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Vault 17: Water Pursuit
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Author:  McPainty [ Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Vault 17: Water Pursuit


The group of adventurers, rebels, bounty hunters, traders and such who fought the ghoul army in Toronto are the brave heroes who started in a small towns scattered and modest unorganized and uninformed about the battles they would overcome. They would have to eventually fight the leader Katherine who banded the ghouls to wage war on the people who oppressed and treated them like they were sub-human. She was a slave in a raider camp and she eventually killed her so called "Masters" and she will start a crusade of hatred and malice.

Author:  XCrazyTurtleX [ Mon Jun 18, 2018 7:12 pm ]
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Author:  XCrazyTurtleX [ Mon Jun 18, 2018 7:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Vault 17: Water Pursuit

William walked to the local pub for a meal. He was a man of average height and size, black hair green, eyes and fit, and needed glasses but never gets them. He needed a breath of fresh air and some time away from making chems and developing new ways for cheap meds for people who needed them, it's never a bad time to get a free bag of healing powder. Even if the stuff clouds your mind it heals the body really well. He's been trying to remove the cloudiness of the mind but keeping the healing part potent. He ordered a plate of food with a brahmin steak and beans. He sat down and waited for the food.

Author:  TamanduaXD [ Mon Jun 18, 2018 9:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Vault 17: Water Pursuit

The sun began to set as Alanza walked along the long, trashed road to the pub, rifle at the ready if any creature decided to hinder her way to it. Her hunger began to make her angry, and she knew she should have come to the pub way earlier, although she had to collect and search for the scrap they asked her for, which was contained in the large brown pack on her back as well. She had to kick some trash out of the way along her journey, the garbage was everywhere along the road. Finally reaching the entrance, she took her pack off her back and shoved the scrap to the side to make room for her gun. She placed her gun in the pack, closed it, placed her pack on her pack again, and proceeded inside. She saw some individuals she knew in there, many of them she did not like or had a negative experience with of some kind. Many gave her glares and nasty looks, but she avoided eye contact to ignore them and proceeded to search for her client. No one knew her true strength. She spoke with the bartender, the most available person to speak to, about the scrap she has for the owner. It angered her a little that the owner was not ready to meet her, and that she spent what in her mindset a very long time searching for the scrap to give to this person who is nowhere to be seen. "May I speak to the owner, miss? I have some scrap to sell that he asked for."

"Sure, I will go get him. You can have a seat here." The bartender guided Alanza to the most available seat, and then left to fetch the owner. Alanza, not being much of a patient person at all, was frustrated to wait.

Author:  Whion [ Mon Jun 18, 2018 9:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Vault 17: Water Pursuit

Kimberley was the type of person who turned vigilante when it was for their benefit... except she turned vigilante for good. She had been privy to the loss of many friends and even relatives in the harsh wasteland. Ever since those tumultuous times, she's been hoping to cleanse the world purely for the good of society... even if what she does isn't exactly what society likes best.

On this particular day, she had just finished another contract for a mysterious man by the name of Mr. Med. Inside her bag was the promised bargaining chip for her reward: 250 caps. Kimberly had no real invested interest as to why this suit wanted this contract... but the way she saw it, she was doing a favor by providing for him. She soon found the pub where she had been told to meet him to fulfill the ends of the contract. As she walked in, someone shouted at her...

"Hey, miss! Put dat pistol awa, ya? We're nat interested in yer shenanigans!" Kimberly, instead of trying her hand at this patron, simply obeyed. Eyeballing the room, she began her scan for this Mr. Med. THERE! Kimberly spotted him. She met him at his table, placed the bag on top, and said "I have your desired... prize. Do you have the caps?" Mr. Med twisted his thin and quite frankly idiotic mustache ready to sign off on this contract.

Author:  McPainty [ Mon Jun 18, 2018 11:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Vault 17: Water Pursuit

On a normal Wednesday, the "100 Rads Bar" was by far the single best place for a casual night out. At least as casual of a night as there can be when the land can get over 100 rads itself. The bar had it's stereotypical senile old man as the owner who seemed to be as old as the fallout itself, a chandelier made of bicycle parts and tin cans which provided an even, warm lighting, and terrible beer. The only thing it needed was good company, which they surely provided.

"Matty! Stop fooling around and get out there! I don't pay you to sit in front of that mirror all day!" A burly voice commanded.

Fragile, thing fingers tied up silky, golden hair into a high ponytail. Even with it held back and up, the tips still grazed the small of their back. "I am not one that can be rushed." It was more of an audible thought rather than a reply. Elbows scooted the clutter on the counter away so they could set down, allowing for Matty to lean into the mirror. A thin, red paste was smeared onto supple lips with a bare thumb, a simple smack perfecting the look. With blush and makeshift mascara already applied, the server got up from the wooden seat and headed out to the main floor.

