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The Gift Cross-wick and Ladykate 43
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Author:  LadyKate43 [ Sun Jun 24, 2018 10:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Gift Cross-wick and Ladykate 43

Kate stifled a sniffle. No one asked her permission to do anything before. She was a child to most.

She removed a tool from her mage robe and popped his collar. She held it up to him. "What do you want to do with this? It was too tight for you to swallow freely. I do not want you any pain ever. You come to me even if you get a scratch. Never hide any pain from me. Even you hurt here." Kate pointed at his heart.

"Yes, you may eat. You will no longer have stale food and scraps. Ann's cooking is the best. I like it better than school and palace food. You were beaten like this because you lost a fight. Syndicate, how awful. I am so sorry they did this. You will never be like this ever again. I will not permit it. You may get sick of my room. You will stay with me until you are healed and are given your own room. May I call you Syd?"

Kate held another piece bread to his cracked and chattering lips. "Your life will be so much better. I will do everything I can to make up for all that has been cruelly done. I will introduce you to fun things. Sweets. The outdoors, once you have healed. New sights and smells. The first thing is better food and a warm bed. You need lots of rest. Eat all you want and sleep. I will tend to your wounds. I have essence of poppy in my bag. It will help you sleep and ease your pain. Do you want it? I will figure out a way to wash your hair when we get home. You are a bundle of nerves and need rest."

Kate removed the cork to the flask, "Not water. Spiced apple cider. Careful may be hot to you. It is sweet."

She extended her legs and held the flask between her thighs. She held the jar of soup to his mouth. " Small sips. I know your starving. You will never be denied food again."

Kate slowly removed a piece of rotten food from his hair. "Keep eating. I have cloth and oils this should clean your hair and remove dried blood."

Kate bandaged his arms and applied salve to his neck and chest. Bruises she healed with her mana. "Sorry, it hurts. I know you are not used to being touched lightly. I will touch you like this often as you heal. I do not want you any pain ever. You come to me even if you get a scratch. Never hide any pain from me. Even you hurt here." Kate pointed at his heart.

"We will be home in an hour. I do not want you walking for the rest of the day. I need you to permit Peel to carry you. My room is upstairs and you are in no shape to climb. If you move, you will damage yourself more. I will tend to your back when you are in bed. More soup or cider?"

Author:  Cross-Wick [ Sun Jun 24, 2018 7:13 pm ]
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In rest, he laid upon the wall. Watching her. Tensing as her hand came near his neck with a tool, a tool that unlocked the collar around his neck. The snow outside seemed to lightly dance as his magic was finally unleashed. He was shocked, pulling his hood away he looked to her. Shock was in his eyes.

Why? Why is she being nice to me? I am a slave... A pit fighter.... A scum to nobels and a toy... Why is she being kind?

His thoughts raced, but he glared at the collar, "Why have a reminder of my last owner? Of a woman who saw it funny to use me along with others as if we were animals? I don't want it if I'm under a new master." He hissed showing his teeth. Somewhat sharp but not. Though he was amused a bit. Amused in a way he felt worried. What if this new home was too good to be true?

"Just Syn... If you can make it not hurt as much... And let me rest- to sleep off what they have done... I'd be grateful." He said after all the harsh tones this was nicer. Though once she produced the soup he was reluctant but soon sipped. Drinking the soup slowly. She was right. Without the collar.... He could breathe... Drink... Swallow without issue.

As she worked on him while he ate, he hissed. His skin was somewhat tan under all the pain and grime. He looked to her. Not sure if he should thank the lady or not but he nodded, "Even if I wanted. My strength is spent.... I can hardly move... Id... I'd like cider."

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Sun Jun 24, 2018 9:25 pm ]
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Kate realized Peel was waiting for her orders to proceed home. She did not want the jarring of the carriage to hurt him. She removed a black case from her bag and attached the needle to the syringe then filled the needle with a vial of clear liquid. "I hate needles too. I am going to administer this after you feel my mana on your hip. Deep breath. You will feel warmth followed by a cold rush. You will feel sleepy after you eat. Do not fight the poppy. You sleep when ready. I will give you another dose tonight. I will taper the amount so you do not become addicted."

