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YJ: Next Gen (KioriYasha102 & Asterous)
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Author:  Asterous [ Mon Feb 01, 2016 5:34 pm ]
Post subject:  YJ: Next Gen (KioriYasha102 & Asterous)

The sounds of the punching bag getting beat echoed off the walls of the large gym, filling the silence with something other than angry grumbling from a certain Kryptonian clone. The rest of the team was away at various things so Superboy was left alone at the mountain awaiting any news from his new parents, Clark and Diana.

"They never tell me anything!" A hard thump to the bag punctuated his statement. "They could have at least let me come to the hospital." He mumbled, wiping the sweat from his forehead and sitting on one of the benches. Conner dropped his head into his hands and sighed, feeling the tension in his shoulders and back when he felt the phone in his pocket vibrate; it had been a gift from someone a while back but he rarely ever used it. Fishing it out of his jeans he glanced at the screen before answering a little quicker than he would have normally. Not two minutes passed with the person on the other end doing much of the talking before Conner replied with a, "I'll be there as soon as I can", and hung up. Stuffing the device back in his pocket he jogged through the mountain to his room, inwardly thanking whoever had planned the area for making his one of the closest to the gym. The hero quickly showered and found a somewhat clean signature black shirt and a pair of jeans before stumbling back out to the zeta beams. He quickly glanced at the clock hanging overhead and left for his destination -- he was going to have a new baby sister!

What would it be like? Would he like her? Would she like him? What if she knew he wasn't her "real" brother? All these questions buzzed through his mind as he jogged the few blocks to the hospital from where he had been teleported. When he reached the building he burst through the doors and up to the receptionist who glared at him for his less than graceful entrance.
"Can i help you?" She lazily scrolled through the list of patients on her screen, turning her gaze back to him from time to time.
"Clark Kent, where is he?"
"I suppose you're also looking for Diana? Are you family?" Conner momentarily froze and was about to blurt out that he was Clark's clone when something made him change his mind.
"I'm their son, Conner Kent." The receptionist nodded and gave him the room number, watching as Conner nearly ran down the hallway with the news.

Author:  KioriYasha102 [ Mon Feb 01, 2016 6:41 pm ]
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Conner reaches the private hallway that was secretly guarded by Bruce and John. He could hear his new mother screaming in pain. It seems like the YJL received the same call from Robin. Robin goes to him and smiles, "I was told to contact you when she started. You can go in if you want."

If Conner goes in, he'll see Clark in his civilian clothes and Diana pushing to birth the first Kryptonian since Clark...only difference was that she was part Amazonian.

Diana screams again and Clark sinks to his knees in pain...Conner could hear his bones crack as she squeezed the life out of it.

Clark looks up and sees him. He pants in pain, "Conner, hey. Get on the other side of your mother."

Conner nods and goes on the other side of Diana who instantly grabs his hand. Another 30 minutes of screaming and bones cracking, Diana falls back panting letting go of the guys' hands. Clark flexes it as the doctor looks over the child and cleans her off. Five minutes more until the nurse smiles bringing a pink blanket of joy.

"It's a girl....congratulations, Mr and Mrs. Kent.", the nurse says handing Diana her baby. The parents smile overjoyed at the cooing baby. Diana passes her to Clark who kisses her head.

"What do we name her?", Diana asks. Clark thinks then looks to Conner....he gets up and walks to him giving him his little sister.

"You name her, Conner.", his father smiles at him.

Author:  Asterous [ Tue Feb 02, 2016 5:44 pm ]
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To say he was shocked was an understatement, the kryptonian clone was beyond comprehension. When Clark neared him with the bundle he instinctively took a step back, holding his hands out before him in an attempt to say no until his mind could catch up with what was going on. When his back met with the cool white wall and Clark handed him his new baby sister Conner couldn't help but let a smile spread across his face. Clark's question went unanswered, instead Conner's attention was stolen by the warm bundle in his arms.
"I...what about Krystal?" He wasn't sure where the name had come from but it sounded right. He walked around the side of the bed, careful of the delicate being he held and gently placed her in Diana's arms.

