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STAR WARS: Lost In Time (Only Amara)
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Author:  Dnarion [ Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:51 am ]
Post subject:  STAR WARS: Lost In Time (Only Amara)

Thal-ion Serr glanced around the new Jedi Temple that had been reestablished on Ossus after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Many lives had been lost...millions, in fact, and the Jedi had once more taken some terrible wounds. Since the Fall of the Republic; the Jedi Order had yet to see more than a fraction of how many they once had. It was, to be quite honest, something Thal-ion often dwelled on. So much had been lost in the Jedi Purge. So much sorrow had been caused during the Clone Wars. For reasons he could not comprehend; the tragedies of those years plagued him. Such was where his thoughts were even as a soft wind brushed through his scarlet wave of hair cascading to almost shoulder level. His deep emerald eyes swept over the Temple, but even so...his mind was less on the current Temple, and more on the destroyed one on Coruscant.

How had the Sith managed such a nearly complete victory over the Jedi? The records were incomplete, at best, and sketchy even in those records found. Some reports had pointed to a Jedi Rebellion against the Republic in the form of an assassination attempt on then Chancellor Palpatine's life, but Thal-ion guessed the truth.

As he waited for his partner to arrive; the nineteen year old Jedi's dark green robes ruffled in the soft wind. Today was the first time he and another student would be out on an assignment without a Master present. Master Kam Solusar had not told him who was coming along on, but Thal-ion was sure whoever it was would be an excellent balance for the assignment they were to undertake. Something buzzed within Thal-ion as he waited gazing still at the new Temple. His mind kept wandering back to the fall of the Jedi during the Rise of the Empire. How had Palpatine accomplished so much against ten thousand Jedi Knights? What had happened during the Clone Wars to allow the evil Sith Lord the ability to kill so many? These questions buzzed around in Thal-ion's mind as he waited. Some, he knew among his teachers, believed he was obsessed with the past...with the Jedi Purge in particular. Shaking his head as if to clear it; Thal-ion had to admit...they might have been right.

His sleek long fingers softly caressed the new lightsaber on his left hip. He had meditated and worked exceptionally hard on his brand new lightsaber. For over two months, he had done nothing more than meditate and gather parts before achieving the weapon that now rested at his side. Thal-ion had designed the lightsaber with his talents in combat and his physique in mind. He was tall...even for a Human his age...not quite two meters, and he was trim and sleek of form. Agility and speed were his strengths over actual muscle. It was part of the reason he had learned both Soresu III and Makashi II; for they were the agility forms of lightsaber combat. He had thought about learning Ataru IV, but the other two forms matched him better he always thought. For a moment, he turned his eyes towards the Emerald Dawn; an old YT-1300 freighter the Academy had for assignments for younger Jedi. She was a decent vessel...even if an antique considering more recent designs. Thal-ion reminded himself that Han Solo's Millennium Falcon was the same class, and she was still very much in service. This particular ship, however, was not as heavily modified. Oh, she had two twin laser cannon turrets...the very latest both top and bottom, but they were not as powerful as the quad lasers. Emerald Dawn also came with a single proton torpedo tube with an arsenal of four...which was not bad. The old ship did have military grade shielding from the Alliance, and that was hopeful. Her hyperdrive was only x1.75...just barely better than x2. Still, overall, Thal-ion considered the ship would suit him and his partner well.

His gaze came back to the Temple, and his eyes closed with a deep breath...taking in the scent of the surrounding trees which he always found refreshing.

Author:  Amara [ Fri Aug 12, 2016 11:47 am ]
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Alethea Surik finished putting the last of her things in the bag she would be taking with her on this mission. She had no idea who her partner was to be, as her Master had given her no indication as to who it would be and she had dared not dig into her Master's mind. Of course, some form of telepathy happened almost instinctively, so she did get a name--Thal-ion Serr--but she wasn't terribly familiar with him, so a simple name didn't give her too much information. She supposed it didn't matter a great deal. She doubted that they would put her with someone that she wouldn't get along with. She was certain that they would undoubtedly make a good team. After all, she got along well enough with most people.

She tossed the bag over her shoulder and clipped a lightsaber to each side of her belt before heading out the door to where she was supposed to meet the other Jedi who would be accompanying her on this mission. It was a bit early, but she generally preferred showing up early to being late. No sense wasting time lounging around here when she could be on her way. After all, she'd rather wait for her partner at the ship than hang around her just to kill time. There was always the chance that her partner would be early, too, and they could get started sooner rather than later.

She was rather pleasantly surprised to find her partner was already waiting there for her. Of course, as soon as she came anywhere near him she was bombarded with a myriad of thoughts coming from the Jedi who was tall and about her age. She quickly blocked the thoughts from her mind as she strode towards him. Her stride was long, her footsteps silent, and her movements graceful, even in a task so simple as walking. Her long, dark curls were loose for the time being, tumbling over her shoulders and the light brown robe that she wore. She was tall for a girl, standing about 178 cm tall with a small, lithe figure. She was fit but not overly muscular, as physical strength was not her focus. She preferred the use of speed, agility, strategy, and the use of the force over brute strength. Her blue eyes took in the appearance of her partner and decided that he, too, likely favored speed and agility.

"Hello." she greeted him with a light, nonchalant voice, pausing next to him and eyeing the ship. "I'm Alethea Surik." she offered by way of introductions. "You are Thal-ion Serr, I presume?" she glanced his way, waiting for his answer before looking back at the ship, which was an older one, but should serve their purposes well enough. "We best get going." She spoke up again after falling silent for a long moment. She wasn't much for dilly-dallying. She liked to make the most efficient use of her time. They would have plenty of time to chat once they were on their way to their destination. No use wasting time conversing here when they could be on their way. She only hoped that her partner agreed.

This was her first mission without her Master, and from what she understood, the same was the case for her partner. Even so, she wasn't nervous. If anything she was excited. It was a chance to prove herself, to spread her wings a bit. She was itching to get started. With everything that had happened, the Jedi couldn't afford to hold their students back. They needed to rebuild their strength. She also understood, however, that they couldn't send students out unprepared, lest they fail and the ranks of the Jedi diminish once more. It was a delicate balance to find, to be sure. To know when to let them go out on their own without holding them back, but also without risking their lives by sending them out when they weren't ready.

