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PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 6:59 pm 
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As for Cain, he was about to attempt an escape from his room when a sudden weariness took hold of him and he fell onto his bed and was out before he hit the pillow. Maybe he was more tired then he could admit.. or was this the work of a demon? He didn’t care as he closed his eyes.

—(Dream sequence!)—

Cain opened his eyes and looked around, floating in deep water. He slowly began to realize he was drowning and tried to find the surface when a emerald clawed appendage grabbed ahold of him and pulled him up to the surface.

“What? How did...?” He trailed off as he saw Beltharion, or rather a larger Beltharion’s head peer down at him. He then spoke.

”You’re Early for this stage Cain.”

“Why am I here? Where even is here?”

“We are in a sealed portion of what most would call Dreamland. A place Mystics would call ‘The Realm of Inner Self. I placed us here so that only those I deem fit to intrude upon this place can visit.” The dragon replied. ”As for why you are here, I think you’re ready now. Ready to understand the origins of Fenrir’s and Your Forefather’s, and why There’s been a feud with your clan and Zankora, the Dark Reincarnating Wizard.”


A young man looking similar to Cain only with red shoulder length hair was hammering away on a forge, creating a weapon that suddenly cracks upon a more rough impact. “Imperfect again!! Exphion preserve me or Aneksheram Take me! I’ll never make the perfect blade to combat The Dark Wizard King.”

”Your forefather was 18 around this time. It’s.. hard to remember without some help as it was ages ago. He was forging what would be the first sword vessel for a certain dragon you hold now.” Beltharion explained knowingly. ”It was another age though. An age in which a prominent Noble who studied magic turned to Dark Magic to begin a campaign of War, Conquering and Despair.”

”That’s a line from the story Mother used to tell me about Zankora to put the fear of him in me at night.” Cain remarked, watching his ancestor skulk angrily. ”What is he mad about?”

”His frustration is based upon him trying to counter Zankora’s magic. Three times he tried. Three times he failed. After the third he was giving up.”

”But he didn’t. He eventually created the First Runeblade with your help then vanquish him.” Cain interjected.

”Yes, But Zankora placed a reincarnation curse on himself, this you know. And has been plotting revenge ever since with each new life he lives.” Beltharion replied. ”So you know one thing yet not the other. But there is more to this tale. I said this was your origins. Anyway as I was saying, Your Forefather, Mikael was angry and dejected.”

“Every time I try it gets maddeningly harder...” Mikael Azura was then interrupted by a Demon leaping out at him and severely attacking him. Desperately he grabbed a black rock and struck the demon before grabbing a chain to bind it and prepare to defeat it. “Tell me your name! And why you attacked!”

“I was once a strong demon, now a waste of space amongst my kind. End me!” The demon shouted. Mikael, shocked by the sudden acceptance of defeat sighed frustratingly.

“Well... blast it. I can’t even beat a demon right. I’ll give you food if you leave me alone, deal? What’s your name anyhow?” The young man asked the demon.

“My Master called me Caliban. I was once known as the Fire Devil of Hate. But I was knocked out of power by an upstart. Coward.” The demon spat. “And I cant have some human just spare me and be indebted to him. Especially one who speaks of Exphion without even thanking her for possible divine inspiration.”

“Huh?” Mikael looked at the rock he used and discovered it was a shining piece of ore. “Holy... uhh Thank you?” He said towards the sky.

Caliban sighed. “Hopeless human... I should just escape but I’d better assist back his generosity.”

—End Flashback—

”You mean to tell me his Forge was heated by a demon?! Why are you telling me this?!” Cain demanded.

”Seek him and find out. I think the old demon is still living where the forge is... or was.. I cannot remember. Also he was a good person, Mikael I mean. Learn more about his life.”

(End dream)

Cain woke with a jolt and tried to check the time. It was now in the late afternoon. He groaned. “There goes my attempt to train...” he muttered as he looked at the special diet plan Draco made for him. “She wants me to eat what?!”


Meanwhile Fenrir was reading a manual about a form of Swordsmanship to brush up on any skills he’d want to use for his requip. Nodding and marking off pages to read for later he closed the book when he heard his half brother’s distressed yell. Chuckling he decided to go back to the guild hall and spend time checking on old friends.

