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Pokémon: A New Journey, A New Adventure
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Author:  SamaelLucif13 [ Sat May 13, 2017 2:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Pokémon: A New Journey, A New Adventure

In the quiet town of Vaniville, a new resident had arrived. Technically he and his father had the house set up by movers, and had only just moved in themselves the day before. Or rather, the young boy who had moved in, the dad having gone off to do whatever it was that he'd come to Kalos to do. So none had seen nor heard from anyone inside, and the other people living in Vaniville couldn't help but to wonder who or what they were like. All they knew was that some sort of famous Pokémon trainer from Unova and his son had moved there. That was all the details that had been given, nothing else was known.

Late morning, and no movement was seen or heard of from the new neighbor's house. The lights were off, and curtains drawn shut. The residents of the town, as they walk past, couldn't help but to pause and look up at the house. It looked like it had been made new again, and some added renovations could be seen. It was a lot bigger than it had been from the last owner who had lived there, who had moved a year or so ago. Where they had gone, no one knew, they had just left, not saying a word to anyone, not a letter, a goodbye. Nothing.

Laying in his bed, not asleep but not wanting to move, lay the red headed form of Sekinetsu Takarihen. The house was quiet, and the only sounds he could hear were those of his sleeping Pokémon laying around him. He gently rolls over from his side to rest on his back, staring up at the ceiling, the light from the window filtering through the curtains that were closed, though they were slightly open at the center so a slant of sun came shining through, brightening his room. And yet, to him, it wasn't his room. How many times had it been that he'd moved, new house after new house, new room after new room? He'd lost count, it was at least more times than his fingers and toes combined.

Sighing softly, he sits up, stretching his arms above his head, yawning as he gently tugs at the curtains to peer out the window. His bedroom was on the second floor, much larger than any previous bedrooms he'd ever stayed in, which was a plus. But he knew, if things continued like they'd had in his fourteen years of life, he shouldn't get too comfortable. They wouldn't be staying long. It looked nice outside, and people were already out and about. Then again, as he glanced over at the bedside table, and the alarm clock sitting on its surface, the time read that it was already almost ten thirty in the morning.

"Time to get up..." He says aloud to the room, and the sleeping Pokémon begin to stir at his voice. Sekinetsu smiles as they wake, Emboar, Charizard, Oshawott, Reuniclus, Grovyle, and Victini. They each greet him in their own way, Oshawott waddling over to him and tugging on his pajama pants, and Victini floating up to attach itself to the side of his face, giving him a sort of hug that way. Even though he was sad about the move, having had actually made friends back in Alola, his Pokémon friends always had a way to cheer him up. If anything stayed consistent in his was them.

Standing up now, he places his hands on his hips, wide awake as he looked at what he called his family, since his dad was never around and his mother had passed away when he was little. So it was always just him and Pokémon. "How about some breakfast?" They all let out noises of agreement, and he chuckles softly, walking carefully down the stairs to the kitchen, as Oshawott was clinging to his leg still, not wanting to let go. First he grabs a glass of water, drinking it as he gets ingredients ready for their food. Since they were like family, he did not like giving them just any food, going out of his way to make special meals, suited for each one.

For Emboar and Charizard, he made spicy flavored foods, Oshawott like water plants and cabbages, Reuniclus ate just about anything that Sekinetsu ate, so when he made his breakfast he made a double of whatever he was having, Grovyle and Victini both liked fruits, so he put a bowl of fruit salad together for each of them. Once they had their own food, he sits down at the table, reading a note left behind by his dad, while taking a bite out of some eggs he'd cooked. He barely skims over the excuses that were written, before crumpling it up and tossing it in the trash can, downing the rest of his water and putting his dirty plate in the sink.

He was told to stay put at the house and not go anywhere, apparently he might have visitors. So, while the Pokémon were eating, he goes back up to his room and changes out of his pajamas in to his regular clothing, not bothering with his hat or bag at the moment. Glancing at his reflection in the mirror, he runs his finger down the chain of the necklace he'd been given a while back, wondering if he'd ever see that friend again. Sighing, he shrugs to himself, before going back down the stairs, Victini having finished and was now just tumbling around in the air, goofing off with a oran berry, tossing it up and down. The others seemingly had gotten done too, and were outside, playing in the backyard, or in Charizard and Emboar's case, just laying around snoozing in the sun.

