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The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered
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Author:  LadyKate43 [ Wed May 16, 2018 3:03 pm ]
Post subject:  The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered

(This is based upon a published story by Kayelle Allen the names and story have been changed)

It was the first of June when Jupiter 6 High School let out. I was an elite school for only the wealthiest in the Barthian empire. The usual hang out was the Grand Mall. Security was tight and there were 50 stories of shops, restaurants, brothels, slave stations, and hair and parlors. With much more.
Two teens have planned the outing for weeks, the young man was born lowly on Filaret and his origins were questionable as was the circumstances of his mother's death. He was sent to a local orphanage where a man named Ekrom Silverhead met the boy mysteriously. The man had in his pocket penny candy. The toddler walked up to him and retrieved the candy without disturbing the coat. Ekrum was always searching for potential trainees for the legal thieves' guild. Ekrum being immortal set up the guild thousands of years ago, but this was the first child he adopted. He treated the child as his own slave. He feared the boy would become unmanageable and have raging hormones that were through the roof. The man kept his son on doses of Trolox from puberty.
The teenage girl was the daughter of an enterprising family if interstellar importers and exporters that spanned six generations. She looked human but her genetic makeup made her give off pheromones. The regular society frowned upon these enhanced beings. She was taught early on that her abilities had to be marked and she was only safe among those of her own kind. She wore a special pendant to avoid "harming" others.
Both had planned this outing for weeks and got their parents permission It was decided they would meet at the fifth level soda shop.

Author:  Nitesilverwolf [ Wed May 16, 2018 3:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered

Sage let out a yawn his crimson red cat peirce ears twitched as he hear the choas of the mall. "So noisy..." he said to himself as he wait where he was surpost to. I took weeks and weeks of being a good kitty to get the old geezer approval to let him go. As well as so man freaking terms like he had to wear the damn leather silver collar around his neck that had a freaking if foud return to tag on it as well as properity of. No one messed with his master or father or what ever the hell you wanna call him. I made no difference to the male.

He put his hands in his pocket his green eyes lazy looking around. He was hungry and need some cash so he discide to do a little withdraw. His tail swaying he walk around taking cash only from people wallets and putting it back where they had it. He mange to get about 300 before returning back to his spot. He was greatful he didnt have to wear no stupid bell. Accordig to his master/dad the collar was to keep him safe from the slave auction. He phone went off as he looked down at it and sighed taking his hand and putting it in his pocket to take out a pill and put it in his mouth. He hated that as well but it became ahabit since he did it since he was a kid. "where are they?" he asked looking around.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Wed May 16, 2018 4:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered

In seconds she spied her friend. He looked miffed and she was in the store around the corner. He looked amazing adorable in tight jeans, fitted shirt that showed bulging muscles. He had no idea he was hot. Luckly for her she hand the crystal pendent in a silver chan that hung below her collar bone. She felt horrible his father made him wear a slave collar. It was of high grade leather. His clothes were the finest. He was impeccable dressed head to foot. He had intelligence buy was the goof. If there was a lock he could pock it. He left her a flawless rose on the first and last day of the year. She changed out of the school uniform in the dressing room into a mini skirt, a blue Cammie, and floral midriff. She had sequined blue matching flip flops, bare legs that were the envy of her ballet class.
She strolled on his right and flashed pearly flawless teeth and her midback long hair was pulled back by a genuine braided leather headband.

"Boo! Miss me?"

Author:  Nitesilverwolf [ Wed May 16, 2018 6:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered

15 People he had stolen from right under the rent-a-cop noise nothing big just about one 20 from each. He didn't need much in fact he was probly one of the few none stuck up kids that was in the high school. He blinked as he looked over and heard her the platinum blonde hair reminds him of the snow he seen from videos on other planets. He had little to no knowledge of his people but the slave part he was used to and it wasn't all that bad. He looked over at her and smiled lightly. "Is that a trick question?" he asked her smirking at her. He wasn't permitted to do much but he enjoy it when he was allowed to do thing other then study and do what his so called father said. His tail moved as he looked her over, she was so beautiful but he would never tell her that he couldn't. Yeah, his dad was a upper class rich guy but Sage wasn't he never really fit in the group and he only had his skills to get him by. He kin on the slave place and his ears went down. "Can we get out of here?" he asked as he looked over at the slave auction and rubbing his arm and then putting a finger on his collar.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Wed May 16, 2018 6:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered

