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Even in these chains, you can't stop me

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This was written by Dreams of Purity.

Olahn Korlarin

Long before Olahn Korlarin was a kingdom in it's own right, it was a tribal land known for banditry, and little else. That was until one day...

The Temple (15 years before Origin)
A group of Bandits discovered an ancient Temple, dilapidated and decaying, made of pearl and silver. It's once towering form left humbled by time and wear. Inside was empty, as though long ago looted, save for an ivory slab upon which lay a woman clad in shimmering silver robes, wearing a mask of pearls. She awoke and spoke to them, revealing herself as the mortal incarnation of the Deity Isixius. She promised them power and gold beyond their widlest dreams, should they do her a favor. She asked them to go forth and steal all the magic artifacts of the land, which she would collect in the temple. As the bandits stole the artifacts, the mages who worshiped them, or utilized them came after them, seeking their items, and revenge.

The Formation of Olahn Korlarin (Origin)
As hundreds of Mages amassed at the Temple of Isixius, the bandits hid within, asking the masked woman for protection. She approached the mages outside, and told them to not spill the blood of the bandits, as they were merely acting on her behalf. She told them of her being, and asked them to stay, to grow powerful, and to claim the land surrounding the temple. With it's many rivers and nearby ocean, the temple held much allure. Many mages agreed, and rebuilt the great temple, which would be the heart of Olahn Korlarin. The original bandits were given the power of magic, and more gold than they could carry, as well as statues in the courtyard of the Temple in their likenesses.

The Era of Great Peace (Origin-171 PO) [Post Origin]
For a long while, Olahn Korlarin held much prosperity, and was an Eden to many mages. Though refusing to war in their own name, many mages offered assistance in other battles or wars. Many thought Olahn Korlarin to be the answer to many peoples' prayers, it came about suddenly, and offered peace and tranquility to all. The mortal incarnation of Isixius ruled with benevolence, even taking a husband, and mothering seven daughters. But then mortality struck and Olahn Korlarin was thrown in to chaos. The mortal avatar of Isixius, Mirandae, died.

The Zenith War (178 PO)
Hua Uo and Lea I'shing, two of the most powerful mages, and strategists, were chosen to run the kingdom, but even they were imperfect. Lea wished to focus on domestics, continuing the era of peace, while Hua wanted to gain land, and spread their power. One night, Lea attempted to poison the ambitious Hua, she was caught, and locked away to serve her life sentence. Her heart broken by the rejection of the man she loved, she grew cold and bitter. Meanwhile, Hua declared war on Akamu, which was a bloody decision. Many, not just mages, died. Many grew resentful of the warlike nature of their new leader, talk of rebellion sparked.

Zenith Dawn (194 PO)
With the seeds of rebellion sown, it was only a matter of time until Lea was freed, and was asked to remedy the situation. Her time in the dungeon had done little to her power or prowess, but had taken it's toll on her appearance. Her fur dulled, blind in one eye, covered in scars, she made her way to the capital of Olahn Korlarin, where wagons and ships amassed to launch a final assault on Akamu. Lea would not allow that. But Hua knew she was coming, and waited for her near the main river of Olahn Korlarin. When she arrived, she lied, begging forgiveness, even pledging herself to his cause. Once he accepted, she embraced him, drawing a long, silver stiletto dagger and plunging it into his back. It's said that he whispered the message 'I forgive you' to her as he fell into her arms, but all that's known for sure is that she let out a wail of pain that rivaled banshees'. She could not bring him back, but she could immortalize him. She used her magic, drawing on all she could, and shaped him into a powerful Willow Tree. She used far too much magic, though, and was overpowered by the flow. She melded with him, and petrified the tree, releasing a massive blast of pure magical energy from the coast, which reshaped the land of Tullay. This formed the tree that still stands in the center of Olahn Korlarin, as well as the lagoon which alienates it from the other kingdoms. The petrified tree that stood where Lea embraced her love one final time still blossoms to this day, flowers of stone and crystal, said to the tears of the fallen mages, which are swept away on the wind, depositing them as far as the lagoon.

Era of Silence(196 PO)
With the scars of the land fresh in memory of the land, many mages were vilified or feared, and were sent to Olahn Korlarin as a punishment of sorts. The kingdom withdrew, isolating itself, building it's own world to hide from it's own prior actions. The Era of silence would last for nearly a century.

Era of Gold and Honey (273 Po)
Often misspoken as “the Era of Golden Honey” this was a domestic wealth spring. Olahn Korlarin abandoned their withdrawal, and once again took to assisting the land. With magic under strict surveillance, there would be no repeat of the Zenith Dawn, which still marred the land. The Kingdom of Olahn Korlarin was self-sustained by this point, relying on magic to grow crops, distill water from the lagoon, and keep houses and businesses running. It was this era that cemented Olahn Korlarin as a power, and an independent kingdom. Their population at an all time high, the secrets of magic unfolded before them at a rate never thought of before. Relations with other kingdoms flourished, and now, Olahn Korlarin was once again welcoming visitors, though the innermost islands of Gizli Yangin are still viciously guarded.


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