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Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nymeria
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Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Sat Dec 26, 2020 12:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nyme

There was an inherent juvenile air about the two of them, making Tanis feel lightheaded in a way that she couldn’t remember feeling in a very long time.
As the back of her legs collided with her bed, she found it natural to sit down on the edge of it, her hands still on Sinead, attempting to pull her down with her. Any amount of separation from Sinead seemed like too much to her and she wanted nothing more than to just keep Sinead close to her.
Now that Tanis was sitting down, Sinead was towering that much more over her, making her feel that much tinier compared to her. Had she not been sitting down, she was sure that she would have swooned.

Author:  Nymeria [ Sat Dec 26, 2020 8:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nyme

Sinead almost lost her balance as Tanis remained intent on maintaining her grip around her, even while tumbling over backwards. It made her giggle, hardly putting in effort to regain her footing.
Willingly, Sinead followed Tanis onto the bed, kneeling onto the mattress with one knee on either side of Tanis' thighs. It made her adjust her grip, arms lazily resting at Tanis' shoulders as her fingers combed through Tanis' hair, pushing it away from her face in the same motion that Sinead leaned in to kiss her once more.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Mon Dec 28, 2020 4:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nyme

Tanis felt so completely giddy and as if she was on the top of the world.
Sinead was by far one of the most beautiful people that she had ever seen and the mere idea that she wanted Tanis was enough to make her head spin. Nothing seemed real, yet Tanis kept finding new placed to touch Sinead, wanting to ground herself in reality in any way that she could.
Finally, her hands found the scarf that was around Sinead’s hair, carefully loosening it and pulling it off. Once she got to actually run her hand through Sinead’s hair, those short, tight curls, she couldn’t stop herself from smiling into the kiss.

Author:  Nymeria [ Mon Dec 28, 2020 7:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nyme

Sinead could tell by the shiver the touch sent down her spine, that it was the first time Tanis had run her hands through her hair. It made her breath hitch, exhaling a muffled laugh into the kiss and Tanis' smile. It was a silly differentiation, truly just one touch among others, and yet Sinead never wanted Tanis to move her hand.
As the kiss came to a natural end, both women grinning too widely to sustain it, Sinead relaxed her stance and instead allowing herself to sit down onto Tanis' lap. It lessened some of the height difference between them, better allowing Sinead to look Tanis in the eye.
For a moment, Sinead just beamed at her, thrilled that they were here together; then, after what felt like a prolonged silence, Sinead finally spoke.
"Move up," she urged her voice giddy rather than demanding, hands dropping from Tanis' hair to her waist in an encouragement. Doing her part to ease the task, Sinead shifted, once again standing up on her knees, one slotting between Tanis' thighs to improve the other woman's mobility to get herself properly onto the bed.
Sinead was still grinning when she added a more girlish, "Please, love."

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Tue Jan 12, 2021 5:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nyme

Tanis, always eager to please, especially when it came to Sinead, moved up on her bed, leaving more room for Sinead. It wasn’t like she had a lot of space and the two of them could only barely stay on the bed, but Tanis was still eager to make more room for the other woman.
“Alright,” she said, the giddiness of her tone easily matching Sinead’s, finding every touch intoxicating and finding that she wanted to touch Tanis even further. There was something so thrilling about getting to touch Sinead’s hair, finding it to be more intimate than the other touches they had shared, even if it probably didn’t mean much more.

Author:  Nymeria [ Wed Jan 13, 2021 4:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nyme

The way Tanis' hand remained curled around the nape of Sinead's neck seemed to invite proximity, urging the other woman to join Tanis properly on the bed. While Sinead gave in, following Tanis forward, she only did so far enough to maintain the touch. Otherwise, she made no move to change her position further.
There was a smile at her lip, having to serve as her only answer. The world had gone fuzzy at the edges with anticipation, and while there was nothing more Sinead wanted than to shower Tanis with praise, the words didn't come. Instead, she was left with a bright and adoring grin. "Yeah. Perfect."
Thankfully, the touches came more effortlessly. When Sinead once again relaxed her position, she kneeled onto the mattress between Tanis' thighs. Once again allowing herself to lean further into the embrace, Sinead steadied her weight against Tanis, palms flat against the inner seams of Tanis' jeans, fingers curling around the top of her thigh and thumbs stretching towards her fly.
"Is this?" Sinead asked, her touch stalling though she didn't remove her hands to phrase the question. Tanis was still too far away for Sinead to kiss her, but instead offering space for Tanis to offer her her honest answer.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Sun Jan 17, 2021 4:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nyme

It seemed absolutely surreal to Tanis that this was actually happening, that there really was a reality in which Sinead wanted her as much as she wanted her. It almost made her want too laugh, just because she couldn’t wrap her head around it all.
It seemed so seamless, the way that Sinead was touching her and seemingly kept pushing them further. It was intoxicating and Tanis desperately wanted more.
Yes,” she breathed, finding that words didn’t come to her as easily as they normally would. Seeing Sinead between her legs, so intent on making this happen, was more than she could have ever imagined.

