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You know when your a kids you have this overwelming feeling that makes you feel so much special then the other kids. Like theres is a soul reason for your exsitents on this greed and prideful planet. That one day you will make a difference and a change the fate of the rock that we call home. At least that what every parent thinks and says to there childern.
Fayt mother was no different, she said that Fayt had a gift. That god had granted her to have compation and understanding. She would say these things to confurt her to resasure her that she is important. Fayt took in her mothers words to heart as any 7 year old child would do. She fell asleep in her mother arms.

6 years later

They world had changed violance, pain and suffering was not only now on the news but next door and on the streets outside her door. When Fayt was walking home from school she realized that her chest started to hurt, tears was forming and coming down her face with out reasons. Being only 13 she got scared and ran home to her mother. She told her what was going on it would seem that pure saddness had completely engolfed her very body and spirit. Her mother put her arms around her and held her tight she said she was sorry for her baby girl. Fayt was confused on what was going on. Then her mother told her...that it wasn't her pain she was feeling that it wasn't her tears that she was crying but that of the earths. Fayt look at her with a blank expression on her face not fully understanding what she ment. The her mother said it, she siad she had the Earth's heart, that she was mother earth daughter. Fayt looked at her and backed away. Her mother looked at her and said that she was the only one that can save the earth but in order to do so she had to let her spirit be free.... Fayt looked at her mother and the next thing she knew some men knocked on the door and her mother hide her. The men came in and asked for her and her mother refused to give her away and so they took her mother away. Among with them was a boy about her age he looked like he was in training to become on of these men that took away her mother.

8 years later

Fayt woke up and got out of her bed. She had a small cramped studio apartment. She walked over to the kitchen and put on a kettle of water on the stove. With that she walked over to the bathroom and closed the door and took off her cloths and let the hot water run down her back. She got cleaned up and dryed herself off and put some cloths on . She looked into the mirror at a black fabric choke collor that had a black and red stone on it. She put her hand to it letting her fingers touch it. It was called a bloodstone it was what help her filter out the earth emotions and let her think clearly. There was a whisle and Fayt came out of the bathroom and went into the kitchen and made her some hot tea with that she sat down and turned on the T.V to the news and watched it for a few minutes. Once her tea was done she cleaned up and walked outside. She locked her wanna be apartment and head to the market.

Once there she looked around and started to shop around. She eyed the people that took her mother away from her a while back and then pressed on. She got distracted and bumped in some one and fell "Oh I am so sorry." she said she looked at the person and saw it was a guy. she got up herself and bow slightly "I am really sorry sir." she siad to him not knowing it was that same boy from so long ago.

(I need someone to be that boy she saw as a kid. And well this guy is him and now he works for the group that took away her mother. It can be for any reason you want that they want her and you can come up with a name for the group as well anyway the two will end up falling for each other and such and she does have ablities and so does the guy but he was trained into captuing mother natures daughter.)

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Raymond was walking around, looking for nothing in particular, really he was dragged there by his sister. He miserably moped about the shop, stopping every now and again by a mirror.
What is wrong with me? Why do I look so different from other people? He watched as a passing shopper crossed behind him. He narrowed his eyes at her, trying to place his fingers on the difference, but she was different from other people as well.
There was a sort of glow from her. It was as if she was the opposite of him. Where he absorbed light, she emitted it, as she had swallowed the sun and it was trying to escape her small body. He quickly looked away, when he heard his sisters footfalls.
"Ray, what are you staring at?" She asked, standing next to him and looking in the mirror, a bag of the clothing she just bought in her hand.
"Nothing. Thought I saw someone I knew before." He answered, flicking his eye to the place where the girl had been standing. She had moved from where she had stood. He quickly looked back to his sister before she noticed someone else had caught his attention. "You ready to go yet?" He sighed. His stomach was getting empty and he wanted to fill it.
"Yep. Come on, kid. Let's go home."

Once they were outside the store, Ray froze as he crossed the threshold. The shopping center was packed.
"Oh, I hate people." He muttered, glancing around, looking for a break in the mass of bodies where he could fit through. His sister, undaunted by crowds of people, shoved her way through the throngs. With a heavy sigh, Ray pulled his jacket tighter to his body and followed in the wake of his bold sister. "Marye. Hey, wait up!" Man, shes fast for someone with short legs. Where'd she go now?
As he looked around for her, people flowed around either side of him. Getting agitated, he felt someone collide into him from behind. He spun around and caught the girls hand, then, in his surprise letting it go accidently dropping her on the floor.
"I'm so sorry." He said, reaching down to grab her things, as she was already getting up and dusting herself off. In a spur-of-the-moment decision, he stuck his hand out between them. "I'm Ray. You didn't happen to see a short, blue haired girl with a corset and converse walking about, have you?" He looked at the floor, shuffling his feet, anxious to get moving and out of this crowd. "I lose my sister and its a long walk home." He lied.
Marye and Ray had made the choice to live where their work took them. The car they moved around in was a little too nice for a 16 year old looking girl and a 25 year old looking boy to be cruising around in. They also didn't look too much alike, so the weird looks they got were endless.
A hand grabbed on to Rays upper arm and hauled him off. "Well, nevermind. I found her. Bye, be safe and watch that glow. It'll get you in a lot of trouble one day." He called as Marye dragged him to the car. Before the crowd swallowed the girl, he raised his arm and gave a little wave.

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