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Queen of Hearts
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Author:  Gon Pro Hunter [ Sun Oct 07, 2018 6:35 pm ]
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Hearing Her Ladyship's willingness to look over the sample portraits was a relief. King Motto relaxed and let his gaze linger. Something was amiss? Her smile was a different one now. Was she enduring him? Was she still unwell? Perhaps she should be resting and had only come to dine because he had commanded it. Ah he was thoughtless indeed!

"My Lord?"

"Yes, My Lady." he was eager to grant her leave or whatever she asked. He would be a good husband to the fine Lady, and it would do to perfect his attentiveness before then.

"....But, if my observations are correct, you have me wearing your country's colors. Although I am unsure of the reasoning behind having to wear a blue ribbon in my hair."

Blinking, the young King felt himself coloring. As he was yet searching for words, his bride-to-be continued. . "...I will wear what you have asked on the condition that you wear red and gold."

Motto's eyes widened a little but only for a moment. He regained his composure and hardened it slightly while listening. She felt the same as he, this was clear enough. Motto hadn't considered donning her kingdom's colors for his own people, and wondered at it's possible outcomes. He had no wish to reject Lady Genevieve's request, but it had come as a shock. Her voice was soft and her words mild; touching his heart. He sensed the ears of his servants were all waiting for an answer as well as His Lady and took a small pause to steady his voice.


"Let us make new colors, My Lady. Our own...that represent our two one. I desire to match your gown at all times from this day forth. Whatever colors you choose so too shall mine be." It was the habit of his mother to follow his father's dress, and Motto wished to continue the tradition. The servants comprehended as much and had their own variety of feelings on the matter; some smiled while others did not.

"How like you this, My Lady?" He had sat up straighter and put on his best kingly manner but Motto's voice was uncertain.

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The brief pause between her words and his response felt like minutes. The King's face, for a moment, looked shocked. His beautiful brown eyes widened and his strong jaw seemed to slacken before he regained control and hardened his features. Surprisingly, Genevieve found herself saddened. She liked that brief second of genuine emotion. Of course, he didn't want to offend her and Genevieve couldn't fault him for that.

"Let us make new colors, My Lady. Our own...that represent our two one. I desire to match your gown at all times from this day forth. Whatever colors you choose so too shall mine be."

Genevieve lowered her eyes and frowned in thought, a gentle downturning of her lips, a finger bent along her chin as she touched the bottom of her lips. A compromise. While she didn't particularly enjoy abandoning her country's colors, it was a good compromise. However, Genevieve was unsure how to feel of the King's willingness to adopt new colors. A thought occurred to her, one that allowed Genevieve to come to an unfavorable conclusion.

"How like you this, My Lady?"

Genevieve folded her hands in her lap and shook her head slowly. "I appreciate your willingness to accommodate me, My Lord," Her words almost seemed sad to her own ears. Genevieve was a bit sad, she supposed. "But I can't ask that of you." Her eyes rose and met his and there was a kind of sadness there. "I am going to be queen to Gilthlore and, as much as I will miss Faldothia, I must embrace my role. In doing so, I must embrace your colors and leave my own behind." In an attempt to lighten the mood, Genevieve smiled and added "Despite how ravishing I look in red." She hoped for a laugh.

"May I ask, My Lord," Genevieve paused, giving him a quizzical arch of the eyebrow, a hint of her smile still remaining on her lips. "Is there any significance to the blue ribbon, or is it just a preference?"

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It was easy to see Lady Genevieve’s dislike for his suggestion, and King Motto found himself floundering. He wanted to please her so badly, but it was vital that he remain strong on matters of importance! "I appreciate your willingness to accommodate me, My Lord, but I can't ask that of you." She looked at him, and Motto felt paralyzed. He was loosing his ground. “... I must embrace my role. In doing so, I must embrace your colors and leave my own behind." Something sparked up within the King and his attention suffered; her next words met with a short nod. His mind was whirling and his heart’s vigor swelled. "May I ask, My Lord," Motto’s eyes refocused on the lovely Lady Genevieve and he was taken aback upon seeing her playful expression. "Is there any significance to the blue ribbon, or is it just a preference?"

A loud scrape tore through the otherwise pleasant atmosphere as the King stood quickly. “ not have to explain myself to you!” He was blushing furiously. “If colors are such a difficulty then we shall do away with them altogether and wear nothing at all!” A kitchen maid gasped. Motto knew he had gone too far and hated it. “Fear not Dear Lady, I shall not command it but offer it as yet another alternative for you to reject!”