Kate returned the contents to the case and basket. There was nothing left from the basket. She had half a loaf of gingerbread in her bag along with a small orange. She lifted her body and stuck her head out the window. "Peel we are ready to go home."

Kate resumed her position next to him. The carriage jolted and moments the horses were moving at a full canter. Once he finished eating she offered him a red and white sugar stick.

"This will settle your stomach. Do you like peppermint?"

When his eyes drooped and his breathing eased she spoke to him, "Lean on me and close your eyes. Take a Deep breath. Another deep breath. One more deep breath. Syn, I will watch over you from now on. You are on permanent holiday from your former life."

Author:  Cross-Wick [ Sun Jun 24, 2018 10:26 pm ]
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Syndicate moved a bit and soon saw the needle he pushed into the wall, letting off a sharp hiss. Trying to escape from it. Once the carriage moved he whimpered a bit, "No... Not that... No..." He moved and curled up against the wall. Body turned away. Not once did he look at her. He ate and just kept quiet, "Just... Just do it.... I can't... No..." He twitched and whimpered, "Not again..."

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Sun Jun 24, 2018 10:37 pm ]
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Kate felt a horrible pit in her stomach again. "Alright. I will not force you." She removed the needle and syringe out of his site and returned back in the case. The mage touched his hand. "Shh. Calm. Tell me what happened last time."

Author:  Cross-Wick [ Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:22 am ]
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His eyes shut as he hid behind the cloak. Trembling and hiding his face in his hands. Salted tears rolled down his cheeks as he tried to calm down. A grown man... Crying. Crying like a child sat before the girl. His mind just flew threw memories of someone hurting him when he first became the fighter. He flinched at the touched but whimpered out, "A being shrouded in a dark robe used to inject something in my arms... it was painful... Dark. It made me numb. Made it hard to understand things... When my senses came back I'd be horribly beaten.... I don't remember! It was not something.... It brought pain and hurt. I.... I..." He cried a bit, "It was black... Or... Purple... It smelled.... It's jumbled... I don't remember." He felt so weak. Why did he react? He normally hid this feeling. The feeling of pain for what they did! Why was he saying this to her?

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:02 am ]
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Kate did non expect him to start crying. She wanted to hug him. Confort was not something he was used to. How would he react? Best wait. He is too sore to even touch.

She sighed, "Oh Gads! Syn, she is a monster. She used you to test her potions and elixirs. Shh. I will never do that. I will not give you things that harm you. You need a good cry. Not now your eyes are too swollen. Dab your tears with this." She gave him a clean linen napkin from the basket.

"The horrors you endured no wonder you must be terrified of me."

Kate shivered and removed the items in her lap. She turned and kneeled to the carriage door. Then closed the carriage windows on both sides. Then she returned to sit beside Syn,"Brr is cold. I will do this another way. I will not use the needle. Give me your hand. I will add a drop to your hand. See if you can tolerate it. I will use my mana. If it hurts will wipe it off and remove it. Will that be better?"

Author:  Cross-Wick [ Mon Jun 25, 2018 1:43 pm ]
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He hated this all, hated showing her he was broken! No, he'd be the monster everyone saw him as. Well... To him it was more of- he was a giant jerk. Reaching out he took the napkin, dapping his eyes lightly before turning from her. Not wanting to look at her.

Being told those had been poisons, made the male feel sick. Used. How come he lived? That was a better question. Why did he live? Maybe it was what he was that prevented the poisons from killing him? He didn't know... But when offered a way that would possibly work best he held out his hand. He had no idea if it would work, "You can try- as to the winds... Ignore them.... It's my magic."

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Gift Cross-wick and Ladykate 43

Kate cradled his hand in hers. "She cleaned it with salve a gauze from her bag as if she was polishing a delicate object. "You have the talent. I am so happy to have someone to share with. When you are better I would like you to demonstrate. Cyn, be honest what is your natural form? Best to take it, you will heal faster. Make sure you can fit this carriage. Peel would be terrified if the carriage fell apart. I want to prove to you can trust me. If you want the form to be kept secret, I can protect you. My friends tell me all their secrets and they know I will not tell anyone."

She held the vile of poppy in her lap the cork was on it. "Blistered and blue from the cold. Cracked and raw. I will get you oils of healing herbs and gloves. No shame crying Syn. Grown men have feelings. I have seen my father cry when he is alone. Soldiers cry at funerals. It is part of all beings. Not all creatures shed tears. You may cry tomorrow. Your eyes need to heal."