She looked at the sign and knew he was uncomfortable. The teen lightly brushed the side of his fist, "Yeah. This is not our scene. I know your POP loves making you squeem. Come on. Wanna get a stag steak with chili fries and chocolate mooshake?" She tucked her hair behind a crystal studded earring. She loved making her friend smile. How about we ditch the mall and watch some astronomy. I have us back by curfew. Next year we will be adults. Have you any guess where you will go yet?" She led him to the steak shack on level eight.

Author:  Nitesilverwolf [ Wed May 16, 2018 6:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered

his green eyes looked over at her blue ones "Yeah... not our scene. " he muttered his hand turned into a fist he wanted to buy all those slave and free them but he had no way to do so. Besides he didn't know if a slave could buy another one or such. He looked at her and blinked how did she know he was like that? He really didn't talk about his past or relationship about his father to anyone. It was something that wasn't needed at all to be talked He looked over at her about the stars watching and nodded. "Sure sounds good." he said and then blinked as she asked her what his plan was for the future and he tilted his head to the right. "I don't know really... I haven't given it much thought of what I can do. I don't know what I am allowed to do. so I guess what ever father wants me to do really. Though I would like to find out who I am really." he said to her

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Wed May 16, 2018 7:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered

She really understood him as she known him for years. The way his father acted was not right. She was a kid and no grown-up would pay her any attention. "My only choices are attended Tracon DX and become a pilot or take off for Planetary 10 and choose a field of study. I want to go into entertainment. You father's got connections. My parents would have a conniption."

She led him to the out glass lift and once on she faced to the glass. I love the view. Wanna go the top before we eat and lose our dinner?"

Author:  Nitesilverwolf [ Wed May 16, 2018 7:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered

He blinked "Entertainer? Why? Most men are pigs they would eat you up. I know you are smart choice a field of study. " When she said entertainment he shivered at the thought of her being an exotic dancer for some rich fat ass. To be honest he wanted to go full on primal on anyone that touched her wrong. It was even hard as hellto watch her have boyfriends. Granted he help move alone their break up in school a little faster by finding tje dirt on them so to speak. Stealth was a gift of his and it came in handy in fact he scared her a few times in school. " Do they have someone for you to marry already?" He asked her wonderingmore about it as wellas he look out the window. "What do you know of me and my old man? I would also think you would go study in cultures because you always seem into finding out what I am after all you asked so many queations when i first walked into class." he said to her and nodded to her question about going all the way up.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Wed May 16, 2018 8:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered

She gazed into his eyes so expressive and he could be serious one moment a clown. She pressed the top floor button. "Hey, I really had no idea that you would care about me and what I did. Have you thought about my future? I never gave much thought to marriage. My older brother and sisters are married. They have babies they wish to be free. I mean one day. I guess. I promised Dad I would finish college first. You're the only one that really I care about. Your not conceited or total jerk. Your fun to study with and I like how you explain stuff. You never revealed your real name. I know who your father is. The richest man in the world. The most influential. I know little of your relationship. Your adopted right. It's just odd. No real affection. Like you a precious possession. Not a person to him. I never saw you hug or kiss. I see my brothers kiss and hug mom and dad. Not as often. When they were away at camp and on trips. I am not trying to make you feel bad. It's obvious he cares about you. You're the most protected guy I know. You can hold your own in a fight. I saw you fight. More a scuffle. But you stood up for little guys. You're not bad."
She stepped off the lift and took a few steps to clear the area. "Yea. I did ask you a lot about where you came from. I heard it's pretty, your home planet. Females rule. I think it should be equal. The world is not perfect. You can be silly and I like that about you. You get into a tight spot and you got friends. Your friend and not because of your dad."