Oshawott comes up to him, raising it's arms up, and he leans down, picking Oshawott up. Carrying Oshawott in his arms, Sekinetsu goes to the front door, and opens it, deciding that maybe he should at least look around town while he waited for this so called possible visitor. He doubted anyone would come, but he wasn't one for disobeying rules, so despite the fact he wanted to go out and explore, he listened to his dad. It wouldn't hurt to at least get to know the layout of the town right? He closes the door behind him, taking a deep breath of fresh air, smiling at how happy Oshawott looked, before taking a step down his front yard path.

Author:  HyrulianPrincess [ Thu May 18, 2017 12:12 am ]
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Aurora yawned as she rolled over in her bed, covering her head with the pillow she had been resting on. She was having a wonderful dream until Jewel, her Alolan Vulpix decided to come and wake her up. The little Pokémon cried in her face and put a paw on the pillow and pushed it off of her owners head. Aurora pretended to sleep, which made the Vulpix's tail twitch in irritation. Jewel rubbed her nose against Aurora's face, finally breaking her fake slumber, the girl laughed and pulled the Vulpix in her arms. "Good morning, Jewel." She gave Jewel a soft pet before she was also greeted with Sylveon standing on her stomach. Sylveon's ribbons flowed gracefully in the air as it smiled down at her, pawing at her nose. "Alright alright. I'm up, geez." The girl laughed as she sat up, Sylveon jumped off of the bed and floated down to the floor, turning and waiting for Aurora and Jewel to join her. Jewel jumped on the floor as well and sat next to Sylveon as they waited for their trainer. Aurora stretched her arms and gave another yawn as she threw her blankets off of her and stepped to the window, throwing the curtains open to let the beautiful sunlight pour in and illuminate her room.
"Well ladies, it's going to be a good day." She smiled at her Pokémon and they smiled back in agreement, letting out happy squeaks.

Once she had changed into her normal clothing, Aurora made her way downstairs and cooked breakfast for Jewel and Sylveon. The two of them didn't have any specific things they could or couldn't eat, so they just usually ate whatever Aurora made for herself. This morning she made just a delicious fruit salad, fresh fruit from the garden that she had planted in her backyard. She took a bite of a strawberry and let out a satisfied "mmmm" as she continued to eat. Jewel and Sylveon dug right into their food, finishing it quicker than Aurora could finish hers. The two played while they waited for their trainer to finish her breakfast. Jewel tried to tackle Sylveon, but Sylveon just wrapped her ribbons around Jewel and held her in the air. Jewel squirmed a bit until she decided to give up and just pouted while Sylveon did her version of laughing at the poor ice Vulpix. "Come on Sylveon. Play fair." Aurora said as she washed the dishes. The Sylveon frowned and put Jewel back on the floor. Jewel acted as if she wasn't going to attack but then she tackled Sylveon to the ground. Sylveon fought back of course which resulted in almost a full on battle between the two.

The dishes were completely clean and Aurora was finally ready to go meet her new neighbor. She smiled as she adjusted her bag that ran across her body and opened the door, stepping onto her porch. Before she could take a step, Jewel sprinted out of the house at full speed with Sylveon chasing after her. Aurora rolled her eyes and shut the door before running after them. "Girls! Wait up!" She called after her girls but they just kept running. She sighed softly as she rendered the task useless and let them go. She knew they would be back. The girls didn't go far before they turned around and headed back. Aurora smiled as she noticed a boy step outside of his house. She figured that he was the new neighbor and decided to approach him.
"Um excuse me? Are you Sekinetsu Takarihen?" Aurora was incredibly shy when it came to talking to new people, so when she spoke she would stutter a little bit. She cleared her throat softly as she got more nervous.
"I'm Aurora. Aurora Mae Lytle. Hi." She gave a small wave to the boy that was about the same height as her, if not an inch taller at that. After waving,, Aurora moved her hand and nervously scratched the back of her head. She wasn't really used to talking to people, let alone boys. She always either stayed inside with Jewel and Sylveon, or kept to herself outside if she had to do something. Unlike her mother, Aurora was very timid and extremely introverted. Though the mother and daughter looked the same, their personalities were on two different ends of the spectrum.

