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PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 7:44 pm 

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18 years ago, a witch from the Yama family. Had given birth to a healthy white hair witch. As the child was born. The Darogon clan had received word of the birth by the Mahomizu. The Mahomizu had formed "(Will be edited once name of demon is certain) and Yama". The head of the Darogon Clan had know the young demon that was matched to early. The young demon wasn't in training to become head of the clan. He couldn't also take care of a witch. So the head had decided to ignore the call. Not thinking about the witch. Only thinking of the good of the clan.

Being a witch is weak and powerless without a demon. The Yama family decided it would have been better for her to live in the human world. They had given time for the demon to arrive before taking the child to the human world. Taking the child to a orphanage. Not knowing she would never be taken under anyone wing. They had thought the orphanage in the human world was as nice as the demon's orphanage. The Yama clan felt as if it was a bad omen. They didn't bare any children after that. But they had mainly took the child in the human world. Because she was human like if she didn't have any powers. To their knowledge. They thought it was for the better of the child to live in the human where there was no harm to her.

They... were... wrong.

My name is Kirasumi. I'm an orphan, who no one had claimed. When I became old enough I moved out of the Orphanage. I got a job and dropped out of school. I had found I was a witch when I was 10. The first day embalmed in my head.
It was a summer day. I had found myself sitting on a bridge. Looking at my reflection, then a man peered over the water. I looked to see who it was behind me. This man was not like any other mans aura. It was like he wasn't human.
"Little girl, are you lost? Did you lose your mommy? What clan do you come from?" He asked me.
I shock my head. When he had asked me if i was lost. I shock my head once more when he asked if I lost my mommy. Which gave me sorrow in my heart. Because I did not have a mother. But his next question was odd to me. But it wasn't that much of a shock because I lived in Japan. So there was clans all around Japan.
"You don't know what clan your from?" He asked. A look of confusion came upon his face. I had shocked my head no.
"Huh, you don't know? Your a witch aren't you?" He had kept his confused facial expression.
"W-W-Witch where?!" I burst in fright
He gave a light laugh. "Your silly, but really what clan are you from?" He asked
"I'm an orphan. I live at the Orphanage down the street." I had said as I look towards the horrible place.
"Wait, who's your demon?" He asked. Surprised by the news he heard.
"Demon?! where?" I looked around in fright. I was scared to this point as a child. I was innocent. The man looked at me confused even more.
"Wait, you haven't been claimed?" He starred blankly.
I don't know what your talk about mister. Your scary mister." I got up and back up slowly, watching him. Making sure he wasn't coming after me.
"You don't have to be scared of me. I'm a Noble demon. Your safe with me. Only if I can claim you." He reached out for my hand.
Shacking me head. "No, no." I ran away terrified.

That was the first demon I had ran into. But after that I guess the demon had spread the word of a unclaimed witch in the human world. After that event, I had many demons on my hands. More lower level demons than anything. But to her luck, they didn't know where in the human world she was. Most demons failed to find me. By looking in the wrong places. For someone older then I was.

Because I was a demonless witch. I didn't let that get in my way from protecting myself. Before I had gotten sword. I had fought with what power I could take from the demon. Leaving them weak, letting me able to run away. But once I had gotten my sword. I was finished dealing with the same demon over and over again. So I had killed those who wouldn't let off trying to take me to bare children.

I learned all that I knew of the demon world from all the years I had fought to defend myself. I had gained alleys though my demons I have ran into. I had refused all demons attempts to claim me. Even if it was my Tamashi. I've did this to protect myself.


"Whew, what a long day. I hope I make it home in one piece."
I said to myself as I signed out of work. Seeing the time. I had groaned knowing demons were more active around this hour. As I had made my way home. I had ran into a mini mart. Remembering I had not much food at home. I picked up some food for the night. So I could go to the store tomorrow for better priced food. With more options. Once I left the mini mart. I had felt myself being followed. As I found a perfect spot to comfort the follower. Unwrapping my sword that was on my back. I had placed my groceries on the floor. I didn't know who it was. But I unsheathed my sword. Pointing it to eh follower. "Show yourself." I said darkly.

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