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Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)
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Author:  LadyKate43 [ Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

She grabbed his hand, "You will get a hot meal; your favorite drink, warm cider, and a long rest. I am so proud how you handled everything. Malora will be delt with we just are not ready. She let him catch his breath and led the mare and Jasper to the back of the manor. The guards waved at them keeping their distance. Kate waved back and rushed into the manor enter the back door. She stomped the snow off, removed her coat and hung it on pegs. She helped Jasper with his the and greeted Ann. The cook smiled at them as she scurried hopped to the kichen. Ann looked up from the stove and scurried to hug them both, "Thank heavens your back, I was so worried she have taken you. I see you brought in more strays. Abby said she is your sister. My how this family is growing. His lordship says you young man, handled yourself well in a very awkward situation. The rest of the family Abby and young Matt are in the dining room."

Kate put her arm around Jasper, "He was wonderful. He kept us safe everyday."

Ann kissed his cheek then led them into the dining room, "I knew you would be alright. I never met anyone braver. Come join the others you must be starved."

Lyons and Jon hopped out of their seats and greeted Kate with hugs and shook Jaspers hand. Jon patted Jasper on the back, "I thought you were all gonners. Malora scares the daylights out of me. I am glad your back."

Kate hugged her father, "We are all safe thanks to Jasper. It was a group effort. Abby, Matt, thank you."

Lyons held Jasper's shoulder firmly, "I want to thank you for keeping everyone safe. Matt told us you chased a bear."

Author:  Asterous [ Sun Feb 04, 2018 2:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Jasper could feel the blush on his cheeks at Kate's words, hoping he could pass it off as being from the cold. It only returned when Ann hugged him, he wasn't use to praise of any sort apart from when he won a fight, and even then it mostly went to his master and mistress. As she mentioned Abby and Matt, Jasper tried to look around her, wanting to know that they were safe.

He ducked his head when Ann kissed his cheek, leaning more into Kate's hold as his ears lowered in embarrassment. He perked up a little when he saw the others, verifying that they were alright. He was glad when the attention shifted to Kate, taking it off of him for the time being. However, this feeling was short lived when Lord Lyons himself confronted him. He sent a quick look to Matt who simply waved with that impish smile of his on his face, before turning to face Lyons.

"It was nothing, really." Jasper admitted, and it was true. For the most part he had simply been acting on instinct.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:50 pm ]
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"You brought everyone safe and faced my sister with courage. Do not think she will not be punished. The moment Lord Draco moves his army out of the southern realms. I will attack. She is still banished and dared to bring Matt. Needless to say, I am glad she did."

He returned to his seat and motioned Ann to bring in food. "The family is together. All are welcome to stay. Abby, you may begin school or take a trade. Matt, you are free. But you will be a ward of my house and begin working. You're not one to sit idle. I will see that you learn the basics. When you turn twenty you may decide a trade of your own. We will discuss your future at a later time. Until you can cipher and read most any book in my library, you will work here on the manor. You will receive training in fighting, music, and customs. Abby, you may leave anytime you wish. Jasper, you are a free man. However, you may stay and train, and learn. This is always your home."

Author:  Asterous [ Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Jasper knew it was risky going against Lord Draco, he had seen first hand how cruel and unforgiving the man could be. He didn't back down, no matter what. 

It was still weird thinking of them as a family, though not as bad as it had once been. Jasper had been independent, depending on himself for so long that it had taken him a long time to get use to other people helping him, it still did at times. 

Abby listened to what was offered to her. In all honesty she hadn't thought much of what she wanted to do having believed herself to be caged all her life. School was an interesting idea, and would probably be a good thing to go through, but it also wasn't quite calling for her. At one point in her life she would have been ecstatic to be given the chance at a more formal education, but now? She could do a trade, baking or sewing perhaps...but that also seemed like the route she was suppose to take. A lady, expected to do as she was told without question and be a good wife should the opportunity ever arise. She wanted adventure! She wanted to explore, to go beyond the lands she had been held captive in and experience what was out there. Of course being a lady made that a whole new level of difficult. Maybe Kate or someone the mage knew could help her with this, perhaps if she had a male to travel with her it would be seen as more acceptable?

