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Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)
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Author:  LadyKate43 [ Sun May 20, 2018 3:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Kate wrapped her arms around his chest and kissed his cheek, "You take care of others. I take care of you. Have you slept enough or would you like me to hold you? There is no rush to decorate. I am not even sure Abby and Mat are awake."
Ann knelt and took his cup, "You both stay. If Abby and Matty are awake. We can bring the decorations down. You rarely rest Dear without Kate."

Author:  Asterous [ Thu May 24, 2018 8:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

A soft purr rumbled from Jasper as Kate hugged him. It had been a long time since he had purred this much, a feeling he had long since forgotten.

It was true what she said. He was a protector and a fighter, looking after others, even at the expense of his own well being. He hadn’t slept anywhere near enough, needing much more than the few restless hours he had gotten, but what he needed and what he often got were too completely different things. He had worked on less, besides, most of their sleep schedules had been thrown off anyway, why prolong that?

“I’ve gone with less.” He said to Kate, but also to Ann as she addressed his lack of resting as well.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Wed May 30, 2018 11:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Kate held him and rubbed his back, "Come to your bed and I will hold you. Take your cat form and sleep. The others can sleep or decorate their rooms. You need rest or you cannot enjoy yourself. Tomorrow is a big day. I want you rested."

Kate stood up and held her hand to help him up. She placed the blanket over her arm. "A man of few words. I try to understand how you feel. Jasper, you are selfless. I can't help but admire that in you."

Author:  Asterous [ Fri Jun 01, 2018 11:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Jasper pulled his ears back when Kate continued to insist that he sleep. He was fine, really, though he was sure it was more due to stubborness than actually being well rested. He also knew that there was no sense in trying to fight with Kate on the issue, so slowly he stood, assisted by the mage.

As they made their way to the bed, Jasper heard Kate say she admired him. His tail flicked behind him. There wasn’t anything to admire, much of who he was now was the result of being trained to be that way.

“Please don’t admire me for what I am.” He said softly before shifting into his tabby form and curling up, his back to Kate.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Wed Jun 06, 2018 6:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Kate cuddled beside him, "You can be admired. The good you care for others. This is you, not something beat into you. You were born with this. Your gentle temperament you are slow to anger. You do not have tantrums. I love you. Do not dwell on the past. The man that is beside me. I trust with my life. He is kind, polite, a good friend, and honest. These I see in you. Begin to see these in you and love yourself. You can think under pressure, as in the cave with the bear."

Kate reached out her arms and pulled him to her. She sang a lullaby while rubbing his back.

Author:  Asterous [ Fri Jun 15, 2018 3:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Pulling his ears back to lay flat on his head, Jasper kept his back to Kate as she spoke. It was different hearing himself described in such a way, not as a fighter, a killer. Kate saw him the way no one else did, the way no one else ever had since his training had begun.

As she pulled him close, singing and rubbing his back, he allowed himself to relax, even purring a little. He just had to learn to let go, to see himself differently. Take it one step at a time as he had been doing.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Mon Jun 18, 2018 1:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Kate held him tighter and whispered, "I love your purrs. Drift to sleep. Dream of the meadow and swimming. I want you to try to make a door, free yourself if your dream turns dark. I will stay in your dream to get you out. I want you to sleep without fear. Begin with deep breaths. Close your eyes. Think of summer and the lake. I will be with you. No one can harm you. Take your Savannah form. Run free."

Author:  Asterous [ Wed Jun 27, 2018 11:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

As much as he would rather just stay awake at this point, Jasper knew Kate would never agree or approve. And, it was increasingly difficult to stay awake and alert when he was as tired as he was, and being cuddled. Kate had that affect on him, making him feel safe and protected, even when it should really be him doing the protecting.

He still struggled with making a door in his dreams as Kate instructed, but Jasper was finding that the nightmares were becoming far less frequent compared to when he had first been brought here. As he began to relax, slipping into the realm of dreams, Jasper did as he was told. Recalling the meadow, the lake, the tall grass.

Finally not on full alert, Jasper was finally able to let himself rest for longer than a few brief moments at a time.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Wed Jun 27, 2018 8:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Kate noticed he could sleep longer without help. She touched his head as he slept and he was basking in the meadow. The mage loved sharing his dream and holding him was special to her. She stayed with him until Sara bound in and shook her. "Kate wake up. That boy you brought has taken all the decorations to his room. He is decorating everything, even the walls."

The mage woke up with a start and moaned. "I am up. I will go see what Mat has done."

She released Jasper, "I will return. You do not have to get up."

Author:  Asterous [ Wed Aug 29, 2018 11:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Somewhere in his unconscious mind, Jasper registered Kate's touch and he leaned into it despite still being in a deep sleep. In his dream, he was in his bigger Savannah form, his claws raking through the earth as he stretched in the sun. His tail flicked behind him as he rested his head on his front paws, his ears picking up on all the little sounds he heard around him.

