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PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2018 10:33 pm 

"It needs to be about 20% cooler"

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Harry Osborn was over at his father's home he had only just gotten a phone call from bernard saying that he could not find his father. It was not like him to stay out late from work without telling anyone where he was Harry walked around the house searching every room to see if they had missed something. Harry later met up with bernard “this is so unlike him bernard I have no idea where he is” Bernard looked around the room he was at a complete loss as to where Norman could be. Harry and bernard had search the whole house and Harry had called oscorp to see if his father was still there or if they knew where he was. Harry and bernard looked up the stairs towards his father’s study “Dad…..Dad is that you” Harry and bernard started up the stairs towards the study. Harry entered the room first to find his father “dad you alright” when his father didn’t answer harry got closer to him Harry put a hand on his father’s shoulder and shook him. Harry became concerned when he got no response he then checked to see if he could hear his heartbeat. Harry looked over at bernard who then quickly left the room as if he knew what Harry was going to tell him to do. Harry walked away from his father and pulled out his phone he had to phone peter to tell him that he was not going to be back at the apartment for a awhile. Harry dialed Peter’s number but he didn’t pick up because it went to voicemail “hey Peter just calling to tell you that something as come up at home and I won’t be at the apartment until late tonight.” Harry paced the room it seemed like it was taking forever for the ambulance to get here. Harry heard the door to the study open “Harry the ambulance is here now Harry rushed out of the room and was later followed by the paramedics to the study. They then headed to the hospital Harry and Bernard waited for any news from the doctors about his father Harry was later relieved when the doctor said that his father was fine he had many injuries but other than that he was alive. Harry decided to let his father rest and headed back home with Bernard.

Norman Osborn made his way back to his home on his glider he flew the glider through the open window of his lair. Norman made his way out of the lair and into his study making sure not to make his arrival heard. Norman stumbled into a table which knocked it over. Norman stood still for a moment to make sure that no one had heard him once he was sure that no one had heard him he continued to walk across the room to find a first aid kit to tend to the less severe wounds. Norman later found the first aid kit and dressed his wounds after he walked over to his chair and then everything went black.


"A knight is sworn to valour,

His heart knows only virtue,

His blade defends the helpless,

His might upholds the weak,

His word speaks only truth,

His wrath undoes the wicked."

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 11:45 pm 

"Perhaps we make a better team than we thought..." ~Mar-Vell

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Stupid buses. Stupid profs. Stupid criminals! All these were thoughts running through Peter’s head as he swung through the city. That morning as he had left for his classes, the bus schedule had been wrong. He had timed it perfectly. He would arrive at the stop with exactly two and a half minutes to spare before the bus came...expect that it came four minutes early! He was forced to either wait for the next one and be late, or call a taxi and spend the money he was going to use for lunch.

Once the whole transportation situation was sorted and he was running into the school, clutching his bag, Peter had sat through the dullest lectures ever, and been given countless pages of readings, at least three papers to write, and was reminded of some project he had completely forgotten was due next week. When did he have time for all this!

By the end of the day, Peter was starving, carting around a bag that was at least twenty pounds heavier, and ready to crash for an hour or so when he got back to the apartment he shared with his friend Harry Osborn, when Goblin had decided to show his ugly face.

“Why today? Why now?” Peter grumbled as he made for the nearest alley to change clothes and stuff everything into his already bursting bag.

It took the majority of the evening, and well into the night to get rid of the guy, at least for the time being. Peter swung through the streets, hoping Harry was home so he could vent about his horrible day. When he arrived at the window, sliding it open and nearly collapsing on the floor right there, Peter noticed how empty the place was. Tossing his bag to the floor, he dropped onto the couch, throwing one arm up over his eyes with a groan.

He had taken a real beating tonight and he was in desperate need of food, a shower, and sleep. Thankfully it was a Friday so he could sleep in for once, fingers crossed. He was drifting close to sleep when he heard the buzzing of his phone. Peter considered digging through his bag for it, but decided against it, letting the call go to voicemail.

It wasn’t until at he couldn’t ignore his stomach anymore that Peter pulled himself up, found his phone, and saw it was Harry who had been calling. Walking into the kitchen, flipping on lights as he went, Peter listened to the message left and couldn’t hold back the groan that escaped. Hitting his friends number, Peter called him back, waiting for him to pick up as he rummaged through the fridge for something to eat, still clad in his Spidey-suit.

“Hey Harry, what the heck man!” Peter said when the other man picked up. “Who am I supposed to complain to and get to force me to bed now?” He asked, dropping a container of leftovers on the counter and prying the lid off. He knew why something had come up. Harry’s dad, or, as Peter knew him well, the freaking Green Goblin, had just knocked the snot out of him and been sent running with a fair amount of bruises of his own.

“I hate you.” Peter said, not really meaning the often said words when the other did something to cause problems for Peter.


"Maybe Asterous's gender is attack helicopter?" ~ Stormwind
"Candy is to kids as Roleplay is to you" ~ Yue
"Birbs got so many roleplays because of the insatiable thirst for knowledge of all things!" ~ Ben

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