By the time he got there, he discovered his Father and Natsu fighting...again. Shaking his head with a grin he settled down to scan the room for maybe a look for any of the old team he used to hang with. Finding only Glynda practicing her magic he only shrugged and decided to simply relax, for the time being.

Firewind's Characters

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 9:03 pm 

I am sorry if I haven't replied to your PMs but I can't view them at the moment. If you need to contact me, please use the chat room to do so. :)

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Draco had walked back into the guild hall and saw Natsu and Gray fighting again, she shook her head and sat down at the nearest table, right next to Gajeel and Levy. Draco laid her head on the table and heard Levy say, "Draco, are you alright? You seem tired lately." Draco replied, "I'm fine, just got a few things to figure out that have been taking up some of my sleep time. I'm going to head out to train in a little bit." Levy seemed a bit skeptical but she didn't pry. Draco got up a few moments later and as she was passing Gajeel her vision went completely black as she fainted.


Draco opened her eyes to see she was once again in the presence of Ahnkseram, and she soon realized what had happened. Draco said, "Really? You've been making me black out lately in the middle of the day." Draco was startled when Ahnkseram replied, "That was not my doing. You finished the spell." Draco laughed nervously, "Yeah, but I haven't cast it yet. What does that have to do with me blacking out randomly during the day?" Ahnkseram was silent for a moment and Draco started to feel a sudden dread, before he said, "You decended into the mortal realm to create a way for the curse I placed on Zeref to be lifted. Now that it's complete there is nothing keeping you there anymore. The day the Grand Magic Games ends will be the day that your life ends." Draco's eyes widened in horror as she spoke in quiet disbelief, "No... No, I haven't cast the spell yet. I was supposed to die once the spell was cast if I didn't find a way to keep myself from dying." Ahnkseram replied, "If you cast the spell before that day, you would die immediately afterwards. However, anyone with a large amount of magic can cast the spell you created, it doesn't have to specifically be you who casts it." Draco stared at the god in horror. She was going to die in only a few months? It was such a cruel reality.


Levy shouted, "Gajeel, don't let her fall!" As Kurai came running up to them to see what was wrong with Draco. He placed a hand on her forehead and pulled his hand back like he was burned before hesitantly keeping his hand on her forehead to get a read on her temperature. Kurai mumbled, "The Hell? This makes no sense..." As Lucy dragged Natsu over to see what was wrong with their daughter, Kurai looked up at Gajeel with a shocked expression as he said, "This makes no sense, one minute it's like she's on fire and the next she's as cold as ice." Lucy placed her hand on Draco's forehead to feel for herself and drew back her hand in shock as she said, "This is bizarre. I'll go get Wendy!" It was at that moment Draco woke up and said, "I'm awake! I'm awake!" Draco sat up quickly and ended up butting heads with Gajeel on accident and said, "Oh, sorry Uncle Gajeel! Are you alright?!" Kurai leveled a serious stare at Draco and said, "I think that's what we should be asking you. You fainted and your body temperature was constantly fluctuating between burning hot and freezing cold." Draco looked startled and said, "It was?" Kurai nodded and Draco placed a hand on her forehead and said, "Well, it's not doing it anymore." Draco noticed the small crowd forming around her and said, "I'm fine now. I'm going to go see if I can find some kind of explanation in some of the books at home. I'll have Draconius come with me so that he can make sure I don't faint again." Draco stood up and left the guild hall before anyone could say anything else to her, she needed to get out of there.

Draco wasn't sure what she would do but she needed to figure out what she could do to change things. Draco decided to go see her uncle again, she needed to talk to someone who wasn't always around her like her guildmates, that was her plan at least. However she wasn't expecting to run into Lyon, who had decided to randomly stop by since he was already passing through on his way back to his own guild from a job. Draco looked up and said, "Uncle Lyon! It's been so long! Do you remember me?" Draco smiled at the white-haired ice mage, trying to seem like she was alright, however if he looked closer he would be able to see that something had Draco clearly shaken. Draco hadn't seen the mage since she was young but she had heard that when Fairy Tail contacted several ally guilds to inform them that she ran away and requested to keep an eye out that Lyon actually had left his guild to go search for her. Draco had always been extremely friendly towards Lyon and his other guildmates and sometimes Gray would get jealous when she showed Lyon affection while he was visiting in the past.


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