He couldn't believe it, he was a big brother now. Once more, he stepped back from the bedside and took in the picture before him of his family.

It was than that a light knocking on the door brought his attention back to the moment. It was Bruce.
"You have a visitor." A faint smile lifted the corners of his mouth as the man opened the door a little more to allow Selina to enter holding a sleeping one year old to her chest.
"Congratulations Diana, Clark." She nodded towards the kryptonian before moving to stand next to the bed and peer down at the little girl. "She's going to be a fighter, just like her parents."

Author:  KioriYasha102 [ Tue Feb 02, 2016 6:00 pm ]
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Clark smiled at his friend nodding, "So is yours, Bruce......we couldn't be happier."

Selina laughs, "Yes, now you have your own personalized family, Clark."

She looks down at her own son smiling and kisses his head. Diana looks and jokingly asks, "Isn't he normally up like his night owl parents?"

"Nazo tuckered himself out today.", Selina smiles, "He crawled all around the mansion."

Robin enters behind them and stood beside Conner, "This is crazy, isn't it? The Big Three have children and we are counted as one of them...."

If Conner looks at him in confusion, Robin gestures to Selina who is now sitting beside the new mother.

"Selina told Bruce to officially adopt me as his own son and he did....that happened earlier today."

"Wow...." is all Conner could manage. He was still in slight shock that he was a big brother now and he got to name her.

Author:  Asterous [ Thu Feb 04, 2016 8:13 pm ]
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If you had told Conner that morning that by that night he would be a big brother, having gotten to name to name her too, and that his best friend would be adopted finally he wouldn't have believed you. But here they were and that had been exactly what had happened.

He looked around at his family, and the Bat family, together in this small room and couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by how loved he felt for the first time in what felt like forever. He knew it wouldn't be long before little Krystal would be walking and maybe even discovering powers of her own. Maybe he could teach her? Unlike himself who was taught everything by G-gnomes by Cadmus his little sister would learn everything for herself, he would be sure of it. Already he could feel a sense of protectiveness towards her, even feeling slightly annoyed when a nurse came in to check on Diana and her.

Selina stood next to Bruce, watching the newborn in her mother's arms as the child in her own arms squirmed slightly as he woke and peered around the room for himself, catching sight of the little girl before him. Selina brought him closer.
"This is Krystal. I'm sure you two will become the best of friends." She kissed the top of his head as he watched Krystal from this new view.

Author:  KioriYasha102 [ Thu Feb 04, 2016 8:56 pm ]
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Nazo looked down at the girl and she looked back at him....and both seem to smile.

The nurse smiles at them and leaves them on their own. She walks down the hallway before communicating to a radio.

"The baby is born...ready the plan."

Another voice chuckles, "Good....good"

Three years later

The Bat family and Super family were getting ready for Krystal's birthday party. She and Nazo were running around the house playing Batman vs Superman....well Supergirl since she was female. It looks like she is winning because Nazo was on the run. As Selina predicted, the two became best of friends when both could comprehend the means of friendship. They basically did everything together and today they celebrated by fighting like their fathers.

Selina is watching them happily, "This is too cute, guys. You should see them."

Batboy, Nazo calls himself, pulls out one of his mothers emeralds and cries out, "Kryptonite!"

Supergirl stop and gasp, "Oh no!!"

She falls weakened pretending the "green k" was affecting her. Nazo smiles then notices her lying completely still. He panics and goes to her.

"Krystie? Krystie!", he cries. She smirks and tags him, "Gotcha!"

She gets up and flies off. Nazo growls playfully, "Why you!"

They laugh and begin to play again.

Conner and Robin were out at pet market. They were looking for a present for his sister.

"Are you sure about a pet?", Robin asks, "She is only three."

