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Azriel paused, thinking about what was said.

Truth be told, though he knew people who were quite knowledgeable in the field Azriel has never really dabbled much in chemistry himself. Whenever he needed something he would just call in people who did know what to do in that situation. It was from them that he knew what he did, when he asked them of course. A lot of times what his acquaintances were capable of was considered highly illegal. Not just the ‘police might get involved and he could go to jail for a very long time’ kind, but the kind that could result in some group, such as the CIA or Mossad, kicking down his door.

The stranger had a point. If there was water, they could extract it using some kind of filter. At least that was how he understood it.

“There is life here, is there not?” Azriel said at last, a trick question of course. Since there were very clearly fish in the river, as well as plant-life, it didn’t really need an answer. “Correct me if you feel I am wrong, but… if this planet can sustain life, civilization could very well have been built around it.” This made sense to him for a number of reasons. Though, going back to his thoughts, again he would not be surprised if there was nothing here, he was sure that he would find something, he wanted to believe that. It was debatable whether he was being too optimistic. However, he was not the kind of person to believe that there was no hope of getting out of here. The fires of revenge still burned too strongly for him to just say ‘forget it’ and accept this place as his new home.

Azriel thought for a moment, wondering how advanced a civilization here might be. “Perhaps we… could find tools to filter the water with once we find civilization…” He mused. Maybe they would be more advanced than Earth and they could get out of here easily. Of course, whether they were advanced or not, just getting out of here depended on whether or not whatever they ran into was friendly. They would be aliens invading their planet, even if it wasn’t against their will, so naturally they would be wary. He sighed heavily, “Well will just have to keep moving...”

He started walking again. That was all they could do in his mind. While not much of a survivalist, he did know a thing or two about what he needed to do to survive. Keep moving. If they did not find civilization, perhaps they could at least find something good enough to eat. Animals, plants. It didn't really matter, as long as it gave them something that helped them keep going. So far, he wasn't sure if any of the plants here were edible. From the looks of things, he could probably make some tools out of what was here; primitive though they may be having supplies would be useful. But then, that took time and energy.

Still, to him it was worth it. Hell, if they found food and a way to filter the water, then they would be alright for a few days while they looked around for civilization.

He paused again briefly, wondering if the stranger knew how to hunt or make tools, build a fire, anything that came in the 'survival basics' package so to speak. But for whatever reason, he decided not to bring it up, keeping to himself, and just kept moving again. If he found anything that looked useful, he would speak up, but for now he wanted to stay focused. Keeping busy may help his recovery along as well, as long as he didn't overdo it.


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