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Kate stopped playing an end song abruptly. She watched her father stand and attention was given as the Lordship spoke in a calm deep voice. The mage gazed upon her charges as each expression turned to marryment to distress. When the ball was mentioned.

Kate had seen all the orcs she wanted and agreed heartily with Matt they were big and ugly brutes, violent and scary. She placed her lute in the case and held Jasper's hand. She knew from his dreams he was forced to fight younger orcs in death matches. It was one such battle that led him to the warehouse in Wildwood just months before.

A trip to the palace would place Jasper in contact with courtesans and soldiers. They gambled and lusted for money of Lord Draco's pit fighter. The pleasures of Lady Malora's exotic pets, Jasper especially being a Savannah cat was a favorite. Kate reached over and held her lover's hand. She saw him lower his head and he looked down at the floor when her father stood. It hurt her to see him fall into old habits when Lord Lyons spoke. He was trying to remain seated the expression did not hide his feelings of shame and regret. His eyes revealed the emotions Kate sensed from his hand. The mage mind spoke to Jasper, "Your not what you were a fighter for sport and a pet. I will make sure you are not recognized."

Kate saw Abby was relieved she could dress as she pleased.

The mage held her father's gaze, "Papa, please allow them to stay at the inn and not the palace. Their lives have been made mizerable by..."

Lyons extended his hand, "I know what you want Katie. Your charges are part of the Lyons household. They cannot be hidden from the court. Jasper, You have Kate's favor and her life is in your hands. Come speak with me tomorrow in my study. You need to be prepared to be presented to the court."

Kate gasped and covered her hand with her mouth, "Papa! Are you sure Jasper is ready? He can barely look at me and cannot look you in the eyes. Being introduced to the King's court so soon. Someone will recognize him. Abby clearly detests nobles. Matt, He is not ready. Maybe next year."

"It is late and this family is going to learn to accept their place as free citizens. My decision is final. Lads and Abby, you will see the King as free citizens and my children or wards. I have documents for you to sign. Abby, you are a free woman and transfer of domicile is needed. Matt and Jasper, you are freemen once you sign the documents. I could not think of a better Winterfest gift."

Kate squeezed Jasper's hand and leans toward him, "Big step and dreams come true."

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