Author:  SamaelLucif13 [ Thu May 18, 2017 6:23 pm ]
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It seemed that today was going to be another nice day, there wasn't a single cloud in the sky from what Sekinetsu could see, and the color of the heavens above were the most clear and beautiful of blue. He couldn't help but to smile, despite the deep seated disappointment of having yet once again moving to a new place, a new region, and new home. But he couldn't let that get to him. Not right now, he had to find the good in it. It meant a new adventure, and a new chance to make new friends, and meet many, many more Pokémom. And that, in itself, was one thing that had kept him from feeling completely depressed on the trip from Unova. Besides, that's not the person he was. He was supposed to be happy and energetic. Not gloomy and feeling down about things.

He picks up the voice of someone near, and looks over to see a girl who seemed to be about his age, and almost the same height, except he was maybe a little bit taller, but not by much. She had asked him if his name was Sekinetsu Takarihen, and he nods. "Yeah, that's me." Oshawott, in his arms, was looking at the girl, then notices the Pokémon that were with her, a big goofy smile forming on his face and his brown eyes sparkling with happiness. She goes on to say that her name was Aurora Mae Lytle. He gives her a small wave back, a faint smile on his lips.

Blinking, he then holds Oshawott up a bit, so that he was at face level with Aurora. "This is Oshawott. Oshawott, meet Aurora." The small otter like Pokémon gives a wave, and greets her in his own way, smiling and wagging his tail a little bit. "My other Pokémon are in the back..." He tilts his head then, glancing around to look behind her, wondering if there was anyone else. His dad hadn't been specific on how many people were coming to see him. "Oh, right." He lets Oshawott down, who immediately goes over to investigate Aurora's Pokémon, trying to be friendly, but of course he could be a bit...pestering at times. "Are you the one my dad said was coming over to see me? Or are there...others?"

It wasn't that he minded, he just wanted to be sure. The letter had mentioned to wait around, and once the visitor who was going to come meet him, they were to go to the next town over, Aquacorde, to hear something from the Pokémon Professor of the area, Professor Sycamore. Apparently he had something for them to do. If his hunch was correct, it probably had something to do with an adventure, a PokéDex, and going out with a starter Pokémon given by the Professor to do research in completely the PokéDex. And of course, along the way, there was the dual task if one chose, of competing in the Pokémon Gyms and procuring badges, so that they could try their hand at the Pokémon League Championship. He'd already gotten one League under his belt, which was where he'd been living last. Unova.

Author:  HyrulianPrincess [ Fri May 19, 2017 10:57 am ]
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Aurora smiled as she noticed that Sekinetsu was friendly. She gave a short sigh of relief. She was afraid that he would have been unfriendly, which is one of things she does not like in a person. In order for her to actually communicate and not be so introverted, one had to be friendly. She saw the faint smile that crept on his lips and she gave a small smile as well. When Oshawott was held up to her eye level she gave a small swoon.
"Awe, he's adorable." She watched as the small water Pokémon waddled over to Jewel and Sylveon who gave him a soft sniff. The girls immediately took a liking to Oshawott and playfully nipped at him, running in circles around him. Aurora would chuckle as she watched the girls play around with their new friend. She pointed to them as she introduced them, not wanting to break their little game.
"The Alolan Vulpix is Jewel and that's Sylveon. These are my girls." Aurora smiled as she introduced the two, still watching as they ran around Oshawott.

At the mention of other people, Aurora tilted her head in confusion and shook her head. "I think I'm the only one. I don't recall hearing about others coming to meet you. I mean, I know a few other kids but they're probably elsewhere at the moment." She smiled and then grew nervous. She wanted to see his other Pokémon but she didn't know how to go about asking without sounding rude. "I... um. Was going to ask if I could... see your other Pokémon..." When that didn't sound like a question, she panicked and quickly took back what she said. "I mean, if you don't mind that is. It's up to you, I wouldn't mind if you said no. It's just that, I really love Pokémon. I know a lot of them without even needing a PokéDex." There she went again rambling on. Aurora often did that when she was nervous, along with scratching the back of her head. She gave a small nervous giggle before looking at Sekinetsu and then looking at the ground, her face becoming red with embarrassment.