Author:  Cross-Wick [ Mon Jun 25, 2018 5:54 pm ]
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Syndicate looked to her, eyes nearly shut as he listened. True... Form... He snarled a bit. No. That witch tried that before but due to the plant he kept it away. His eyes forced open, showing the hues of green, yellow blue and black. Eyes of a dragon it seemed. Due to how much pain and how wounded he was- his eyes took the natural dragon state- using the draconic magic to sustain himself. He glanced to her with his wide eyes before closing them. Resting against the wall, "That's all I can show you... I'm as tall as a clidesdale and have wings... my tail would wrap once around the carriage." He snarled, "I need rest. I haven't shifted in years. If you want to see- give me rest, and take me to somewhere water is... I haven't shifted in so long I have to allow the water to wash my human form away." He sighed a bit, "I'm not exactly a dragon. I'm a cross breed. If I am to trust you- do ask I ask this once. As an honor for what I am." As a slave, this was a risk. A risk he had to take in slight demand for being taken somewhere he could shift.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:32 pm ]
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Kate could not hold her excitement. Malora gave her a being of her heart's desire. She squealed in delight, "Oh you beautiful exquisite draconian. Syn, this state. You thrive in the nether regions away from the Nine Kingdoms. You must be returned to your own kin. Surely they are worried sick. Captured, tortured. The pass closes soon. I will not have time to prepare for such a journey and in your condition, you will die before..."

Kate blinked, kissed and cradled his hand, "Syd, I am so sorry. I cannot take you now. As soon as winter is over the pass opens. I will take you home. Back to your kin. Please stay. I want to show you not all beings below the nether are crewel. You return as you are and I fear another dragon war. Yes. Outside is the town and we are passing the 500-acre lake. I do not have the magic to heal you and you are so weak. I will take you to the lake as soon as your strength returns. What food do you need? In this form, you will stay weak. I have a stable but you deserve better. I have plenty of room for you to roam."

Kate bolted up opened the window and stuck out her head, "Peel, take us to the lake. Is the trail too deep for the carriage?"

"Sorry Mi Lady, we need the sleigh. The snow is too deep. I can have the sleigh ready first thing after breakfast."

Kate ducked her head back in, "Syn, can you wait one more day? Right after breakfast. I will load you will blankets, herbs, whatever you need."

Author:  Cross-Wick [ Mon Jun 25, 2018 8:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Gift Cross-wick and Ladykate 43

This was a sudden change, what made her so excited? Was it the news of what he is? Looking to her he sighed. She thought he had family... No... Moving he faced his new master, "Dead. They are dead." He said flatly, "Died when we had gone to visit a human family.... Killed my parents... My family- and the humans... Taking the kids..." He sighed a bit and shook his head, "I can wait. I need rest... When you can take me... I'll show you..." He whined s bit, "I'm used to being in this form...I don't need to show anyone... I've had to hide for years..."

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Mon Jun 25, 2018 8:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Gift Cross-wick and Ladykate 43

Kate could not stand this sad life she had in her hands. Tears flooded, "I promise will not abandon you. Where I go, so will you." She wiped her face with her sleeve, "Syn, You cannot tolerate the winters here. I finish school in a few months. I will attend the mages college in Gardeni, it is south of here. I was planning to go to Seville, north. You will have warmer weather and there are many lakes. You choose the one you like best. I will build a house and attend classes. You are free to take the form you want. You can choose to be with me or not."

Author:  Cross-Wick [ Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Gift Cross-wick and Ladykate 43

Not... Abbandon him? Was this reality? Inside his mind screamed to be warry but his heart said tread lightly and try to trust. Yet... What did she mean? He could? Cold nor hot water hugged him. Ice water was amazing thanks to his draconic fur. He sighed. Little, "I have fur. The water doesn't bother me. I'm an aquatic breed." He said softly. Though being alone... As much as it sounded grand... He didn't want to be. He sighed a bit, "right now just worry about getting home and resting."

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:20 pm ]
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Kate sniffled and lifted the vile with her hand. She pulled the cork with her teeth. She winked at him and poured a drop on the back of his hand. The mage waited to see his reaction. "Are you alright?"

