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PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2017 2:42 am 
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Sebastian filled Ciel's morning tea and handed his young master the newspaper as the Earl of Phantomhive sat up in bed. "It seems awful quiet of late..." Sebastian mused, to which Ciel nodded and sipped his tea. "You haven't had a letter from the Queen at all this month, I wonder if the criminal underworld has settled down enough to give you a break?" Sebastian said.

"I suppose so..." Ciel sighed as he looked over the paper.

"Very well, young master. I have something to tell you. I cannot stand by and allow my young master to suffer from outright boredom." Sebastian spoke. Ciel blinked, "I'm hardly bored...."

"You've not had a trail to follow in some time, I've seen you in your study...twiddling your thumbs and yesterday I caught you nodding off." Sebastian informed him. Ciel scoffed, "And what do you suggest? Are you going to suddenly become a clown?"

"Not quite, my lord. I actually have had my eye on a human specimen across time....I seek to bring him here and transform him into a demon to not only keep Baldroy, Mey Rin and Finnian from constantly making a mess of things....but perhaps provide you with some amusement as well." Sebastian said.

"'re saying you're going to pull someone from the bloody FUTURE to come be a servant?" Ciel gawked, not knowing Sebastian had that kind of power.

Sebastian smiled, "If I couldn't do this much...what kind of butler would I be?"

Later that day, Sebastian all but disappeared, leaving Ciel in his study to look over papers.

"Didja hear what Sebastian told us?! We're gonna have someone from the FUTURE comin' to stay wit' us!" Baldroy said.

"We should make a good impression! I'll tend to the garden!" Finny ran off.

"I'll whip up a special meal!" Baldroy proclaimed.

"I'll make the mansion sparkle yes I will!" Mey Rin said giddily.

=The year 2017...America=

Sebastian knocked on a small apartment door, he waited a bit and knocked again..looking at his pocketwatch in slight irritation. The sound of groaning and someone climbing out of bed before unlatching the door and peering out.

It was a young man around early twenties with short cut hair which was sticking up everywhere and wearing a pair of jeans which had apparently been hastily pulled on and a plain white shirt meant for sleeping.

"Uhh....can I help you?" the man said sleepily.

"It is one o' clock in the afternoon...might I ask why you were sleeping?" Sebastian frowned.

The man looked at Sebastian oddly before answering: "I work night shift at the mall....doin' security." The man answered stiffly.

"May I come in?" Sebastian asked.

"Uhh...." was his answer, before Sebastian pushed his way past the man. "Might I inquire as to your name?" Sebastian asked. "Uhh....Kevin." his answer came.

"I have a job proposal for you...." Sebastian said.

"But I work security at the ma-"

"This will be far more enjoyable and profitable, I assure you." Sebastian answered, snapping his fingers and suddenly everything in the house vanished like magic!

"Hey! Where'd my stuff go!? How'd you do tha-" Kevin demanded, but found himself instantly put to sleep as Sebastian began working his magic to transform this man into a demon.

Meanwhile back in the past, boxes of modern clothes, videogame systems and their respective games, several books both fiction and nonfiction, music CDs and pretty much all of Kevin's personal belongings randomly plopped down in front of Ciel in his study at his box of Stephen King novels accidentally landed right on top of him.

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PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2017 6:06 pm 

I am sorry if I haven't replied to your PMs but I can't view them at the moment. If you need to contact me, please use the chat room to do so. :)

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A girl walked out of her apartment to see what Kevin was up to. The girl's name was Draco and Kevin was her older brother, his parents had adopted her when she was young and she had rented an apartment next door to his. Draco opened the door and saw a man in a tailcoat doing something strange to her brother. Draco grabbed a sword that she had sharpened for defense purposes, since bullets ran out eventually, and pointed it at the man. Draco said, "Who are you and what are you doing to my older brother?!" Draco was wearing an old sweater with cats on it and her jeans had a few holes in it, so she wasn't exactly the most menacing looking opponent. Draco had left her door open and one of her cats walked into the hallway and rubbed on her leg. Draco said, "Not now Rocket, I gotta save my brother from this weirdo in the tailcoat!"


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