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Madyline huddled against the cold stone walls, shivering spastically. It was almost pitch black; the only light coming from a narrow window in the hall. The weak moonlight filtered through the bars of the cell she was held in. She tugged tugged her thin skirt down to cover her bear feet, and glanced across the hall, towards the huddled form in the other cell. They'd both been brought here at the same time, the mob whipped into a frenzy by accusations of witches among them. Madyline herself wound up with a busted lip and a bruise stretched across her cheek because she'd fought back.

"Hey," she called quietly across the hall. "Are you alright?"


Mary scanned the letter in her hand once more, her blue eyes cold as she took in the details. A concerned anonymous citizen had reached out when two young people from the town had been accused. It was only a couple hours of travel from their current location; if they left now they could be there by dawn. She shook her partner awake, already throwing her belongings into her bag.

"We have a job," she told him as she snapped her bag closed. "We have to go".

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Phineas sat with his back against the cold stone, his knees drawn up, and his arms held close and crossed, each hand gripping at the opposite elbow. His pant legs drew up to mid shin, leaving his lower legs and feet bear to the cool air.

One of his eyes had been blacken in the fight that had broke out, and he was lucky his nose hadn’t been broken with the way the fist had connected with it. Blood had dried on his face where it had dripped. His head down, Phineas heard the voice calling to him, the girl, the one who had been brought in with him.

Swiping a few strands of hair from his face, he glanced in her direction.

“Fine.” He answered, shifting a little to rest his chin on his knees, wrapping his arms around them. “Yourself?” It didn’t really matter, there wasn’t much, or rather anything he could do about it, but there was no telling how long they would be in here. There was no getting out of this as far as he could tell, the whole village was out for their blood!


Nathan woke slowly, blinking his brown eyes a few times before moving to sit up. One hand moved to scrub at his face, as he yawned. His large frame snapped and cracked as he moved, rolling his shoulders with a pop, and he groaned.

“Where to this time?” He asked, watching Mary for a moment before standing. “We just got back.” Nathan grumbled, already shoving a few things into his own bag. The tall man snapped it shut, dropping it beside the door as he stooped to pick up his boots.

“What’s it say?” He nodded to the letter.


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