Matt listened as best he could, fidgeting in his seat all the while. He had never been 'free' and so didn't know what all that entailed. From what he was told he would still be working, so how did that work? The catch that he had to be able to read any book in the library was a little intimidating. He could hardly read a few lines, let alone an entire book! He was bound to work at the manor for a long time.

Jasper knew he had been offered the opportunity to learn a trade, and to train here. He looked to Kate, knowing he couldn't leave her. His future was tied here, that much he knew. 

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:18 am ]
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Kate saw that her little family was accepted by her father. She was happy they were together. She could not make the decision for them, "Papa, give them time to make their decision. I promised them time for Winterfest. They have been through a lot. We could all use a rest. I am proud of all of you. After you eat go upstairs and choose a room. Each of you may decorate your room for Winterfest after you get up. The decorations are in the attic. Abby, the room you choose may not be feminine. We will all go into town tomorrow and go shopping for your rooms. Jasper your room is across from mine and you can decorate it. You can look at our rooms for ideas. I will show you the available rooms. Abby, you get to choose first. Matt, you may go to any bedroom but knock first. I will give you a tour of the manor later."

Ann entered with two servants carrying platters and bowls of biscuits, pancakes, scrambled cheese eggs, hash browns, cut mixed fruit, bacon, sausage, and juice and milk. "I thought you'd be hungry. Ya tell meh what you like an I will cook it. It's yor first day and I later I will teach you how be ladies and gentlemen. I am happy your all here and safe. If ya wants to make gingerbread cookies after ya sleep come down to meh kitchen."

Kate started passing food as Lyons looked on at Kate. He was enjoying his growing family. She smiled at Abby, "Young lady, I am pleased you found your, brother. Do not worry I do not likes the mages much. What makes you happy?"

Author:  Asterous [ Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Matt had never seen so much food he felt in all his least none that he was allowed to actually eat. His mouth watered as he watched each platter and bowl be set down. Of course, he restrained himself as much as he could, waiting until he was allowed to eat, watching the others for whatever cue that may be. He half turned his head to face Kate when she said he could have his own room, and decorate it too. He had died and gone to heaven!

Suddenly Matt remembered something that had happened back at the Mage School that had been forgotten until now. Turning around in his seat he tilted his head to the side like a curious dog before asking the questions on his mind.

"Remember that weird painting in the school that started going off about some curse and treasure? Was there any truth to that or was it just some crazy old man?" He asked, oblivious to how it may have sounded to the others who may have known more about it than him. Settling down slightly, his cheeks coloured and he averted his two toned gaze.

"Sorry, it just came back to me.." He said, turning to face forwards again.

Abby watched him, thinking of him more and more like the annoying younger brother she never had. When she was addressed, she took a moment to consider the question.

"It's been a long time since I've had to answer something like that." She admitted. She knew what she wanted to say, but didn't think it was a good idea what with knowing everything Jasper had gone through, and likely Matt as well.

"I use to be fascinated with fighting, but I suppose now it's more how to use a sword, that sort of thing." She shrugged, keeping an eye on her brother as she spoke. 

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Fri Feb 16, 2018 2:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Kate looked at Mat and saw his eyes widen at all the food. She was glad he was next to her and served him first. He looked like he was eager to eat to anything. She knew they were all hungry and wanted to sleep. Mat asked about the painting. "The mad count. I have heard rumors of the treasure. Some have tried to find it. It has never found it."

It was good her father spoke to Abby. She did not get enough attention. Her father was happy to see all his children had sword skills. Lyons glanced at her, "Fighting is something I do not reccoment for a young lady. I I teach all my household to defend themselves. Swordmanship is a skill I have all my children. Tomorrow I will test your skill Abby. I focus on technique and not skill. Jasper, I will be your sparring partner. We will be suited for physical contact. Kate stand by for heals."