She thought that they were often too cautious for their own good, holding back students who could have moved forward already because they didn't want to take the risk. They wouldn't call it fear, of course, but that was what it truly boiled down to. She couldn't blame them for it, of course. After everything, fear of the order falling again, as it had so many times in history, was understandable. But fear was an emotion that Jedi should not allow themselves to fall prey to. At any rate, she supposed that, at least for the moment, that wasn't for her to dwell on. She wasn't a Master, so her thoughts and opinions were not sought. Of course, that didn't mean that she never gave them, even if it sometimes got her into trouble. It did, however, mean that even if she was right, sometimes it was discarded. Oh well. One day she would be a Master and then that would all be different. For now, she would focus on the mission in front of her. This was the first step on the journey to that goal.

Author:  Dnarion [ Sun Aug 14, 2016 8:24 am ]
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Thal-ion Serr would have noticed her presence had his senses not been struggling with sensations from the past. He took a deep breath after she arrived and introduced herself to him. Alethea...the name did not immediately mean anything to him, but he did immediately feel her strength in telepathy. Instantly, almost instinctively, Thal-ion returned to his training taught by Tionne Solusar, and shielded his thoughts...focusing on the present...letting the past and future remain where they were. He had no desire to make his new companion uncomfortable as so many others were around him. Few liked to be around him, because of his ability to feel their past and future with such ease. It was one of the reasons he had kept to himself for a long time, but Master Tionne had taught him how to control those sensations...the visions.

It appeared his companion was eager to get started; which suited Thal-ion just fine. He snatched the duffel sitting next to him, and followed her on to the EMERALD DAWN with a slight smile. It would be good to be among the stars again, and even better to have his first assignment without Kirana Ti watching over him. Not that he didn't like his Master from Dathomir, but he felt the need to explore the Force on his find out what it meant to be a Jedi on his own, and he could not do that with her constantly looking over his shoulder. It was all well and good to be watched over...Jedi students had to be watched over less they be slain or turn to the Dark Side. As he boarded with his new companion; he wondered if she was thinking similar things...for this would be her first time away as well from any Master.

He took on last look at the new temple, but something told him rather strangely...that this was the last time he would ever see it. He visibly frowned at such a sensation, and it made him hyper alert to his surroundings. Something in the Force was warning him that whatever this mission was...he had better be cautious.

Taking a deep breath, and wiping all emotion from the moment...Thal-ion closed the door behind them, and put his duffel down in the right hand cabin before heading to the cockpit.

"I have some small skill as a pilot, Alethea, but if you are may certainly take the pilot's seat. I'll get started on the pre-flight check so we can get under way. When we leave, Master Kam left us a holorecording of our our assignment," Thal-ion said to her as he began flipping switches and checking readings and wires in the cockpit. Another sensation in the Force came...the sensation that Alethea was going to be exceptionally important. Not understanding, the young Jedi Sentinel merely focused on the tasks at hand.

Author:  Amara [ Tue Aug 16, 2016 12:18 pm ]
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Alethea couldn't quite describe the things she felt coming from the other young Jedi. Thoughts, visions, they flit through her mind uncomfortably for a few moments before her partner seemingly shielded his thoughts just as she tried to block them. She had learned to break through the mental shielding of even some of the most skilled Jedi, however, she had absolutely no desire to do so in this case. Being able to get through a mental barrier and having the desire to were two completely different things. She would use this on an enemy, should the need arise, but the only time she'd ever used it on another Jedi was in training. She planned to keep it that way, especially given the somewhat unsettling things she'd glimpsed in the moments she'd instinctively read him.

She boarded the ship without so much as another word, placing her bag in the opposite cabin from his before she headed to the cockpit as her companion closed the door. She looked his way when he spoke, giving a nod to indicate her understanding before she took the pilot seat. "Sounds like a plan." she replied in her usual nonchalant manner. As he did the pre-flight check, she entered the coordinates and got ready on her end. Once they were both finished, she fired up the engines and got them in the air and on their way.

She wasn't sure why, but she felt a strange sensation as they put the Jedi temple behind them. Why? It felt as though there were something just out of reach, looming within the Force, warning of what was to come. It gave her an uneasy feeling. And yet she still felt calm, something telling her that they would be okay, together, even as they faced the unknown. This gave her some peace even as the feeling of unease lingered somewhere within her consciousness.

Despite the feeling, she took them out away from the planet until the temple was no longer visible. The feeling remained, but she ignore it, instead taking them into Hyperspace, feeling the sudden jump and watching as the stars flew by. She set the autopilot and then turned around in her chair to face the other Jedi. "Alright, well, let's see that holorecording, then." she spoke in her direct but calm manner. The small smile on her face made her seem more approachable, even if she was direct and to the point, which some seemed to, at times, find a bit intimidating. She hardly understood why they felt that way. She wasn't scary, she just didn't like to beat around the bush. She liked efficiency and honesty. How was that scary? Oh well. She supposed that some people didn't like such blunt honesty. She hoped it wouldn't bother the other Jedi. If they were to work together effectively, they needed to get along with one another.

Author:  Dnarion [ Thu Aug 18, 2016 9:11 am ]
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His companion seemed to be eager in getting started on knowing what they were up against, and he couldn't blame her in the least. It was refreshing to have someone who wanted to get down to work; instead of mere pleasantries. So, Thal-ion turned to activate the holo messenger, and to his surprise...Master Kam was not the one to come up and brief them. Instead, it was none other than the Grand Master: Luke Skywalker.

"Greetings, Alethea and Thal-ion. I have a special task for the both of in which the Force personally selected you two. I urge the upmost caution...this is your first assignment away from your Masters, but the Force believes you are the ones we need, and so I am sending you two. We received a report from a freighter about a massive new installation on the edge of Wild Space. The coordinates are encrypted into this message, and will download to the navigation chart when I am done. This installation is only slightly smaller than the original Death Star, but its purpose is a complete mystery. Few linger for too long in Wild Space...aptly named for the variety of unknown hazards awaiting those who explore this expanse of space. At first, I thought to simply send the report the Alliance, but there is a great disturbance in the Force coming from that same area. Thus, I want you two to investigate this station. Find out what its purpose is. A word of warning. The members of the freighter's crew were mostly insane. Some were babbling about seeing things that happened to them long ago, and others experiencing things that appeared to be their future. Some died from the madness, and it points to a new storm near that same station. I have a feeling the two are connected somehow...the storm and the station. Be mindful of this storm, My Friends. All is not well over there. If you run into problems, Jaina and Jacen Solo will be nearby. May the Force be with you...always."

The image of the Grand Master fades away, but Thal-ion's brow is creased with worry. This storm the legendary Luke spoke of made him think of how he often had visions of the past and the future. That a storm could cause such to people seemed dangerous...certainly something that had to be looked into and dealt with.