Author:  Asterous [ Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:11 am ]
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Conner continued to walk, pausing ever so often to peer into a window or cage to watch the animals inside.
"I think it would be good for her, after all aren't animals suppose to be like a person's best friend?" Robin laughed behind him,
"That's dogs."
"Then we will get her a dog." The two walked in silence until they came to a place that sold puppies and walked in. Conner was surprised to see the amount of different breeds all jumping for attention and yapping away.
"I didn't think there would be so many." He walked past the puppy "play pen" sizing up each one, his sister could only have the best. When it felt like they weren't getting anywhere he finally settled on a small golden lab pup.

Back at the house the two kids were still playing Batman vs Superman, much to the amusement of the adults. Nazo had somehow gotten himself on top of a tall bookcase and was throwing fake batarangs at Supergirl when he suddenly stopped and pointed behind her.
"Supergirl! Doomsday is behind you!" The Bat Boy leap from his perch, flipped in the air once, and landed beside his best friend.

Bruce, who had been walking by at that point stopped.
"Doomsday? Who told you about Doomsday?" He picked the two children up and began to move out of the room. "Anyway, it's almost time for cake. I wonder where the other two are?"

Author:  KioriYasha102 [ Sat Feb 06, 2016 1:03 pm ]
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They studied the puppy until the shopkeeper approach them.

"I have a better puppy than him...though he is quite adorable.", he says. Assuming they listened, he takes him to a sole puppy with an all white coat.

"This puppy is unique. He unreasonably strong with a very friendly attitude. He is so strong in fact that I nicknamed him Superpup since he reminds me of Superman in dog form. You can have him for $400. That's a bargain for what I want to sell him for."

Krystal was dodging the batarangs before she gasps turning around as "Doomsday" approach her. She was grateful her best friend was there to warn her. However, their play time was interrupted by Bruce.

She smiles at him saying, "We have been reading through the archives. We got bored on the computer so we looked through the files. They are so interesting, isn't that right, Batboy?"

Krystal smiles towards him as he carried them to the kitchen and set them down at the table.

Author:  Asterous [ Mon Feb 08, 2016 6:22 pm ]
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Bruce frowned upon hearing this news, he would have to put better security on those files, at least until the kids were older.

Conner followed the shopkeeper to the white pup and studied it closely. There definitely was something different about it, and after hearing what the shopkeeper said about it Superboy couldn't help but smile. What better family for a Superdog than that of Superman himself?
"We'll take him." Conner pulled what money he had out, and after being supplemented by Robin and his generous cash the two soon found themselves walking back to the house with Superdog.

"I hope Krystal likes him." Conner watched the pup as it sniffed the air on its way home. When they got to the house Krystal and Nazo were nowhere to be found, at least not in their usual romping ground but the three soon found the kids when laughter sounded from the kitchen. Following the sound Superboy and Robin would find everyone eating cake and over all being a family together. Picking Superdog up and smiling sheepishly at Clark when he eyed the animal in his son's arms.
"Happy birthday Krystal." Superboy brought the pup to where his sister had been placed, watching her face closely for what she thought. Nazo, seeing the dog giggled and scooted closer to be within distance of its pure white fur.
"Daddy, how come I can't have a dog?" He asked, looking up at said Bat with his own impersonation of the batglare.

Author:  KioriYasha102 [ Tue Feb 09, 2016 10:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: YJ: Next Gen (KioriYasha102 & Asterous)

Krystal squeals in glee and hugs the puppy.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love him! I am naming him Krypto!", the three year old exclaims

Krypto barks happily and wags his tail. He already had a collar on his neck which was green like green Kryptonite.

Bruce chuckles and pats his head, "Maybe for your birthday, Batboy."

"I have a side pet now! I can take you on, Batboy", his best friend boasts.

"Not till after more presents, sweetheart.", Diana says bringing the two teenagers a plate. She says to them, "The rest of the YJL can come over if you don't want to hang out with your siblings all day."

Krystal overheard that felt disappointed her big brother might not want to spend all her birthday with her. She understood, however, if he and Robin didn't want to...they were just kids and they were important teens who save the world like their parents...