“Woe to the man who is to be good enough for the perfect Lady Genevieve! Surely he must be a profound fool to ..”


Motto closed his eyes and lowered his head. Never in all his days had he lost his temper. He was shaking and nearly mad! He began to leave but thrust out a hand to grip the door’s frame. Hector was just behind him and gently pushed on Motto’s back for him to complete his exit, but the King would not move.

“You are free to dine as you please, My Lady, for this evening.”

With that, he strode away and the servants looked at one another bewildered. All except Hector and Elenore. And the old cook.

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" not have to explain myself to you!”

To say that Genevieve was taken aback by this sudden outburst was an understatement. She couldn't help but bring a hand to her neck and stare. Had she unintentionally offended the king? It would seem so! She conceded to his wishes. She expressed thanks for his accommodations. She tried to keep it light with humor. She racked her brain and found nothing. But there had to be something...right?

"If colors are such a difficulty then we shall do away with them altogether and wear nothing at all!” The gasp of a kitchen maid only partial caught Genevieve's attention as she listened to the King's tirade.

"Fear not Dear Lady, I shall not command it but offer it as yet another alternative for you to reject!

Genevieve stood, her own chair scrapping while her hands fell to her sides in tight fists. He had the audacity too- Genevieve's eyes narrowed and her jaw tightened. As his own words continued to flow, despite someone, Genevieve knew not, tried to gain his attention. One of her own maids, came to her elbow, touching it lightly.

"Woe to the man who is to be good enough for the perfect Lady Genevieve! Surely he must be a profound fool to ..”

Those words struck. Perhaps they were true? A man would have to be a fool to marry her. She would have to be a fool to marry at all. To think she had actually entertained the idea just this morning! Her chest rose and fell with her breathing, Genevieve was trying her very best to keep it steady as she watched his head fall. Oh how she wanted to speak. To tell him to cancel their wedding. She wanted to go home.

No. Her father would not accept that and would only send her away again. She would stay, but she would send a message. A very clear message.

"You are free to dine as you please, My Lady, for this evening.”

As the King left, Genevieve looked to Hector and then Elenore in return. "Did..I say something?" Her voice was cautious. She shook her head. "Nevermind." She, herself, strode from the room and to her own chambers, her maids following her. In her room, Genevieve was surprised to find portraits left there so soon. The King must have ordered them sent in anticipation of her agreement to look them over. They were so...intimate. Genevieve sighed. These people must have had months to fall in love with each other. She had only days. How could they expect her to stand so close to someone for hours without really knowing them?

Genevieve gently traced the paint strokes on one of them, wondering if she could ever have such a happiness. Why couldn't she? Because she was royalty and if she wanted to influence and change people's lives she needed to marry. It just wasn't fair.


Come morning, if asked to join the king for breakfast, Genevieve would refuse stating. "The king is free to dine as he pleases, but I will join him to meet his subjects." She would then dress not in an Ivory gown, but a golden bodiced one with red pleated skirts. Her hair would be drawn into a net of red gems and, pointedly, Genevieve would have one of her maids tie a golden ribbon to keep the net in place. While waiting to be summoned, Genevieve would spend her time in the library speaking with old Jorgensen.

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Elenore looked to Hector and bit her lip upon hearing Her Ladyship’s question. Both servants exited just behind their future Queen and hurried to their respective masters. King Motto had already torn his coat off when Hector arrived.

The servant quietly observed his King, careful not to let his smile show.

“I ...have NEVER been so humiliated!” Motto paced angrily and smacked a book from his desk. “How dare she ask about the ribbon! Shall I explain every little trifle to her? Because it would take days, Hector. Days to put to words my ...fondness. And hopes. OH BUT SHE WAS SMILING! Having a laugh at my sentiment!” Motto kicked a chair and pointed at Hector. “I was about to don her kingdom’s colors! To CONFUSE my own dear PEOPLE, Hector! I am nearly powerless at seeing a trace of sadness in My Lady’s eyes!” He turned away and threw open his windows. “This is unacceptable. I am … I FEEL WEAK DAMMIT!”

“It is not weak to care for Her Ladyship, Sire.”


“Not at all my Lord, but possibly in love.”

“Love? oh no no. ha ha ha.. Not so. I’ve seen lovers, Hector. It is much different.”

