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Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick
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Author:  Cross-Wick [ Wed May 16, 2018 2:10 am ]
Post subject:  Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick

Wars, death... famine... strife. All of this was much to take on even for a young child. There were little to no memories of the past, of how he came here. Who he was, who his family had been. Blood was always flowing from some kind of wound as his eyes looked up to the skies. Unable to cry any longer as he longed for hope and freedom that could never come. Long ago, the wars had begun. Lost in the man's memories was everything he once knew. At the age of eight he had lost everything, his mother and father killed before him. His home burned to the ground, and he, taken away by the army Melora and her ingrate of a lover sent to his home lands. When brought before them, to rub salt into him- he was forced to murder someone. The circumstances he barely could remember. Each trace of it... gone. He had to forget.

As he grew up, he had been forced to fight, to kill, beat and harm all in his way. Every breath he had taken since that day etched a scar into his arms, legs, torso and back. Nothing held riotous in any virtue. His figure was thin but he held a strength most would die for. Deep down, he knew why. Talon. Not long after he had begun the fights did he form a coping mechanism that went by his pit name, Talon. You see, as a boy he had been raised by a loving family but the vile wretch of a female queen learned of his family. Of their secret. Shifters. His bloodline was that of the Black Leopard. Most of the fights had involved him fighting as Talon and in animal form but there were times his human side had to do.

The years took much out of him, he barely wanted to speak. The life he led soon went darker once orcs ransacked the hold he had been in. Taking him away with countless others. His body soon began to dwindle to where Talon was the one who kept him alive. He, Ra'nek, was no longer a fighter but a slave for the whims of the brutes who commanded this land. His hands were blistered, cut and bruised from the tasks. However as the days went on they began to prey on his fellow captives. The warrior, snapped. The man took up an instrument close to him and fought off a few before a blow to the head made him subcome to the darkness. Waking up chained, he was subjected to days without food, water... constant beatings. That... was before he was left alone in silence. Barely alive. Hanging by his wrists in an abandoned Orcish hut, from chains that were stained in blood.

Ra'nek was going to die... to die enslaved.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Wed May 16, 2018 3:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick

Searching for signs of life in the Orc camps became rare among the species. On the far side of a colonnade of rock was a figure. He or she living? The knight moved among a pile of clay, sulphuric odor and prone reaching for a bowl of white, pasty substance. The soldier stepped closer. The face before him ashen. Saw a lad not much older than himself barely alive. He stepped under the hanging figure as another unlocked the chains. A set of the key was discarded on the floor. "The occupants fled!" The knight held the gaunt and bloody figure to his chest as he leaned against a post. The soldier opened a skein of warm water. He poured the clear liquid to the figure looking at him with haunted eyes. Water trickled over the parched, cracked, bloodied lips, "Friend. Drink. Understand?" He held the man not much older than himself in his arm, "Easy there hey not so fast. Little sips. My sister and her pal mages will have you fixed up." The chains were removed and he was placed on the knight's steed and in a gallop, he was taken to the mages behind lines.

The man that the knight found was placed on a cot. A grimace graced the young teen's ruby lips. Kate sat beside him on a stool. She did not make a move to touch him. The teen wore a full apron over her plain blue skirt and white blouse. Her gaze held his sunken brown eyes and battered body. She administered essence of poppy and red potion in a goblet to his lips. The mage teen spoke confidently, "I know your leary but this will heal you without pain. I need to clean your wounds."

Author:  Cross-Wick [ Wed May 16, 2018 4:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick

Partched, delirious... stained with the pain of the torture he once faced. His head hung low, breath as slow as a softly dripping leak of water. Movement came and his body had twitched, soon as he was released though he fell forward. Caught. He couldn't function. His eyes were nearly shut tight as he had to lay against the knight. He had to look hard at him but he felt blinded. His vision was blurred.

Though he felt something cool, wet... dripping onto his cracked lips. Water! It was water! Greed settled in. He needed this. He needed the water! Life saving water! He gulped what he could but he was soon told to slow down. With a weak attempt, he let off a soft growl but he did comply.