Thal-ion turned his gaze towards Alethea. "It would appear we have our assignment. I do not like the sensations in the Force I am getting from this. Since before we left...I have if something wasn't right, and now the Grand Master explains there is a storm which makes people insane from seeing or experiencing the past or future...or both. I cannot express exactly my concerns, but we should make haste there," Thal-ion told his companion...his mind alert in the Force to what he had just heard. What did the station have to do with the storm? Research? Did it create the storm? Why was it there at all in Wild Space where things often became strange or dangerous beyond the norm? Thal-ion didn't like the feel of things...not even a little. Something wasn't just wrong in the was very wrong.

Author:  Amara [ Fri Aug 19, 2016 10:41 am ]
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Alethea was glad that her companion didn't seem bothered by her rather blunt nature, or her desire to get right to it. That was good. That meant that she didn't have to worry so much about the pleasantries most people expected, or about him getting upset about the lack of said pleasantries. They were such a bother and hardly necessary. She would rather not waste time with them if it could be avoided. Not when there were more pressing matters to worry about. Like the briefing, for example.

Like her partner, Alethea was rather surprised to see Luke Skywalker appear before them, rather than a more familiar face. Why was he briefing them personally? The thought crossed her mind, but she let it go, instead focusing on the words he spoke. The Force had chosen them? Interesting. She listened as he continued, explaining that there was a disturbance in the Force. She had felt it, too. That was the feeling she had felt before. Strange and unsettling. He continued, mentioning a storm. She didn't believe in coincidences, so she had to assume that they were connected, somehow or another. It was curious, though.

As the image faded, Alethea's eyes fell on Thal-ion, noting the worried expression her wore. Her mind instinctively reached out to his before she stopped it, shaking her head to prevent herself from reading his mind. She gave him a nod as he spoke and she spun around in her chair and altered their course to take them to the new coordinates. Once their course was changed she turned her attention back to her companion and finally speaking up. "I have had a rather unnerving feeling as well. As if something is wrong. Or more specifically, that something bad is going to happen." her words were calm but there was a hint of worry coloring them. Her face, on the other hand, remained fairly neutral, not giving away just how intense her feeling was.

"Well, whatever is going on, we will be fine." She gave him a small but reassuring smile. "The Force chose us for a reason. And even though I do have a bad feeling about this... I also have a feeling that we will be okay. As long as we work together, we will make it out of this alive." she tried to assure him. She never doubted her instincts, and this is what they told her, so she had to trust that. "It won't be easy. We will have to proceed with caution and we cannot let our guard down." she continued, even if he likely knew all of this. "But we will be okay. Somehow, we will pull this off. We will succeed. We have to." And with that she fell silent, listening in case the other Jedi spoke, but her mind wandering, seeking answers she didn't have to the many questions that swirled inside.

This storm and this weapon, the events that occurred with the crew of the freighter, all of these things were connected, she just needed to figure out how. Perhaps the answers would not come until they reached their destination and had a chance to have a look around, but she would search nonetheless. "Unless you have an objection, I'm going to meditate. Let me know if you need me." she spoke as she stood, pausing a moment in case he objected, and then she left the cockpit, heading to the quarters she had chosen as her own.

She took a seat in the middle of the room and crossed her legs, closing her eyes and clearing all of her thoughts, allowing herself to slip into deep meditation. Everything in the room that wasn't bolted down, herself included, levitated, as she knew it would, but she paid it no mind. Her mind was elsewhere, reaching out into the force, searching for answers she could not otherwise find. She had learned to reach out across a great distance, across planets and solar systems, to search, to find people or things, to look for things she could not see otherwise, to speak to or read the mind of someone out of her reach. And that is what she did, reaching out towards their destination, to see for herself what would await them when they arrived. To find out if anyone still lived, to read their thoughts if they did. She needed answers, and she would do what she must to find them, even if it took time. She had the time to spare, as the journey was not a short one, even in hyperspace.

Author:  Dnarion [ Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:43 am ]
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Alethea was correct in stating they would be okay so long as they had each other. It was a strange comfort from his companion, but a welcome one at the same time. Few said such words of comfort to him, and Thal-ion had been rather use to such. It was, however, refreshing to have her sooth his worries so easily. When she went off to meditate; he couldn't blame her in the least. This assignment required meditation, but he would let her do so from the comfort of her cabin. So, Thal-ion turned to face the blackness of space as the ship hurtled through hyperspace. Taking a deep breath, the young Jedi Sentinel calmed his emotions. It was never wise to allow emotion into the usage of the Force. Emotions clouded ones perception in the Force, and it could lead to the Dark Side...which was never acceptable.

Thus, Thal-ion found himself closing his eyes and meditating to further calm clear his mind and heart. He needed that clarity now more than ever, but this was again something to clutter his mind, and so he let that too pass away. It was, to say the least, not easy. Much was worrying him, but after one full solid hour; Thal-ion was able to achieve a state of peace. The Force was everywhere, but Thal-ion also believed it was every-when. This little idea came from knowing that through the Force one could see the past, the present, and the future. It only made sense that the Force was not just everywhere, but every-when as well. With that single thought in mind; Thal-ion began to reach out to their destination in the explore the past, the present, and what may yet come. Almost immediately, and to his surprise, he felt his new companion's presence in the Force. She was like a beacon of light and knowledge...strong and exploring, but her own exploration of the Force differed from his. Perhaps it had something to do with the two brief telepathic brushes he had with her since they met. It was certainly a possibility, but Thal-ion had to focus on his own investigation.

The young Sentinel began by letting the Force flow through him as he reached out to their destination, but no sooner had he done this did the headaches begin. A sharp flash came to him of the EMERALD DAWN spinning into a storm the likes he had never seen before...much less heard of. As the old YT-1300 spun into the heart of the storm; the unthinkable happened...the storm vanished in a flash of light and color so bright that Thal-ion almost felt blinded by it. The next thing he saw past the haze of pain was a very rapid flash of their old freighter showing up at a lush world surrounded by massive circular starships. He was sure he had seen such ships before, but the moment eluded him as new images came to him. Through the Force; Thal-ion attempted to slow the visions in order to better comprehend them, but this was no easy task. The next to come showed Thal-ion and Alethea working together in the cockpit to avoid a wave of fighters; with Thal-ion going off to one of the gun turrets. Another showed the ship being pursued by three starfighters, A-wings no less. This didn't make sense to the young Sentinel since A-wings were used by the Alliance, and they would have no need to fire on their ship. Something about the fighters seemed darker somehow...their look more stark and if the Force was pointing out that they were not from the Alliance. Before he could think more of such a vision; Thal-ion saw a massive station with single bright blue beam aimed at the storm he had seen previously. Yet, in this case, the storm was much smaller, but clearly growing. That told Thal-ion all he needed to know. The station was indeed responsible for the storm he had seen their ship vanishing into, but to what purpose...