She sighs and eats her cake before throwing some at Nazo.

"Ha! Take that, BBoy!", she says sticking her tongue out.

Unknown to the families, Krypto's collar was a secret tracking device for Lex Luthor. He smirks in his office as he saw that the blunder friends took the dog injected with the rest of Superman's DNA. It wasn't of his own creation....rather some sicko experimenting with gene splicing on a dog. Lex actually got the guy arrested but he saw the puppy as an opportunity to get Superman's child....what little kid doesn't like puppies especially little girls? He laughs and puts his plan into motion.

Author:  Asterous [ Thu Feb 11, 2016 8:14 am ]
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Nazo pouted and crossed his arms, watching Krystal with her new dog Krypto. Every time he had asked for a pet it had always been the same answer of "Maybe when you're older" or "Not right now". He perked up when Krystal announced she now had a side pet.
"Well I've got a cave of bats!" He jumped up from where he had been sitting and looked up to Bruce. "Right?"

Conner watched the two, happy for Krystal and Krypto, they would get along just fine. When Diana told him and Robin that the rest of the team could come over if they didn't want to spend all day with their siblings he politely declined.
"I spend every other day with the team, today I want to be wit her." He gestured to the little three year old who had started a cake fight with the bat kid.
"Hey!" Nazo shouted, wiping the cake off his face but leaving a smear of icing. He glared at Krystal before a smile broke over his face and he threw some back, causing Krypto to back up to avoid the mess.

Conner could see that this was going to result in a big mess so before the two could throw anymore food he scooped Krystal up and hugged her.
"Happy birthday Krystal." He could feel the cake on his shirt now but ignored it in favour of his little sister. "How about we go outside?" Nazo looked up at Selina and Diana who had been moving in to clean up the cake.
"Can we? Please?" He drew out the please, hoping they would say yes.

Author:  KioriYasha102 [ Thu Feb 11, 2016 10:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: YJ: Next Gen (KioriYasha102 & Asterous)

Selina smiles and nods, "Yes, you may."

The kids cheer before Diana voices, "But no using powers besides flying!"

Krystal groans but nods. The older brothers take them outside to play. Most of the time was spent as the kids being the heroes and the older siblings being the villains. It really lasts all day with this only stopping for dinner. Eventually, the kids tuckered themselves out and wanted to relax.

Since Krystal and Nazo were so young, their parents and big brothers didn't worry about them doing anything naughty while they slept in the same room. The worse thing they could do was snuggle together in the same bed.

Robin lays Nazo on the guest bed and Conner laid Krystal in her bed. Krypto jumped up and curled next to the Kryptozonian. After goodnight hugs and kisses, the older beings left them to sleep off their day.
Unknown to any of the families, this happy day will end tragically.

Author:  Asterous [ Wed Feb 17, 2016 9:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: YJ: Next Gen (KioriYasha102 & Asterous)

Conner and Robin returned to the living room, ready to relax themselves after playing with their younger siblings for most of the day.
"I wonder what the team was up to while we were gone." Robin said as he dropped down on the couch. Conner was about to reply when a loud crash interrupted and Lex's forces invaded the room.

"Find the kid and get out." The lead man spoke to his men as some fanned out to search while others prepared for battle. Bruce, Selina, Diana, and Clark soon joined the two teen heroes against the men, none thinking to get the kids in the heat of the moment.

The fight didn't last long with the six of them pushing the last of the men out.
"That was unexpected." Clark said as he helped Bruce move the bodies of some of the unconscious men out.
"Yes, I wonder what they were after." Selina perched on the edge of the slightly ruined couch, she knew their was a small fortune in the house what with all the furniture, paintings, and overall wealth but this hadn't seemed like a burglary. Conner was standing off to the side, watching everyone talking and moving things out of the wreaked room when a thought dawned on him. The kids! With a nod at Robin the two rushed to the rooms were their siblings had been sleeping.

