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 Post subject: Akamu History
PostPosted: Sun Mar 24, 2013 5:07 pm 

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The people of Akamu speak of the time before their mighty kingdom, when they were little more than savage beasts who were constantly fighting and warring among one another. Tribes warring for control but no one tribe better than the other; that was until the Gods stepped in!

400 BD- The Year of Savagery, Before Discovery
A simple weapon smith Akamunari, was his name, after a long night of working on crafting simple metal weapons for his people dragged himself exhausted to bed. As his mind was in the world of dreams, the God Nur visited him, whispering softly into his ears of what would turn the tide and shape the land.

In a feverish state, he awoke from his bed and began to work. His mind guiding him to the strange ore that he had come to find at the river's edge just that morning, it seemed to call to him almost among the piles of other materials. Throughout the night and into the morning he worked tirelessly, his mind and body possessed, driven. As the first rays of the sun broke, he held in his hands the first sword of many weapons that he and his people would use to conquer the land.

450 AD-The End of the Warring Tribes, After Discovery
Akamunari rose to the rank of Divine Leader of those who conquered the land. Needing to establish a base of operations, he led his people on a journey, following the riverbed that bestowed the precious metal upon them that had become their lively hood. Up into the mountains they trekked. Their travel wrought with many dangers that cost some their lives, still Akamunari would not give up. They continued even when the river they were following became nothing but a dried up rut in the earth. Still he led them on.

After a month of travel, the party near death and beginning to doubt Akamunari, they reached the heart of the mountains. The weary group made camp and bed down for the night only to awaken by a sudden and unexpected thunderstorm. Lightning streaked across the sky as thunder shook the ground beneath them, the doubters shouting that Akamunari had led them all to their DOOM! Knowing better Akamunari prayed to his patron God Nur, calling on the God to please grant him a sign, to show his people that he only followed the will of the Gods. Lightning flashed, thunder roared, then with a violent crack a single brilliant blue bolt came down from the sky. It struck at Akamunari's feet throwing him back and bringing the rest of the party to their knees by its sheer force. Just as suddenly as the storm came, just as suddenly it was gone. The world fell silent as the night took full claim.

Come morning the party awoke to find Akamunari blinded by the flash of lightning, yet he seemed unhindered by this as he walked over to the spot where the bolt had struck. There bare to the group was the ore they came searching for, a large rich vein of it waiting for them to mine.

"Here is where we shall make our home, our Kingdom!" Akamunari proclaimed and so it was that Akamu, the Kingdom within the stone came to be.

500 A.D- The Building Year
Akamunari's son, Rheago has been leading for 10 years, since the death of his father. Akamu is a bustling mining town, working into a bustling city.

510 A.D-The Year of Wealth
While mining the blue ore, miners hit a rich mineral deposit and soon the city is mining precious stones as well.

530 A.D- The Year of the Dragons
Dragons spotted nesting in the higher mountain ranges.

535 A.D- The Year of Fire
Foolish trappers thought to raid the Dragons rookery and steal their eggs to sell on the open market. The dragons launch an attack on Akamu and fire rains from the heavens. Dfranri, the 18-year-old son of Rheago, sends for aid as he held his father's hand for the last moments of his life.

Answering that call was the last remaining independent tribe in the land, the Agripani, the great lizard riders. Their leader, Thyra, a fearsome Vixen was pleased to answer the call. To aid a people whom she saw as strong and someone to ally with. With the help of her people and that of the Akamu troops, the tide of the battle finally began to change.

545 A.D-The Year of the Union
Ten long years the war waged on, until the combined efforts of the new now unified tribe, the dragons have been tamed. A bond is formed by them and the dragons are now a part of the royal and elite forces of the new tribe. Many years of peace were to follow while the Kingdom of Akamu as they formed a government based on strength and community.

600 A.D- The Year of Hate
Though trade had been good with the Mages their new leaders sought to expand and wanted the mineral rich mountain range of the Akamu for their own purposes. War breaks out and the current leader Tillian and his mate Shignara, led their people in battle to defend their lands. The unique quality of their blue steel seems to counter most magic and along with the aid of the dragons they are able to hold their own. However, many perish and a deep dark hatred for those who cast magic is born in the hearts of many.

630 A.D- The End of Violence
The war is officially over, but the hatred that was forged in the violence and blood of the fallen has continued. Laws are made and enforced without prejudice. All magic users are warned of the pain and suffering they can expect should they cross into the lands of Akamu. No magic user shall be treated as anything but the criminals they are.

690 A.D- A New Peace
The wars are over for the most part and the Kingdoms have fallen into a peace, unsteady at times but it is still there. The Kingdom of Akamu is great and prosperous, as it grew in wealth from the gems and ore that it mined; trading for the goods that the harsh lands prevent them from producing, in that time the latest ruler has come into power. A young Queen, with the fierce determination and stubbornness of her ancestors, the wolf seeks to continue the growing prosperity of her people.


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