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On Tuesday September 11th, a tragic event occurred which shook the United States to it's core.

Then on Friday September 14th a call to action was brought to our agency's doorstep.

It had been about 6:30 p.m when Agent Ezekiel Thomas Lebow Jr., better known to the agency as Zek. Had been seated at his dinner table with his wife and daughter. He had arrived home the night before after he had finished up on a very difficult case. "How is dinner?" Inquired his wife, Liza. Zek smiled, and took a big spoon full of gumbo in response to his wife's question. She chuckled and looked down towards her daughter. Who had been seated next to her father. "And what does our Cajun princess think of her meal?" Ezza grinned, her smile had a few holes in it due to some baby teeth that had fallen out a few weeks ago. "The princess approves." She said with a giggle as she took another spoon full. Liza nodded in acknowledgement, and turned back towards her husband. "By the way...your doin the dishes."

It had been later in the night when their daughter had been fast asleep. That both Zek and his wife were in the kitchen with cups of coffee rested in his hands. "Zek, their wurking you too much again." Zek shrugged, and took a sip of his coffee. "Deh the price of peace dear. Who'd be I to question what deh send me way." Liza sighed and placed her cup on the counter. She approached her husband, and placed her hands on his cheeks. "You ain't no soldier anymore dear. You be pushin 40 soon, and it be about time you leave all this behind you." Zek sighed as he reached out to embrace his wife in his arms. " My wife, my Cajun empress. How I missed your touch." He kissed her, his lips pressed up against her own as they stood there in each others arms in the kitchen.

It was then that his cellphone that had been in back pocket begun to ring. This caused the both of them to stop, and look down to his pocket. Liza glared up towards him. "Can I smash that damn phone with a frying pan, please?" Zek smiled, and slowly pushed her away. He reached for the phone, and took it out of his pocket. It was a little black flip phone, one which had been unique in which it had only be created by a private cellular manufacturer for C-U-L-T. He flipped it open, and pressed the green answer button on the phone. He raised it up towards his ear, and spoke into the speaker. "Agent Zek speaking." A familiar voice came over the phone. One that all Agents had known since their initiation into the task force. The Director's secretary, Kelly.

"Hi Zek, we have a situation at work, and we may need you to come back to the office." Zek sighed, and glared towards his wife. He thought about how she worried for him. About how she wished he could just say no, and retire from the stressful life of a Agent. Oh how he had wished he could do that for her. Not just for her, but for their only daughter. That little girl who had been asleep in the room above them was one in a million. He thought about all of this for a moment, before he responded back to the call. "Could it wait please? I would like to spend one more solid night with my family." Kelly paused for a moment, and agreed to allow him to have this night. In return he would need to arrive back at the office as early as he could the next morning.

After the call, Zek closed the phone tight, and glare down towards his wife. "No rest for the weary it wud seem."

The next morning he had indeed left his wife and daughter once more for the daily life of a C-U-L-T Agent. He had at least this time before he left. Properly kissed the both of the women in his life, and hugged them. He wished he could do more for the both of them. Give them the life they deserved, not the one he had lived for about ten years now. A dangerous life, one which had proven too short for several task-force members. He had know a many of good people, both human and fae that he had personally worked alongside. Colleges, brothers and sisters that he had shared that old black grog they called coffee. Only to discover the next day that they had passed away while out in the field.

This was a reason for why he had made it a point not to get too close to any of the new personnel in the agency. There had always been faces, and there would always been new operatives to take up the mantle of a new task force leader. In fact because Zek had lasted this long in the agency. He had been nicknamed "old man" by his fellow agents. There were even stories, inflated tales of what he exactly did in the Agency. Many assumed he was some type of witch doter, or necromancer that could raise armies of the dead against his enemies. Which Zeke never officially denied..maybe to humor some of the new blood. No he was a simple interrogator, who handled matters that even the agency needed to keep silent.

He had arrived at the H.Q around 7, and settled in for the meeting that would be held at 9. From what he had discovered from other members. The meeting at hand had been about something to do with a **** off Elf King. Which only meant more work for many of the task force members.


“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”

H.P. Lovecraft


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