Robin found Nazo on top of the wardrobe, wide eyed and frightened. He scooped up his little brother before heading in the direction of Krystal's room. When he arrived Conner was standing frozen in the doorway looking in at an empty room. They had kidnapped her. She was gone.

Author:  KioriYasha102 [ Thu Feb 18, 2016 6:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: YJ: Next Gen (KioriYasha102 & Asterous)

The adults did a quick change into costumes before they entered the fray...secret identity and all that....

As the fight downstairs was happening, the men that were able to sneak past the family found their target. One covered her mouth but Krypto bit his hand allowing for her to get a small yell in. Krypto was thrown across the room and knocked unconscious but Nazo woke to see his best friend being kidnapped. He tries his best to save her but he was chased out the room away from Krystal.

Conner was looking around the room frantic for his little sister before rage finally overtook him. He roars in frustration and flies down to one of the unconscious men demanding they tell him where they took his sister. He started accidentally choking the man and it takes Superman to loosen his son's grip.

Meanwhile, Krystal was inside a transport truck surrounded by Green Kryptonite. The glowing rock usually weakens a Kryptonian....and it was working for awhile. Krystal was crying scared and she wanted to get out. She made so much noise until one of the guards kicked her cage.

"Shut up, brat!", a man says

"I wanna go home!", she whines looking at him with sad eyes.

He kicks her cage again, "I said shut up!!! You aren't going home! Your home is probably destroyed and your family is being thrown in jail for being freaks!"

Krystal gasps then growls angrily her mood changing rapidly and the light of the green K was flickering. The guards notice this then look back a standing and angry Kryptozonian. Her body seemed to be glowing a little....

"I. Want. To. Go. Home!!!!", she screeches and grabs the bars of the cage bending them and charged at the guards. The attack on the men in the back wasn't pretty. She killed no one but the men would need intensive care after they were found. Krystal broke out of her confinement at lightning fast speed only to smash headfirst against a tree because she wasn't paying attention to where she was going. This action had a really big consequence. When Krystal woke up from her aching slumber, she had no memory of her past life! She didn't know who she is or what she is was doing. All she remember was hitting a tree....that's it.

Author:  Asterous [ Mon Feb 22, 2016 5:40 pm ]
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"Conner you need to calm down." Superman spoke to his son, one hand resting on his shoulder after having pried him from the unconscious man. Conner turned on the Kryptonian, rage burning in his eyes.
"Calm down? You want me to calm down after my little sister was kidnapped?" Storming across the room Conner stopped and heaved a sigh. "We have to find her."
"And we will, but if we can't do anything with you in such a rage. It would be dangerous for both others and yourself." Superman once more stood before his son, holding both his shoulders and his gaze with his own.

Nazo had squirmed out of Robin's arms and stood next to Krypto, his hands clenched in the animal's soft fur. He watched the adults in the room, his own parents stood together Batman behind Cat Woman rubbing her arm, while Wonder Woman watched Superman with Superboy. He soon walked over to Cat Woman who picked him up and hugged him.
"Mommy, why did they take Krystie?" Nazo buried his face in Cat Woman's neck, muffling his voice a little.
"I don't know sweetie but we'll figure it out." Cat Woman kissed her son's head and turned her attention back to the room. Batman had already moved to try and get some information from some of the men who were beginning to come to, and Robin was with Conner. Krypto had followed Nazo and now sat at Cat Woman's feet, she crouched down and ran her claws through his fur.

"Nothing." Batman stood up, another unconscious man at his feet. "Everyone of them refuses to tell anything."
"We can't just stop there." Conner stood toe to toe with the Bat.
"We will try everything we can but until we get a lead we have nothing to go on." Batman replied coolly.
"She is strong Conner." Superman once more tried to reason with his son but instead Conner stalked out of the room, slamming the door behind him as he left the house.

Author:  KioriYasha102 [ Mon Feb 22, 2016 6:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: YJ: Next Gen (KioriYasha102 & Asterous)

He was fuming and needed to get some anger out. He flew straight to the gym in the home and started destroying the training devices.

