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 Post subject: Escape from Earth! RP
PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2015 6:46 pm 

Lost somewhere.....

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Background of the Space Travel | +
It is the year 2050 and the earth has gone into chaos. The rich keeps get richer while the poor keep getting poorer. There are too many people on Earth and not enough food to feed them. The air quality has gone bad to worse and almost nonexistent due to the lack of trees which were chopped down for paper and wood. Farmers are no longer and most of the food is manufactured synthetic environments such as greenhouses instead of grown in the fields and orchards. Water is more expensive then gas and gas is not always available so most of the world's population either walked or biked because the electric car is too expensive for the common people.
Another war was looming in the near future for more weapons are being made and it was mandatory to enlist in one of the military services. The rich could pay someone to take their place in the military.

The Government has sponsored an online newspaper that was to be read daily by the people. You had to sign in, fill out a simple form and then pass a test to prove that you have read the newspaper. Of course there were incentives such as Monetary Bonus and Tax Reduction for reading the paper and taking the quizzes. Different people were given different incentives and they made sense… or at least they did in the beginning. They were simple little things like for the military got three day passes and extended leaves while the working class got extra vacation pay that was sponsored by the government. The rich were given a different set of incentives such as buying things that the working population couldn’t buy…… or have access to in some cases.

The Daily News excerpts The Daily News-All the News that You wish to Know A free Government Publications for all People | +
August 1, 2050
Front Page News
The country may be going to war later this week. All males between 18 and 32 must report to the nearest Military Recruitment Office. The MRO will be receiving reports from the IRS Department of just how many males the country has……..

August 10, 2050
Front Page News

Due to the poor results of last week’s attempt of recruiting, the MRO is going to give the males between 18 and 32 a second chance to register for the mandatory draft. If the males do not respond this week, a fine of $10,000 will be levied against them……..

August 12, 2050
Front Page News

Riots broke out in the MRO yesterday throughout the country. Fifteen civilians were killed and several hundred more were jailed. Those who were jailed will be officially tried and sentenced Monday………

August 14, 2050
Front Page News

The trial for the Offenders that were arrested last Friday was held today. All were fine $25,000 and are now permanently enlisted in the various branches of the MRO……

August 16, 2050
Front Page News
Thirteen MRO Administrations buildings have been burned down. No suspects yet……

August 19, 2050
Front Page News
Ten MRO top administration officials have been kidnaped and held hostage in exchange of the several hundred young men who are now called Offenders. Arrangements are now being made for the transfer of the Offenders and Officials…….

August 20, 2025
Front Page News
The Exchange was made with surprising circumstances. Everything went smoothly as planned. The Officials were released at the same time as the Offenders. The Police Force open fire as the last Official began to run to the safe zone. All of the Offenders were gunned down as well as the Citizens that were helping the Offenders. Unfortunately, two Officials were killed and two were mortally wounded. The Police Force are now guarding the massacre area. All of the bodies are to lay in the open for 2 weeks…….

August 21, 2015
Front Page News
Citizens are throwing stones at the Police Force (PF) and the MRO are taking this seriously as it should be. All males between 33 and 45 years old must enlist…….
September 1, 2015
Front Page News
The Military War between Citizens and Offenders seem to be at a halt. Over a week since the incident of rebelling was seen. The Officials, MRO and PF are proud to have subdued all rebel activity……
September 5, 2050
Front Page News
It has come to the attention to the Officials, MRO and PF that the females are hiding their husbands, brothers and sons from the Draft. The Officials and PF are now breaking and entering homes at random. If there are any hidden males, the females will be arrested, sent to the nearest MRO for permanent enlistment. Any children will be put in Government sponsored home……

September 8, 2050
Front Page News
Thousands of men were found in the raids. The females are now in Draft. Over 12,000 children are in the custody of Lost Child Foundation (LCF). These children will be the Generation Force and will learn the basic fundamentals that they will be set forth by LCF. They will be taken into the Draft as soon as they are 18. All Citizens will be required to work until the age of eighty……….

October 12, 2050
Front Page News
The streets have been strangely quiet of late but Officials say that they need more Draftees. They are now drafting the Prisoners instead of Civilians……

December 30, 2050
Front Page News

January 2, 2051
Front Page News
Over ten thousand people joined in the merriment of New Years Eve. 157 were tasered to their deaths while others watched. The Government has warned all law abiding Citizens on December 30, 2050 not to join in the merriment………

May 17, 2051
Front Page News
Groups of citizens have been seen sabotaging various Government buildings…….

August 21, 2051
Front Page News
Heat has increased crime rates over the last several days. Most of these crimes were committed to specific group of Citizens, mostly to the known homes of Officials, MRO and PF…..

October 31, 2051
Front Page News
Halloween Pranksters were caught damaging businesses that have recently raised their prices due to a Government Necessity Tax……

November 31, 2051
Front Page News
Government requests that all Civilians give several care packages to the MRO. Our Military needs our support more than ever……
February 4, 2052
Front Page News
Rationing of certain food stuffs- similar to WWW II - is instituted today. There will be no chocolate bought this year. Rations on staples such as coffee, tea, sugar, oils, flour and other unnecessary items such as face make up……..

February 5, 2052
Front Page News
Civilians rioted after hear yesterday’s rationing. Many people were tassed- some to their deaths. Numbers are not yet totaled……….
February 6, 2052
Front Page News
More tasserings happened today. When will the good Citizens learn that the Government knows what is best? If the citizens will not follow the simple mandates of the Government…..
January 20, 2052
Front Page News
Groups of people have attempted to take over the government today. Each group was targeted for a specific job……

June 15, 2052
Front Page News
NASA has just announced that a rocket that will take a specific group of people will depart on July 4, 2052. I hope that you are one of the lucky winners!.........

July 1, 2052
Front Page News

It is now March of 2052 and secret plans were made and not passed around to everyone. Which means that there were many plans of escape. The police force was to infiltrate and find out those plans then twart their plans.
There was only one place where the workers were happy. There were no pressure on them nor were they overworked or underfed. It was STAR Program. Space Transfer And Return Program was to take those who are more privileged to leave this Earth an start a new life on a new planet somewhere out there in outer space.
Time is now July 1, 2053….. And only one group will succeed to leave the Earth. The quietest, most obedient and hard working group of all and they are located on a special island- Freedom Island.


Naureen was still washing dishes from the dinner when seven o clock came. A small note was left on a tray. She rinsed her hands and dried them. She open it and read it. She then hit the note with the water then rinsed down the drain an continued with her work. Four hours left before L-Time.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2015 6:55 pm 

College is blah

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Rima had her duffle bag over her shoulder as she ran. The military and police force were after her for talking of betrayal. She looked behind her and saw that she was close to losing them. She ran into the woods and found the back door of a small house. She slammed on it with her fists. "Please! Is anybody in there! Please help me!" She yelled. She could hear water running and then hears it stop. "Please help me!"

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