On a normal Wednesday, the "100 Rads Bar" was a token bar— an idealization. But today was not Wednesday, and no one cared about the date anyway.

As soon as the door was pushed open with a hip, music filled the air, along with the atrocious chanting of the unruly regulars of the establishment. The bartender served the customers in a blur, trying to keep up with all the orders. The iconic chandelier was dimmed down, the candles on each of the tables providing most of the luminescence, however not quite enough. The floors were wet and sticky from the beers that had been spilled and dried all day long, but at least the dark nature of the room prevent the spills from being visible, giving the place a faux clean feel. Even though you can still feel your shoes clinging to the grim on the floor as you walk.

The server nimbly glided around the room, passing by the instrumentalist who was playing a bottle flute and a skillet banjo at the same time. Patrons roared in song, clinking and spilling their glasses to the familiar, iconic tunes. Matty even hummed soothingly as they weaved through the crowd. Their light grey pants and long, over-sized, flowing white shirt made them stand out, catching many of the men's stares. Some of the usuals, like Chuck and Boris, whistled and called, alerting Matty of their ritualistic appearance at this bar. They also noticed John talking to yet another stranger at the bar.

But there were a few newcomers too. At least not regulars who come in often. There was a woman at the bar, but Matty was sure Joey had her covered. There was also a woman who stepped in, but she immediately sat down by the fellow who had been loitering here all day. As this was a common meeting place to discuss important matters discretely, Matty decided to let them talk for a while before going over to server them. So that left on the man, isolated at his table.

With a sway of the hips and subtle clicks of their boots, Matty came over William. "Afternoon~ What can I get for you today?" She bent over the table to grab the spare cups and wipe the table off with a rag.

Author:  XCrazyTurtleX [ Tue Jun 19, 2018 12:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Vault 17: Water Pursuit

William was never a good talker, especially to women and this surprise startled him. He was able to get the words out, "H-h-hello there, u-um, u-uh, w- what's with, u-um, u-uh, t-talking with m-me?". By the end of this "short" sentence he was blushing and embarrassed and he was about to leave so he doesn't embarrass himself anymore than he needs to. As he is trying to regain his composure to exit himself he drops his fork and as he picks up the fork he hit his head on the counter.

Author:  TamanduaXD [ Tue Jun 19, 2018 7:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Vault 17: Water Pursuit

Alanza scoffed at the timidity of the man who hit his head on the counter. She thought to herself, "How can people live in a world like this while being so anxious of every little thing? This kid can hardly speak a word to other people." Usually Alanza would never scoff at another in such a way, but the combination of impatience and hunger drove her to do so. Finally, an elderly man came to meet her at the table to make the exchange. "Oh, hello again, sir!" She stood in his reverence. Even under pressure and impatience, Alanza is always willing to be polite towards a client.

"Hey there, young lady! Sorry for the wait." He reached to shake her hand. She engaged politely with a smile. "It's alright." She replied even though that was a lie to her, but she figured what he did not know would not hurt him. She reached to her pack lying in the booth where she sat to pull out the scrap. She needed these caps, for ammo as well as getting something to eat. She also considered ordering a drink after the transaction, but then thought about the need to handle her weapon later if anything happened in a future time.

The two exchanged the caps for the scrap. "Pleasure doing business with you, sir. Hope to see you again." Alanza wanted to shake his hand again as they were about to depart, but his arms were quite full. The elderly man gave her a nod as he walked away to place his scrap where he needed it to be. Alanza sat back down in the booth, resting her forehead in her palm. Her day had been long and rough. Lately, many days have been this way. She wondered if there would ever be an easiness in between...

Author:  Whion [ Tue Jun 19, 2018 8:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Vault 17: Water Pursuit

"Do you have the... discussed item?" Mr. Med whispered softly as he bent over the table. Kimberly aired the bag onto the table and out fell a stray finger as red as a rose!

"Here's the finger with the ring attached... as I promised I'd get you." Kimberly put the finger back into the bag nonchalantly. "Now... I believe my pay was 250 caps?"

Mr. Med snapped his fingers. "You've more than earned your reward. Gruff, please get her caps." The big, brooding man in a tux slapped a huge bag on the table with the classic clinky clink. The sound of reward was always as sweet to the ears as the good morning sun to the mind.

"You know what? I think for all that work I did and all the dangers I encountered plus the trek, I think I deserve a bit of a higher reward, don't you think?" Kimberly asked with a smug smile behind her bandana. Mr. Med did not look impressed at all.

"Hmph. You have a fair point. Another 250 caps for you. I am not going any higher than that." The big tuxedo guy slapped another brown clinky bag down with the force of a nuke. Kimberly collected her take, handed over the bag, and left the table. As she walked out, she noticed someone at the bar had foolishly slammed his head. How he had lived to this point was beyond Kimberly. As Kimberly turned back, she noticed an old man with encumbered hands leaving the place. In the booth he had occupied, Kimberly saw a young woman sitting there counting her take. Perhaps this lady could be... persuaded to part with some of those caps she had earned? Kimberly took a chance and sat down...