Above everyone was devastated but it started hitting home that Krystal was gone. Diana finally lost composure and moaned in grief.

"My daughter...", she cries as she slides down the wall, "My little Krystie!"

Wonder Woman sobbed into her knees with her head tucked in her arms. The mother was whimpering sadly and Superman sat beside her hugging her to his chest crying silently.

Robin goes to Conner trying to comfort his friend and calling the rest of the team in to help. Nazo finally releases some tears as his best friend was probably taken by bad people. In his little heart and mind, he had a moment like his father...vowing to find to find her or whoever did this to find her....he will find her...he has too.


Krystal is waking up in a prestigious was a fancy-schmancy place filled with rich brats that had no parents but plenty of money. She, however, had an unknown she was a charity case but she got no publicity. She had an attic room...wasn't too bad but it wasn't luxurious. She was also a maid for the place because of her no money life and she had to work to be there. Her payment was schooling at a prestigious top notch school called Gotham Academy. She was homeschooled by a nicer lady of the orphanage who convinced the head lady to let her go to school. That woman, ironically, is named Annie.

Annie discovered her on her way to the store and raised her in the orphanage. Krystal's reception wasn't....pleasant. She was bullied by both the kids and the headmistress of the orphanage. However, she got along with Annie and the rest of her staff. In the orphanage, her name Kasey because she was mumbling her name "Krystie" but it sounded like Kasey and she grew up believing that's her name. She also grew up with nightmares of her previous life but doesn't know what it was one besides Annie tried to figure it out.

Anyway, "Kasey" was waking up and readied for her first day at Gotham Academy. She was running late because she kept having to do things for the pricks and prisses at Lovely Home Orphanage.

She was an hour behind but made it there with the help of Annie.

A 16-year-old student waited at the front for his escortee. He was a boy of high standing. Great grades, greatly intelligent, good in sports, and was incredibly handsome....his name was Nazo Wayne, the son of Bruce and Selina Wayne. He waits until seeing a 15-year-old girl running in with smooth, elegantly long shiny black hair. Her school uniform was slightly crooked and her satchel was a bit messy.

She is panting running into the front office, "I'm sorry I'm late!"

Author:  Asterous [ Thu Feb 25, 2016 9:13 pm ]
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Nazo stood on the steps of Gotham Academy, he had been waiting for nearly an hour now and to be honest it was starting to wear on his patience. He calmly checked his watch, sighing when the device showed the hour had passed. He slid his sleeve back down into place before crossing his arms and leaning against the cool stone wall behind him. Being a student of high standing, Nazo wasn't keen on missing classes but he had been the "perfect" candidate for the position, or so the principal had said. He knew next to nothing about the girl, her file had been pretty empty from what he had seen.

Nazo was about to give up and head in when a girl with long black hair rushed past him calling out a hasty "Sorry" as she made her way to the office. Assuming this was who he was waiting for he followed her in.
"Hey, better late than never." He called after her. The secretary was none to pleased when she handed the new girl the schedule, and a late slip but Nazo settled her ruffled feathers easy enough with a smile and a few hushed words. Once that was settled, he turned back to the girl.
"It's Kasey right? I'm Nazo." He offered his hand to her. Now that he could get a look at her it struck him that there was something familiar about her. Had he seen her in Gotham before? Possibly.

Realizing that he was staring Nazo pulled his gaze away and took an interest instead on the package in her hands. "Let's see what classes you've got than." He took the envelope from her and pulled the papers out, casting an eye over the printed script and times. "Looks easy enough, but how about we go to your locker first and get you straightened out." He gestured at her crooked uniform and satchel. "You'll want to make a good first impression around here, all these snotty rich brats, and sell appointed aristocrats." With the last word Nazo did his best impression of exactly that, even offering Kasey an arm like a gentleman would to a lady.

