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PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2019 11:32 pm 

Star Spangled Man With A Plan

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“Bring on the sun, bring on the drinks is what I usually say.” Tony laughed, holding his mug of coffee up. He couldn’t imagine living in a place like Gotham with how dark and depressing it was. Sure he spent the majority of his time indoors, often in his work room so never actually saw the sun all that much, but when he did get out to enjoy it, boy did he enjoy it!

Taking a gulp from his mug, Tony nearly choked when Bruce admitted he had never even heard of Stark Expo. Recovering somewhat, he regarded the billionaire as though he had grown a second head.

“Either you’re a really good liar, or you have literally been living under a rock all this time. Stark Expo is kind of a big thing.” Tony said, fully aware of the pride in his tone. “Tell you what, next time you’re getting a personal invite, maybe even get Wayne Enterprises involved.” He shrugged.

As Bruce handed over the paper on his tech department’s latest project, Tony peered at it from where Pepper held it.

“Mind if I get a copy of this? Maybe bring it back, get a partnership sort of thing going on. What do you think, Peps?” Tony asked Pepper as she handed the sheet back.

“We’ll have to see some of what you’ve done, as well as several other things, but I’m sure we could work something out.” Pepper said with a smile directed to Bruce.

It had been a relief getting back to Malibu after the long stay in Gotham. The sun, the sand, the ocean, everything. He had invited Bruce Wayne to visit at any point, thinking it a good idea for the man to get away from Vampire town for a change and see what the rest of the country had to offer.

Tony himself had been down in his workshop since early the previous day, caught in one of his work periods. Music blared as the man worked away on one of his newer models of the Iron Man suit. He knew JARVIS would take care of things while he was busy, as he always did, so the man didn’t even react when the AI informed him that Mr. Wayne had arrived.


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