From there he somewhat blacked out. Not much happened in his mind as he was brought to camp. Once laid on the cot he woke a little. His eyes were glossy but he soon closed them, sipping the strange liquid before coughing a little bit. Groaning he shuddered. His body ached so bad. Be couldn't even speak.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Wed May 16, 2018 11:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick

The mage placed her hand in his and emitted from her mana an energy that felt warm and penetrated his whole body. The light wound healed instantly. Deeper wound take longer to heal. Tears pooled her eyes as multitudes of wounds and scars were revealed. When he was turned over she sobbed. "No one deserves this. I will never let anyone harm you." She cradled his hand as three mages helped clean his wounds. They used all natural glycerine, herbs, and the softest cloth. His eyes were swollen shut. She waved her hand under his nose. The teen stayed with him for hours. Food was brought in on a platter. She placed tiny pieces of stag meat dipped into mashed fruit. "This will be easier in your pure form. I know you hurt. Take your cub size. Good. Yes. It will be a few days before you can see. I will not leave you. You are not ready for a spoon. You will know my voice and scent." A large silk cloth dipped in mineral oil and healing potion was placed on his back. Kate added healing oil to his hands and wrists. "You can cry out. I know you are in a world of hurt. Growl, roar, scream just let it out."

She never stopped holding his hand/paw. She let the other mages touch his bruised and bloody face. The teen wanted his trust and she did not hurt him. Trust from her would have to be earned.

Author:  Cross-Wick [ Thu May 17, 2018 5:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick

There was so much he had been through, barely alive. Barely able to keep his heart beating at a safe pace. As the mages took over, cleaning, fixing, mending... He twitched and shivered a bit. The wounds he suffered began to just "vanish" and seal but the deeper ones, stayed. His teeth grit a bit as he bit back a hiss. Being flipped he didn't notice much but cried a bit from the movement. His fingers wrapped over the teens hand. Holding her hand softly. Gently. Almost weak in the action.

All of this was not seen by him but only felt. The other hands helping him made him feel horrid. As if he was too broken to last. He had to live. To go on... This was his freedom. Though as he shifted, his form shrank. His fur was somewhat paler than most leopards like himself, from malnutrition mostly. His paw remained near her as he soon let out a cried roar. Weak but full of pain. All he wanted was to be able to move. To sit, walk... Feel the sun again... To feel rain on his skin.

Ra'nek moved a bit and whined, his paw wrapped around her hand in a kneading motion. His throat was raw but he still called out weakly once more.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Thu May 17, 2018 9:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick

Kate felt horrid and her insides ached. She has to resist holding him. She knew his cries and tears made his eyes hurt. She held his paw and rubbed the fur on the back of his paw. His pads were worn and his fur was matted with blood, sweat, and snew. "How could anyone do this? I will never let another harm you." She wrapped his cub form into a blanket and held him. He was just as bad. She rubbed the unscathed fur on the back of his neck as he weakly roared. "I know him hurts". The other mages placed his cub form on a pillow. They were all astonished to see him morph into a small leopard. They swaddled the cub in a clean blanket and handed him to Kate. She sat in a rocker enclosed by curtains. Kate whispered as she fed him a bottle filled with rich milk and fruit, " I know you are grown. This will be easier to eat. You are safe now. Roar it all out. You have been through so much." She sobbed as he was fed. She wiped her eyes and sang in a low soprano voice a lullaby.

It was morning and she awoke to smell of eggs, biscuits, sausage, fresh fruit, and tea on a tray beside her. In her arms breathing heavily was the leopard cub. His chest rattled with every breath. She tucked a bottle of camphor in her skirt pocket. The mage rubbed a little on his chest as she placed her palm over his racing heart. It slowed and the little cub that was the size of miniature collie was curled in her arms. "You are all right. Hungry?"

Author:  Cross-Wick [ Fri May 18, 2018 6:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick

The warrior was badly done in, but she... She was kind. A saint and savior. The gentle rubs, the gentle touch. It made him... Feel hope. A hope he hadn't felt in so long. Sure there had been a few times, that he could fight his way free but no- it never worked out. Now... Now he had been found. Freed. He was being taken care of. Nursed and healed. He was also glad she was the first to see the truth... Not many could change size like he could. Normally he was a full sized panther but it was the safest one right then.

Being able to be held like a baby, was comforting to be honest with all truth. What was more, she made him feel safe as she held him this way. As if the world had never been cruel, that this was one bad nightmare. His roars may have been pathetic but they were very heart felt. Even as he continued to "sing" by roaring and soon finishing with a soft sniffle followed by him hearing her song. That soft voice lulled him to sleep. He woke later and soon stretched with a hiss before forcing his eyes open. Glancing about for a moment with blurred sight he swore he caught her face but he couldn't remember.