Author:  KioriYasha102 [ Fri Feb 26, 2016 9:52 am ]
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Kasey blushed at the high standing student. He was incredibly handsome making her blush as he spoke....he looked so familiar...she held her head at the pain that shot through her head. Kasey quickly shook it off and gave him the envelope. When he spoke, she nod, "Right, ok"

She straightened her clothes, satchel, and fixed her hair before taking his arm and was escorted around the school. He showed her to her locker which was near a biology classroom.

"Here it is", he says, "You are lucky because my locker is three lockers down from this one. Standard protocol for the new student to be near her escort."

Kasey nods, "Yea." She was still stuck on his familiarity...

'I know him.....but where?', she thought then asks, "What's your name?"

"Nazo Wayne"

'Nosey Nazo! Always snooping!', a voice in her head says which made her wobbly. Her head throbbed in pain and she used the lockers for balance.

"Hey", he says concerned, "Are you ok?"

"Yea....a headache that's all.", she mutters....what was that?...this hasn't happened since she was 8. She groans as her pain recedes...why is this happening again? Kasey lets go of the locker and Nazo decides to move on to showing her around the school and its history. What amazed her was his vast knowledge of the place...

Tours like this usually last all day so, when the tour was halfway over, he showed her to the cafeteria where it was lunchtime. Kasey begins to get noticeably nervous.

Author:  Asterous [ Mon Feb 29, 2016 12:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: YJ: Next Gen (KioriYasha102 & Asterous)

As Nazo led Kasey into the cafeteria he couldn't help but notice how nervous she was getting.
"Hey, it's alright." He placed a comforting hand on her shoulder and smiled. He steered her to the line and order both of them lunch. As the two made their way across the cafeteria looking for a table, a group of guys sitting near the back flagged them down. Nazo rolled his eyes and moved to block Kasey from their view as much as he could while filling her in on all the information she could possibly need.
"Hey, Nazo boy! Who's your girlfriend?" One of the boys called out, causing a few other tables of students to turn and look in their direction. A scowl crept onto Nazo's face and he whispered to Kasey to ignore them.
"No matter what school you go to there always seems to be a group just like them." They found an empty table and sat down, Nazo facing the crowd.
"So how do you feel about the school? I know it's probably not the most interesting place in Gotham but..." Nazo was interrupted by what looked like someone's lunch hitting his chest and smearing the once pristine material. Calmly wiping off what he could with his napkin, Nazo watched as two of the guys approached them. He stood and moved to stop them from getting any closer.
"Would you two back off? Is it not enough that you terrorize the entire student body already?"
"Ha! Look, the rich brat's trying to stop us!" The two burst out laughing.
"Wha...what are you going to do? Bore us to death with history facts?" Nazo glared at them, a skill he had picked up from Daddy Bats himself and turned his back on them.

Everyday it was the same, these two and their crew acting like they owned the school.
"Hey! Didn't anyone ever tell you not to walk away when someone's talking to ya?" The first boy, much larger than Nazo grabbed the boy's shoulder and spun him around, grabbing his tie and lifting so that Nazo's feet just brushed the tiled floor beneath. By this point several tables were watching but no one dared to try anything.
"Maybe we need to teach Wayne here a few manners." Nazo struggled in their grip as the two dragged him away.
"What about her?" The second asked, noticing Kasey once more. The boy holding Nazo turned for a moment with a sneer on his face.
"Welcome to Gotham Academy." The two laughed once more before continuing out the doors.

Author:  KioriYasha102 [ Mon Feb 29, 2016 7:57 pm ]
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Kasey followed his advice and did her best to ignore them.....but once they put his hands on him, she growls. She got up slamming her chair away.

"Let him go and why don't you two inbreds pick on someone with the same IQ as yours!", she shouts and cafeteria oooooohh'ed.

They turned and looked at her clearly angry, "Whatcha say, newbie?!"

"Can you hear or is one of your inbred defects is being deaf?", Kasey snarked, "Let him go and pick on someone with your own IQ!"

They snarls and one walks towards her. He grabs her collar but immediately gets headbutted in the face breaking his nose.

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