Author:  Nymeria [ Sun Jan 17, 2021 8:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nyme

It was hard to hide just how pleased Tanis' response made Sinead. It was hardly surprising, everything seemed to have lead up to this point; it was the fact that they were finally here that kept the smile on her lips.
The explicit consent to the touches made Sinead's heart flip in her chest, breathless at the prospect. And yet, when she moved, she leaned forward not to prolongue the touch but rather to meet Tanis' lips in a kiss, still wanting that intimacy more than anything else.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Tue Jan 19, 2021 1:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nyme

As they had gotten dressed once more and Tanis was showing Sinead to the door, she was back to feeling giddy like a school girl. Even if she had just lived it, it still seemed surreal to Tanis and she knew that it was probably going to be several hours before she would properly realise what she had just done.
She wanted to say something, but she kept finding that she had no words. In fact, even looking fully at Sinead seemed too daunting by now, feeling like she might be overstepping if she tried to keep any amount of eye contact. She wasn’t ashamed of what they had just done, finding that she had enjoyed herself far too much for that, but Sinead was still beautiful and intimidating and Tanis was terrified of doing anything wrong.

Author:  Nymeria [ Mon Jan 25, 2021 2:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nyme

Sinead had thoroughly enjoyed herself. It felt like ages ago since she had allowed herself to fully indulge in something that didn't fit the traditional expectations of her marriage; once again standing in Tanis' entryway, she felt happy in a way she know could end up being an issue.
Her skin still felt flushed when she pulled on her coat, turning towards the other woman in the same motion as she readjusted it across her shoulders. Tanis, who didn't have the same intention of leaving the apartment, was in a worse state of dress than when they had arrived. It made Sinead's heart flip in her chest.
"When do you think I could see you again?"
There was a lot of nuance woven into the question, Sinead not intending on clarifying any of it. She didn't care whether she'd see Tanis at the house, a brief glance on her way to Avi's office, or if Tanis would ever have the intention of inviting her over again. Sinead would take anything Tanis was willing to offer, under any conditions.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Sun Jan 31, 2021 11:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nyme

The question was enough to make Tanis’ head spin, completely unable to wrap her head around the idea that Sinead would want to see her again. Her heart was hammering in her chest, still feeling giddy in Sinead’s company; possible even worse than it had been before.
“I don’t know,” she said, feeling that she had to answer, but also unable to collect her thoughts enough to form a proper answer.
Everything about Sinead kept being extremely intoxicating to her, still finding it completely unreal that the way she felt about her was actually reciprocated.
“Soon, I hope,” she said, still not wanting to be presumptuous, even if Sinead had been the one to ask in the first place. “Very soon.”

Author:  Nymeria [ Sun Feb 07, 2021 7:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nyme

The reply brought a smile to Sinead's lips; while she hadn't dared assume, it was easily apparent that Tanis' reply had offered some relief to her. As of now, everything about their situation was exhaustingly complicated, but Sinead felt certain she could resolve most of it, if given enough time and opportunity. It felt like Tanis had just given her that chance.
When Sinead stepped closer her smile had gone girlish, her mind going a million miles an hour with times and places in which she would like to see Tanis again; it translated to some giddiness as her fingers curled around Tanis' jaw.
Wanting to assure Tanis that it had been the right answer, Sinead leaned in to kiss her.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Mon Feb 08, 2021 2:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nyme

Even if it was far from the most scandalous thing they had done together, Tanis’ heart was still hammering in her chest. She eagerly stretched up to meet Sinead’s lips in the kiss. She was thrilled to find that her answer apparently had been the right one, even if she had hardly considered the idea that there even could be a wrong answer.
Every single thing about Sinead kept being intoxicating to her, no matter how many times she got to be in her presence. It was especially maddening whenever Sinead touched her, something that Tanis was beginning to doubt that she would ever be able to get used to.

