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Note: Anthro species may cross-breed but they do not make a hybrid creature, nor a creature with unnatural coloring. You either have one or the other, with the difference being a wolf may have the stripes and coloring of a tiger, or the coloring of a skunk. But not actually taken on any other characteristics.

Humans cannot breed with the Anthros.

The pictures provided are a means of visual example to help in choosing what you wish to play and all rights belong to the respective talented artist who created them.

Each player is allowed to have up to three characters.


They are a shy and inquisitive bunch their naturally tough leather hide make them perfect for the harsh mountain climate of Akamu. Adapt miners because of their natural comfort in the dark along with their keen sense of smell, though they are lacking in sight and are considered to be near sighted. Highly intelligent they can be anything from a fighter with their natural armor, to a merchant. Height, weight and size varies.

Minimum Height: 4'
Max Height: 5'5

Badgers and Wolverines-
Short of temper and possessing a large powerful build, these are not creatures to handle lightly. They are nomadic and can be found in either of the kingdoms. Generally, they can be found doing work that requires a lot of physical labor, which is why many in Akamu are blacksmiths. Because of their frenzy like nature they do make for excellent fighters and warriors. Height, weight and size are generally on the large size.

Minimum Height: 5'5
Max Height: 6'

Sneaky plotters of the world. They are about secrets and the night, which where they have made their home. Their light frames and bodies affords them the ability to fly, thus they are excellent messengers, especially since they are silent in flight. Their sizes do vary, though it is understood that the more robust of the species will not be able to obtain flight. Being bats and that they spend so much time at night, they do possess a form of echolocation. Because of their special set of skills the can be found in the swamp kingdom with the rats.

Minimum Height: 4'
Max Height: 6'

Bears- Strong, but gentle with easy going personalities unless an intruder enters their home without invitation. They are adapt wrestlers and tend to just hang about on their own. Their colors ranges from browns to white, depending on the climate and weather. A large population has made themselves at home in the mountain kingdom.

Minimum Height: 5'10
Max Height: 7'6

Boars- Social and surly the Boars are a tough race. Stubborn, stalwart and very direct they will say what is on their mind without a second thought. Hooves, tusks and a thick stout body, the are a hardy people and a bit less cultured than the others. Tribal even. A Boar likes to pick a fight for the sake of picking a fight, nothing more. The originate in the plains and mountains, though the mountain folk find them to be....abrasive and offensive.

Minimum Height: 4'8
Max Height: 5'8



The big cats of the world are the most powerful and vicious predators of the world. Built for speed, power and endurance. Acrobatics at heart they use their dexterity to get up and around obstacles. That coupled with their natural weapons of jagged claws and elongated fangs make them to be a formidable opponent in combat. Normally solitary, save for the Lions who stay in closely knit family groups. They are highly adapt with magic, with many of them being blessed by the Gods and born with the gift of magic.

Minimum Height: 5'8
Max Height: 6'8

Coyotes and wild Dogs

Scavengers and mercenaries early common rules of wild dogs such as the coyote. Because of their picture while dogs and coyotes are often disregarded in the world. Life is hard and they know it and they take pride in the fact they can and do survive despite it being difficult. They are a ragged bunch often covered in dust and dirt and grime with coats of varying gray brown and even the gold of the dingo. They are a crafty bunch working in groups to overpower larger and stronger foes by way of strategy and teamwork. Long distance communication is done with howls, clicks and whistles.

Minimum Height: 5'
Max Height: 5'8


Foxes are adaptable creatures and known to possess traits similar to that of wolves and cats. Highly intelligent and highly resourceful foxes are also adapt at magic. Due to their relations to the wolves they are the only casters to be accepted within the mountain kingdom for their magical attributes. (Though even this “acceptanace” merely spares them some of the more harsher punishments and that is only if you can prove to be blood kin to the ruling family). Cunning and brave foxes do not shy from combat relying more on the intelligence rather strength to defeat an opponent.

Minimum Height: 5'2
Max Height: 5'10

Rams and Goats
Goats and rams are known be aggressive, temperamental, stubborn and unchanging. The are mountains where they make their home, their hooven feet making them more than adaptable for the rocky terrain. Thick curly coats protect them in the colder regions of the mountains, large set of horns are used for combat and dominance fighting amongst themselves. Due to their tough nature it is best to try and negotiate before engaging in combat.

Minimum Height: 5'
Max Height: 5'8


There are no limits to what a human can do. They are masters of themselves and their environments, with keen intellects that make up for the lack of natural gifts of their Furry neighbors. They rule the Desert Kingdom, where they have developed a kind of steampunk technology. Airships and steam power transport help to level the playing field when dealing with the other kingdoms.