“Ah. I must be getting old, Sire.”

“Hector this is no time for laughing! I …! I require ice. Please. Cold water..”

The servant noticed his King’s averted eyes and body. “Of course, Sire. A bath then.”


King Motto found the rest of the day a blur. He was fatigued moreso now than ever, and distracted to the point where he muttered angrily to himself in the corridors. Twice he passed by the Lady’s chamber door, and twice he stocked away red-faced. It took two baths to ease his suffering, and the King fell into a trouble slumber. He waited in vain for the Lady in the antechamber and when Motto found out that Lady Genevieve had refused to come, he nearly punched a guard.


In less than an hour’s time, King Motto stood dressed in a golden uniform and wearing his crown by the open carriage. His gloved hands were clasped tightly behind his back while he watched the grand stair for signs of his bride-to-be. In spite of his frustrations and concerns, Motto couldn’t help but feel the joyful spirit that seemed to fill the air. It eased his tense mind, and calmed his troubled heart.

He would gaze upon Lady Genevieve if and when she descended, and offer his hand to assist her into the carriage. Many white horses whinnied and hoofed at the bricked way, they too were in a fine mood.

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Genevieve's morning with Jorgensen was a quiet one spent reading an old religious text. Until she could take the silence no longer. Who better to know of why the king acted as he did than another man? This began Genevieve's recounting of last night's dinner. Much to her dismay, Old Jorgensen only smiled and shook his head. "He is a man." His voice quavered with the effort to speak while his body trembled with age. "He is unused to feeling the influence a pretty girl has. And when people are faced with the unknown they become scared. And when they are scared, they lash out." Genevieve's gentle brow furrowed and she leaned back in her oversized chair with a huff. "Men are much more complicated than I initially thought." Genevieve muttered. "At least, this man is." Her grumbling got a chuckle from the old man just as a manservent approached, informing her of the King's request for her presence.

Genevieve slapped the stuffed armrests of the chair and rose to her feet. "I guess I should go. I'm sure he wasn't happy I didn't join him for breakfast." Although he had sent food to her room, which she didn't eat, despite how hungry she was this morning. The only reason she didn't eat was for a servant to find it and tattle on her, just to spite him. He had said some hurtful things to her last night. Oh well, she was being petty, so she deserved what discomfort came from it.

Following the manservent, Genevieve found herself admiring the stonework of the floor. It was a gorgeous cream color with blue flex. As they approached the front exit, Genevieve froze when her eyes met the King and she couldn't help but frown. He wore a gold uniform. She tore her eyes away and looked at her own garb, as if reminding herself what she wore. Yes. He was wearing gold to match herself. Almost spun around to her chambers to change right then! Alas, but he spotted her. He seemed in a good mood despite her absence at breakfast. Fine. If he was going to act as if nothing happened last night, then so would she.

Plastering a smile on her face, Genevieve descended down the stairs and took his offered hand. "My Lord." She spread her skirts into a curtsy with her free hand before climbing into the carriage. It seemed roomy enough. Until the King climbed in and the door latched. How could she have thought there was room for the two of them. Genevieve pushed back a curtain for a bit of fresh air under the guise of looking at the scenery. Stay calm. Stay collected. Putting her hands in her lap, Genevieve looked at them and cleared her throat. "You.." she faltered for a moment as the carriage lurched forward. "You look good." Nothing happened last night. Nothing. Genevieve forced herself to look at him, hoping to ease the awkwardness she felt. "Gold suits you. It goes beautifully with your complexion." Oh goodness, but she could feel his body heat radiating into her skin. "How was your morning?"

Author:  Gon Pro Hunter [ Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:03 pm ]
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Just before the carriage lurched forward, Motto’s men took hold of the royal carriage top and lifted before moving the rooftop away completely. The cool morning air would whirl in to greet Lady Genevieve and she was soon bathed in light. The King’s mouth opened but he said nothing as he observed the way her bodice made the sunlight dance. The carriage, now halved offered an easy view of the royal pair and it’s wheels began to turn as the horses did pull.

"You look good."

His coat was already choking him. He had not been so hot and stuffy in the castle.

"Gold suits you. It goes beautifully with your complexion."

King Motto swallowed in an effort to control his face.

"How was your morning?"