He remained in this peaceful, relaxed state until someone bursting into the room caused him to wake, eyes searching for any sort of danger or disturbance. His ears lay flat against his head, but as he noted it had only been Sara, he calmed a fraction. Hearing what she was saying, the reason behind her sudden need for Kate, Jasper huffed a sigh and stretched out with a yawn.

Was it bad he felt partially responsible for Matt? He heard what Kate said, about not having to get up just yet, but as per his stubborn nature, ignored it. He had rested, he was fine to get up and help, to be useful.

Hoping down from the bed, he shifted mid jump, landing on his feet in his human form, thankful that his clothing shifted with him.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Fri Aug 31, 2018 7:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Kate sat up with a start as she rubbed her eye as she yawned, "What! Oh. Is he just decorating his room?"
Sara raised her left hand and pointed at the door, "Yes. But the room is a disaster."
Kate threw off the covers and stood up as Jasper leaped into his human form. "Well let us see what he has done. I am sure it can be fixed. He never decorated for Winterfest before."
She was happy Jasper had changed to his Savannah cat form. He was getting some good sleep. She hated that she and Jasper were awoken so sudden.
The trio rushed out of Jasper's room to the room across from Jonathan's. The door was covered in multicolored wrapping paper. Kate knocked on Matt's door careful not to tear the paper.

"Matt is Kate may I come in? Sara said you decorated your room. Did you find the decorations?"

Author:  Asterous [ Sat Oct 06, 2018 4:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

(I am so, so sorry for the delay!)

Hearing how Sara described Matt’s room and his decorating, Jasper’s ear twitched and he looked first to Kate, and then to the door. How much of a disaster could he have made with decorations? Sure Jasper himself didn’t have much experience with decorating either, but there was only so much one could do. Then again, this was Matt they were talking about.

Following the pair out, Jasper tilted his head to the side when they stopped in front of the multicoloured door. If anything, Matt was creative. He waited, listening for any sound from the room when Kate knocked. It wasn’t long though before the door was swung open and Matt grinned at them all. Clearly the uninterrupted sleep had done him good.

“I did! Though I had a heck of a time getting it here, the box was just overflowing with stuff!” He said enthusiastically, his eyes lighting up as he spoke. “I can help you guys decorate too.” He insisted.

He then stopped and turned to Jasper.

“I had a dream last night, and you were in it, except it wasn’t you, or well...I guess it was but you were, I don’t know, more...feral?” He said questioningly as though he were having a hard time describing it. “It was familiar though, more like a memory than a dream.”

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Sun Oct 07, 2018 2:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Kate looked around Mat's room. The fireplace was covered in greenery and tensile. The walls were covered in wrapping paper and his bed was stuffed with ornaments. She stifled a laugh, "My you did decorate and you used the whole box." Kate scanned the room, "I never seen such color."

Sara scowled and flailed her arms and Kate pointed at her, "Not a word, Sara." Kate hooked arm around Mats elbow, "You did a fine job. A bit more than custom. But we will go into town and get more decorations for us. Come, the tree should be ready and we will have music. Mat you do mind helping Ann? Jasper, would you like to help me decorate the tree?"
Sara glared at Kate, "Your going to accept this?"
Kate led the group downstairs, "It is fine Sara. It is Matt's room. He can do as he pleases."
Sara huffed and headed for the kitchen.
Kate walked Matt to the kitchen and patted his shoulder, "You have done well. Pay no mind to Sara."
She let go of him and smiled to Ann who was mixing ingredients in a bowl with a wooden spoon. Ann looked up seeing all the teens, "Well, would you like to bake gingerbread cookies?"
Kate scurried to Jasper, "Come the boxes should be in the parlor."
In a bucket was an eight-foot fur tree in front of the bay window. "That is lovely. Jasper, have you been allowed to decorate for a holiday? Would you like a tree for your room?"
Kate looked to her right and Abby was inside the parlor doorway. "Hi. Abby, hope you slept well. I am ready to decorate the tree. Your welcome to help me and Jasper or join the others making cookies."

Author:  Asterous [ Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Jasper had never seen anything quite like this either. He had watched people decorate before, but never had he seen decorating done anything like how Matt had done. Kate’s comment on never having seen such colour was understandable considering everything that was going on in this one room alone. He wondered what the younger would have been able to accomplish had he been given permission to decorate everywhere.

It seemed as though he had had fun doing it though, and that was what mattered. Sera didn’t seem to share this opinion though.

A moment of uncertainty crossed Matt’s face as Kate hooked her arm around his, but was soon replaced with his usual grin as he was led downstairs to help Ann. It wasn’t often that he was praised for letting himself get carried away like this, but Kate wasn’t like everyone else. As she left him with Ann, he quickly spun on his heel, eager to help with what he could, even if that meant making a mess.

