most successful tramp vessel. Tramp shipping involves going where the cargo goes and the shipper pays what its worth for a one time deal. Pirates recognize the name.
Motto: "I ain't dead yet."

Tramp Captains:
“Ohyez, she’s got de best ship in da star s’stem. Dey say she was de only one to survive an encounter wit de mos’ rut’less pirate in the galaxy, Belialah.”
“Her vessel, the infamous QT Pacifika, has some high tech **** I ain’t never even heard of, let alone seen. Not even sure if it’s legal.”
“Ah, I heard she was a on the Star Force, one of their most promising cadets, but she was kicked out ‘cause she was accused of mutiny on her first mission.”
“I heard people talking that she’s got blackmail against the United Alliance, that’s how she gets all the cool tech for her ship.”

“She is a mutual partner. She’s smart enough to know when she’s on the wrong side, but also smart enough not to interfere in matters that don’t concern her.”
“She isn’t to be trusted, but it can be beneficial to cooperate.”
“She’s as troublesome as any pirate I know, but I’ve never seen her with the same crew twice. I can say that her personal desires have often costed her crew their lives.”
“She’s the worst captain I’ve ever seen, but the best looking that’s for sure!”

**If you find discrepancies, or feel any description or feature is lacking in any way, let me know. If you want to add species, planets, pirate factions, etc. as long as it seems rational, I'd be happy to round out the edges and add it here! I encourage you to help me shape this universe!**

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