His morning had been filled with anxiety, shock, fury, embarrassment, and sacrifice. “I am quite well.” Motto was a terrible liar. He tugged on his collar and noticed her dress was almost touching his leg. “You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. GILTHLORE. their Queen. Yes. You are their beautiful Queen. WILL BE their beautiful Queen. When we marry.” He was sweating. Motto cleared his throat and looked to the castle’s outer walls.

“They await you, My Lady.”

There were fluttering flags or blue and ivory and waving people atop the wall and all around the gate. Trumpets announced the soon to be couple’s approach and cheering began. Flower petals snowed down as the carriage passed and Motto felt his heart become light and his coat comfortable again. This was a happy day indeed. The guards raised their shining swords and children danced. Older peasants waved and smiled while the knights swiftly rode their bedecked horses past in a flashy show of skill. Cymbals clashed startling one of the horses for a moment and the carriage sped up abruptly. The King’s hand flashed out to steady Lady Genevieve but was slow to move away. Their attentions would turn as they traveled down a steep hill lined with flags and people. All of them bowing as the carriage passed by.

“Do not worry, we shall take more time once we reach the castlevillage.” Motto said in a low voice.

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"I am quite well.”

His answer seemed so robotic. Perhaps she truly did offend him and her pettiness didn't help? Genevieve suppressed a sigh and looked to the greenery. She was unsure how to remedy the situation and it irked her.

"You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." Genevieve blushed. She had heard such compliments before, but with the was different. "GILTHLORE. their Queen. Yes. You are their beautiful Queen." She hid a smile behind her hand as she lowered her head. His fumbling was endearing. "WILL BE their beautiful Queen. When we marry.” She wanted to reach out and touch him, to sooth his anxiety.

"They await you, My Lady.”

The sheer number of people surprised Genevieve, even though she had seen just as many the day before. Blue and ivory flags caught her attention and Genevieve felt a bit guilty for not wearing what the king had commanded. No. This was the last time she would be able to wear Faldothia's colors and she would wear them with pride. The petals that drifted in the air lightened Genevieve's mood and she smiled to herself as a few got stuck in the King's hair. She waved to the people as they passed. No one seemed to notice, or if they did, they didn't mind, that they weren't wearing blue or white. A few of the children sheepishly approached with blue and white flowers, which Genevieve took with a smile or kind word. In no time she had enough for a bouquet.

The lurch of the carriage threatened to spill her off the seat, had it not been for the King's steadying hand. Where he had touched seemed to burn and her heart fluttered. Oh goodness, not this again. Genevieve looked to her lap to calm herself, when an idea occurred to her. Taking a few of the flowers given to her and the ribbon from her hair, which incidentally let her hair loose now that nothing was holding up the netting, Genevieve fashioned a sort of boutonniere. If allowed, she would place it in the chest pocket of his uniform with her own sheepish smile. "Thank you for representing Faldothia, but Gilthlore has the right to be here," She'd touch just below the flowers, where his heart would be. Oh goodness was she blushing?

"Your people are so...happy to see you." Her attention had returned to his subjects. "After the wedding," was she still entertaining the idea of marriage? "Are we going to tour the countryside? I think I would like meet more of your people. Back home, my father sent me all across Faldothia as his embassador. I know Gilthlore is much larger, but I would like to try, if it can be arranged."

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Motto was waving to the farmers on a distant hill when he became aware of Lady Genevieve’s closeness. He turned and stared helpless at her. Her fine was beyond his understanding and his composure suffered. The general noise died down a little as Lady Genevieve placed the ribboned flowers on the King. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind (even the smallest child’s) that it was an intimate moment they beheld. Motto’s eyes never left her face and hair..his heartbeat was thick with admiration for the Lady. And awe.

"Thank you for representing Faldothia, but Gilthlore has the right to be here,"

His body reached new levels of bliss upon her touch to his chest.

"Your people are so...happy to see you."

Nay, they were pleased for Her. Who could not be so?

"After the wedding, are we going to tour the countryside? I think I would like meet more of your people. Back home, my father sent me all across Faldothia as his embassador. I know Gilthlore is much larger, but I would like to try, if it can be arranged."

“My Lady.” It was more of a groan than a proper remark. Motto sat up taller and took her hand quickly, oblivious that they were reaching the first of the castlevillage’s town centers. “You shall have anything you desire. All you ask will be my utmost …” He was losing his mind. “...I am completely at your disposal..” He was a fool. “..Genevieve.” Her little hand. Her wondrous eyes. Her delightful voice. She would have him as a husband and see his people? Her people. Everything was hers. Oh to turn the carriage back to the castle and spend the day in the garden. To ride with her close on Fang through the glade. To be with her alone.