Nodding was all he could do but he kneaded her arm with his paws before letting off a soft purr. In his own special feline way, he told her he was feeling a bit better. Even his tail moved a bit.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Fri May 18, 2018 10:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick

His bandage was removed in the darkness and the curtain kept out all bright light. She felt his paw and she bent to the side to pick up the tray. "Good morning. You can eat. I know you are starving. Here the small bowl is for you." She held it under his nose. "It is oatmeal with yogurt and fruit. You can chase it down with a bottle of cold apple cider. The mages made you a private litter box. Three growles and I will put you down give you privacy and hold you. After a week we will leave. I will take you anywhere you want. Keep your cub form for at least a week. Understand?"

Kate tickled the fur on the back of his neck and pet the back of his front paws. "Do you want pain meds?"

Author:  Cross-Wick [ Fri May 18, 2018 3:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick

Just as he waited for her to slightly wake up and notice he was up, the male sniffed the air softly. No noise but he was curious. That smell was really good! Though the scent of the yogurt with oatmeal didn't really go well for his sniffer. He sat his head back a bit and chin went up in protest, from the smell of sausage to yogurt that was really a hard transition for his nose. He did move, facing the bowl, sniffling it a few times then stuck his face into it. Coating his nose, lips and cheeks a little bit with the food she gave him. Normally he wasn't messy but he was hungry! He ate somewhat fast and finished swift. When done he opened his mouth, licking his lips and pawed his face. Licking his paws before looking to her.

It was about then that his mind registered what else she said. What was a litter box? Seriously what was a litter box! The little panther tilted his head, ears twitching. He let of some rather adorable growls. He had to go see this... Litter box. As to pain meds he did nod to that. He was just more attentive to the weird thing called a litter box.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Fri May 18, 2018 4:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick

She watched the little panther sniffed and dug his face into the glass food bowl. Inwardly she laughed as he raised his head all fur covered in white goo with oats. "That was good. Yummy. You're wearing it all on your face." The mage set the bowl on the floor. She picked up a napkin and poured a little water from a mug. "Hold still. It is all in your fur and whiskers." She barely dabbed his mouth and nose she lightly wiped his face. The teen mage set the napkin down. Felt him as he pawed at her and looked over her shoulder, "Oh you want to see your litter box." It has sand and fine gravel. You go into the big dome and pee and poo. Then rub your paws on the scratch post next to your box. I have a small basin for you to wash your feet. Today, I will give you a bath. I know you are sore. The pain meds will help. I will cover you in a blanket and rock you. Would you like a story after your bath?"

She rose from the chair and carried him to the dome box behind her and set him gently on stepping stones. "You may go in."

Author:  Cross-Wick [ Sat May 19, 2018 5:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick

He had honestly and thouroghly enjoyed the goopy food. It was amazing. Not as bad as he figured. He purred at her but sneezed as she touched his nose, making his fur fluff up. Though having her describe it was basically a bucket for cats he shrugged. Still, this "litter box" concept was strange. He was a shifter, not a house pet. He watched through his half lidded eyes and soon was placed down. Each sensation he had... Made his paws kinda tingle.

In a way the feeling was like stepping on wadded up dried socks that kinda rubbed your feet a bit raw. It didn't bother him as it should have but he pat the stones and climbed into the dome. The Sandy texture was kinda nice. Reminded him of the beach front he had been to as a child. Sniffing the place he walked around before a kitty shrug happened.

Outside you could hear his shuffling paws, echoed sniffles, and a sneeze before silence. The silence was followed by some scratches as well as a sneeze. Once done he jumped out and kicked his paws in the hole. Why wouldn't this stuff leave his paws?! How dare this stuff stick!! The male shifter flicked and flailed each paw with vigor. He got most out of his fur, but he still felt no triumph.

Once done he parraded himself to the scratching post. He looked to his paws darn them to the mice! Lifting his paw, he wiggled the fuzzy digits and watched each little sharp nail poke out from his faded fur. Tentatively he touched the post. Hi nails dug into the rope. His eyes went wide as he heard a satisfactory sound as he pulled his claw away. The male touched it again. Same noise. EXCITEMENT!!! He then clawed and kneaded the posts more with a little wiggle. This was fun! Wait... He was a grown man! Why was this... Oh... He was a cat. He forgot. Back to scratching!