With a small clear of her throat and a sigh, Aurora lifted her head, face still a bit pink. "I'm sorry if I was too forward. I have a bit of a problem where when I get nervous I tend to ramble on a little bit. Probably because I'm an expert at being introverted." She gave another nervous laugh before realizing she did it once more. "I'm sorry...." She put her head down. She knew her mother would be disappointed. Her mother always tells her: talk less, smile more. Though Aurora's mother was a strong and independent woman, she expected her daughter to not be. She expected her daughter to act like just a pretty face that had little knowledge, but Aurora was smart. And sometimes her smarts came out when she would ramble, making her mother quite angry.

She had a feeling that this meeting wasn't only scheduled but was going to end up in an adventure. Aurora liked adventures, it was the bright side to having a mother who was never home. If her mother was home, Aurora wouldn't be going out on adventures, she would just stay inside and do nothing but smile and be a quiet young lady.

Author:  SamaelLucif13 [ Fri May 19, 2017 4:22 pm ]
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A bigger smile forms, now a charming and warm grin upon his face, as Aurora said that Oshawott was cute. He couldn't agree more, in fact that was the main reason why he'd yet to allow the adorable little sea otter Pokémon to evolve yet. It wasn't that he didn't like Oshawott's evolution, he just preferred Oshawott as he was right now. And it seemed that the little guy felt the same way, as he'd even met a Dewott and the result afterword was pretty much denial in the fact that it would turn into that. So, Sekinetsu gave into his little buddy's wishes, allowing it to stay as it was.

As Oshawott waddled up to the two Pokémon that Aurora had with her, he laughed a little, watching him turn in circles as the others ran around him. Even though it got dizzy, it still looked so happy to meet new Pokémon, to be able to make friends with them. Aurora introduced them, and he sort of recognized the Alolan Vulpix, but the Sylveon was sort of new. He'd thought he'd seen something like it before, but wasn't quite sure. "Does the Sylveon have a nickname?" He looks to her after a few moments of watching them play with his Oshawott. None of his Pokémon had nicknames, even though his dad and a few others said he should give them some. Sekinetsu on the other hand didn't feel that there was a need to give them that, since he only had one of each.

Listening to her, getting the gist that she was attempting to ask if she could see his other Pokémon, he tilts his head, a smile still on her face as she clearly got flustered over what she was saying, grinning wide again, laughing softly. When she apologized, he laughs a bit more, waving his hand from side to side in front of himself dismissively. "Ha ha, don't worry about it! Of course you can see them, they're out back." He turns then, gesturing for her to follow him inside, and right as he turned to go in Oshawott hurries after him, legs scrambling to catch up with him as he waddled along. He pauses, and glances back at Aurora. "Please, don't mind the boxes. I haven't really had time to unpack a lot yet, and since my dad isn't here to do it I've been stuck with that job." As he stopped so suddenly, Oshawott runs into the back of Sekinetsu's leg, bouncing off and falling on to the floor. Chuckling, Sekinetsu leans over and picks him up into his arms.

"Oh, right, and you can just call me Natsu if you want." With that, he continues through the front room, passing the kitchen entirely, and going out the back door. It was a large yard, perfect for his bigger Pokémon. He stands there, looking proudly at his own 'family', before turning to her, then whistling to the Pokémon so they gathered toward him. "Aurora, meet Charizard, Emboar, Reuniclus, and Grovyle." They each give their own greeting, Reuniclus floating up and even offering a handshake. Sekinetsu looked around the yard, looking like he was searching for something. A small frown was on his lips, eyebrows narrowed, but from the corner of his eye he saw a flash of orange and tan, as he was suddenly bombarded from the sky. Now, latched upon his head, was a pointy eared, bright blue eyed Pokémon. It chattered happily, and Sekinetsu laughs. "And THIS one is Victini. Victini, meet Aurora!" Not letting go of Sekinetsu's head, the Victini looks over at her, blinking a couple of times before chattering again, and Sekinetsu laughs once more.

Author:  HyrulianPrincess [ Sat May 20, 2017 12:59 pm ]
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Aurora smiled as she watched a more warm smile form on Natsu's lips. She decided that she must have said something right, but she was being honest when she said that the Oshawott was adorable. When asked if her Sylveon had a nickname, Aurora shook her head. "I couldn't think of a good nickname for her since I found her as an Eevee at first. I didn't know she was going to evolve into Sylveon. I guess she just loved me that much." She smiled down at Sylveon who looked up at her trainer and smiled back happily.