Author:  McPainty [ Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Vault 17: Water Pursuit

The thunk of the stranger hitting his head was drowned out by all the rest of the ruckus of the place. The only reason Matty could even tell was that she was looking at him as it happened with a sly smirk. It wasn't the first time a boy fell to pieces in front of their thin physique. The blonde chuckled, amused. "I'm asking you for your order of drink, sir." Matty said politely, but with the simple motion of placing a dainty hand on their hip, it became almost flirtatious. "That's why I'm talking to you." One of their blue eye's winked, a subtle smile on the corner of their rose lips.

The server glanced at the other customers briefly. The loiterer had left, and so was the woman- oh, she decided to stay. Good, more tips for the Matty. Seeing the shady woman wander their way to the scavenger, the server decided to give them a reason to stay.

Wouldn't want anyone wandering out the door without helping pay for the land they were on. Matty quickly stacked the empty cups in their arms and tucked the dirty rag into the back pocket of their tight trousers.

"I'll give you another minute to think about it, hon. I'll be right back." She smiled at William before heading to the booths. With a swift motion, Matty set down the dishes and weaved their way to the two woman. "Hey you two, looking fine today are we?" She posed a soft, friendly smile. "Sorry about the wait, as you can see tonight's rather busy." Matty gestured over her shoulder to the drunk group of men in the center of the room, shouting their songs. "Can I get you anything? The drink is fresh and the food is hot."

Author:  XCrazyTurtleX [ Tue Jun 19, 2018 10:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Vault 17: Water Pursuit

William took his chance and payed for the food quickly and collected his things, He had to leave before he would kill himself in embarrassment. He grabbed his book and small backpack and tipped the bar. As he walked out his face was red as a tomato and his head was slightly bleeding, He would have to fix himself up at his clinic. Today was a interesting day, hopefully he can get through to his breakthrough in medical technology with his new refined mixture of healing powder. He walked down the old beaten path through the town to his back ally clinic behind some general stores and weapon shops, hearing the bartering and selling through the scrap metal buildings. "time for some more work" he said as he walked into his work space to refine some healing powder to heal his wound to test if it was going to cloud his mind.

Author:  TamanduaXD [ Wed Jun 20, 2018 12:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Vault 17: Water Pursuit

Alanza, forehead still rested in her palm, sensed a presence before her across the table. She glanced up, seeing another rather slim woman, with striking blonde hair and a red bandana. She found it odd this random lady sat at the table with her without saying a word. "Can I help you?" She noticed this woman was eyeing the caps. Alanza thought to herself, "This is what I get for irresponsibly lying my caps on the table in the open like thing after another happens today..."

The waitress came by, and Alanza immediately changed her posture to a more inviting one towards the waitress. When the waitress spoke, she emitted a positive atmosphere into the setting with her character, attitude, and behavior. A typical, but yet a positive attitude for the occupation she has. Alanza wondered if this waitress's true feelings were masked, and that she is obligated to maintain that positive energy because of such an occupation. "Yeah, I think I will order the dinner special today." She looked once again to the woman across from her in curiosity, intrigued by the nerve she has to sit down across from a stranger to potentially ask for their money. Alanza figured that has to be what she wants...

Author:  Whion [ Wed Jun 20, 2018 9:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Vault 17: Water Pursuit

"Why yes, you can." Kimberly closed her hands on the table. "I've noticed you seem... troubled. Perhaps I can help you?"

Kimberly did her best to keep eye contact with this paid stranger and not the caps. Kimberly took off her red bandana to reveal her hopefully trusting face underneath.

She then snapped her fingers and signaled the waiter to get her something to drink. A water would do. Kimberly turned back to the stranger in hopes of working out some kind of deal...

Author:  McPainty [ Wed Jun 20, 2018 3:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Vault 17: Water Pursuit

The server smiled and gave the first woman a nod. Having been watching her for the past few minutes, Matty was able to notice the sudden change of posture and attitude, but they didn't mind. It was better to have someone at least try to be civil and friendly than one that let's all the anger hang loose, like some of the ravager folks that stroll through here, thinking everything is theirs. Matty will make sure they actually do a good job cooking this time.

On the other hand, the masked woman had been nothing but shady all day. It was quite the contrast in character actually. When the bandanna was slowly removed, Matty gasped lightly,"Dun dun dun! You have a face! How exhilarating! Now could you tell me what you want with your big girl words instead of snapping at me?" Matty snapped the emphasize the point, but the snap wasn't nearly as loud, considering both their ring fingers were missing. "I know you're going for the whole mysterious person look, but unlike some people, I can't read minds."