The noice his claws made, was like music to him. Goofy but fun. Scritch, scritch scratch. Over and over till he was done. He looked to Kate and let off a mew.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Sat May 19, 2018 6:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick

Kate watched with amusement. She knelt down and saw he enjoyed being a cat. She was so happy he loved it. Scratching over and over. He gave her a satisfied mew and scooped him up. She held him and lightly scratched the back of his neck. She placed him in an empty basin. Next to the basin was a ceramic pitcher of warm water. The mage poured water into her palm and placed it in the basin palm up. She set the pitcher aside and picked up held a tablespoon of red liquid. It smelled of strawberry and bananas. "I am so glad you like your kitty corner. I will have playthings for you when you are better. This will help the pain and you will feel sleepy. The best thing for you is sleep and heal. I am going to give you a bath. You will feel like a new kitty. The water is warm, not hot. The soap is gentle with no smell." Kate held the clear liquid in her hand under his nose. Hold up what you want to be cleaned first, please."

Author:  Cross-Wick [ Sun May 20, 2018 6:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick

Ra'nek had never been able to experience this kind of attention, least not that he could remember his family. His past... Once picked up he let out a wide mouth meow at her before looking to the bowl. As soon as he was sat inside he curled up so tight he looked like a black fuzzy fruit. Yes, he was a goofball. Though onc went he slowly uncurled and looked up at her. Moving he sat up like a prairie dog. He watched her hand come near and he sniffed. Wiggling his nose before sticking out his tongue. The little pink tongue. As if disgusted or even curious before touching the substance. Dumb idea. He backed up and waved his paws before holding them up, as if saying wash these. He purred innocently at her. All he wanted, was to be healed. So he could shift to his full size... Or be human. Right now this was more fun!

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Sun May 20, 2018 12:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick

The mage giggled as he curled up in the bowl. "You are so cute. I am glad you are enjoying being in your cub form. You may stay in this form as long as you like. It is easier to take care of you. I will try not to forget you are a full grown human. I have a Persian cat at home. I fear I may forget this is not your only form."

Kate tapped the fur of his left paw and made circular motions with her fingers. She moved her hand to the cub's leg and shoulder. The clear suds changed from clear to burnt orange. Caked blood dirt, sweat, sinew, and vegetable matter dissolved in her hand. She repeated the movement to the other paw and leg. The mage lifted the pitcher in her right hand and a small stream of water caused the cub's fur to wilt. She tapped the top of animals left hind foot, "This one, please?"

The mage was hoping he would not suffer much. The wounds were mostly covered over and she was careful not to break his skin. She smiled as black fur revealed faint leopard patterns in the morning light, peeking between the transparent curtains, on his limbs. "Am I hurting you?"

Author:  Cross-Wick [ Mon May 21, 2018 3:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick

Each scrub, a gentle soft notion, quickly began to make his fur less grey. Less matted. He purred and enjoyed the pampering but he knew deep down, not to get used to it. He just couldn't do that! Oh how he wanted to just shift... But his body screamed at him to stay this way.. just for a little longer. When she got to his back paws he moved and lifted his legs. Giving her some leeway as he shook his head "no". Sure it hurt but it was the wounds he had. Not her. Maybe some time during g the night he could shift? Curl up as a human? Then get up before everyone and turn back? Just so he could stretch. That was an idea but for now he had to enjoy the help.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Tue May 22, 2018 7:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick

Kate finished his legs and slowly worked her way to his tail. "I am glad you are in your cub form. If you were in better shape. I would let you bathe yourself. In the shape, you are in. I must wash your tail. Excuse me for asking, but may I was your tail and undercarriage. I am your healer and am able to break protocol. I am saving your back for last. You should be in less pain. Please let me know if the water is too cold. I am trying to get this over before you fall asleep. If you fall asleep, I will finish and wrap you up in a towel. Then when you are dry will bundle you in a blanket."

Author:  Cross-Wick [ Wed May 30, 2018 2:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick

The male, Ra'nek, mewled out as she washed his form. However once asked about his tail and underbelly he moved. Paw raised. Eyes full of whimsical intent, crashing down went his paw. Splashing her. A little cupped swipe. Splashing her with the follow of his tongue poking out at her. Though after he rolled onto his back and wiggled. Wiggled around then rolled to a stop. What was sleep? Not his care! Though in the midst of the antick he let out a soft little burp. It made him blink. He wiggled too much it seemed.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Wed May 30, 2018 10:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick

She worried he would be in pain as she washed him. He was adorable that when he splashed her and stuch out his tongue. He was playing. She watched as he wiggled in the basin. Kate giggled and spread her fingers of her right hand and shapped the water down at his feet, "You like playing. I love playing with water too. This is fun and good for you." She swished her hand in the water and flicked water between her finger. "If you decide to come home with me, there is a 500 acre lake. You can swim and catch all the fish you want. Does that sound fun? Now that your clean, do you feel like a new kitty?"

