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Barnum hadn’t intended to be away for so long, but one thing had led to another and the trip had been a little longer than expected. When he had handed things over to Phillip to handle until he got back, Barnum had only intended to be away for a few weeks at most. Scouting the area for new acts, and inspiration for the show when he got back, keep things fresh and exciting for those new to the circus, and those who had seen it since day one. He had gotten some names, followed a few leads given to him by locals, and realized just how fast word had spread about his circus when it was brought to his attention. Locals in some of the places he visited recognized him, wanting to meet the man himself after having seen or heard about the show from relatives or friends who had.

So naturally when someone had tipped him off of a possible ‘freak’ needed some help further north, he couldn’t say no. It had been a wild goose chase if anything, but he had been able to show his family the sights of the country, something other than home and what they had grown up with. All this had extended his trek by a fair amount, forcing Barnum to have a note sent back to Phillip to inform him of this. No use in getting him all worried that Barnum had taken off.

So that when he finally returned home, exhausted, and in desperate need of a good night’s sleep, Barnum had done just the opposite. He had made sure the girls were tucked into their beds, his wife having already gone to bed, before slipping out. The carriage took him to the dockyard, giving Barnum the chance to wake up a little more on the short walk the rest of the way to the grounds. When the colourful circus tent came into view, the last few guests from that night’s show walking back in the direction of their homes and carriages, Barnum almost missed the large poster stuck on the wall as he walked past. Stopping, he backtracked, standing in front of the poster and examining it in the dull light cast by the lanterns along the side of the road.

It depicted a series of people of various sizes and appearances, with large lettering advertising a freak show in the very city Barnum’s own show operated in. Ripping the poster down, Barnum took a closer look at it, not recognizing the name printed across the top of it. He would ask Phillip about it, if this show had been in town long, he might know a thing or two about it. Walking into the tent, Barnum easily found the man he was looking for.

“Phillip! How have things been?” Barnum asked, crossing the floor to stand next to his partner. He nodded to the troupe members he passed on the way before turning his full attention to Phillip. “Also, I found this up on the wall just past the grounds.” He said, handing the poster over. “Any idea what that’s about?”


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