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When you think about superheroes and villains, you think about fame, failure, good versus evil, flashy latex, super powers and whatever else has been flashing on most channels when flipping through channels. Smaller heroes and villains, who did this because they had to, didn't come to mind.

Superpowers were treated like any other talent. There was an obligation to use them: A duty to the public, to the city, to yourself. And there was no escape from that if you possessed anything that the common human didn’t.
That being said, of course there were people who went out of their way to become heroes or villains without the help of superpowers. But of course without money, and the education or physical prowess behind it, that would remain a dream.

Then there were people like Lee who did what they had to do in order to get bread on the table and a roof over their head. Of course there were lots of them, less heroes as it was only profitable the more famous you got). With villainy it was easier to get money and comfort if your morals were more flexible and you decided to risk getting tangled up with people way above what you're capable or willing to do.

That's why Lee did things the way he did. He teamed up with No one. He never robbed or stole from anything that would give him too much attention, and he would absolutely refrain from using his powers unless absolutely necessary.
Having certain powers was like a birthmark at some point. It was a giveaway of who you were, and having it traced back to you was less than ideal with an occupation like his. So petty crimes and stealing from those whom already had too much been the way he was able to afford staying where he was.

A large soup mug sat in his lap as he flipped through the channels, stopping on one news channel showing something a little too familiar.
A millionaire's home had been broken into, and a few expensive but replaceable items have been stolen.

"There was no visible break in, the culprit stole multiple expensive Japanese vases each worth a couple thousand dollars and another couple thousand dollars from McHydal's safe. No jewelry, technology, or blue prints were taken, however." The reporter with the bright pink tie said, her expression blank and automatic.

"The culprit wasn't an ambitious one. There was jewelry worth twice as much as what they stole all together that was left untouched. There is also no evidence that they had any sort of abilities to aid in their break-in. The only documented criminal who could do something in this style has been in prison for the last 7 years."

Lee slumped into the couch, curling his hands around the soup mug, and looked down at his food instead, deciding that instead of worrying about them tracking him down-they couldn't, he made sure-he was going to devour the last few bites of his cereal and get dressed.
His roommate was out for the morning, so he didn't feel the need to leave the living room in a hurry. He still had a few pieces left to sell and he personally wanted to get them off his hands as soon as possible yet without painting a target sign on his back. Having illegally obtained items in his garage was not something that let him sleep easy. He was going to wait a few months until this died down and then sell them.

Ten minute shower and a change of clothes later, he was heading out.

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Since he was a kid Ezra had always idolized the superheroes he saw on tv, on the front page of the morning paper, that everyone talked about at school. There were the big capes, the ones everyone knew about, knew all their power sets, their skills, heck, even their stats! Of course there were the lesser known ones as well, but unless they did something spectacular to get them in the headlines, no one paid them much mind. And as a kid, Ezra had always daydreamed about being one of those heroes. Saving the day, being the saviour of the city, everyone knowing his name. He would spend his time at recess or after school playing with his friends and acting out these fantasies. Some took the role of the villains, others, the heroes that stopped crime in its tracks.

His parents were never too supportive of this, always telling him he should be doing something productive with his time, like studying. Big shots themselves in the business and law firm worlds, Ezra’s parents both believed their boy was destined for greatness, just not with a cape. His father would love to have him go to the same law school he did and work at the firm with him. His mother was a business tycoon always on the hunt for bigger and brighter opportunities, and never missed the chance to try and edge her son towards that. But Ezra was a dreamer. He didn’t want to be stuck behind a desk, or arguing numbers with some old guys in pressed suits. He had other dreams that didn’t quite line up with what his family dreamed.

And one day that dream wasn’t just a dream anymore.

He had powers. He had freaking powers! They manifested when he was a teenager (what a way to hit puberty), and his parents were far from thrilled. He had to keep them under wraps, pretend to be a normal guy, hold himself back in sports, and not let anyone catch on that he was one of those individuals. College came and went, Ezra bounced between majors with nothing really catching his eye. Then one day, a day he remembers well and loves to retell when anyone asks, he saved someone and his career as a hero officially began.

He was the hotshot, the new blood, and he was making a name for himself.


“Mr. Bentam! Who do you think is behind the recent break ins at the McHydal estate?”

“Surely you’ll be there to stop the crook if he tries this again.”

“Do you think this is someone you’ve dealt with before?”

“Mr. Bentam!”

Ezra’s ears were ringing as he pushed his way through the crowd of reporters who had gathered around the building almost as soon as the report had been made. He had inherited the law firm when his father had passed, and despite having no background in the field, Ezra still made sure things were running more or less in the right direction. Most days that was all fine and good, until things like this happened and his worlds collided a little more forcefully than he would have liked.

He managed to get to the car before any of them could get between him and the door, the chauffeur waiting to leave the moment the door was closed and the guard gave him the go ahead. Ezra didn’t need the guards, he was quite capable of looking after himself, but it was part of the package of the rich and famous and who was he to argue with that?

“I swear they get crazier every time.” Ezra said, watching the reporters still flocked around the building through the tinted windows.

“Fame always comes with a price, sir.” Monty, his chauffeur answered, glancing into the rearview mirror as he pulled into the traffic already congesting the streets.

“You’re telling me.” Ezra muttered, loosening his tie as he leaned back in the seat.


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