Kate put down her fork, "I promised Jasper he would not be harmed. I let him know you would allow him to keep his skills. He healed for light sparring. Nothing too physical. I would keep the session to 20 minutes of training. Please, no bladed steel. I want no bloodshed. I feel you would be easily matched. I say when to quit. Papa, please let Matt be trained by Jon. They can both be suited up and grabble. No live steel or tournament level fighting. Matt is still growing. Abby and Sara can train together. I have not seen either of them use magic. I will take them to the mages to find out."

Lyons nodded, "Jasper, we will sparr tomorrow after lunch. Abby, I will introduce you to Sara when she returns. She is visiting friends. Matt, we will discuss your training and duties tomorrow."

Author:  Asterous [ Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

The mad count? So maybe it was just a bunch of rambling. Matt thought as he was given an answer. It would have been fun to go on a treasure hunt, but it it was just a rumor, was there really any point?

Abby had counted on someone saying she wasn’t allowed to fight as it was ‘unladylike’. However, what she had not been expecting was for Lyons to say he would test her limited as those were. It wasn’t as though she had been allowed to hold a blade as a young girl, or be anywhere near a weapon of any sort as a prisoner.

Jasper’s ears perked when Lyons said he would be his sparring partner. He saw no problems with this, but clearly Kate did. He listened to her lay down the rules, as well as pair up both Matt and Abby. He never thought he would miss fighting, training or otherwise, but part of him had grown up with it. He knew Kate was just looking out for him, and he appreciated it, but since coming here he had had few opportunities to use his skills.

He turned to Kate, leaning in a little so he could whisper to her without Abby or Matt hearing.

“I think Abby and Sara will get along well.” He said.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Tue Feb 20, 2018 7:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Kate whispered back, "Yes. I know they would the first time I met Abby. They have a bit of age difference. Sara comes from a village that was ransacked by a tribe of outlanders. Papa and his soldiers killed many outlanders. Sara's parents were killed and Papa found Sara among them. He brought her here as one of the family. You understand why she wants to be a battlemage. She is going to a special school for girls. The training is not like what you went through or what soldiers experience. The Grandmaster came here from the Far West of human lands. They teach deadly stealth and just touching pressure point one can kill. She is also a mage."

Kate passed Jasper bowls filled with, fruit, assorted vegetables, a sare platter of beef and chicken. "I asked Papa to go easy on you. Do not push yourself until you can run a mile. I know you will be sore this week. You have any flashbacks or unsettling feelings. Stop sparring, lay your weapon down, turn into your cat form. Papa will get me or Ann. Papa will understand. Sometime you may want to talk with him. He knows the life you came from."

Author:  Asterous [ Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Jasper listened to Kate explaining Sara’s past. He hadn’t heard of the Outlanders very often, but something about them seemed familiar. It didn’t seem as though they were in the best of terms with those of the town, but maybe he could find more about them later. Hearing about what this Grandmaster taught though was horrifying. How was one suppose to prepare for something like that? It would be a lot of distance fighting, keeping the enemy from reach you or else falling to their single touch. Jasper felt a shiver run down his spine at the thought of it.

There was so much he wanted to learn. About other people, about different techniques, about those around him. He nodded when Kate told him not to push himself.

“I will try to keep things to a minimum.” He replied. “Though it will be nice to practice again.” He admitted, dropping his gaze momentarily.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Tue Feb 27, 2018 1:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Kate smiled and touched Jasper's left hand and whispered, "You are doing it. Speaking your mind. I am happy your only going to get stronger and smarter.
The food was neatly devoured. "Ann, Papa, thank you. We all need sleep. I appreciate you rescuing us and Ann this was a delicious meal."

Ann smiled and began clearing plates, " Thank you. The kitchen is always open tah ya."

