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 Post subject: World and Kingdom Plots
PostPosted: Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:52 pm 

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Chowretat-World Plot

The year is 690 A.D and the war has been over for the past 60 years and in that time change has come to the now Four Kingdoms. The magical island homes of the people of Ohlan are trying to right the wrongs of their founders. Repair the nearly burnt bridges that were caused as a result of the war against Akamu. The humans, with their technology, have managed to scrape out a rather prosperous existence in the otherwise unforgiving deserts and have remained on everyone’s good side thus far. With the death of the King and Queen of Akamu, which thrust their young daughter onto the throne, there is a tense air within the Kingdom in the Mountain. Her people are ever vigilant and strong, prepared to face whatever may come, even if the most they have to fear at the moment are the animals that roam the area.

The appearance of Cinder-Fur at the festival has the various kingdoms wondering what is up with the swamp kingdom and her people. Ever the secretive kind, little are they trusted though people are still striving for a change that will lead to an overall lasting peace for the many generations to come. So, perhaps there shall be more interactions between the Swamp Kingdom and the other three?

Those who dwell within this World are doing so as they interact with the people of their kingdoms or even the occasional exotic traveler who come for trade or other business. The world is a bustling place that is changed by the actions of those within.


As of late some of the farmers and Roc breeders outside of the Kingdom walls have been reporting of some unusual activity among the wildlife in the area. Game animals that usually stay clear of any settlement have started to venture closer and closer, with even reports of livestock (including prized Rocs) that have been taken in the middle of the night. The Queen has put out a call to those interested in investigating the disturbances and plans on forming a party or group to go out and find the answer to this concern. No reward will be given because there is honor and heroics to be gained. However, those who manage to help with this matter, may find themselves with a new rank or title.


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