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PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 4:01 pm 

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Han was suppose to be picking up a shipment for the rebels...again. It seemed that was all he did lately was go between planets picking up crates, weapons, and other odds and ends, just to deliver them to various bases directly, or more commonly, to contacts in other cities who would then bring it to the base themselves.

It wasn’t all bad for how much Han complained. The pay was good, and it gave him something to do, a purpose. Sure, some of the trips could be long, and rather boring when all you were doing was cruising around asteroids, and avoiding the Empire’s detection, but the man always found something to occupy his time.

The current objective was to bring a few dozen barrels of fuel to a base on one of the Outer Rim bases. It was a run Han hadn’t done in a while, but it was also one of the easiest ones to do when there weren’t Empire grade ships flying everywhere, stopping any ship that strayed too close to some planets under their control.

“Looks like we’re getting off lucky this time Chewie.” Han called to his best friend, and co-pilot. “Not one tie-fighter in sight.” It had been hard enough getting the cargo onboard, no one having thought it would be a good idea to warn the pair of the heavy Empire influence at the extraction point. They had escaped, obviously, but had been on high alert ever since.

It was as Han was surveying the stars before them, that he caught sight of what he thought was a ship exiting hyperspace, before seeming to drop towards the nearest planet, Tatooine.

“What the hell?” Han muttered, watching the unfamiliar blue and orange ship plummeting to the sandy planet. “Think we should see what’s going on? Might be one of ours.” He said to Chewie as the Wookiee joined him up front.

Getting Chewie’s agreement, as well as a warning to be careful, Han directed the course of the Millennium Falcon after the falling ship.


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