Lyons nodded and motioned, "Off with you and pick your rooms. You earned a well-deserved rest. Lads after you rest I wish to talk to you about Winterfest and my sister."

Lyons smiled at Abby, "Have a good rest and you all enjoy decorating your rooms."

Author:  Asterous [ Sun Mar 04, 2018 1:34 am ]
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Jasper gave Kate a shy smile at her comments. He was trying to do everything she wanted, including overcome his previous training. It was hard, and often he wanted nothing more than to fall back into his old ways. It was easier to follow an order after all.

Matt was pretty sure he had never eaten so much in all of his life, at least not that he could remember. Feeling full, something he had only experienced a handful of times before, he all realized how good going to bed sounded despite having probably gotten the most sleep of all of them the past day or so. He was partially aware of the Lord speaking to him, something about wanting to talk afterwards. He was sure someone would remind him of this, or at least he hoped that would happen.

Jasper on the other hand gave Lord Lyons his full attention, nodding his understanding when he had finished.

Abby felt a little left out of all this, wondering what it was she was suppose to do. She refused to be forced into some maid role, or other such position. She swore that if anything of the sort happened, she would be quick to leave.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

After breakfast, the group followed Kate to the vacant rooms. Each was given a choice of rooms. A long rest awaited all. Kate approached Jasper, "Do you want to sleep with me or in your own room?" How do you feel?" I am so proud of you. She yawned.

Author:  Asterous [ Fri Mar 30, 2018 8:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Following Kate down the long hall to choose their rooms, the group was rather quiet, all too tired to put in much effort towards conversation. Abby and Matt choose their rooms quickly, each wishing Jasper and Kate goodnights before disappearing behind the doors for at least a few hours.

Jasper watched as the doors closed, following Kate a few more steps before she addressed him. Her yawn didn’t go unnoticed.

“You need rest, I will be fine.” He answered. As much as he would have liked to have company, to not be alone, Kate needed to rest without having to worry about him.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Tue Apr 03, 2018 2:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

She back down the hall, "Always thinking of others beside yourself. You have trouble sleeping come to me. You are doing well. I love you, Jasper. Sleep well."

Kate hugged him and entered her room. She removed her dress down to shift and petticoat and covered with the quilt. She thought of their time running from Lady Malora. She dreamed how Jasper held restraint not harming Malora. A battle would come and she and Lord Draco would pay. Jasper would be able to unleash his revenge. Kate knew Jasper's fury would build until that day. The mage hoped Jasper could sleep and keep demons at bay or at least open a window to escape the horrors in his dreams.

Author:  Asterous [ Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Of course he was thinking of others before himself, all his life he had done that, he had had no one else to worry about. But now, could anyone really blame him for worrying more about those around him, that they were safe and well, before he looked to his own needs?

Jasper waited until Kate had entered her own room, shutting the door behind her before entering his own room. It wasn’t as decorated, or as fancy as any of the other rooms he had seen in the Manor, but that was just fine to him. He didn’t need all that stuff.

Tired as he was, having gotten little sleep on their escape from Malora, Jasper should have gone to sleep right there and then. He knew he needed it, but instead, he sat against the wall under the window, his knees drawn up and his head down. So much had happened and he needed some time away from everyone else to process it all.

Pulling his shirt over his head, Jasper ran his hand over where the old scars had been, criss crossing his chest, his stomach, his back, and shoulders. They were all gone now, erased, leaving nothing but smooth skin behind. It was still an odd feeling, like part of him had been stripped away. He knew Kate wanted him to move on, but some things lingered, even when the physical marks no longer remained.

His back still against the wall, Jasper ended up drifting off to sleep, before jerking away a number of times, never going under too deep. He was still alert, ever ready to defend.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Kate had the feeling she missed Jasper's warmth as she lay in bed. She removed her garments but her shift. She had to let go of Jasper. They were safe in the house and she drifted into slumber. It was early afternoon when Ann entered her room carrying a tray of tea and scones. "It is me, Katie. I let you sleep and you will be up all night."