“Hail King Motto and Lady Genevieve!”

They had come to a stop and the carriage was surrounded by a happy people.

“Hail! Hail!

“Our Queen is lovely!”

“Our Queen! Our Queen!”

A child had climbed into the carriage and snuggled into Genevieve’s lap.

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"My Lady.”

His words drew her attention back to himself. As he took her hand, Genevieve looked at it for a moment, nestled in his own. There was a warmth there. She let it sink into her skin. She became vaguely aware of the carriage slowing. “You shall have anything you desire. All you ask will be my utmost …” There was an unmistakable passion in his voice. “...I am completely at your disposal..” There was a warmth in her belly she had never known, a flutter at the base of her neck, and her breathing quickened “..Genevieve.”

She looked up at her name and searched his eyes. There was a hunger to her own that she failed to hide. The way that he said it. The look of his lips. The helplessness of his gaze. Oh goodness but she wanted to kiss him. Genevieve bit her lip. All she had to do was lean in closer and-

“Hail King Motto and Lady Genevieve!”

The roar of the crowd shook her and Genevieve trembled. Regaining her control, she smiled to the crowd, waving. When a child crawled into her lap, she couldn't help but give the little thing a tight squeeze. These were the people she would serve. In 8 days. The idea was still terrifying to her, but for different reasons now. "What's your name, little one?" She asked the child as the crowd continued their shouting. "Bran."

"Well, Bran. Do you have a mother?" The little boy nodded his head with enthusiasm. He was speaking to his Queen. "Why don't you pick few of these flowers and take them to her." She watched as he scrutinized over his decision, wanting to pick the very best. "Those are all very good choices, Bran." Genevieve said while brushing the hair from his forehead. She kissed his forehead and sent him back to his mother.

She felt inspired by these people. With butterflies in her stomach, Genevieve took the King's hand and held it tightly. She was trembling. Despite her fright, Genevieve stood, using the King for support, and looked over the crowd. She felt as though she should speak: and Genevieve did.

"It warms my heart to see a happy and healthy people." Genevieve began as the crowd died down. "In 8 days time, Faldothia will have lost a princess and Gilthlore will have gained a Queen." The crowd cheered and Genevieve paused, smiling. "I can not say that I deserve such a loving people, but I can say that I will do my absolute best to serve honorably and keep only your best intentions in mind. I only hope that one day I can become a Queen that you can be proud of." There was a thunderous applause and Genevieve felt most of her strength leave her momentarily. She had faced her fears and came out the other side. Genevieve was leaning heavily against the King now, taking in his strength and smell. It occurred to her just what little space was between them and she couldn't help but lower her head to hide a blush.

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Motto stared dreamily upon the loveliest of all creatures on Earth while she appeared to speak tenderly with a child. She.. Lady Genevieve..the most delicate of maidens and ...his happy haze came to a halt. Lady Genevieve was rising to stand! Motto helped her and remained at her side with his heart clamoring for that silvery hair. Her Ladyship’s words were quite moving and many of the people’s faces beamed with admiration.

The cheering and love poured fourth as expected, only the King could feel his future Queen sway. Quickly he place his arm around her and guided Genevieve to sit while nodding to his Captain of the guard. It was known that Her Ladyship was still recovering from the journey. While his men made ready a path for the carriage, the villagers struck up their instruments and began to play a merry tune. They knew their time was through, and wished to send Her Ladyship off with music in her ears. Motto did keep his hand upon her waist.

He felt strangely calm. Strong. For her. The remainder of the journey he said nothing and simply kept close to the beauty and swooned at the every breeze that did blow her hair about. Motto did not wish to leave the carriage at all. It was with great regret that he removed his arm from where it fit so well and his fingers did tarry along the fabric of her gown. Pretty things were fine indeed, but nothing so heavenly as Lady Geneveive’s milky skin and silver hair and enchanting eyes.

“I would eat, My Lady, if she wishes it.” He glanced up in surprise at the stifled sounds from below. Waiting to aid Lady Genevieve’s descent from the carriage was the footman looking quite amused. Motto put the queer moment aside and continued. “Normally I have a hearty appetite, but lately I am finding my tastes somewhat changed.” Another muffled burst of laughter. “My Lady, are you well enough for dining? I am happy to postpone our meal if it pleases you.” The footman was shaking. “IS THERE SOMETHING THE MATTER?” Motto narrowed his eyes.

