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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:23 pm 

Everything's as near or far as you wish for it to be.

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Right inside the gate of the large complex, Teo hid himself before the fruits; they were luscious and bright. And in his present condition, he would never argue with what he could or could not eat. It was an easy steal; he had done it many times. However, the merchant at the stand said she was in need of vegetables, not more fruits. And anyways, Teo's body seemed to desire some fresh vegetables. He had a small satchel inside his tunic, it could hold maybe a dozen vegetables. He could eat one or two now and sell the rest to the merchant or barter in exchange for other foodstuffs.

Teo had been here before; he had a rudimentary map of the place in his head. Very rudimentary; as far as he could tell, the vegetable patch was within the complex and to the left. If there was something else beyond it (other than the beautiful house that could be seen by a simple climbing of a tree) - he was not familiar with it at all. Besides, voices of workers came from that direction.

Since it was night, a candle is all he had; he dare not bring a torch for fear of being easily seen. But his candle could be mistaken for a fire fairy in the distance; he was sure to walk on the front of his shoes gently and try to walk on hard surfaces so as to leave as little footprints as possible. It was not hard, actually, to access the vegetable patch. But the sounds of the screaming silence un-nerved him; he was sure to get a pretty penny for these vegetables. He grabbed what he could; some corn. A few squash; tomatoes. That wasn't good, tomatoes were soft and could damage easily. Some vegetables that ... didn't seem to be identifiable very easy in the dark. When his satchel was full, he reached up to his ear and scratched, aiming to hear anyone who might catch him.

Assured by his senses that no one was near, he tiptoed away ...


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