She was still a bit flustered from her rambling and hoped that he would forgive her for that, which he did. Her eyes seemed to light up as he agreed that she could meet his Pokémon. She was glad that he seemed to be a bit warmer and more approachable now than he was before, but oh that smile. Aurora found herself blushing a bit when she looked at him smiling at her. She was almost relieved as he turned and started walking towards the house, she followed and then stopped when he did, listening to what he had to say about the boxes. She smiled and gave a nod as if to say 'don't worry about it' and followed him into the back. When he opened the door, her eyes widened as she saw all of the Pokémon either lounging about or playing. When Natsu whistled, they stopped what they were doing and gathered around, staring at Aurora with interest. She smiled and waved to them as he introduced her to them. She gave a soft giggle as Reuniclus offered a handshake, she accepted and shook its hand in return. She looked at Natsu who seemed to be looking for something until his face was attacked by Victini. Her eyes widened as she saw the Legendary Pokémon who chattered at her. She turned and looked down at Sylveon and Jewel who looked at the other Pokémon curiously.

"I've always wanted to have the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas on my team. Always have since I was younger." Aurora smiled as she recounted the memory of her and her mother bonding over their love for fairy Pokémon. Not too soon after Sylveon and Jewel were introduced, they crept to the edge of the porch and sniffed the other much larger Pokémon. Once they got somewhat acquainted, the girls lightened up and cheerfully ran around the yard, wanting the others to play with them.

Author:  SamaelLucif13 [ Sat May 20, 2017 3:38 pm ]
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As he stood there watching the Pokémon greet Aurora, Sekinetsu smiles continuously, even with Victini attached to his head and not wanting to let go. Victini was usually a bit shy around new people, not wanting to be parted from Sekinetsu's side, so for him, this was normal. He looked over at Aurora, who seemed to be impressed by the presence of Victini, he could see it in the way her eyes widened at the sight, and Sekinetsu couldn't help but to feel a bit proud of himself. It was a great feat in dead to be able to get a Legendary Pokémon on your side, and get one this attached to you. Sekinetsu was pretty sure his dad didn't even know about this acquirement, and to be honest, Sekinetsu didn't really care.

"Xerneas?" He asks, repeating the name, not quite sure he'd heard of that one before. "Is that a Legendary Pokémon of the Kalos region? I know of Yveltal, or rather I've heard of it...but not Xerneas." Watching her, he saw the smile on her lips as she seemed to be reminiscing about some memory she had, and to be honest, it looked kind of...cute. He shakes his head quickly, and looks away, staring at Oshawott as it waddled quickly after Jewel and Sylveon, thinking it wasn't as cute as Oshawott. 'Right, Oshawott and Victini are cute! She's okay...but...cute? No...' He thinks this in his head, and glances at her from the corner of his eyes. He'd just moved here, he couldn't start liking some girl he JUST met. Right?

His thoughts were distracted when, despite the gigantic size differences, Emboar and Charizard start playing with Jewel and Sylveon. It was quite amusing to see, as Charizard even let them use his back and wings as a sort of slide. Laughing, he didn't know what he'd be able to do without his family. He'd probably be depressed, that was for sure. Victini eventually lets go of his head, and begins to zoom around through the air, tumbling and diving, letting out noises of amusement and joy. Reuniclus floats over and they touch 'hands' and twirl around together, before Victini lets go, approaching Aurora, getting really close.

It seemed Victini was about to let her touch it, but at the last moment it moves away, becoming invisible, so that they did not know where it was. Moments pass, before a bit of Aurora's hair begins to float, almost as if it were moving on its own, but that was not the case. "Victini, you're such a dork." Sekinetsu laughs, his smile bright as he watched the tiny Legendary get accustomed to Aurora's presence. He gets an idea, and goes inside for a short moment, before coming back out. "Here, give this to it." He holds out a macaron to Aurora, giving it to her so she could maybe entice Victini to show itself.

Author:  HyrulianPrincess [ Sat May 20, 2017 6:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Pokémon: A New Journey, A New Adventure

When Natsu repeated the name of the Legendary Fairy Pokémon, she nodded. She had been studying and reading about it since she was little, she basically knows everything about it. "It's the very first Fairy Legendary. It's a giant deer with very colorful antlers. Xerneas has the power to give eternal life. When it's at its end of its life, it shares its energy to the living things that surround it and turns into a tree." Aurora started to talk a bit faster as she grew more and more excited with what she was saying. The nerd side of her was showing, but she didn't care. She smiled as she continued to speak about Xerneas and how it is a part of the Aura Trio along with Yveltal and Zygarde. When she was done speaking, she had almost run out of breathe. She realized that she had been talking for a while and then cleared her throat, her smile fading into a bit of a nervous and embarrassed smile. "I'm sorry. I rambled again." She shrugged and blushed as she turned her attention to the Pokémon that played in the backyard together.

