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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2018 1:17 pm 

...looking for some new RP's.

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- Alpha , High Beta, Beta , 1x 1, Group, pace weekly 1x
- Fantasy
- Sci - Fi
- Stellar
- Mystery
- Apocalyptic Fantasy
- (High)Fantasy
- Futuristic
- Martial arts or (magic?)weapons
- Rituals or Summoning
- Parallel Realities and traverse through time and space
- Rebirth in your own or others bodies
- Asian Fantasy (Wuxia Xianxia)
- and whatever you can interest me in.

60% Female 40% Male/Other

I will definitely contribute them, but everything I can think of at the moment is just so generic, that I'm uninspired to write them down :p Just try me if you have something general you'd like to try and to be fleshed out.

thats it.

Oh maybe an old one I really wanted to play (you can also look at my resume, characters and other ideas posts...tho i havent updated them lately I doubt my interests changed much):

Based on the theories of 'mutliple worlds existing next to each other' there exist people who can travel the parallels, to serve certain purposes or change course of the worlds fate. Our characters will be from oppposing clan politics, while one side is pro-travelling to change the future, the other is opposed to travelling trying not to change future as much as possible.
They have different abilities and are enemies... however our characters have ended up in the same pocket dimension, and need to help each other out to get out of there.. or die.
From then on, they may or may not have certain views on their clans, but they have formed some kind of bond. But what is Fate? And is it dangerous - certainly it is not something easy to play with...

ok, if you want do do something, just msg me , PM or E-mail.


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