The station, itself, was dark and menacing. It was as black as the space around it...almost like a massive chameleon against the night. There was a single massive network of arrays from which the beam fired to create the storm he had seen. At first, Thal-ion thought of all the experiments the Empire had done, but this...for some odd reason...did not feel like an Imperial installation. It felt like...well, he wasn't sure, to be honest, but it wasn't the Empire. Confused and unable to think more of it; the next scene showed the two young Jedi fighting aboard the station...lightsabers flashing as one of them was doing something to a console. Thal-ion wondered if it had something to do with the beam, but he could not say for certain.

And then, the same thing again...their starship spinning out of control into the storm, and the storm vanishing...swallowing them up whole. Reappearing at that lush green world surrounded by those massive circular starships...ships he was sure he had seen before. Then, the headaches became too much, and the visions came more rapidly until he felt as if he were drowning. Flashes of a duel in hot sand between a tattooed Zabrak and an older and green blurs, a boy standing before a semi-circle of twelve, a young lady painted regally and etched with worry standing before a massive body of people...faster and faster the images came, but this was not Thal-ion's first time to experience such visions. Back through the Force he fought for control, and though the struggle was greater than he anticipated...he still managed to break free. He sat back exhausted in the co-pilot's chair...shaken by what he had seen and experienced.

When he looked at the chrono; it told him four full hours had already passed, but then...they were still a good distance away from their destination.

Author:  Amara [ Tue Aug 23, 2016 10:55 am ]
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Alethea felt the presence of her companion in the Force as she reached out and explored their destination. It didn't surprise her in the least given the nature of the mission. Never mind the fact that they had plenty of time on the journey ahead to meditate and to seek answers within the Force. Their explorations were fundamentally different, each of them searching for something a bit different, but they both sought answers about what lies ahead of them. If they both sought and found different answers, then perhaps they would learn even more about this.

The young Jedi Consular felt only a few faint presences remaining on the freighter, which brought little comfort because she knew too well that they would fade long before she and her companion reached them. Still, she could try to find some answers within the jumbled messes of their minds, and that was exactly what she planned to do. She searched their minds, fighting to block out the presence of her companion, which grew stronger with each passing moment, making it more and more difficult to focus on anything else. For now, however, she managed. She felt a dull ache begin to form inside her mind as she sorted through the mess of information that flowed freely into her mind from the three remaining life forces on the freighter. Their pasts, presents, and futures all collided into something of a kaleidoscope of thoughts flooding into her mind.

She gained little useful intelligence from the three, but she was able to gather enough information to piece together exactly what had happened to them. So, it was the storm, then. She then reached out beyond the freighter to the station that had presumably created the storm. Lucky me. She thought as she felt the presence of multiple lifeforms aboard. She searched their minds, allowing everything to flow freely into her mind, sorting through it all as it came, tossing out information that was of no use and retaining that which pertained to them. While she allowed this information to flood into her mind, she continued to fight to hold the presence of her companion at bay. This was not an easy feat, especially while she allowed everything else into her mind so freely.

After what seemed like an eternity of taking in the thoughts and memories of those on the station, she pulled her mind back, still finding residual flashes of information flitting through her mind. She would have to sort through it all later. For now she needed to pull back completely before... No, it was too late. She felt a sharp pain in her mind as the barrier that held her companion's mind at bay shattered. Whether it was because she was weakened by the sheer volume of information she'd just taken in and processed, or because there was too much flowing into his mind and pushing on the barrier, she did not know. Perhaps it was a combination of both. But whatever the reason, it was too late to try to bring the barrier back. In this state, already weakened by everything else, she didn't have the strength it would take to pull the barrier back up, or to pull away from the information that poured into her mind unhindered.

All she could do was let the information flow into her mind and wait for the inevitable end to it all, or at least until it slowed enough that she could pull her mind back and put a barrier around her own mind, preventing any new information from entering. She watched as countless visions flashed through her mind. Was this what was to come? It was almost too much to bear, taking in all of this information in her present state, but there was little she could do but ride it out.

That was precisely what she did. She sorted through the information until it finally came to an abrupt stop and she instantly pulled her mind back, erecting a barrier around her mind and returning to consciousness. The abrupt return to consciousness sent everything in the room crashing to the ground, including her. Luckily she had been only a couple of inches from the couple of inches from the ground, so she didn't fall far, nor did it harm or faze her. It simply made a lot of racket when everything else crashed down around her. She held her head, shaking it lightly, as if to shake away all of the residual information that lingered in her consciousness. She laid back on the floor and sighed, exhausted from the sheer volume of information she'd taken in. Her head ached, every beat of her heart resounding in her head like wave of pain crashing into her mind. She massaged her temples, not bothering to move for several minutes.

Instead of moving, she simply laid on the floor, staring at the ceiling and contemplating everything she'd just learned. The machine was, in fact, the cause of the storm. And she knew the purpose, thanks to the information she'd gathered from the minds of those aboard the station. She'd inform her companion of what she'd learned when the pulsing in her head stopped, or at least eased enough that moving was a feasible option.

Author:  Dnarion [ Sun Aug 28, 2016 10:49 am ]
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His head still throbbed from the experience, but the ache was now dull...insistent, but dull. During his moment of peace and recovery in the cockpit; Thal-ion had felt the struggle his companion had endured. It had not been pleasant for her, but her own experience had ended near the same moment as his own. The lingering amount of Force energy residing between them was impressive, and it made Thal-ion realize the two of them were indeed strong in the Force. If nothing else, they were well trained to use the Force, and the linger energy said as much. Thal-ion took another couple of deep breaths before sitting up straighter, and checking their ETA. They were still more than three hours away from their destination. For some reason, he felt the time would slip by fairly quickly, and more so if he went to check on his companion.