She touched his sleeve and brushed his hand. *Did I just unload all that? All this time and I never said what I felt. He deserved to know. Me, in love? Could it be despite the dumb ole necklace?*

Author:  Nitesilverwolf [ Wed May 16, 2018 9:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered

He looked at her as she opened up to him. "Yeah, I just... don't want you to get hurt. " He looked at her and blushed a little as he asked what was his plan for her future. "No... I dont wish to tell youwhat you should do. I dont mind at all and he doesnt. It doesnt bother me at all. Besides my life can be a lot worst then it is I dont need such a pointless affection from him any how." He said Then again he did sneak out and got away from the protection. He let out a smirk and a laugh at her ebressment "So. you like me? Maybe once your big we can go and see the home planet. I wouldnt mind pretendong being your slave at all." he said to her he let out smile "My skill sets... he just wanted me for my skill set." he said she knew he coukd pick a lock but didnt know he coukd do so much more and the people his father knew wasnt always good people in fact he had done lots of jobs for him.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Wed May 16, 2018 9:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered

She leaned into him, "I am glad you care. I may take up that cultural thing. I love to learn dances from other worlds. Maybe you can tag along. Be a bodyguard. You want ME to be your mistress. Isn't all they do is boss others around. Play weird night games. Sound strange and I would not like to hurt you. Do you like pain? I heard my sister tell she dated a human and her pheromones got him addicted and nearly killed. I did that to you that would be awful. Sounds dangerous. You smell awfully good. Is that perfume like six-hundred clorns a bottle. Dad must pay you well for your lock picking skills. What is the most dangerous job you had."

She walked over toward the afternoon sun. "Ahh!"

Author:  Nitesilverwolf [ Wed May 16, 2018 10:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered

He looked at her and blinked trying to hide his blushing. "Not at all, I mean... I know you would treat me kind and caring and not do anything to hurt me. I would rather have a mistress like that then on that would do all those creepy things. Besides, me being a cat... my smell is advance so even with your. necklace I can still smell you. However, he got me on meds so I can control myself. You couldnt hurt me even if you tried. I would be afraid of hurting you." he said and blinked and nodded "yeah a gift from the old man with a job i did a while back." Hr said and she asked about his job and blinked not sure if he should tell her or not. "Lets not talk about it.." he said as his ears went down. His ears pirk up as shr walked over to the afternoon sun. He knee her dad wasnt fond of him seeing he was not born into this life and to be honest he didnt feel like he belong here either. In fact as a kid he ran away serveral times that was the reason for the guards. He only stopped when he met her and became more will to do what his old man said if it meant he could have a moment aline with her. "I wouldnt mind being your body guard. at all. " he said to her

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Wed May 16, 2018 10:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered

She turned to face him and raised her hand to touch his cheek, "Easy. You have no idea how lovely you are. You could be a model or actor. You are adorable and do not acknowledge it. You want to hide many feeling. Your ears and eyes tell more. May I touch your ears? You CAN smell ME? What does your Pop give you? Come to think of it. You always keep your arms covered. What are you hiding? Your Pop comes near and your ears lower. What do you fear? Him?"

She held his wrist firmly; raised her brow; and widened her eyes. If he would let her she would hold him for hours. You would make a good one. Would our parent's allow it? You could be with me all the time. I have no complaints. I would be happier if you accompanied me. Would you get bored taking me to ballet and dance classes? I hear your light on your feet?" She smiled.

Author:  Nitesilverwolf [ Wed May 16, 2018 11:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered

The questions againhe looked away and yank back. His breathing got fast when she asked about his father. His ears went down as he held his arm. His heart racing, he wanted to run away to... escape these questions about him. His eyes was shaking he was going have a panic attack.

Then the subject changed in his favor. "No,...I wouldnt get bored taking you to your class as long as i can see you dance. I..... I am nothing specail... really. Don't please... my ears... are very my nose and eyes. Remember I am not human, so I can smell thing like a cat as well as hear and see in the dark. Your smell is faint but it soothing really. Please don't ask about my fatjer... no... no more questions aboit me. I want to hear more about you?" he said looking at her trying to get the focus off of him

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Wed May 16, 2018 11:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered

She sensed he tensed and his whole demeanor changed, "I am sorry. I am. No. I will never touch sensitive places. I will not discuss him anymore. That! Look at that sunset!" She grabbed his hand and held it to her chest. "It is wonderful up here." She ran to the other side. "No words can describe it. Is your camera with you? What a lovely backdrop."

