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 Post subject: When All Is Darkness...
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...Let the blind man be your guide.

At least, that was how he remembered it. To Rukil Haska Morranor Suyeta, one of the Master Smiths allowed to work the Azurnium ore that gave Akamu it's power, the phrase held truly special meaning beyond what it did for the rest of his countryfolk. He was blind. Not through a cruel twist of fate, but by choice. When he had been selected for the honour of becoming one of the fabled Suyeta, he had been given a choice. Walk away and keep your sight, or accept your calling a lose it forever. He had chosen the latter, for service as strong and as lasting as the mountain he was born on was a key tenet of life here.

It wasn't like his blinding had rendered him completely incapable. The Suyeta had some advantages over the more common blind, such as the ability to vaguely interpret their surroundings in a sort of spatial sense. It allowed them to not kill themselves when working for instance, since the only thing they could "see" with any true clarity was the blue ore itself, which neccessitated assistants and a forge designed to be worked by turning more or less on the spot.

Today however, he was not in his forge. He was far from his workshop, long gone from the tools of his trade, from his apprentices, with the notable exception of Karla, whom he expected would one day replace him if the young vixen kept on as she was. No, today they travelled to the mines to gather some very specific types of ore straight from the source. Only the purest Azurnium would do for the fighting equipment of the Bana, the mage-hunters themselves, if they expected to be able to go up against any possible magical threat and win. Rukil's lip turned back in a quiet snarl at the mere thought of magic being used, let alone as a weapon. He had a vested interest in making sure his craft was beyond fault when the Bana were involved. Doubly so since his half-sister had joined their ranks.

The mines themselves were poorly lit, for a number of reasons. For one it was easier to see the soft glow in the near total darkness. For another, safety lamps were expensive, hard to replace and torches hed to be kept well away from the ore face, lest they set off a gas pocket into a brutal explosion. Not that the lack of light mattered to him. He couldn't see it anyway. The ore however, shone like the stars he vaguely remembered, glittering and twinkling across his mind's eye in an amazing display. The miners paid minimal respect to him as he ambled past, he was aware. They were busy, so he did not begrudge them their haste.

Here it was, the ore face. A constellation of metal awaiting form at his hands. Karla gasped behind him, awed at her first sight of the mines true reality. It was time to get to work.

Only the best for the mage-hunters after all.

((Gas pockets, flames and explosions, oh my! It should be pretty obvious where I'm going with this if you want in. Be prepared. You, not your character. That ruins the fun.))

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