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PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:53 am 
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Hey there. I guess it's gotta be something special when you feel like you can just... relax... ya know? That's the thing with writing - you can't force it. Can't bend it to your will. Can't command it to manifest, like shaping clouds by hand. You just gotta ease into it... Trust the process. Let the juices flow. And suddenly, somehow, there's this magickal thing that happens:

You're suddenly crafting pictures with words, and shaping reality. It's this seemingly arcane skill which has drawn me, time & again, from the deepest doldrums; the light of creation, of expression, of timeless wonder - It's like falling in love, all over again. !love

Who am I, you're wondering? My name isn't important. Just one of a thousand ships passing in the night. I'm 34, in Human Years; long enough to earn a few regrets & an appreciation for personal freedom. I am a creature of the night, unafraid of man or beast. I am owned by the Cat Goddess Bastet, in some form or another - without her, my nights would be far lonelier. I have been Role-playing & Creative Writing since the days of MSN Chats (so many years ago), cutting my teeth on in-character invasions of "normie" chat-rooms. I've been writing for over 20 years. I am both an old soul, and an old troll. !evil

I am most drawn to Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Erotica & Horror themes. In case the name hasn't given it away just yet, I'm a die-hard fan of H.P. Lovecraft & other Weird Fiction. :moon: I am a fan of expectation subversion, irony, and themes of justice, sacrifice, vengeance, and lust. I'm unafraid to experiment with taboo or mature themes, and love character-building. I am spiritual, very far from religious, and I don't take many things too seriously anyway! The art of writing with others, such as through Chat or Forum, provides a wealth of opportunities to grow & learn, and I prefer it to writing alone. In case you haven't guessed, I'm both deep & philosophical.. Many conversations may be had on motivations & consequences as a story unfolds.

Until recently, I was doing some writing in a Star Wars RP Forum, but I felt drawn to broaden my horizons. This site seems immense, and I like that I'm free to explore whatever opportunities present themselves. I enjoy a wide range of movies & TV, so I'll definitely be looking into some fan-fiction! I'm desperately seeking a writing "home"; a place I can hone my skill, perhaps for that novel I've always wanted to write.

(You know the one)

I'll be exploring, looking for a fun place to make my breakout debut into the world you all have crafted here. Perhaps we'll end up making memories.

Oh, and, By the by... !psychotic have you seen the Yellow Sign?


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