Minimum Height: 4'0
Max Height: 6'6

Mice and rats, while they are kin they are not the same.

Mice are shy gentle and soft spoken creatures preferring the gentler side of life, such as arts, literature and music. Their small size make them very capable pickpockets and valuable messengers, as they can get into places larger creatures cannot. They come in varying colors such as Brown, blonde, gray, black and even blue(a steel gray).

Minimum Height: 2'5
Max Height: 4'0

Rats are silent mischievous and often not trusted by the rest of the world. They keep to themselves and their kingdom no one truly knows what a rat is up to, but all believe that trusting a rat is never the smart move. Their colors are usually dark in nature, and like their mice cousins they are known to come in a variety of lighter more earthy tones.

Minimum Height: 5'0
Max Height: 5'8

Ermrines ferrets minks and weasels.

The dark Brown minks and margins tend be more on the grumpy side while their softer winter colored cousins are shy and sensitive. Handsome weasels with their masked face, are roguish in nature and charming in their own right. It is known throughout the kingdom not to trust always a weasel. They can be found in the mountain kingdom and even the magic kingdom. A few have ventured into the swamp kingdom to make themselves allies to the rats.

Minimum Height: 2'8'
Max Height: 4'0


Playful, happy-go-lucky, these are the words that describe an otter. They are as flexible as the water that is their second home, often preferring to have fun and games, though some are known to be as fierce as the next wave to come across. Agile and quick especially in the water otters are excellent allies to have if one is having battle at sea. Due to the connection to water they are often highly skilled fisherman and build floating dock towns along the edges of the water.

Minimum Height: 5'0
Max Height: 5'6


Shy peaceful creatures they prefer to shuffle about in the comforting shade of the woods. They are not without their defense, with their long sharp quills porcupines are prepared to defend themselves if cornered. Most tend to leave them be, but more than a few have been known to tangle with a porcupine. The experience was not pleasant to say the least. Colors vary though most are a dark or light Brown.

Minimum Height: 4'5
Max Height: 5'5


It is a common misconception that rabbits are afraid. Truth be told a rabbit is as brave as they come. They do not shy from combat, strong legs make them fast and agile. A rabbit can go from standing still is a blur of motion within the blink of an eye. Highly adaptable to all types of terrain, from the mountains, to the plains; their coats and fur reflecting as such. True to their name, rabbits have a lot of babies and form large clans. Due to their fierce loyalty to pick on one rabbit, you pick on them all.

Minimum Height: 4'
Max Height: 5'5


Solitary in nature raccoons have a knack for getting into trouble. Because of the masks on their faces, people tend to think that a raccoon is a thief. While this is not true their especially articulate fingers grant them the ability to determine the quality of goods as well as disarming traps. They are curious in nature and can be easily distracted by something shiny or possibly valuable. All in all they are innocent in their attitude and just looking to have fun.

Minimum Height: 4'8
Max Height: 5'6


They are small in stature possibly the smallest residents of the world, shrews are not to be overlooked. Born with an innate determination they are not easily deterred by a difficult situation. Their size affords them a measure of stealth, and when cornered, should they lose all manner of weapon they themselves have a poisonous bite. Though not lethal, the bite is very painful and has been known to stop even the most stubborn of foes.

Minimum Height: 2'5
Max Height: 4'0


More of a defensive creature, skunks are known for their ability to spray their opponents. It blinds and incapacitates their foes, allowing for a skunk to either go on the attack or flee depending on the situation. They were highly developed sense of smell themselves, which make them excellent rangers for tracking and seeking out quarry.

Minimum Height: 5'
Max Height: 5'6


The scouts of the forest a squirrel will move through the trees without much to no difficulty. Their thick tails can be used to wrap around branches for them to hang from, as well as act as a warning flag to those following them. Strong thick teeth allow for them to gnaw through thick ropes and leather.

Minimum Height: 4'
Max Height: 5'3


Strong, noble, fierce and determined wolves are ruled by the pack and the safety and continued well-being of the pack. Led by an alpha, they form tight-knit family groups also known as packs, and have since claimed the mountain kingdom as their home. Because of their pack mentality when you fight one wolf, you fight them all. Those considering taking on a Wolf must know and understand that they are not fighting one, but many. Strong, powerful canines and stamina that allows them to go all day, they are formidable opponents on their own.

Minimum Height: 5'5
Max Height: 6'6


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