“No, Sire!”



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Genevieve enjoyed the silence on the carriage ride home. Home? Could she say, after 2 days, that the castle was her home? She was to be married. Unless the King went her away, it would be her home. At this moment, with the breeze blowing through her hair and leaning upon the King with his arm around her waste, Genevieve was content with the idea. She had all but forgotten the King's outburst at dinner last night and let herself relax.

The carriage slowed to a halt and the King's arm slowly left her waist, leaving behind a warm band that's started cooling immediately. She would be lying if she said she didn't wish it had lasted just a little while longer. "I would eat, My Lady, if she wishes it.” Genevieve, too, noticed the snickering guard and her brow furrowed. "Normally I have a hearty appetite, but lately I am finding my tastes somewhat changed.” The footman still could not control himself. What did he find so funny? "My Lady, are you well enough for dining? I am happy to postpone our meal if it pleases you." She went to answer but the footman simply could not contain himself. The King's response to the footman startled her.

"I am sorry, My Lord, but I've felt the lack of rest catching up to me today. Might I rest tonight and tomorrow? And rejoin you the day after?" After the King's response, Genevieve took the footman's offered hand.


The morning sunlight shone through Genevieve's balcony windows and she stirred. There was quiet whispers in her room and Genevieve opened one eye just a sliver to see Mildred and Lavern setting up her breakfast and clothes. Very ornate clothes. Genevieve groaned and rolled over, her hair a tangled mess. Yesterday's relaxation had done her good. She had enjoyed a warm bath, spent some time recanting her carriage ride with old Jorgensen, played cards with her lady's maids, and eavesdropped on a few noble ladies gossiping about her as she snuck about the castle unattended. Today she would be able to tackle whatever was thrown at her.

Genevieve hauled herself from her bed and slumped onto a chair at the table and rubbed her eyes as Elenore opened her chamber door. "What timing. You always seem to know right when I awaken."

"It is my job, my Lady." Elenore began combing through Genevieve's tangles.

"I think my fatigue compromised my emotions the other day." Genevieve spoke outloud while buttering some bread. "What else could it have been? I practically threw myself at the king while in that carriage. Speaking of: the design to take off the top? Brilliant." Genevieve took a bite. "I shall have to write father about- oh no. He'll be here for the wedding I'm sure."

She prattled away as her three maids helped her dress. With a gown as ornate as the one she was wearing, it took all three. The gown itself was ivory laced with a pale blue and sapphires lined the bodice. Genevieve felt the weight of the layers, but admired the craftsmanship. "Are we doing the portrait today?" Elenore nodded while the woman adorned her hair with a ringlet of silver. "Wait!" Genevieve's outburst made Elenore jump. "A ribbon. I need a blue ribbon in my hair."

The room in which the easel was set up was absolutely lovely and Genevieve, having been informed she was to choose the pose, chose to have the pair stand on the balcony. Not only would it be much cooler, but the fresh air would keep them brisk. Genevieve sat upon a chair, the weight of her gown forcing her to do so every so often, as she awaited the king. When he arrived, she rose and curtsied. He matched her own and he was beautiful. Both the painter and King awaited her instruction and Genevieve jumped with the realization. "Oh! I'm...thats right."

She went to the balcony and cautiously approached the King. She had put some thought into how they should pose. Guiding his hand around her waist, Genevieve stepped in close and pressed against him. She slipped her own arm under his and around his waist, using him to support her. Her other arm came to rest on his chest, his own holding her her upper back. Genevieve knew now why so many of the portraits were so romantic. The women needed help standing in such heavy ornate gowns! Genevieve looked up at the king, her stomach fluttering. "I apologize if I'm making you uncomfortable, My Lord. It's just this gown is so...heavy."

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"I am sorry, My Lord, but I've felt the lack of rest catching up to me today. Might I rest tonight and tomorrow? And rejoin you the day after?"

“Please rest, My Lady..this castle is yours.” Motto bowed to Lady Genevieve and felt himself dying inside. As soon as he was able, he raced to his chambers and Hector was waiting there to assist him out of his coat.

“Thank you. AHHHHH that’s so much better! I...Oh.”

“Ice, Sire?”

Motto bit his lip and clamped a hand onto his own forehead. “No. I will not do this ANY LONGER!”

“This? Sire?”

