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Giants in the playground is in the future, and several important things are happening at the present time of 2035. Home based holodecks, Food printing, Textile Printing, A.I, cloning and medical sensors that monitor brain waves, heart beats and all other vitals are common place, and military weaponry has advanced far beyond the limits of the previously expected hypothesis and the first colony on Mars has been a roaring success for the past five years. There are talks of starting a One World Government in ten years, and religion is on a sharp decline as the perceived need for gods and the spiritual walk of life is non existent. In the age of Designer babies, a Human end to world hunger and the potential of a One World government to end conflict across the globe, Man has become his own God.

However, Man grew proud. The belief that Man had become their own God has ingrained it'self in the world. We are infantile divine beings, gods in embryo. Some of us may be literal children, while others of us, while adult Human beings, have still not realized our potential as deities. However, one day, our lives changed. Finding ourselves hunted down like animals, we fight back, and strike terror into the heart of our enemies. The proverbial Herod has come for our lives.

Name: It has to be kind of serious.
Mortal Name: Having a deity named "Bill Taylor" is kind of goofy, but if your god is named "Bill Taylor" that's fine as a mortal name.
History:(So far)
What form does your divine magic take? A Domain is something that your mortal followers feed off for power, and that you have ultimate mastery over. For example, A god of Dragons can have the Fire domain and the Reptile domain, and the Dragon Portfolio. He'd have power over general fire, and he'd power over all reptiles, generally, but to specialize in the kind of reptile and fire, he'd have to possess the "Dragon" portfolio. You start with 3 Domains.
Portfolio: A portfolio makes you "The definitive god of X". You can start with up to two of these. You grow in general power through multiple ways. One of the easiest ways to grow in power is by gaining Portfolios, which you have to earn by performing magical feats with your Domains or other Portfolios.
Traits: One Trait per Domain. One Trait per Portfolio, plus one Trait.
Game Mechanics Explained:
Please post the actions of your IC post at the bottom of your posts in spoilers. For example "

Lassy glares at Bubsy, god of Kidnappers before pulling Little Timmy from the Well by his teeth. Before Bubsy can react, Lassy barks loudly at the fledgeling deity, which promptly causes Bubsy to explode into ash, as if vaporized.

Lassy, God of Dogs, drags Little Timmy from the Well and Barks at the God of Kidnappers, vaporizing them with his cosmic bark." -1 Free Action pulling Timmy from the Well, and -1 Minor Action to destroy the minor Demigod Bubsy.

Major Acts: Major acts are the epic feats of the gods. That which flexes a god's muscle, showing that they mean business. For example, a world wide flood, an asteroid colliding into the planet, and the zombification or resurrection of all history's dead is a Major Act.

Minor Acts: A modest expense of effort is a minor act for a god. If you have to use a minor Act of expense in fighting a mortal, for example, that mortal has earned the right to be a sung hero in the annals of history for all eternity. Basically, a Minor act is something like causing regional floods, slaying a legendary dragon, or raising up a pair of Humans to replace Humanity. Minor Acts also reflect just attacking an enemy with an exceptional offense, putting up a better defense, etcetera.

Epitomy's and Epitomization:
All gods start out with 3 Major Acts they can spend for a turn of one week, 3 Minor Acts, 3 Ceremonies and 1 Epitomy They can spend per Week. An Epitomy is a type of action that "Epitomizes" that which a god can do with the very incarnate nature of who they are. Epitomizing Acts have to do with what a god has done before, what a god has to do that embodies the very nature of who they are, and their domains, creations and portfolios. They can only do one Epitomizing act of who they are, thus raising certain privileges and authority over the role play per week. Epitomization is a way of rewarding player activity without the vanilla Major Acts of a god.

There are three different kinds of reward an Epitomization can earn a player. One if through boosting their stats through game mechanics, another is through certain uniqueness'es and traits that a god otherwise wouldn't have without spending an Epitomy, and lastly, through epitomizing a god, the player can fuse the deity into the setting in important ways that etch them into the dimension as an indispensable part of the world. For example, if you are the Epitomy of Death, you will forever be the very embodiment of all death everywhere. You can potentially be less powerful than other gods, but as long as you are the Epitomy of Death, you will always be a greater manifestation of Death and thus have more authority over Death than any other character in the role play. In this example you can cause Minor Actions with a Free Action as long as it involves death, or even expend Major Actions with a Minor Action.