Hearing the question, Matt looked like a kid in a candy shop.


Jasper watched all this with a faint smile. It was good to see that Matt was settling in, even with his peculiarities. He followed Kate to the parlor. He shook his head at her questions.

“No, only watched when I could.” He admitted. The few times he had been allowed to watch he took advantage of, otherwise he only heard about what was going on from others but even then he didn’t pay much attention. Decorating didn’t concern him, so he didn’t spent the energy or time worrying about it.

Abby had watched the pair come in, but didn’t want to interrupt, that is until Kate noticed her.

“I’ll let you two handle that.” She said, catching Jasper’s gaze with her own before leaving for the kitchen. Hopefully Ann would be able to handle Matt so he wouldn’t be her problem.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Thu Nov 01, 2018 5:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Ann was setting out the ingredients for gingerbread on the farm-table in the kitchen. Ann dried her hands on her apron as Matt entered the kitchen.

"Hello, Matt. Did ya have a nice nap? Would you like to help me bake gingerbread men cookies? I have all that we need. I need your strong hands to stir the batter."

She set a large bowl on the farm table. "I will help you if you need me to. We begin with measuring the flour, sugar, and I have icing in a piping bag."

The cook handed him graduated cups to dip in canisters and taper off with a butter knife.


Kate opened boxes of ornaments and handed the colorful glass balls in the shapes of stars, trees, ice cycles, and snowflakes.

"You hang them on all sides of the tree any place you want. There are lots of ornaments and various colors. There is no particular order. Jasper, this decorating of the tree is easy. Just hang the ornaments by the ribbon over the limbs so they do not fall. Once the ornaments are on the tree the tinsel gets placed by draping the strands over the branches. I will show you."

Kate gave him a snowflake ornament with a red ribbon, "You hang it a few inches on the end of it's branch. Isn't that pretty?"

Author:  Asterous [ Tue Dec 11, 2018 9:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

“Never done nothing like this before. I was always kept out of the kitchen.” Matt said as he neared the table, a sparkle in his eye as he took it all in.

“Probably for good reason.” Abby commented, following the younger boy in, swatting him gently in the back of the head, a faint grin on her face.

“Hey!” Matt said, one hand covering the spot she had hit as he stuck his tongue out at Abby.

“Fair warning, he’s a troublemaker.” She said to Ann.


Jasper watched Kate opening the boxes, peering into each and looking over the various ornaments. As she explained the process, he eyed the tree, and then the ornaments again. No particular order. Perfect. Being used to having things set out, needing to be done a certain way, it was still strange to be given things like this, were there was no order, you just did them. Thankfully Kate gave him someplace to start.

As she handed him the snowflake ornament, Jasper clutched it carefully, not wanting to drop or break it. Weapons were easy, they didn’t break unless dealt a great blow, but these, many of the ornaments were so delicate, easily snapped or crushed if one wasn’t careful.

“Are you sure I should be doing this?” He asked hesitantly, indicating the ornament in his hands. “I don’t want to break anything.” Jasper admitted, his cat ears lowering in concern and a little embarrassment.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Sun Dec 16, 2018 10:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Ann looked at Abby and Matt then frowned, "Ya best get along or ya be getting my rolling pin. Ya know I have taught the clumsiest of young ones. Matt is high strung and when he is older he will settle down. He means no harm. Cooking is no fun without messes. Ya do a fine job, fine Lad."

Ann gave him the cup of flour, "Pour this in the bowl."

The Ann handed Abby the other measuring cups, "Do be a dear an fill me a cup of butter."


Kate picked up a glass ice sickle and looked up at Jasper. The ornament shaking slightly in his hand. "You are going to do just fine. You will get confident and do not worry about dropping these. They can be easily replaced. The antique on go in a bowl in the dining room."

She watched Jasper slowly move. "Remember I will not punish you for any you drop. I break a few every year. It happens."

Sara bound into the room and ran to the box Kate opened. "I want these for my windows."

Kate frowned, "You know better. when Jasper is around slow down. He is easily startled."

Sara grabbed the box and pulled it to her chest, "Oh, yes. I forgot. Will you test my skill, Jasper? No one will spare with me. I am allowed live steel now."

Kate remained quiet and let Jasper answer. She did not like Sara asking. This was something Jasper had to decide for himself. After all, he had agreed to the same for her.

Author:  Asterous [ Tue Jan 15, 2019 1:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Jasper watched Kate pick up another ornament, his fingers clutching the one in his hands. As she spoke, he looked down at it, how delicate it was. He didn’t know how expensive they were to replace, had never been allowed to handle such things before. Kate said they were easily replaced, but he still worried. Hearing how she too broke some every year though did lessen these worries a little, though he still felt he shouldn’t be completely trusted to handle such things.

