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Yondu hadn’t been able to see what Peter had done, his body having been surrounded by the stone of Ego, but he knew the kid, no, his kid had done it. As the force of the living planet had reached crushing point, it had shattered, allowing Yondu to break free. Breaking the rest of crumbling stone, the Centaurian had gotten to his feet with a yell, ready to fight, ready to break the god damned neck of Ego a thousand times if he had to. Yondu could still recall when he had first met the man, had first started working with him, had first sent those poor children to their deaths. He could remember picking up Peter, the intentions the same as the first hundred trips, but something had changed. The Ravagers had kept this one, raised him, not without a number of problems and threats, as one of their own, and now Yondu supposed this was the results of that.

He searched the cavern around him, hearing the sounds of a struggle elsewhere, but the crumbling stone and falling debris made any efforts of searching Peter out useless. Yondu would be of no use dead. Firing up his jetpack, Yondu wasted no time getting out of there.

The surface of the planet was just beginning to show signs of dying when the bomb when off, fire erupting and craters collapsing planet wide. Any joy in the accomplishment, in winning was overshadowed when Yondu didn’t see Peter anywhere, didn’t hear his shouts of excitement, or anything from the boy at all. He was close enough to see the ship, the other Guardians already ready to go, but something told Yondu to go back. Changing directions, Yondu dove back into the dying planet, one arm up shielding his face from the flames and dust as he looked for the boy.

There. Kneeling in the dirt, rock falling all around him. Swooping towards him, Yondu snatched Peter up and navigated out of the cavern and out into the open air.

“You’re not dying on me today boy.” Yondu muttered until they were further away from the dying planet. Looking to Peter as they escaped, Yondu spoke.

“He may have been your father boy, but he wasn’t your daddy.” Peter had met his biological father, finally had a connection to his family, and then had that torn from him. As often as Yondu fought with the boy, as often as he threatened him, said he’d feed him to the crew or throw him out of the airlock, he did love the boy like his own kid.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t do none of it right. I’m damn lucky you’re my boy.” Yondu said, meaning every word of it. He stuck the device on Peter’s chest, watching the shield cover his body to protect him from space as they left Ego’s atmosphere.

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