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It was a quiet night, as most nights often were.

Unbeknownst to the town’s inhabitants, a figure was skulking through the streets. The only people out and about were the guards, which made this the perfect time to strike. Dagger in hand, the figure made their way to the top of the stone tower at the edge of town, were a most precious item resided. This very stone was said to keep things in balance between humans and dragons. The very sight of it seemed to draw in any who gazed upon its splendor.

The stone was able to be removed surprisingly easy. Maybe nobody had anticipated it being stolen? Were they so sure of everything, they just… left the stone? Whatever the case, it just made things easier.

An arrow suddenly zipped past the figure, and then another, both narrowly avoided. The figure thanked their reflex training. Maybe not that easy, thought the thief as they stuffed the stone into their bag. They fought through the many guards that had come out of nowhere to protect the stone. It was a shame, they were already too late. The figure mowed down many of them, and managed to silence the ones who survived so that they may never tell anyone what they had witnessed this night.

The next day…

Henri always went out to the forest for training during the early hours of the morning. Being surrounded by nature helped him focus, there was a sense of calm here that the usual training grounds in town didn’t have. But this morning he found his usual spot destroyed, by someone or something. He suspected animals but evidence didn’t quite match up. It was really, really strange to say the least.

When he returned to town, he was nearly knocked down by a mighty gust of wind. The next thing he knew, he saw a white dragon standing atop the stone tower, glaring down at the townsfolk that gathered below.

“I am Sachiel, humans, here on behalf of all dragons,” the white dragon said. “It is to my understanding that the stone has gone missing. Why might that be?”

The town elder stepped forward, “Might Sachiel, I do not… We only just realized this moments before you arrived…”

“Silence! This is unacceptable. We share our knowledge with you, help you build a society, and this is how you repay us?”

“We will find the one responsible!”

Sachiel snapped his jaws, “You had better…” With that, the white dragon left.

The town elder cleared his throat, “You heard Sachiel, we must find the stone. If anybody has any information, come forth…” Nobody came forward, much to the elder’s dismay. Henri almost felt sorry for him. “Okay then…” the elder continued, “If there are any amongst us who wish to search for the one responsible—”

“I volunteer,” Henri raised his hand and stepped forward.

The town elder looked relieved, “Good, good! Who else?”


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