Kate groaned, "Thank you Ann. It is so good to be in my own bed. How are the others?"

Ann poured tea into a teacup and handed it to Kate, "Quiet as mice. How did Malora look?"

Kate sat up and propped her pillow against the headboard, "She looked well. A bit older but still beautiful. I feel for Jasper. He wanted to jump at her and his fur stood on end. His emotions were heightened. I felt pain, anger, despair, and a powerful need to protect emitting from his feral form. Ann, Jasper needs closure. I do not want to let him go. I know I must. When the time comes I will give Jasper the choice to accompany soldiers should an attack on the dark lord be made. I want Jasper ready to take his revenge."

After Kate had her tea and scones she dressed and padded across the hall to Jasper's room. She saw him shirtless and sitting with his back to the wall. She removed a blanket from his bed and draped it over him. She wrapped her arm around his shoulder. The mage whispered, "Easy Love, is Kate. Old habits. Tonight, I will sleep next to you. You need a long rest. Ann brought you tea and scones."

Author:  Asterous [ Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

He had never fallen too far into the realm of unconsciousness, jerking awake every time he felt himself drifting too far. Jasper knew that he was safe, and that he needed the sleep, but something still kept him alert enough to spring into action should the need arise. He had moved a little in his fitful resting, drawing his knees up, one arm draped over them as his head leaned back against the wall.

Thus, when Kate opened the door, Jasper was already more or less awake. When he felt the blanket being draped over him, he startled a little before settling down and turning to face the mage. He leaned into the touch, settling once more against the wall with his head back, and his eyes closed.

“Did you sleep well?” He asked Kate, more concerned with her well being than his own at the moment.

Author:  LadyKate43 [ Tue May 01, 2018 11:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Kate pulled the blanket under his chin, "I slept fine. I missed you beside me. Old habits? You are on the floor without a blanket. Ann brought you tea. Aren't you cold?"

Ann handed him a cup of tea, "Here you are Dear. It just tea with orange spice. Have you been on the floor all this time? His lordship at time sleeps on the floor too. You remind me how his lordship was and at times still is. You are calmer and quieter. Would you like to make gingerbread cookies?"

The maid smiled and padded to the door, "I will wake up the others and see if they would like to join me in the kitchen."

She turned to face Kate as the mage was rubbing Jasper's back, "Is good to see you back and you need help with the decorations let me know."

Kate smoothed Jasper's hair, "We will be down when he is ready. Thank you. Matt, may be hard to wake up. Speak his name and nudge him. He will get up. You only need knock to wake up Abby."

For a moment she thought Matt's owners kicked him awake. "How is it that Matt can sleep so soundly and you barely sleep. You both were in the same place. What was it like for Matt?"

Author:  Asterous [ Sun May 20, 2018 2:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kate's Gift, Kate's Familiar (LadyKate43 & Asterous)

Jasper was glad to hear that Kate had slept well despite missing him. He would rather she got a good rest than have to worry about every little thing as she had been doing the past little while. He glanced to the floor as though noticing where he was for the first time.

“I was just thinking, and I guess...I never moved from where I was.” He admitted, his ears lowering a little. He hadn’t meant to fall asleep on the floor, as easy as it had been. He shook his head when Kate asked if he was cold.

He accepted the tea from her, simply holding it in his hands as she spoke. It was surprising to hear that his lordship also slept on the floor at times, Jasper not having expected someone like that at all. He would have liked to know more, but didn’t think it was his place to ask.

Jasper saw no reason to be loud or violent in his actions unless necessary, thus why he seemed so calm and quiet. He had spent his life being forced into silence, it was only natural to remain so.

As Kate spoke with the maid, Jasper leaned into her touch, letting his eyes drift closed for a moment until he was asked about Matt.

“He would sleep while I would keep watch.” Jasper said, remembering the time the two had spent together in the same cell most nights. “He needed it more than I did.”

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