He wanted to know more about Alethea. She was not like other students he had encountered...or other Jedi at all, for that matter. Where his gift in the Force was Time; her own seemed to be focused on Telepathy. The young Sentinel wondered about such a combination. Here he was an explorer of Time through the Force, but his new friend was one who explored the very thoughts of others with that same mystical energy surrounding all. Oh, he had met others with gifts in the Force, but nothing like Alethea. Of course, he was sure she had likely never encountered any one like him. His own gift in the Force was not something the rest at the Academy had. They could, of course, explore the past, present, and future with training, but it was not their strength...not something that beckoned to them...or even taunted them. He wondered if it had been a struggle for Alethea...finding herself constantly brushing the minds of others. Did she feel lost at times...alone, perhaps, because she felt she must constantly shield herself? Or, did it come naturally to her...adapting to the gift she had, enjoying it, and exploring it at will? Considering her own experience in exploring their assignment; Thal-ion was sure she could use a drink.

So, he acquired two tall glasses of icy cold water. Quietly, Thal-ion knocked at her cabin door, and waited.

Author:  Amara [ Wed Aug 31, 2016 2:27 pm ]
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Alethea remained there, lying on the floor for another minute of so, her mind wandering, thinking about all of the things she'd seen and felt. It was a lot to take in, and a lot to contemplate. For the next minute her mind quickly went through all of the things she'd learned from her exploration. She put several pieces of the puzzle together in her mind before allowing her mind to wander elsewhere, to the things she'd seen and felt as a result of her partner. His gift was unique indeed. She'd never seen the past, present, or future flowing so strongly in the mind of anyone, even Masters who were well versed and practiced in the art.

She gathered that his gift must be like hers, in that it was an inherent gift, rather than one that was learned. It may not always come easily and it may be hard to control, but it was innate. Her own gift had not always been so easy to control. For the most part it had come naturally to her. She'd learned to use it with relative ease. However, that didn't mean that it didn't come with its own challenges. While actually reading the minds of others had come easily to her, it could be overwhelming if she wasn't careful to avoid allowing everything to flow in unhindered. It hadn't been much of a challenge even to learn to reach out across the galaxy to gather information, or to learn to take in information from her environment, to find echoes and imprints left in the Force. Yet preventing herself from instinctively searching, always, to learn things through the Force, even without conscious thought, that had been a challenge. She had adapted well enough, learning to wall it off, to call forth the thoughts of others with her will, and block them with almost the same ease.

Even though she'd adapted and could now control it with ease, with nothing more than a thought, and sometimes without even consciously thinking about it, it hadn't all come easily. And it certainly wasn't without its own drawbacks. Because she'd always felt everything and everyone around her, blocking it off was like taking away one of her senses, much like losing sight, hearing, or touch might feel to anyone else. Beyond that, it made her feel separated from everyone. Alone.

She stood to pick up the things that had fallen when she'd been jerked back to consciousness, which were now scattered haphazardly around the room, but before she could even pick up one of the items she heard a knock. She stared at the door for a brief second before hitting the button to open it. She had known it was her companion, not only because he was the only other person on board, but because she'd felt him through the Force. She had to admit, the lingering Force energy was indeed impressive. She supposed that the two of them had been chosen for a reason.

"Hey." She greeted him and gestured for him to come in before she walked around the quarters and picked up the things that had fallen, putting them all back in their place. "Sorry." she apologized for the mess. "You can sit, if you want." She offered, taking the water he offered before taking a seat herself. "Thanks." she thanked him with a small smile, grateful for the gesture. She considered asking about what he had seen, even though she'd seen bits and pieces, but she decided not to. For the moment, she was happy to have a small reprieve from the thoughts of the mission. She had a feeling that here soon she wouldn't have a lot of time to think of much else, so she'd take what she could get now.

She guessed it was as good a time as any to get to know her partner, since she thought they'd be spending a lot of time together and so far they knew little about one another. She really only knew what she'd seen and felt from him. "So..." she tried to think of something to say. She wasn't always the best when it came to chatting. In fact, she would probably list it among her greatest weaknesses. She'd never been much for idly chat, especially since she rarely felt the need to ask questions when she could easily find the answers without words, but she supposed that it served a purpose at times, and this happened to be one of those times. "Sorry. I'm not really good at this." She apologized, smiling somewhat sheepishly.

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Thal-ion was not at ease in his companion's least...not at first. It wasn't until he sat down after she had offered him a seat that he noticed she wasn't exactly comfortable either. Her own words a few moments later said as much, and then Thal-ion found he was able to relax a bit more.

"Don't feel bad, Alethea. I'm afraid I don't usually do very well either, but...perhaps that is one common ground beyond us being Jedi students that will allow us to not be awkward with one another," he suggested with a slight smile. A few seconds passed before the young Sentinel was able to continue. "We have both meditated on what we have been sent out to investigate. It would seem, unless I have misread you, you have a particularly strong gift in your telepathy. I noticed it almost immediately when we first met. My own gift is the exploration of time in the Force...similar to your own talent, but different enough. Still, we will have to focus on the mission soon enough. I would be wise of us to understand each other a bit more before we head into the conflicts ahead of us." Again, he paused as he tilted his head slightly to the right while gazing at her. "You use two lightsabers, I noticed. I had thought about using two, but one seems to fit me perfectly. Perhaps a brief practice would not be a bad idea before we arrive at our destination...which is some hours away still. It would help us to understand how each of us flow in combat...should we have need of such. Besides, through practice together, perhaps we will open up more to one another, and thus be even better companions."

Thal-ion's words were a bit be sure, but he had not completely stumbled over his tongue. If they were indeed to be in combat soon; then practicing together made complete sense. In that practice came something for Thal-ion to focus on beyond the reason why those huge circular ships had looked so very familiar. He did not push the suggestion on Alethea further, but sat there sipping his own water as she mulled over his words.

At the same time, he was studying her. The Force resonated around her...though that was no surprise. She was, after all, a Jedi approaching knighthood. Though he had never before been attracted to any woman; Thal-ion noted she was rather beautiful...dark haired, tall, lithe...with blue eyes. He put the brief sensation away...feeling it was hardly the time to notice such things. Instead, he focused on the sensations in the Force...listening...watching...waiting...and especially where his companion was concerned.

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Alethea could tell that he wasn't any more comfortable than she was. But he seemed to relax a bit, somehow, when she admitted that she wasn't the best at things like this. She felt a little more at ease herself when he admitted that he didn't usually do well either, but suggested that perhaps that was something they had in common that could make things less awkward. She supposed that was true. If they were both less than perfect, it wouldn't matter so much. She gave a small smile and nodded. "Perhaps you are right." She agreed before falling silent when he did.

