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 Post subject: And Class Begins...
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Gwen is a very old Vampire that is just trying to blend into society and enjoy herself ow that she doesn't have to fear being burned alive, staked through the heart, or having holy water thrown in her face as she is being forced into a church for a visit with an iron maiden. After all these years in hiding and struggling meal to meal Gwen has a job... Several in fact and they are good ones. Actress, Model, Jewelry designer, Teacher, and Author. She has access to a hospital where she can donate to a driver and he will deal her the red stuff. An apartment just down the way from the most gorgeous ma she had ever seen. but the one thing she is most excited about is being a teacher. The most prestigious school in London with some of the brightest minds and hours a day to help mould them. yes this was the job she was most excited for. Although she truly hated the uniform that the kids had to wear that could be tolerated.

Gwen rushed down the stairs and out the front door of the apartment building straight into the blinding sun. With a stagger she turned around and grabbed her parasol from the coat closet and then was heading down the street toward the tube and her first day as a teacher at St. Alberon Academy. As she ran past the tiny house about two blocks from the tube she had to stop and pick one of the bright pink roses that were growing up the wooden fence. although the house looked more like a paupers shack then the home of a major tele star Gwen knew better she had run into him a month before when his bag of apples had spilled down the drive and into the street. they were a sweet green type that Gwen always kept on hand. so seeing them roll down the street She remembered popping her headphones out and hearing him curse the apples to hell as he ran out and began to gather them. She had helped him gather them up with a silent smile and then introduced herself in the american accent that she had developed over the 200 years that she had hid there from the world. but after seeing this guys passion and beautiful smile Gwen had grown to love and want to see more of the world and when her job offers had come flooding in it wasn't hard to decide where to go. Although meeting him was not planned Gwen had had felt that if he existed there then there must be more people like him there. Her hopes had been right. When she had been doing a job modeling a lingerie line named garnet she got to meet another model that was just as sideswiped by the name and lack of description. While she had quit Gwen never had had a problem with her body and had collected the money along with a bonus for sticking through. She had also met the guy to become her dealer as he was a male model to pay off his college debt. They had decided to go out for drinks the three of them and became close friends almost instantly. Over the course of the next few weeks Gwen met several people through the pair and eventually the principal of the High school whom was looking for an extra credit class to keep his students busy. now a month after that she was stealing a pink bloom from a rose bush on her way to work. Gwen slid the bloom into the dark chocolate braid as the side door open and a rich British accent yelled out and he came out the door to see the pink bloom in Gwen's hair. first he was angry then recognizing her he charmingly Smarted off:

So I take it the bloom is payment for the help with the apples?

Gwen blushed and replied:
No. I have to head into the smelly tube station to get to work and was hoping the rose would help.

He smiled and then laughed, before telling her she would need a thousand of them and it still would be awful. then he glanced down at his watch and asked when the tube was supposed to get on?

Gwen went pale and bolted without another word as fast as she could to the station and was out of breath when she got her ticket and then got into the tube car.....

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