Author:  Cross-Wick [ Tue Jun 26, 2018 5:55 am ]
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The male looked to her, she had a heart of gold. Something he hadn't witnessed often save for the occasional child that suck in to see and give him an apple. He sighed and shook his head. Things were changing for him, "It doesn't burn." He said in answer of the question, "I'm fine. I'm exhausted.... Being away from that monster has given me a second chance... To serve under a new master." He growled out, "I'm just tired."

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Tue Jun 26, 2018 10:00 am ]
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Kate poured more poppy essence into his hand and warned it with her man. "Do not fight sleep. Lean on me, Syn. Let your guard down. You can ease your mind. I do not mind you resting on me. I will keep you safe. "

Author:  Cross-Wick [ Tue Jun 26, 2018 3:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Gift Cross-wick and Ladykate 43

There was no argument from him when told to sleep. He had fought this too long. Now his body was ready to rest. In his movements he slightly and also lightlyfell onto her as his mind shut down. The stress and strain of all he went though that day made him hurt and beyond exhausted. Syn leaned into Kate. Breathing slowly yet somewhat strained. His new life was just beginning.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Tue Jun 26, 2018 5:53 pm ]
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Kate resisted wrapping her arm around him. She took a deep breath and released it once he was asleep and his body relaxed and his breathing eased. The mage knew the hardest part was over. She won him over. The next few days were not going to be easy. She reached for another blanket and covered Syn and herself. She removed the packed gingerbread and ate it. She hoped Ann would have hot chocolate. Her gift, this elf, no dragon was now her responsibility. He was out of harm for now. Her thoughts turned to Malora. Why would her aunt send this battered and broken gift? Was this a test of her healing? Was he sent to harm her or family? If Syn is a water dragon what make her want him to fight. They are gentle creatures in Ann's stories.

It began to snow by the time the carriage pulled up to the manor gate. Her gift was still asleep. She did not have the heart to wake him. Peel turned into the drive and stopped in the back of her home. She opened the carriage a blast of frigid air hit her. Peel faced her she motioned the man to get Syd. Kate stepped down out of the carriage with the blanket around her. Peel entered the carriage and cradled Syd in his arms and stepped down quietly. Kate hopped inside and gathered her bag and basket. She followed Peel into the manor.

The three passed the huge kitchen buzzing with servants. Kate found the cook taking gingerbread cookies from the over. "Ann I need you right away. Malora gave me one of her pets. He hurt badly. Peel is carrying him up to my room."

She ran into the main hall."Peel, Please take Syd to my room and place him face down in my bed. I need to tend to his back."

Ann scurried behind Kate up to Kate's room. Kate removed the covers as Peel placed him in the mage's bed. Kate covered him with her covers. He was out cold. For a solid hour, she and Ann tended to deep wounds by whip and blunt weapons. Kate cleaned his hair with oils and several towels. He was a mess of dried blood, sinew, and rotten vegetable matter. What the sailors did to him left little to the imagination.

When she was done stitching deep wounds, she coved his back with a large silk cloth and poured healing potion over it. She layed next to him until supper time. Ann returned back to the kitchen and brought her two trays of beef stew, noodles, cooked carrots, green beans, slaw, gingerbread cookies and hot chocolate.

Author:  Cross-Wick [ Tue Jun 26, 2018 10:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Gift Cross-wick and Ladykate 43

The rest he was granted, was more than he could have ever wished for in his life. No sooner did his eyes shut did his body just go into a deep sleep. A long and needed sleep. No dreams, just a deep sleep that kept him unconcious through the hour long ride and even through the process of helping his body be fixed from everything that had happened to him.

He rested long and hard, only flinching twice through the process before he seemed to ignore it all. Though as he rested his mind went back to the days long before Malora decided to take him away. Giving him a chance to relax.

Upon waking hegrowled a bit and wiped his face a bit with his hand. The gauze on his hand made him blink a bit. So... it had been real? Being given a new master? He groaned as he breathed sharply. His back stung a little but he closed his eyes. He was still tire... but somthing woke him from his sleep.

Wait... was that meat? Okay he was curious now, "M'lady?" he said softly. His voice groggy from waking.

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