It was a strange but pleasant sight to be seen, an Alolan Vulpix and a Sylveon using the back of a Charizard as if he were a slide. She smiled as Sylveon went down first but Jewel followed a bit too soon. When Sylveon was at the bottom of Charizard's tail, she got knocked off by Jewel who had bumped into her. Sylveon landed face down in the dirt. Jewel made some noises indicating that she was laughing at Sylveon, but Sylveon's expression changed from irritation to joy in a matter of seconds. When Oshawott had approached, Sylveon wrapped her ribbons around him and set him on her back. Jewel saw this and decided to give chase. Sylveon ran around in circles around Emboar with Oshawott on her back and Jewel following close behind. At the sight of her small Pokémon playing with the others, a smile stretched across her pink lips. This was the first time in a long while that she felt genuine happiness and not fake happiness. If she was being completely honest with herself, she didn't have much friends and with her mother never around, she never had a parent either. The only ones she had were Sylveon and Jewel. It was nice to have someone her age to talk to that understood her love for Pokémon. The rest of the kids she knew just called her a nerd and bullied her. Nobody would even know with how Aurora acted however, which made it difficult for her to tell people what she was really going through.

Her thought process was broken when she had realized that Victini grew closer to her. She smiled and slowly reached out her hand and offered the Victini first choice to make contact. It got closer but then suddenly disappeared. She looked left and right to see if she could find it but then felt a piece of her pink hair float in the air. She knew immediately who the culprit was. She gave a small giggle and watched as her hair floated. When Natsu came back from inside, he had handed her a macaroon. She smiled as she took the treat in her hand and held it in front of her. "Come on Victini. I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to be your friend." She said in her soothing voice. Aurora kept her hand out and waited for the small Legendary to show itself to her.

Author:  SamaelLucif13 [ Mon May 22, 2017 9:28 pm ]
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Waiting with bated breath, Sekinetsu watched as Aurora held out the macaron in an offering to Victini. It seemed like nothing was going to happen, even when she said that she just wanted to be it's friend. Her voice sounded nice enough, and the smile that was on her face was definitely kind, but was that enough? They'd just have to see. He glances at her, then at the other Pokémon that were in the yard, who had come to a stop from playing, and were watching the two of them, almost as if waiting to see what would happen as well. They were focused on Aurora, and the macaron in their hand, and Sekinetsu smiled a bit. Amazing creatures, Pokémon.

What seemed like forever, the macaron drifted slowly out of Aurora's hand, and bites could be seen taken out of it. It pops into view, and lets out a happy sound, twirling and doing cartwheels in the air as it ate the sweet. A bright smile was on Victini's face, and Sekinetsu laughs a bit. "There you go!" He grins at Aurora, and gives her another to offer, and once it had, Victini takes it right away, chattering at her in it's own way, before eating the second treat. Once it was finished Victini flutters down in front of Aurora, and takes a hold of her hand, or rather, one of her fingers, and begins to turn in circles, as if wanting to twirl with her.

Standing to the side, Sekinetsu nods in satisfaction, a huge smile on his face, his eyes glittering at this achievement. "Well, that's much better. Looks like Victini really likes you now, huh?" He laughs a little bit as the other Pokémon let out happy noises, Reuniclus twirling midair, Oshawott jumping up and down and clapping his little paws together, while Emboar nods with a smile and Charizard spreads his wings and lets out a roar of content, making a sound almost like it was laughing together with Sekinetsu. Grovyle, though trying to act cool, looked as if it were proud too, arms crossed over it's chest and nodding with it's eyes closed.

After a moment, Sekinetsu remembers the whole reason why Aurora was even there in the first place, and looks at her, Victini having gone off again, tumbling through the air. "So...what's the plan? My dad was not all the specific on what was going to happen when you got here..." He grins a bit, rubbing the side of his neck, feeling a bit like an idiot because of his father. His dad never told him anything in full detail, one of biggest things that annoyed him most about his dad. That and the fact he was never home, or there for Sekinetsu when he needed him to be. But that was how his life was to be, no matter how much he wished for it to be different. Sekinetsu knew that he needed to accept things as they were, but deep down he couldn't help but to wish for a change.