Before long he spoke again and she tilted her head slightly as he spoke, noting her strong gift in telepathy and explaining his own gift a bit. She nodded a little when he mentioned her own gift. She waited until he had finished speaking before she spoke up. "Yes, you're right. I've always had a bit of a talent for it." She played it down a bit, even knowing that it was well beyond "a bit of a talent," having been told many times that her gift was stronger than any the any of the Masters had ever seen. "I noticed your gift right away, too." she went on. "It is rather interesting. I don't think I've ever met anyone else with such a connection to time. I imagine it can be a lot to handle at times." She paused, recalling when she had brushed his mind before and all the images had flashed into her mind. She didn't know if it was so disorganized in his mind, or if it had been scrambled a bit because of everything else she was taking in at the time, but either way, it was a lot to handle, even if it wasn't quite so scattered.

While she listened to him speak, she sipped on her water, watching him as she did. Without thinking about it she'd unclipped the sabers and they now floated in front of her, spinning around slowly. It was something she sometimes did without thinking. It took her mind off of things, gave her something else to focus on other than focusing on the wall she tried to put up between them to keep from instinctively reading him, or letting her thoughts drift to the things she'd seen through the Force. It also kept her from allowing herself to focus strictly on her partner. She had never really paid much attention to the physical appearance of others, including that of men. Not past the basic acknowledgement of details in an objective manner. She'd never given any thought to how attractive they might be. Yet in this instance the thought had crossed her mind, if only briefly, before she'd brushed it away. This was hardly the time to start thinking about things like that.

She snapped herself from her thoughts, looking from the sabers to Thal-ion. "I agree. It would be advisable." She nodded agreement to his suggestion that it would be wise to understand each other a bit. "I thought about just using a single lightsaber, considering that my focus is more on the Force than lightsaber combat. But using two seemed to fit me better. It allows me to play more to my strengths and downplay my weaknesses, so it seemed rather perfect." She explained before smiling lightly and nodding once more. "Yes, I think a practice session would be a good idea, especially considering that we've never worked together before. If we get ourselves into any trouble, which I have a feeling we will, it would be a good idea for us to know how the other works so that we can work together more effectively." She agreed. They did need to connect and this seemed as good a way as any.

She finished her water and banished all previous thoughts from her mind, clearing her throat a little and putting the glass on the table nearby before snagging the sabers from the air and standing up. "Shall we?" She offered with a small smile. She felt slightly antsy, which contrasted with her usual calm and nonchalant manner, but she wanted to move and focus on something else rather than just sitting there, lost in her own mind.

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Thal-ion nodded in agreement to the idea of them practicing. Together, he hoped they would better understand one another. In his time at the new temple on Ossus...he had not once practiced with her...either in pairings against others, or in solo combat. It was rather strange considering they were both students around the same age group. Even so, such had never come up...not once. Now, the moment was before them, and when she snagged her sabers from the air which she had been spinning...Thal-ion found himself having to focus a bit more than he had anticipated. It was as if he could sense her more as he connected with the Force, and drew it around himself in preparation for combat. Yes, she was there...a fountain of light, and in the Force she glowed with the readiness of battle even as he saluted her while igniting his emerald saber.

Without thinking about it; Thal-ion placed himself immediately into classic Soresu form...the lightsaber principle built for defense. It was his strongest of the forms thus far taught to him, but even as he did so his mind was ready to switch to Makashi in a split second. Makashi was an archaic form focused on the ancient lightsaber art of fencing. Combined, the young Jedi hoped he could pull off some surprises. After all, so far as he knew, no Jedi...Apprentice or Master had ever attempted to blend the two forms together. It was said in one annual he had read that the last true master of Makashi was the fallen Jedi Master Dooku, and the one who loved Soresu the most was Obi-wan Kenobi. Yet, to blend the two forms into one was not something ever done to the best of his knowledge. His teachers had both frowned at him when he wanted to learn more than one form, and some had also smiled at the idea of him wanting to broaden his skills with the lightsaber. He had never really had the chance to do so outside of his normal sparring partners. Now, this was going to be different.

There would be no Master for oversight...they were alone...this session was completely on them. The Force he let flow through him, and between surround listen and feel the flow of the combat to be mindful of his surroundings...his environment...of her. He waited until her own blades were activated, and he realized then she already had an advantage. Thal-ion had never before fought against a solo opponent who wielded two blades. This was going to be different for him, and he wondered just how good his new blend of Makashi and Soresu would help him. Doubt was, however, perilous, and so he shook the sensation away...focusing only on the battle to come.

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Alethea had to agree that it was a bit strange that the two had never once dueled, either solo or in pairs, considering that they were so close in age. Regardless, she was a bit excited for the chance. She was curious to see what he could do, and it had, in truth, been a little while since she had been in a good duel. She led him out of her quarters, into a more roomy portion of the ship, before ignited her sabers, one of which glowed white, while the other was purple. She opened her mind up once more--although not fully--allowing her to feel him and predict his movements using the force. This wasn't strictly necessary, as she was good at reading her opponent and predicting their movements without the Force, but it still helped.

She noted that Thal-ion had taken the Soresu form, but she also knew that, like her, he use more than one form. She switched between three. The first form she used was Jar'Kai or Niman, the primary style used by those who dual-wielded, she uses the majority of the time, blending it with whatever other form she may borrow from, but careful not to become so reliant on it that she can't hold her own with a single blade. The second form, which she used almost as often as, and often in conjunction with her Jar'Kai, was Ataru, a form which played to her strengths with its heavy use of speed and acrobatics. Lastly was Shien/Djem So, which she, again, usually blended with one or both of the other forms, rather than using it on its own, given that the use of two blades made it more difficult to employ this technique alone, because of the use of dual blades cut the users attacking power.

Like with Thal-ion, her masters were rather wary of her idea to utilize three forms. After all, some of them thought that this form of combat didn't seem suited to one such of herself. It didn't help that the forms she chose were each challenging in their own way. Beyond that, once she had mastered each form, she began training a blend of the three forms, rather than utilizing them individually. This was both admirable and worrying for some of them. Nevertheless, she continued, and to the surprise of some of the masters, and the delight of others, as well as herself, she had managed to master blending Jar'Kai with either of the other forms, and was on her way to mastering a blend of the three.

For the time being, she began with a Shien reverse-grip stance, wasting no time in making the first move. She used the Force to kick off, propelling her forward towards her waiting opponent and beginning her barrage of quick, yet powerful strikes, using the Force to increase the power of her strikes beyond what she was otherwise capable of producing with a single-handed strike. As she began, she was careful to watch his movements, to read him for his next movements, and for him to switch between form. She, likewise, was ready to borrow from her Ataru form the moment it became necessary, or at least desirable.