Kate finished by washing his chest and picked him up gently. She wrapped a towel around his back, "We both got a bath. Do you want to get down and shake? I see the mages brought you some toys and a chew toy. Wanna play while you dry? You get sleepy I will hold you."

Kate placed him on the white cloth on the ground. She held out a dish towel.

"When we get home I will get you panther sized toys and you may choose any form you wish."

She waved the towel in front of his face and placed an end on the ground and pulled it over his front paws.

"Get it. I will go slow. Use your paws not your teeth. Walk a bit. Get your strength back."

Kate pulled the towel behind her. "This is fun exercise Roar when you are hungry."

A mage healer older than Kate slid the curtain and brought him a bowl of fresh strawberries and cream. She set on the floor. "Kate where is the young man that was brought in yesterday from the Orc camp? Your brother is looking for him?"

Kate placed the towel in front of the bowl, "He is here. Tell Jon that the young man is healing nicely and I will introduce him later this week. The young man needs time to gain his strength and is not able to talk. Thank him for making the scratch post and litter box. The cub I found loves it."

The mage looked at the cub and knelt down, "Can I pet him?"

Kate shook her head, "The panther is no pet, Ansley. He is a shy creature and untame. He might bite and growel."

She stood up and turned to walk out, "Hope you can return him to the wild. Would hate for his mom to find him."

Kate inwardly chuckled, "If anyone comes prowling for him. We will know it."

When the mage left and closed the partition behind her Kate winked at him, "Who you really are is our secret."

Author:  Cross-Wick [ Thu May 31, 2018 2:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick

He honestly wasn't himself, this playfulness was just a side factor of the stress. All-be-it good for him but the playfullness hid his pain. From being taken as a kid, he never got a full chance to BE a kid. He was happy, he was free. Though his joy stopped and his gaze went up to her, did she really mean it? That he could have a home? He moved to her, head low and he paused. Aiming then bunted her hand. A gesture of trust. He wanted a place to live... he had nowhere to go.

To be honest he felt like this would be a new life... no more fighting for the entertainment of the nobles by force. Being picked up the male mewled and looked about before looking down. Opening his mouth he took the cloth and rolled. Wrapping himself up and wiggled about. Soon letting go and unrolling himself. However at the mention of toys he yawned. Just being able to run would be nice.

However once she took the cloth again he nodded. His claws were sheathed before the sharp nails extended. Wiggling he began to walk. Pouncing with a whine. He repeated this for some time with her before he let out a much healthier yowl. His tummy was grumbling. However seeing someone knew he froze. No shifting. No. She wasn't the one he could trust.

Yet, why was the man looking for him? What could he want with him? Maybe to grind information out of him? No can do! He moved beside Kate and nipped her leg lightly. Glad she wasn't telling that HE was the injured male. Hell... if he shifted now- he would be more than weak. He needed rest. However when the girl asked to pet him he let out a deep hiss. No touchy!!

When the girl left he moved to Kate again and nuzzled her, rubbing his side on her before looking to his paws. Glad she would never tell anyone. When could he shift human again??

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Thu Jun 07, 2018 5:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate of Glory || LadyKate43 & Cross-Wick

Kate delighted in his play with the blanket. He rolled and extended his claws. He was formidable even at cub size. She watched him back up and hiss at the mage. This proved he only trusted Kate to touch him. Kate was happy she allowed the other mages to tend to him and cause pain. She wanted his trust. When he butted her hand she knew she had won him over. "You may stay with me for as long as you want. Stay a cub for at least five more days. Give yourself time to enjoy play. I will show you how to have fun in your human form. I will keep you from duties for as long as I can. Soon you can ask for what you want. For now, enjoy being free and having fun. For now, hold up one paw for water. Two paws for food. Growl for being let down. Whine for being held. Two whines and growl for pain med. Do not ever hide being in pain. I do not want you to suffer ever again."

Kate kept him on a routine for the remainder of the week. Sunday she set him on the ground after breakfast. "As much as I have loved you being a cub. I know you wish to be human. I am anxious to know your real name. I am going to leave your clothes. I hope they fit and you do not mind dressing a mage. Soldier's clothes are too itchy for your skin. I tried to find the softest cloth I had. You are now part of my house. The House of Lyons as the family, not a servant. You will wear nobleman's clothes. Your hair may be shoulder length or longer as is our custom. As for facial hair, I have no preference as it is neat."

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