“This… this...crazed animal...nonsense!” The King moved to the window and opened it before removing his shirt. “I’m losing my mind, Hector. I’m literally mad at a moment’s notice if the princess is near.”

Hector noticed the different way his King had referred to Lady Genevieve but said nothing.

“I know not what I will say next! Hear, My Lady! Take the entire land of Gilthlore and do as you please! Leave no small whim unfancied! Lock me in the dungeon if it is to your liking!” The thought of Lady Genevieve locking him in the dungeon made him feel light headed. “HECTOR HELP ME!”

“Sire..I -”

“NO. I … SHALL DO IT ON MY OWN.” The young King quickly got down onto the floor and began vigorous exercises (push ups). He was extraordinarily fit and did them regularly, making it simple for him to carry on with his thoughts. “I am to get control of myself and cease this foolishness here and now. Of course I shall be a kind man, Hector. It is well and good to be pleasant to the Lady. No more than a mere glance I will cast at her exquisite features. When she takes my arm, I shall think of a corpse doing so.”

Hector looked up from the book he’d begun to look at.

“Fine. A corpse is too gruesome.”

“A sickly old man perhaps?”

“Yes. Good. A sickly old man with foul teeth. No more sighing and groaning over her.”


“Well.. a little.”

“I see. This is serious, Sire.”

“Laugh Hector. Laugh at your silly King. THEY ALL WILL IF I DON’T MASTER MYSELF!”

For the rest of the day the King focused on not thinking about Lady Genevieve. That evening he continued his discipline and into the night. He knew the servants would inform him if Her Ladyship needed anything. The following day, he found it a little empty during meals but simple ate faster and busied himself with documents. He met with his general advisors late in the evening and was shocked to learn that a payment was due to Faldothia.

“Had I known of this I…”

“What, Sire? Would have refused?” A sharp man in grey clothes narrowed his eyes at the King. “Did you think that Gilthlore would simply barge in to any kingdom and take their noble maidens without question?”

“No..of course not..I..”

“It was an agreement, Sire. These things are done all the time.”

“Was it with my parents?” Motto got to his feet in anger. He felt terrible and strange. The advisory board grew silent. The King startled them with a violent bang on the table with his fist. “WAS IT?”

“No, Sire..” Hector answered from the doorway. This elicited several unhappy looks from the advisors. “Your father and mother had unique circumstances.”

The next day Motto stood dressed in his royal finery and strode to the west wing where the painter had been given space to work. He wondered if Lady Genevieve knew of her price. Perhaps she would feel embarrassment or resent him for it. He entered and stopped. Her gown was almost as beautiful as she was. He bowed and waited for the painter to begin. The painter looked to Lady Genevieve and the next thing Motto knew, his arms were being guided to...his hairs stood up on the back of his neck in such close company with Her Ladyship. Her body moved yet closer and he nearly trembled. Motto had to focus on NOT gripping her as firmly as he wanted to, while yet her HAND TOUCHED HIS CHEST and HE DID SWOON.

“hhhhhhhHeaven is this.” He muttered, color burning his features and eyes closing to alleviate himself of the delicious view. ‘NO. TAKE BACK YOUR STRENGTH.’ He chastised himself and frowned with effort. “I have endured many portraits. This one will be easier because even if you faint I can still hold you and the painter will be able to finish his work.” His hips screamed to move even if only a little and Motto was glad for her heavy skirt. Even still, could she tell of his hardship and would she ever forgive him?

“Sire..! Your nose!”

Motto blinked in confusion and felt something wet on his face. He was bleeding from the left nostril.

Author:  QuiteContrary [ Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Queen of Hearts

Genevieve was admiring the threadwork of his garb, the color choices, the way the light reflected off the stitches. Anything to keep her from looking at his face, for she knew if she did she would kiss him. As unaware of the...struggle the king was having with their proximity as she was, Genevieve was dealing with her own. His body heat, his smell, his strength. Just this morning she had chastised herself for 'throwing' herself at the king and here she was wanting to do it again! Genevieve felt an incredible thirst and her cursed gown trapped in heat. She could feel her temperature rising. It certainly didn't help to feel his arms around her. Imprudent thoughts swam in her mind's eye and Genevieve's blush reddened not only her face, but her lower neck and bared shoulders.

"I have endured many portraits. This one will be easier because even if you faint I can still hold you and the painter will be able to finish his work.”