She had a feeling that one way or another, she was going to enjoy this, win or lose. Not that it was about winning, anyways. It was about getting a feel for her partner's style so that they could work together better, so that they could complement each other in combat rather than tripping over each other or getting in each others way.

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Only after they had left her small quarters did he find himself facing white and purple as her blades came alive with the humming harmonics he was so use to hearing from a lightsaber. She took up the reverse-Shien stance, and wasted no time in using the Force to advance the speed of her first rain of blows. He could feel the power from each of these rapid strikes even as he parried them from his usage of Soresu. Soresu was the principle form used for defense. It was based on the wielder being centered, and wasting no movements in cutting off the angles of each strike. In this way, Soresu also was quite useful to conserve energy...letting the opponent expend their strength early while the defender remains untouched and strong. Yet, the power of her strikes was something even Soresu had trouble completely negating. Powered by the Force; Alethea's attacks were stronger than they might otherwise have been. Yet, what was powered by the Force; could also be negated by the Force. Thus, Thal-ion powered his own parries of Soresu as emerald continued to intercept white and purple...staying centered...barely giving any ground...and keeping his sparring partner moving in circles.

The power of Shien/Djem So was actual strength, but Thal-ion did not have the same ability in these attributes as others did. He had focused his combat skills on agility and speed, and these had served him in good stead. He was still learning to blend Makashi into the Soresu form, but both relied on the same thing...speed and agility. Thus, he found the first major difference between them...strength and agility. Her form required this of her, and his required the opposite...though her lethal swift strikes clearly had some awesome agility to them. She was good...he would have expected nothing less. As their blades continued to clash and hum in the larger hall of the ship; still Thal-ion kept up Soresu...mindful always of her movements. There was something in them which warned him she was full of tricks, and for him not to pull out of his own quite so fast. Not all was as it appeared to be. Though he had never practiced with or against Alethea; the Force warned him she was dangerous.

For just a quick moment, he suddenly switched completely from Soresu to Makashi...completely side-stepping to the left in a half-pivot, and lunging forward with the Force as his ally to guide his strike with speed and accuracy.

Author:  Amara [ Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:24 pm ]
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As expected, Thal-ion was a worthy opponent. Using his Soresu, he parried each and every strike she threw at him, never giving any ground, despite the barrage of strikes she threw his way. She knew that she couldn't keep this up forever. Striking quickly and heavily expended energy, while his form conserved it. That was, after all, the primary purpose. It wasted no movement, no energy, allowing the user to outlast their opponent, unless, of course, their opponent could overpower them.

It quickly became clear to her that his strength lied more in speed and, she suspected, agility, rather than pure power. In reality, speed and agility were her strengths as well, which was why Ataru was her preferred form, but she had trained to increase her strength and power, both physically and in the Force, in order to use this form. Her true strength and power was still nothing compared to true masters of the form, but since she merely borrowed from the form, rather than truly devoting to it, her strength was sufficient for her purposes, and her Force-imbued strength was more than sufficient. In reality, agility was her greatest strength, next to her strength in the Force, but she wasn't ready to reveal that just yet.

There it was. The switch. He switched from Soresu to Makashi, an ancient form that, much like Soresu, used precise and efficient movements, generally shying away from acrobatics. It seemed that his style was very different from her own. He side-stepped to her left and lunged forward with incredible speed and accuracy. She, however, was just as fast, parrying the blow with one of her sabers before leaping backwards, avoiding absorbing any of the impact from the blow. She landed with her feet firmly planted on the wall just below the ceiling, lingering only long enough for her body to bend her knees and use the energy from the impact to propel her forward, shooting back towards him.

Despite using acrobatics, none of her movements were wasted. Using the principles of Djem So, she used the energy from every action in her reaction, as to avoid wasting that energy. Even the simplest of her movements were fluid, elegant, and graceful as she flew towards him, striking him with both sabers before pivoting, twisting herself midair and pushing herself backwards, landing gracefully a couple of feet away. As soon as she landed, she wasted no time in attacking again, this time putting more power behind her blows, without sacrificing speed, testing his limits, all the while taking in his movements, waiting for an opening to strike.

Author:  Dnarion [ Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:42 pm ]
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Another partner might not have reacted as swiftly to the switch as Alethea had. In an instant, as if she had been waiting for just such a moment, she used her skill to propel herself back towards the wall and back at him in an instant. Rapidly, Thal-ion had little choice, but to switch back to Soresu to stop this latest twist in their rather interesting duel. She was quick...not just strong, but quick, and the Force was with her in both of these aspects. This, however, left Thal-ion at a distinct disadvantage. He had not bothered to really focus overly much on his physical strength...relying more on his ability to dodge, parry, and attack with such precision and speed. Now, however, he faced one who had trained her physical strength as much as she had her agility, and she had learned to increase both in the Force. It made her, perhaps, the single most lethal partner he had ever dueled...aside from a Master.

While Soresu had the ability to keep a duelist in a battle longer - it did have the weakness of never being able to win either. It was entirely passive to actually overwhelm an enemy except the enemy become exhausted. This did not seem likely to Thal-ion as he kept his emerald blade intercepting her purple and white ones. This was not a battle he could win through attrition of stamina. He had to strike back, or fail.

This was the true reason he had learned Makashi. The other reason was Makashi was rarely practiced anymore. It was such an archaic form that even in the ending days of the Old Jedi Order it was rarely used. This form then had the ability to throw others off. Too many others focused on Ataru or other forms which dealt with blaster deflection, but Makashi was designed for lightsaber duels. He, however, could not simply switch with the way she was all over him in a blur of white and purple. He needed to buy himself a moment, and thus, he suddenly Force propelled himself into a swift roll under one of her strikes, and rolled up behind her. He knew without a doubt she would swiftly be able to follow his movement, but it was all the time he would need in the change.

The very next second he no longer was solely using Soresu. Now he went almost purely offensive...dancing in against her, and weaving his blade in sudden and rapid emerald lunges and strikes....weaving a blur around her two blades, and attempting to disarm her of at least one. He dared not let up for a second, and he waited for her to start using Ataru to escape his advance...waited...listening to the Force for the moment she would attempt to roll away, or leap over him. Onward he pressed her...the clash of their blades humming and hissing against each other as the harmonics changed with each new strike.

