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PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 8:19 pm 

My stress is stressed!

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This was not how Jay had imagined his day going. Sure, he had been dreaming of the moment when he would escape from his god awful cell, had spent many sleepless nights planning for this very moment, but this, this was something else. Keeping his head down, Jay shoved another person out of his way, hearing their angry shouts behind him, only mixing in with those of the cops who were also on his tail. He couldn't really remember how he had gotten this far, all he knew was that he had to get the heck out of here.

Skidding around a corner, nearly taking out a young couple, Jay ducked into a little cafe, pulling the hood up on the hoodie he had managed to get his hands on. He moved around the tables and customers as quickly as he could, trying not to draw attention to himself, which was not an easy feat when you're over six feet tall, and clearly in a hurry while police chase after you. He all but threw himself at the emergency exit, hearing the door slam against the wall behind it as he took off running down the alleyway and out onto the crowded street. He wasn't paying to much attention to where he was going, only slowing his pace to a hurried walk. Jay cast occasional glances over his shoulder, making sure he had lost them, before he merged with the crowd, head down, and hands shoved into his pockets.

To say he wasn't a little ticked when he collided with someone would be a lie. Couldn't they see him coming? Sure, he hadn't been watching where he was going either, but typically people got out of the way when they saw him coming. A few choice words fell from his mouth as he felt his backside meet the cold concrete, glaring at the person he had run into.


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PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:21 pm 

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a girl wearing a jacket with a hood over her head, black jeans and nike shoes, really show the seriousness in the expression of the face and red hair covering half her face, while she was on the sidewalk, she heard the sounds of police cars , but she didn't care, because it was not her problem

She kept walking, distracted with the own thoughts while walking, she was surprised to run into each other in a person, but after hitting, she immediately deduced that he was the fugitive by facial expression, body language and the way he walks, she just focused just prepared for the worst possible situation while ready to fight

the heart was so fast-paced that I could feel the veins throbbing in my body constantly while the lungs breathed wildly

her fists already were ready as she was facing the opponent in the eye but which can see all his body with peripheral vision,but possible to feel the determination and confidence by the look in her eyes

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