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PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 6:12 pm 
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Jason Todd / Red Hood

At the moment, Jason had no idea that he had been framed for Happy-Boy's murder. He figured that Barbara would trust that he wouldn't have double crossed her in that aspect. He refrained from shooting all of those goons on the roof. Why would he kill one that wasn't fighting them? Having picked up Jasmine, he carried her to an abandoned building just on the outskirts of the steel mill. It seemed like it used to be some kind of apartment that failed. He set her down on her feet, and she turned to face him At the moment, there were no words between them. Even though he had his mask on, Jason was positive that Jasmine knew it was him. Regardless, he pulled it off and tossed it to the ground, and Jasmine pushed the cowl of her cloak back, bringing her light brown hair to view. It was longer than when he last saw her but then again...he was sure he looked different to her. As they gazed at each other in silence, it seemed that in a quick moment, they both went towards each other at once. Jason wrapped his arms around her at the same time that she moved towards him, wrapping her arms around him.

They both clung to each other tightly, as though the other might disappear. She was considerably smaller, with him being 6'2 and her being 5'4. Her face was pressed against his chest, and Jason closed his eyes. "Jasmine...I'm so sorry. I didn't come back for you," He breathed quietly. "It's fine, Jason," She spoke, and his eyes tightened with concern and guilt when he heard the almost monotone ring to it. Little did he know, it sounded more lively than it was when she was speaking to Barbara. Gently, he pulled back, gazing into her eyes. "What did Joker do to you?" He asked lowly, his blue eyes serious, containing a small spark of anger. He'd kill him, and this time, not just for what he did to him, but also Jasmine. Her eyes averted from him. "He did...enough," She said vaguely, and he frowned. "What about Risuka?" He asked. The name seemed to encase her in ice. "She's dead." The way she said it was straight-forward, and it shocked Jason. However, he saw that pressing her wouldn't be the right choice here. Having been in her shoes...he hadn't wanted to be pressed either. For now, he would let it go, but he wanted to be there for a shoulder for her to lean on. If there was anyone who could understand was him, and it was the same likewise.

"I can get you away from him. We'll leave now. I know Batgirl, and I'm sure she would help-" He began but cut off as Jasmine shook her head. "No. Barbara Gordon will turn against you, Jason. In fact, she already has," She spoke, and Jason narrowed his eyes, "What do you mean? And how do you know who she is?" Jasmine was quiet for a moment, fiddling the the hem of her cloak for a moment. "She's going to think you killed Happy-Boy. Your gun was used. Jason, she'll turn you into the police. You can't turn to her. And...I've just figured it out over the years..." She murmured, though Jason had his suspicions about what she said about knowing the identity. His blue eyes became guarded for a moment. What Jasmine said made sense...even if it hurt to believe it. Barbara had so little faith in him that she would think he was the one that killed Happy-Boy. Yes, he was going to allow him to be killed, but he wasn't going to be the one to kill him. He had at least respected that. "Figures." He said thinly, looking away.

Jasmine stepped closer to him, resting a hand on her chest and then reaching up with her other and resting it on his cheek. Like his, her hand, though small and nimble, was rough with callouses. A sense of ease came over him as she turned his face to hers. She was closer to him than he had thought previously, her face turned up to his. "Stay with me, Jason. We can protect each other," She murmured. Jason gazed into her eyes, the eyes that had reminded him of his own minus all the anger and hate. He would be there for her, and he would save her. He would give her what he hadnt had. "Okay, Jazz."

Dick Grayson / Nightwing

Barbara hadn't been home when he dropped by. Figuring he might as well surprise her when she got back, he simply allowed himself in. Everything seemed to be normal...except for the odd duffel bag by the couch. He had inspected it with raised eyebrows, quickly deducing that it was a man's...though he wasn't entirely sure who the man was since there was only sweatpants, a tank, a black leather jacket, and a few other clothes. It was one thing that made him about 90% sure on who it was. The patch. The patch didn't have any blood on either side, which meant that someone was probably hiding an injury. And who was it that he knew that hid an injury? Jason Todd. While this concerned him, Dick knew that he wouldn't know much about it until Barbara showed up.

Dick tried TV for a while, but the pull in his stomach eventually took him over. He needed food. Stat! He raided her pantry first, but the only thing that caught his eyes was a bagel. All her cereal was boring. After polishing off one side of the bagel, the other half was in his mouth as he attacked the fridge when he heard Barbara's voice. Poking his head up above the fridge, bagel still in mouth, he gave her a casual wave before snatching a cup of yogurt and closing the door. He took a quick bite of the bagel and pulled it from his mouth, looking at his girlfriend happily.

Dick Grayson and Jason Todd, though having the same color eyes and hair color, looked vastly different. Dick's black hair was a bit longer, and his blue wasn't the blue-gray Jason had, but a deep, oceanic blue. His skin was a tanner color than Jason due to his Romani heritage, and he stood at a whopping 5'10, which was four inches shorter than Jason. While Jason had a build very similar to Bruce's, who was all about those upper body muscles and hard hits, Dick Grayson had a leaner build, better suited for his nimble feet and flexibility. Despite that, he was still strong, and his body still muscular and in tip top shape. He just didn't look like a body builder. His face always appeared to have traces of a smile, and his eyes always seemed to contain an underlying mischief, as though he had already tricked someone and was waiting to deliver the punchline. "Hey Babs! Sorry, I thought I was going to die of hunger. Imagine my disappointment when I realized your food selection was about as empty as my stomach," He grinned at her, before that grin fell as he saw the exhaustion and sadness in her eyes. Setting the bagel and yogurt aside, he walked over to her. "Hey...what's wrong?" He asked her more seriously, his deep blue eyes studying her in concern.

~*You have to fall before you fly*~

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