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PostPosted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 8:15 pm 

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Ramon was sitting in a medium room with a few life foundation employees who checked his vitals and made sure the symbiote had bonded successfully the term they used was Symbiosis it had been over a week since he had been introduced to the symbiote and he was the only remaining living subject. The first one to speak was a man “how do you feel Ramon any changes since last week” Ramon smiled “well there has been many changes since then but that is not why you are here today is it” Ramon met the man's gaze and held it for a few moments “no Ramon we want to give you a job”. Ramon smiled “What kind of job would this be now hunt down a former employee to make sure they don’t spill information to the authorities or find dirt on a rival company kind of job.”

The man took off the lab coat he was wearing and now the man standing in front of Ramon wore a black business suit “not exactly Ramon as I’m sure you hear Drake is dead and the man known as Eddie Brock still has a piece of our property a symbiote known as Venom and we need you to find Eddie Brock and either bring him hear alive or if needed take the symbiote from him by any means necessary. Ramon looked around the room it was present that they did not still fully trust him and the symbiote that had bonded with him you think that they would forgive and forget about the guards that had been killed shortly after he had been bonded with the symbiote known as Lasher. “If I do this job for you what is in it for me” the man came closer to Ramon “you succeed and you can go free Ramon you won’t have to be in the room anymore and you will not be subjected to anymore tests you will be a free man but fail me and I think you know what will happen if you even think about stepping out of line with me Ramon.” Ramon pulled against the restraints that held his wrist to the arms of the chair he was in “do you really think that I will do what you want just because of your word I don’t even know who you are.

The man turned away from Ramon “of course where are my manners my name is Roland Treece and you have my word Ramon succeed in your mission if you choose to accept that is but it is your choice. Ramon thought for a while “alright Roland you have a deal I will bring Eddie Brock here you will have your symbiote back” Roland nodded and the other people in the room unstrapped the restraints Ramon rubbed his wrists and was lead to the armory where he choose a long range sniper rifle with a clip of tranquilizers and one of real bullets, a pistol, three knockout gas grenades and one device that is able to disable an engine of any vehicle even though it was still going through testing. Ramon zipped up his duffel bag not really noticing Lasher showing up as most the symbiotes did to talk with their host |what exactly are we doing Ramon why do we care about this other symbiote for all they care we could leave and they would not be any the wiser”. Ramon stood up from the floor and faced Lasher "ya until they track us down again and bring us back here and use us for more tests till either one or both of us die and I for one don’t want to be a part of anymore tests and if all it takes is to bring this guy in why not” Lasher looked around then turned back to Ramon “very well we will bring Venom back here and not let anyone get in our way”. Ramon lifted the duffel onto his shoulder “I couldn’t agree more now let’s just go and find this man.

Ramon made his way the garage picking the keys to his old pickup truck and threw the duffel bag in the back and placing a tarp over it. Then getting in the truck and driving out of the garage his instructions clear bring Eddie Brock to the life foundation our don’t bother coming back again.


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PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 11:46 pm 

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Eddie rolled over in his bed so that he was laying on his back, one arm thrown up over his eyes as he groaned. His other hand reached blindly for the rumpled blanket that had slid down, tugging it back up over his chest. He remained like this for a few brief seconds before the source of his annoyance broke into his much wanted sleep.

“Would you shut up.” He groaned, grabbing the second pillow from beside his head and slamming it down over his face. Eddie knew it was useless, you couldn’t block out something that was in your own head.

“I hunger Eddie, so get up.” The voice growled, earning another groan from the man.

“Are you ever not?” He asked, throwing the pillow to the side and pulling himself into what could be considered as a sitting position, his eyes still closed. He hadn’t gotten in until late last night, Venom having had other ideas that didn’t involve an early night, or relaxation in any form of the word. When he only received a low growl in response, he swung his legs over the edge of the bed and made an attempt to stand. He wobbled on his feet at first, one hand finding the edge of the small end table to stop himself from crashing all the way to the floor.

“****.” He cursed under his breath, swallowing back a mouthful of bile that had risen in his throat. “You know I really hate you sometimes, right?”

“Yes, but I try not to think about it.” Venom answered, a hint of amusement in his voice as Eddie scowled at the empty room. Parasite He thought, almost feeling the annoyance going from the symbiote.

Eddie grabbed a discarded hoodie from the chair, pulling it on over his head and wrapping his arms around his midsection and shuffled towards the kitchen, his eyes still half closed.

“What’d ya want?” Eddie said with a yawn as he fumbled to start the coffee machine.

“Not that.” The symbiote said with disgust, earning a snort from Eddie.

“Well without it we ain’t doing too much today so shush.” He said. “I can’t believe you’ll eat a person’s head clean off their shoulders, but hate coffee. I practically lived off this stuff at one point.”

He ended up making up pancakes, and no, not from scratch, he had tried that once. Sitting down with the stacked plate, he flipped on the tv and settled down, already on his second cup much to Venom’s disgust. Shovelling a bite into his mouth, Eddie paused in his chewing as a shot of the Life Foundation building appeared on the screen. Reaching for the remote, he turned up the broadcast, swallowing his mouthful and leaning forward in his seat.

“Hey, you up for a little adventure?” He asked, not looking away from the screen as the reporter announced the reopening of the facility.


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