Author:  Nitesilverwolf [ Thu May 17, 2018 12:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered

He let out a sigh of relief as she change the subject. He couldn't let her into his world and let her see the darker side of things on this world,even darker then the slavery that was in plan sight. To be honest she was his light in this dark world of his Father knew this and used it to keep him in check along with the medication. He did have a crush on her big time and he wouldn't even amit to himself that he had fallen for her even with the stupid necklace on her. He looked at her as he thought and she talked about the sunset and his camera. In truth it wasn't till she grabbed his hand that he snapped out of it and looked at her confused on what she wanted. It took him a time to put the pieces together. "Oh, a picture..... yeah yeah... I always have it on me." He said as he reached into his side bag well more like a run down old bag tan the only thing that didn't look bran new on him and the real only his position he had that was dear to him seeing he had it eah, back drop perfect." he said fumbling to get his camera and then turn it on. His tail wrapped around his waist to avoid being stepped on. He smiled and walked with her as he went and started taking pictures of her in the sunset. He loved pictures and took them as often as he can if fact if she ever went to his room his wall would be full of pictures of different places he been and the only pictures of people up there would be of her and even some of him and her when they did take it together.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Thu May 17, 2018 5:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered

She loved photography and his camera previews were incredible. Looking at the city with the sun setting she envisioned how good he would look holding a glowing light to his face in total darkness. She wanted most to have a picture of him before the sky was dark. "We need one for each of us with each other. No one is here. That ledge and your bag. It will be better. Don't you think? Would it be ok if we took one embracing? It would be our secret pics. I would love looking at your face before going to sleep."

She set up the camera and peered in the viewfinder and set the auto timer. She quickly hugged him. She could not pull away from him. She looked into his cat eyes. "Your more adorable close-up. Anyone tell you how lovely your eyes are. You have green eyes and gold flakes. The blond slowly brushed a strand of his hair from his left cheek. She moved her head closer and held him tighter."

Author:  Nitesilverwolf [ Thu May 17, 2018 5:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered

He looked at her and blinked "A picture of us? Wouldn't your dad get mad if he see it?" he asked her and blinked when she said she wanted to see his face before she goes asleep. He looked at her and raised an eye brown blushing a bit as his tail unwraped from him and lifted up. "Oh? wanting a picture of me before you fall a sleep? It kinda of creepy and if I didn't know better you have a crush on me." he said teasing her. He smiled at her and nodded as he set the bag down as she set up the camera. She came running over and he was hugged Sage quickly counted in his head the count down and he blushed and looked away "Stop it... I couldn't even come close to your beauty. " He said and at the last second his tail wrapped around her and he pulled her into a kiss. His eyes closed a his blush as red as his cat ears.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Thu May 17, 2018 7:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered

She did not break the kiss or slap him as her siblings told her. She had a long time friendship with Sage. She knew she loved him but this sealed it. She pressed her lips to his and rubbed his back in a hug. He was the only young man that would spend time with her. She often fantasized the moment. He was all she ever wanted. The teen held his face in her hands as she spoke the words she rehearsed, "You thief, you have stolen my heart. I hope you never return it." She kissed his lips softly and her face flushed.

Author:  Nitesilverwolf [ Thu May 17, 2018 7:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Thief and The Geneticaly Altered

He wasn't going get another chance especially if she decides to leave this planet to go to school and make a life for herself with out him. He was a thief and a damn good one for that matter and his father knew that very well. Her parents would have a **** storm if they find that picture and would probly forbid her to see him again but it was a risk he wanted to take... that he needed to take. Though he was expecting a slap or something but instead she held it longer and he pulled her into him even more. The kiss broke and smiled "Thief, never says he sorry, and forbidden to give back what he takes. So your heart is forever mine. Though you surprise me Carla Devoaux I didn't know you has such a light touch and quickness of the hand for you seem to have taken something very dear to me." he said as he smiled at her and held her close to him once again. Even though she had his he knew she was meant for so much more.

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