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Hello this is my first try at forum roleplaying so don't flame me.

War, War never changes...

In the year 2065 the world was running out of oil, causing the resource wars. The US announced its invention of the worlds first cold fusion cell later that year. With China on the brink of military collapse, they pressured the United states to give them the cold fusion plans and remaining oil reserves, which the US refused. Following this, China invaded Alaska with its gasolne powered vehicles, and the gained a lot of territory. In early 2066, a desperate United States issued their troops over 100,000 T-45 power armor, which was, of course, powered by fusion cell. However, the T-45 had showing wires, very low flexibility, and required a synthetic metal suit worn underneath. Later in 2076, T-51 power armor was issued to over one million American soldiers. T-51 power armor was lighter, stronger, and could withstand over 2,500 joules of kinetic impact. The US beat back China to their own shores with in months. However, on October 23rd, 2077, nuclear weapons were launched by China in an attempt to prevent all-out annihilation by the United States, whose troops were closing in on Beijing. In only two minutes the world went quite.
The year is now 2297, 220 years after The Great War, a nuclear holocaust that nearly ended all of humanity. Those that survived lived in vaults, or found shelter. Here in Boston or some call it, the Commonwealth, the main factions include: the Institute- a pre-war time think tank that survived underground, whose goal is to better the wasteland with their advanced technology and synths (synthetic humans); The Railroad- a small group of people and synths dedicated to freeing the synth from their Institute oppressors; The Brotherhood of Steel- These technological hoarders, as some call them, are dedicated to saving humanity from itself, whether it be from the Institute and their synths, or another nuclear apocalypse.

Here you can roleplay as your own character in this Commonwealth Roleplay. Restrictions include: leader of one of the main factions (you can't play as Elder Maxxson or Father or Desdomona), No overpowered weapons, such as a automatic mini nuke launcher, and no altering the Fallout universe.
I will be more than happy to post the first line in this roleplay.

At the Red Rocket Station near Sanctuary Hills, Jackson was tinkering with his X-01 MkII power armor, trying to install tesla coils, a stealth field, and reinforcements in the helmet. "Alright let's see here, if I wire the tesla coils internally into the fusion core capacitor, then it should work..." After 30 minutes of tinkering with the tesla coils, Jackson decided to take his power armor for a spin before he modified it any further. Once Jackson was in it he grabbed his gauss rifle and he went supermutant hunting. Once he was in a super mutant infested area he decided to run up to a supermutant who was just blatantly standing in the open. "Hey buddy, wanna hug?" Jackson said to the super mutant. "Whaa- You die huma-GAAAAHHHHH!" The tesla coils crackled and shot electricity at the mutant frying him. "That went better than expected, time to head home, and get some rest." Once Jackson was home he pulled the fusion core out of his power armor and stored it in his floor safe underneath his bed.

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