Author:  XCrazyTurtleX [ Wed Jun 20, 2018 9:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Vault 17: Water Pursuit

William was working as usual as a man walked in bleeding from a stab wound in his arm. "I need patching up doc" the man said as he laid down on the rusty medical examination table. "A-alright" William said walking over with a stem-pack and a needle and thread. As William was working the man put a gun to his head and said "this is for free, right doc?" William was supersized to hear this and said "U-um, o-ok, t-this is on the h-house." William was trembling and trying to work without getting shot. After the man was healed he walked out to get shot by some raider who was waiting for him. The raider then walked in and said "He had a bounty on his head for a pretty penny. so for helping me take this." The raider then gave William a pipe pistol with a handful of rounds (15). "I'll be going now, I need that money." The raider walked away with the dead or injured man. "Nothing is ever normal around here" William said as he cleaned up his clinic for the next patient.

Author:  TamanduaXD [ Wed Jun 27, 2018 5:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Vault 17: Water Pursuit

Alanza became trapped in this awkward moment between the waitress and this mysterious woman...she looked back and forth between the two, awaiting the response from the lady across from her. The waitress was clearly displeased at the demanding mannerisms of this sly and unpredictable character...Alanza was holding a response to her question; she was waiting for the waitress to leave.

Author:  Whion [ Fri Jun 29, 2018 6:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Vault 17: Water Pursuit

"I'll be out of your hair in just a minute," Kimberly told the waitress. Kimberly then turned to this recent fortunate soul. "You might want to be careful with your caps. Given the rules of this wasteland, you wouldn't want them lying about in such a manner." Kimberly took one of the caps and held it up to this lady across from her. "That's how easy it would be to swipe your caps." She then set the cap down, slid it back to this other lady, and rested her back on the surprisingly comfortable booth seat.

Author:  McPainty [ Sat Jun 30, 2018 9:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Vault 17: Water Pursuit

The server rolled their eyes with a smile that was far too big for the situation. A pretty index finger twirled a thin strand of their blonde hair, waiting more or less patiently for the customers order. When the woman went on her rant about leaving caps out, Matty made a soft wooshing noise to emphasize the sly taking of the cap. "Bum bum bum, so mysterious, oh whatever will she do? Speaking of caps however, you better be giving me a fine tip for making me stand here and wait for your silly intimidation tactics. Because unlike the rest of the wasteland, we have 2 rules around here."

The blonde held up two fingers to give a visual, just in case they didn't get it. "Rule number one is don't mess with other customer's things without their permission. Rule number two:" Matty placed a hand on the table and leaned in, their round face almost against the stranger's. "Don't waste my time." Matty's voice got unusually deep; or rather, it got deeper than that of a typical, petite, female waitress. "And seeing as you have violated both of those rules within the first 10 minutes of you stepping in those doors, I suggest you either pay up for your drinks or get out." The server leaned back, placing a hand on their hip with a flick of Matty's hair to get it out of their face. "It's your choice, darling." And the polite, waitress voice was back.

Author:  XCrazyTurtleX [ Sun Jul 01, 2018 12:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Vault 17: Water Pursuit

While waiting William decided to start tinkering with the gun he had just got. (Bang!) William just shot a hole into the next door neighbors wall "Crap! I hope no one was home." (audible screaming) "nope... Now I have to explain this..." he said holding a cleaner looking nicer pipe pistol (It still looked like it was a peace of crap. Now it was a slightly more elegant piece of crap). He managed to make the action cleaner tightened the spring improved the grip and trigger. As he walked to the house he shot he thought 'I could just not check and not get in trouble' ... 'nah, I'm not that type of person' as he was thinking that he accidentally walked into the wall close to the door of the house causing him to stumble and fall. He got up and patted off the dirt then knocked on the door. "What, are you trying to rob us?!" said a enraged man. "U-Um N-no I, I just wanted to s-say I was the one who shot your h-house and I wanted t-to apologize." The man thinking a 10 year old got hold of his father's gun made him say "Just don't go around shooting things and give that darn gun to your father you little devil!" William confused was glad he didn't have to confront the man walked back through the small alleyway to his clinic. The distinct smell of uncleanliness was everywhere in this small city. The rad roaches and rats were everywhere and would kill the homeless in the night. sadly one of his recent patients died because of those dammed beasts.

Author:  TamanduaXD [ Mon Jul 02, 2018 10:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Vault 17: Water Pursuit

Alanza did not feel the slightest bit intimidated or worried about this person. She knew, even for her petite size, she can make this woman cower in a corner crying for her mother to save her. To previous characters that gave her trouble, she gave them much worse, and showed no mercy. Although, it appeared to Alanza that she did not even need to take matters into her own hands. This fiery waitress is doing the job just right! She thought to herself that this waitress was going to be good friends with her in the future.

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