Jasper’s grip loosened a fraction, only to tighten as he heard someone run into the room. Turning his head, Jasper watched as Sera made her way to the box, a faint cracking sound coming from the ornament in his hand. He immediately shot an apologetic look to Kate before Sera’s request fully registered.

“I…” Again he looked to Kate, as though seeking some sort of confirmation or other approval. “I suppose I could.” He offered a little hesitant, his eyes downcast. Was this the right move? He had agreed to help Kate, so could he really say no to Sera? And it wasn’t as though he would be fighting, simply helping them with develop and perfect their own skills.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Sat Jan 19, 2019 11:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

It was not long before the dough was rolled and the cookies were ready to be in the oven. By the time they were on the 3rd batch, Mat was covered in flour in hair, face, and front of an apron Ann tied around his waist. Ann did not care they sat drinking cider in the parlor and ate from the first batch of cookies.

Kate placed the last ornament on the tree then handed him a plate with a gingerbread man heavily covered in icing. "Matt, you made these and they look delish." She picked a mug of hot cider then sat on the floor with her back to the fireplace. "This will be the best Winterfest ever because you are here." She bit off the head on the cookie. "Mmmm so good."

Sara opened Kate's instrument case and handed it to Kate. Kate finished her cookie then picked her lute and strummed. She adjusted a few strings and began to play an old traditional ballad. "This why we have Winter Fest. The dragon wars are over and we are at peace. Occasionally the borders with the Orcs have problems."
Kate began to sing as Jon and Lord Lyons entered. Kate wrapped her tail around Jasper to calm him.

It was not long before Jon, Sara, and Ann joined the song. Then after she played the ballad she stuck a lively tune and the family began to dance. The manor was full of song and Ann included all in a circle dance. Sara giggled stomped her feet and showed the others a new dance from her school.

The merriment into after into dinner. Kate played the piano, Sara played the flute, Jon played the violin as Ann roasted chestnuts over the fire. Lyons stood up at 11:00. "Tomorrow is a big day. All are going shopping and enjoy the festival. I have bags of coins for everyone. See that you get fitted for your formals as we will be going to the King's palace in a few days. Kate has been asked to perform at the King's banquet. All are welcome you do not have to stay for the ball. Ann will give lessons on courtly manors. Vincent will provide lessons on protocol. Abby, discuss formal dress from your home with Ann and Mrs. Snead the dressmaker. Jasper and Matt, you will dress in formals as customary, dark colors preferred. Jasper, keep close to Kate should you be recognized. I do not have to remind you to keep your emotions in check. Matt young man you do not leave Ann's sight. Abby, will this be your first ball?"

Author:  Asterous [ Sun Feb 03, 2019 10:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Matt was having a blast! He didn’t know what he was doing, so he followed Ann’s instruction to a t. Sure, flour ended up everywhere, he may have tossed a handful in Abby’s face, but from the looks of things, the cookies had turned out great! Abby had helped Ann, trying to avoid the mess as best she could, including the cloud of flour that seemed to never dissipate around the younger boy.

“If we ever let you intentionally make a mess, I would hate to see the end result.” Abby said, shaking her head. However the small grin on her face took away some of the bite from the comment.

“I’m a destructive force of nature.” Matt replied, shoving an icing heavy piece of cookie in his mouth, and earning a light smack to the back of the head from Abby.

“Brat.” She muttered as they were joined by the others.

Jasper looked to each of them in turn, as though silently checking on them before settling next to Kate. His ears pricked as she played, and he watched Matt approached, sitting not to far from him.

“Dragon wars, huh?” He said, pulling his knees up. “I saw an Orc once, ‘cept it wasn’t for long and I think they were taking it to the pit for a fight.” He rattled on. “Big ugly thing, I’d have hated to be the one taking that thing on.” Matt shuddered just thinking about it.

When the dancing began Matt took to it with no problem, other than nearly tripping over his own feet a few times. Abby was a little more hesitant, and Jasper followed suit. Neither had ever had much experience with this sort of thing. Jasper stuck close to Kate as much as he could. As the merriment went on well into the evening, all three were a little surprised to hear Lyons’ announcement.

Matt looked as excited as he always was, and before he could ask the questions that were coming to mind, they were answered. Abby initially wrinkled her nose at the mention of a ball, but schooled her features into something more appropriate when she was addressed. Jasper stood straight, eyes cast down as he listened, accepting what was being said.

“Yes sir.” He answered quietly, glancing once to Kate as the attention shifted to Abby.

“Yes, though excuse me for not being overjoyed at the prospect.” In her mind balls were associated with the same upper class snobs that had made her family’s life hell. The idea of socializing with them, and possibly coming face to face with her past was far from thrilling.

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