When you spend your Epitomization, you attempt to earn a Domain and a Portfolio AND a Ceremony all at once, not to mention earning you up to three Traits, thus raising your power substantially. More on Traits later.

Epitomies are hard to earn but I can allow you one Epitomy you can earn with loose restrictions at the start of the game.

Other Information:
Both creativity AND power grabbing are encouraged depending on your playstyle, AS LONG as it does not step on the toes of other player's fun. For example, if you can play a magic grabbing Power Monger without cutting off other player's enjoyment, you can be rewarded for it. AND if you can be a Kitchen God and play well, adding to the enjoyment of the role play without so much as lifting a finger to fight against other PCs or NPCs during your entire play through, you can be just as rewarded as the Power Monger.

You must pour your magical powers into either creations, abstract principles or some form of long lasting legacy(ies) in order to retain power in this role play. The more proactive you are in preserving yourself and causing long lasting change in the world, the more pertinent you will be to the game's setting. Don't just grab power, despite what I said before. Be interesting. Be creative, in other words, show quality role playing and story telling, and put them into your efforts as a character.

Traits: First of all, all Traits across the board of a God is far superior than a mortal's. Traits are the mechanical superiority of a god put on paper. However, a god doesn't need a written Trait to know that something is there. A god without an Intelligence Trait still has an IQ and a functional brain power to think, for example. They can still learn and be aware of things they need to learn, they just might have strength that stands out above their intelligence. A Trait isn't just an ordinary stat like "Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Wisdom, Constitution, and Charisma" though, a Trait can be "Reptillian" as well, and represent the height of what it means to be Reptillian. Gods automatically have one Trait from their Domain, one Trait from their Portfolio, and one extra Trait.
A God has Domains, Portfolios and Traits. Traits are earned through a variety of means, including Epitomizations. Traits are what a god is, what they embody, just as much as their Domains and their Portfolios And Epitomy(ies) embody, at least IC. OOC, their Traits all come from either Domains, Portfolios, or their personal histories and identities. The last kind of Trait mentioned are far more difficult to earn than the former two categories of Traits.

Real World religions will not be mentioned except in passing and inoffensively in this RP. That's why this RP is in the mid-future instead of in present day. For example, the origin of the Gregorian Calendar might be explained, but not the importance or unimportance of any religion, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Athiesm, etcetera. The inclusion of Athiesm and Agnosticism in the OP is not intended to offend, validate or invalidate any faith, and is instead intended to reflect a hypothetical situation with hypothetical influences in a fictional setting, even if certain names or organizations are mentioned.

At worst, if any view is mentioned, political, idealogical or theological, it is from the perspective of original characters that do not exist in the real world, and is not intended to reflect the views of any organization or person that exists in the real world.

What you do with your turn:
Generally a Turn can last one day, or seven days. It can last for however as long or as brief as it needs to be. IC, Turns can take from One Season, or even a decade to complete. If not more. Instead of the GM just deciding how long a time skip can last, I will sometimes leave the passage of time up to a vote.
There are several things that Gods tend to do with their time.

Create people, places, things or monsters. You can use your divine magic to create special things, people, places, things or monsters. You could make King Kong if you wanted, or you could create a race of Ape People.

Not to mention massive architectural wonders of the world. When you create certain things, a part of your power lingers in your creation. Invest yourself too much, and you go dormant. Invest yourself too little, and you may grow bored with this world and decide to leave for good.

Seize power. Let's face it. You're a god. You're not a mere mortal. Power is yours for the taking. There are benefits and drawbacks to seizing political power, and they aren't always the same. But you might decide to seize powers in other ways, the way of Propaganda, the way of Philosophy, or even start a religion of your own. You must tread carefully, and OOC follow the TOS. No, you can't bash any religion or creed that exists in this world. No Supervillains that claim that certain Monotheistic religions come from him. *Ahem I'm looking at you X-Men*

Empower mortals: One way to leave a lasting legacy on the world is to teach or directly strengthen mortals. It's harder to forget you that way. While forgetting a god won't affect him or her like they do in some fictions, it's still a negative thing to happen to you. Don't let it happen. You might find it difficult if not nearly impossible to protect and preserve everything you love.

Conflict with Eachother and NPCS


Yes, gods can die. If this happens, you won't necessarily be gone from the Setting of GITP forever, but you will need time to rejuvenate. It could take an in-game year or more. The smallest passage of time it would take to recuperate from dying for a god is an entire Season. (That is, three months).

Reincarnation Wars: The Well Of Souls
Save the universe and the other ones too!

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