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PostPosted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 12:48 am 

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man

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Possible Shazam spoilers!

Ah, Philadelphia. With Gotham city hitting the news every night with its rampant crime, Metropolis being home to the amazing Superman, and Central giving rise to the speedsters, Philly was pretty ordinary...almost boringly so. That is until the city got its own spandex wearing caped crusader!

Shazam! Or as some still annoyingly clung to, Captain Sparkle Fingers. The hero of Philadelphia and latest news sensation. Reporters covered the sudden appearance of the man with the strength of Superman and speed of the Flash, as well as various other powers thrown in, stations across the city aired the photos and news clips of what the hero was doing on the streets, and soon news began to spread.

It wasn’t uncommon for new heroes to pop up, some not quite as super as others, especially when there had always been some sort of vigilante watching over the night, or man in a mask stopping crime right alongside the cops. It was almost a normal everyday occurrence!

Shazam was no different from all the others. He stopped bad guys in their tracks, even saved the city (and probably the world) from a crazed psycho and his demons, he had fans, took photos, and even signed a guy’s face once...that was a weird one. So when Billy Batson was informed oh so lovingly by his brother Freddy that there was a new hero in town, as well as going on endlessly about their stats, equipement, entire backstory...Billy was a little confused, and somewhat concerned. Heroes didn’t often visit another’s city unless something was wrong, at least that was what he had gathered from the never ending fountain of facts he shared a room with.

So why was the Emerald Archer, the Green Arrow, doing in Philadelphia? It wasn’t like the archer had just decided to take a little joy ride across the entire freaking country, right?

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