Author:  HyrulianPrincess [ Tue May 23, 2017 12:05 am ]
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Aurora stood perfectly still in fear of scaring Victini with any sudden movements. She even held her breathe for a little while. After what felt like forever, the treat finally lifted off of her hand and into the air, small bites being take out of it. A smile crossed her lips as she looked at Natsu who exclaimed in happiness. He handed her another treat that as soon as she offered it, it was devoured by the Legendary. Aurora laughed as Victini floated in the air and began to do some tricks in excitement and joy. When it held onto her finger and twirled she twirled as well, giggling as if she were a little girl again. As she twirled, the sun caught on her bright pink hair and made it shine radiantly, the sunshine also glistened on her pale skin, making it look as if she glowed. She had twirled a few times before Victini floated away and Natsu asked what the plan was, she had almost forgotten with how much fun she was having.

"Oh! Right! Sorry, got a bit preoccupied." She giggled a bit nervously before rubbing the back of her head. "We are going to Aquacorde Town to meet Professor Sycamore. He said he had something for us." She smiled as she looked in the direction of Jewel and Sylveon who continued to play. "Come on girls, time to go! You'll see your friends again." Sylveon and Jewel gave a soft frown as they heard those words. Jewel and Sylveon raised their paws and gave a soft wave before running to Aurora and sitting next to her.
"Get what you need now Natsu. We're going on an adventure!" She smiled as she gave a soft wave to her new friends and walked through the kitchen to the front porch where she would stand in wait for him to get his things.

Author:  SamaelLucif13 [ Tue May 23, 2017 6:19 pm ]
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"Alright then..." He watches, remaining where he was standing, as she heads back through the house, no doubt to go out front to wait for him to get ready so they could go. Turning his eyes to his Pokémon, who were looking a little sad that their new friends had left so soon, Sekinetsu smiles a little bit, sighing softly, rubbing his hand across the back of his neck. "Aquacorde huh? A new's a little soon after just moving here but...sigh...I don't mind." He grins at his friends, and then nods, mind finally set on getting this started. "Right. I'm going to be leaving, so you all stay here. And don't cause any trouble, got that?" They all respond in their own way, and Sekinetsu knew they'd be okay. For the most part they were well behaved, so he knew he could count on them to not destroy anything to cause any trouble.

However, when he went to turn to go inside, he felt a tugging on his leg, and he looked down to see Oshawott staring at him with watery eyes. "Osha...wott..." It says, his voice quite sad sounding. Leaning down he pats the sea otter on his head, a soft smile on his lips. "Not this time little buddy. You stay here, okay?" Oshawott then grabs onto his hand, and he couldn't help but to chuckle softly. "Oh, Oshawott...what am I gonna do with you? can come with." The frown on Oshawott's face turns right side up and it lets out a happy sound, though tears had begun to fall. Sekinetsu stands up, and with Oshawott following, heads inside.

First things first, he goes upstairs to grab whatever he needed to get. On went his hat, which was more like a really loosely fit beanie cap, his bright red hair falling out from underneath, and his one shouldered backpack. Of course it was red, and on the front had a flame symbol surrounded by a white background, outlined in black. And, lastly, around his waist went a red belt, with little fastening hooks for Pokéballs. It was empty, save for one that he picked up and places there, which belonged to Oshawott. The others remained on a stand on his desk, since he didn't really like keeping them in their balls for too long at a time. He believed in letting them grow and experience the world, rather than keep them cooped up all the time.

One last glance in the mirror in his room, adjusting his hat and tugging a bit at his gloves, he nods, a smile on his face, and goes back down stairs, making sure to pocket the key to the house in the process, along with grabbing some cash from the change jar. Who knew when he'd need to get something? Better safe then sorry, which was what he always said to himself. Passing through the front room, he goes outside, where, like he'd predicted, Aurora stood on the porch, waiting for him so they could get going. "I'm ready. Sorry for making you wait!" He grins widely at her, closing the door behind himself and locking it, slipping the key in his pocket. "Well, shall we get going? Oshawott is gonna come along too, hope that's okay."

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