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It didn't take Thal-ion long to realize that he had to take the offensive if he wanted to have any hope of beating her. During one of her strikes he used the Force to propel him, rolling under her strike and rolled behind her. She spun around just as quickly, blocking his flurry of lunges and strikes. He was attempting to disarm her. Not that it would be the end of the world if he did. Unlike many dual-wielders who depended too heavily on having both blades and were almost helpless when left with one, she had trained hard to avoid that short-coming.

His quick strikes never let up, even for a second, they simply kept coming, one after the other. She had to admit, his speed was as impressive as the form was elegant. Nevertheless, she had to overcome it. She would have to be faster. Rather than switch to Ataru as she suspected he was expecting, she switched to a blend of Djem So. Rather than simply parrying, blocking, or dodging his attacks, she used the force of his attacks against him. That was one of the strengths of this form over Soresu. Rather than simply taking the defensive and waiting for an opening, this form combined defense with offense, allowing her to use the force of his attacks against him, launching quick counterattacks rather than waiting around for an opening.

She used one blade to block his, redirecting his own power back at him while bringing the second blade in for a counterattack. Rather than actually striking with her blade, however, she pulled a trick from the Niman form, using the force to push him back. Rather than launch forward in another attack, though, she relaxed and stood up straight, deactivating her sabers and giving him a bow before clipping them to her belt.

"That... Was fun." she smiled gently. "That was the best match I've had in a long time. You're a very skilled duelist." she spoke honestly, rather than to flatter him. Not that she made a habit of flattering anyone. In fact, she couldn't remember a time when she had ever done such a thing. She then got them both another cup of water, approaching him and holding his out to him. "I think you made a wise choice in choosing your lightsaber forms. They seem to fit you very well." she spoke up again, being honest, if almost a bit random.

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Niman was a discipline he had not learned much about, and in the end he knew it might cost him. On he had pressed Alethea in his precision lightning strikes of Makashi, and the occasional defensive Soresu to block her counterattacks. Even so, Niman was something he had not learned much over the years of training. Djem So was something he understood, and to be had been something he had thought about learning. Yet, the discipline did not really reflect his natural strengths...for it relied on physical strength more than agility...though agility came into play neatly. Thus, he continued to hold his own against her when she returned to blending Djem So in. The problem with Makashi was it simply lacked the kinetic energy to withstand such power from Djem So. It was said that this was one of the few forms that could really take the fencing style with a chance of great success. Weaving Soresu had allowed him to keep Alethea at bay...until the Force strike from her Niman style at the end.

Pushed back - Thal-ion found himself swiftly letting the Force guide his shove backwards into a balanced stance while waiting for her to leap in. She didn't. Instead, he found her switching off her blades, and complimenting him on his style and the excellence of the duel. He had to admit it was one hell of a fight. Both of them had acquitted themselves rather impressively, and Thal-ion found her blend of styles to be rather a powerful that likely outstripped his own. He switched his own lightsaber off, and took in a deep sigh...letting the Force flow through him to replenish the energy he had spent.

"I admit," Thal-ion said after taking a gulp of the water she had offered him, "that your blending of styles is a powerful combination. I have never seen the like of it among the Masters. If you ever have to face a Dark Jedi or a Sith; I think they would find themselves in trouble." His words were complete sincere admiration. He did not believe in handing out compliments that weren't earned. Such things always seemed to be rather silly to him. You earned the praise...or you did not. It was that simple in his mind. "I have the distinct feeling we are going to make a rather incredible team. I, personally, would hate to be the ones who had to fight us while were united," he added with a bit of a chuckle before taking some more water.

For just a moment, he saw in his mind's eye a tall tattooed Zabrak male with a blazing crimson blade attacking the two of them in rapid succession with a blend of martial arts and Juyo lightsaber form. He saw the Zabrak send a roundhouse kick connecting to Alethea's head, and snapping her back to sail and land hard in the sand even as the strange warrior blocked a savage strike from Thal-ion's own emerald blade. Then, the image was gone, and it left the young Jedi with sweat beading his brow...his eyes narrowed as the headache came a moment later. He shook it away, and wondered what it meant. By the image, if it was to be trusted, it seemed to be an event that would happen soon. For the image of Alethea and himself was no different from their age now.

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Alethea smiled happily, something not often seen from her, when he complemented her on her blended forms. He even went so far as to say that he thought that if she found herself facing a Sith or Dark Jedi, they would find themselves in trouble. "Thank you. That's kind of you to say." she responded with a gentle voice, taking a drink of her water. She knew he had meant what he'd said. Like her, he didn't seem the type to dish out undeserved compliments. It made her happy to hear someone compliment her on this, as she had worked very hard to get to this point. It had also been nice to face an opponent who held his own for a while. It gave her more of a chance to test different things, as well as giving her a better work out.

She giggled just a little when he said he thought that would make a good team and he would hate to be the one fighting them when they were united. "I think we will make an excellent team indeed." she agreed. She, of course, didn't want to let any of this go to her head, as she knew that beating another padawan, no matter how strong, wasn't a true test of how one would fair against a skilled Sith lord. She was skilled in many ways, sure. She had always been one of the better students at the academy, but even so, she knew that she still had a long way to go. There were still scores of enemies out there who were on an entirely different level than anything she'd ever seen. She knew that she had to keep this in mind. That didn't mean that she couldn't have confidence in her abilities, though. Nor did it mean that she couldn't trust in him and in their ability to work together. Those things were important as well, if she wished to do her best.

She had let the guard around her mind down while they spoke, so when his mind was assaulted by the vision, so, too, was hers. She winced, pressing her free palm against her head as the images flashed through her mind. What... What was this? Was this what was to come? A vision of the future? It must be. After all, this was his gift. Given that they looked no different in that vision then they did now, she wondered... Was that going to happen soon? If so... what would be the outcome? Would they survive? She would apparently take a pretty nasty blow... Would she survive?

She frowned a little and placed a hand on his shoulder, ignoring her thoughts and focusing on him. "Are you okay?" she asked, concern in her voice. "You should sit down and rest." she gestured to the seats nearby, leading him over to them and taking a seat. She was quiet for a moment, appearing to be contemplating something, before she spoke up. "Do you think... That's really going to happen?" she asked, looking up at him, her blue eyes searching his, as if looking for answers, while she held her mind back to avoid reading his mind without thinking. Sometimes... Perhaps it would be better to ask than to simply find the answer for herself. After all, how were they to develop any form of bond if they didn't truly communicate?

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