Author:  Nymeria [ Tue Feb 09, 2021 2:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nyme

Readily inviting Tanis' eagerness, Sinead raised her other hand, this one, too, finding Tanis' skin. Her fingers pushing into the hair behind Tanis' ear, Sinead's thumb settled against the line of her jaw. For a moment, Sinead returned the kiss whole heartedly, almost making it appear as if she had come to regret her decision to leave.
Rationally knowing that decision was out of Sinead's hands, she eventually straightened her pose far enough for their lips to part. While Sinead had no reservations about leaving Avi to tend to himself for a night, Sinead understood that Tanis wanted her out of sight of her flatmates. Of course, she hadn't said anything of the likes, but Sinead didn't was to push, having a feeling that, in that moment, Tanis might have let her move in if Sinead so asked.
"I will see you then," Sinead smiled, girlish, before completely letting go of Tanis.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Thu Feb 11, 2021 2:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nyme

Even if Tanis probably should have seen the end of their kiss coming, yet it still felt almost violent to no longer but in Sinead’s presence. She couldn’t recall the last time she had been this infatuated by someone else, but she did know that she would do whatever Sinead asked her to right in that moment.
“Right,” she said, feeling like she was still floating from having been so close to Sinead and feeling unsure of how to land properly on her feet. She allowed her hands to fall as well, once she went back to the flats of her feet.
“I will see you.”

Author:  Nymeria [ Fri Feb 12, 2021 3:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nyme


Avi unlocked the door, still on the same stream of conciousness he had been the entire car ride home. He had gone straight from the office to the courthouse, then by the diner to pick Tanis up, and in the attempt not to forget anything he had been speaking them out loud; there was some urgency about him, wanting to get those thoughts onto paper.
"So the point is - the point is," he stuttered, mind catching the moment he had to take off his coat.
From within the house, Sinead called a greeting, further making Avi's mind drift, subconsciously turning towards it.
"Hi, you two," Sinead greeted leisurely from the couch, a magazine in her hand. Though she continued to flip through it, her attention was no longer on it, heartrate immediately quickening. Admitting defeat, she raised her gaze above the edge of the paper, looking through the doorway towards the hallway, knowing it to only be a matter of time before either of them appeared in sight.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Sun Feb 14, 2021 3:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nyme

The prospect of having to be alone with Avi had been absolutely nerve wracking to Tanis the entire, feeling uncertain if she would be able to sit next to him after having slept with his wife.
Luckily for her, it had been extremely easy to get him going on a tangent, the man exactly as frazzled as he normally was. It had served Tanis to calm down and just listen to the seemingly endless drone of things Avi wanted to remember.
Now, however, when they were back in the home Tanis knew he shared with Sinead, her heart was beating furiously in her chest, knowing that she could potentially be seeing Sinead at any moment. She didn’t really know what to expect from their interactions, especially not while Avi was around, but she was still looking forward to seeing her again.

Author:  Nymeria [ Sun Feb 14, 2021 6:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nyme

"Hi, darling," Avi called back into the void of their hallway. Even though his attention seemed to be on a million other things, his greeting still resonated of great affection.
Finally out of his outerwear, his eyes briefly flickered to Tanis; it was, however, apparent that the smile on his lips was intended for Sinead.
"We're just rushing through," he continued as he turned to better enter the house, shifting so that he could peer in through the archway to the living room; despite his affections, he made no move of properly crossing the distance to his wife. "I've - well, I think I've spoken the opening of Tanis' defense, and I've -"
"I won't keep you," Sinead interjected gently, knowing Avi better than to attempt to further fraction his attention. Besides, it wasn't really his, she wanted. Relaxing her grip, she lowered the magazine another few inches. "Go before you forget."
Avi's smile went crooked at the familiarity of their exchange, before blowing her a quick kiss and disappearing down the hallway.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Sun Feb 14, 2021 3:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nyme

Once Tanis got to step properly into the house, Sinead came into sight and Tanis found that both seeing and hearing the other woman was almost too much for her to handle.
She had thought that she would be able to separate the two of things; be able to just be there as Avi’s client and not think too much about what had went down between her and Sinead, but that quickly became clear to her to have been a naive thought.
“I’ll just, grab a cup of coffee,” she said in the general direction of Avi, highly doubting that the man would actually be out of his head enough to actually hear her, but she still felt that she needed and excuse as to why she didn’t follow Avi into his office immediately.

Author:  Nymeria [ Mon Feb 15, 2021 6:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Girls like girls (in 1958, too) - iamcrystalqueer + Nyme

Sinead had already been looking for Tanis, but it was at the notion that Tanis wouldn't immediately follow Avi into the office that Sinead instinctively sat up a little straighter, dropping the magazine onto her lap.
It was the first time seeing Tanis since they had slept together, and Sinead hadn't been able to anticipate how today would unfold. Before their arrival, Sinead had decided not to get too caught up in her own expectations; now, her mind and heart was racing at just the smallest amount of interest Tanis showed her.
It took Sinead several silent seconds before she spoke, a smile finally pulling at the corners of her mouth.
"I have fresh coffee in the pot," she said, referring to the thermos on the sofa table by her side. Her entire attention was on Tanis, however. "If you want to get yourself a mug from the kitchen."

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