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PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2018 10:23 pm 

"It needs to be about 20% cooler"

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Johnny stood outside the arena where he had just did a show he leaned against the wall of the stadium he waited for Mack and the rest of his team. Johnny watched the people passing in front of the stadium there was nothing out of the unusual people in business suits rushing to their jobs and few people stopped and talked with him. Johnny scanned the area he had a strange feeling which only happened when he was around an evil presence or someone who meant harm to others. Johnny didn’t hear Mack come out of the stadium and call his name a few times Johnny shook his head to clear his thoughts “I’m sorry Mack what did you want.” Mack looked around the area and told Johnny that they were ready to go when ever he was Johnny nodded and started to follow his team when he got the same feeling he had earlier. Johnny scanned the crowd again but this time he saw someone in the crowd of people walking by Johnny felt like this person meant to do harm to someone. Johnny looked over at Mack “sorry Mack but there is one more thing that I have to take care of I promise that I will be right back” Johnny walked over to the wagon and unlocked it lowering the door he walked inside and put his hands on the handlebars of his bike Grace. Johnny walked Grace out and then drove down the street to find and follow this person he had seen not to long ago.


"A knight is sworn to valour,

His heart knows only virtue,

His blade defends the helpless,

His might upholds the weak,

His word speaks only truth,

His wrath undoes the wicked."

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 11:43 pm 

"Perhaps we make a better team than we thought..." ~Mar-Vell

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Noh-Varr could remember his ship crashing. His parents being killed, as well as everyone else who had been with them. Everyone but him. He had survived the crash, though looking back on it now, he really started to wish he hadn’t. This man, this scientist or whatever it was he called himself, had made the Kree’s life hell.

He was under the man’s control, forced to do what he wished, feeding off of his own hatred of the human race for what had happened. Noh-Varr was on one such mission for the good doctor at some sort of entertainment show. The target was sitting in the first row, dead center, eyes fixed on the man on the bike at the center of the stadium. It would have been easy enough to take him out, he was only human after all, but that would cause an uproar and the doctor wanted this to be quiet. The right people would get the message, there was no need to cause any mass hysteria.

As the show came to an end, Noh-Varr tailed the man. He seemed to be a little paranoid that he was being followed, ducking into side alleys, and dark streets. This was no problem for the Kree though. Tracking the man down, Noh-Varr waited until he had slipped into one of the alleys behind some restaurant before he struck.

It was over far quicker than he would have liked. The man cried out, tried to plead for his life, bargain with his attacker, anything to spare him. It all fell on deaf ears as Noh-Varr, in one hand, snapped his neck, throwing the body against the brick wall. He was to return to the Cube, await his next orders, but there was something bothering the Kree soldier. Turning, he peered into the darkness, eyes narrowed as the sounds of a bike met his ears.


"Maybe Asterous's gender is attack helicopter?" ~ Stormwind
"Candy is to kids as Roleplay is to you" ~ Yue
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