Genevieve let out a long, slow breath. Her heart fluttered at the sound of his voice and the recalled the helplessness it held the last time he had said her name. Why, in God's name, was she reacting this way?? She had had many suitors and was no stranger to courting, but NOTHING had ever made her feel so...incapable. Incapable of controlling herself, or her emotions. It all began her first night: he took her by the arm and corrected her. She wanted to kiss him then and there, but couldn't admit it to herself. Would it have been different if he had been wrong? Surely. She had known suitors to assert themselves with her, but purely for dominance. He had done so only to get his point across and it had worked.

“Sire..! Your nose!”

Genevieve looked up in alarm, her eyes widening. "You're bleeding." Her words were breathless and she broke contact to sit in a chair, fanning herself with her hand as one of her ladies maids approached the King with a handkerchief. With some distance between them, Genevieve's head began to clear. This was only a portrait. She'd had portraits done before. They were either with family, or alone, but that was beside the point. She was acting like a child. "I.. I'm thirsty." Her mouth felt dry. "Water, please. I need some water." Her other ladies maid brought her a glass from a pitcher that sat on a table in the corner. When had that got there? In those few moments with the king, everything else seemed to disappear. "Thank you." Genevieve barely got the words out before she gulped down the contents of her cup.

Author:  Gon Pro Hunter [ Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Queen of Hearts

Her body. So close to his. She was moving away! He didn’t let go as quickly as manners might dictate in such a circumstance, but Motto cared not. She was going to be his dear Queen. And she was exquisite. And her dress was beautiful. And her-- He turned away to adjust himself the moment they parted; his lower extremities being of more importance than his bleeding nose. He was taking several cleansing breaths when a handkerchief was held out to him.

“Thank you.” He nodded to the pretty maid and did his best to let his hand fall casually over his tightened breeches. What a time to be affected.

"Water, please. I need some water."

“Yes, and I as well. Please.” Motto grabbed hold of the balcony and whispered to himself. “Old man. Old man. Old man.”

Just as Lady Genevieve’s water had been given to hear, King Motto did receive his glass. He gulped at the same time as she, and the servants stood there beholding a charming pair of flustered nobles.

“Shall we get started then?” The painter’s eyes sparkled. He wouldn’t need to add any touches to this portrait. It was already filled with feelings. Motto turned and stood ready, his heart filled with renewed vigor. His bodily dilemma was under control and he was refreshed. And eager.

“Indeed. My Lady, this pose is a fine one. It is happy and ….romantic.” He cleared his throat. “Fitting for us. BECAUSE WE ARE TO married. And.. that is a happy occasion. It also has ..implications..of tenderness of course. Such things are to be expected.. certainly..and I ...want you.” He stopped flubbing his words and strode to where Her Ladyship sat (or stood). Motto lowered himself to one knee and gently reached to take one of her little hands.


“I, Motto of Gilthlore..wish to have your hand in marriage, Lady Genevieve. I...have great admiration and...feelings..desirous inclinations..” A servant covered her mouth and Hector chuckled quietly. “..for you, Princess of Faldothia. I shall not take you from your kingdom or purchase you like a mere jewel. I would have thee as my bride. My Lady,..will you take me?”

No one said anything and the painter sketched furiously the lines before him as his mind raced to memorize the way the sun’s light fell on Lady Genevieve's face.

Author:  QuiteContrary [ Tue Oct 16, 2018 12:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Queen of Hearts

"Shall we get started then? "

The question the painter posed startled Genevieve and she issued her cup for a refill. Started?? Hadn't they already started? They had been standing for hours, hadn't they? No- the sun hadn't move any noticeable amount in the morning sky. She was handed another glass of water and this time, she drank it much slower as she felt her body temperature being to cool. She handed her glass to...someone, Genevieve was unsure and leaned forward in her chair, resting her chin on a hand, connected to an elbow propped upright on the armrest. Her other lay across her lap.

She was looking to King Motto. His silhouette against the morning sky. The strength of his shoulders. The way the sun cast shadows on his chiselled chin. She could just imagine running her hands through his thick hair and kissing those-Wait. Genevieve blinked, drawing herself from her daydream. What was he saying in that commanding, sweet and gentle voice.

"...are to be expected.. certainly..and I ...want you.” To say that Genevieve blushed was an understatement. She sat back in surprise as the King stood before her, her eyes following his as he knelt. She looked to her hand in his before his eyes and she searched them He, the King of Gilthlore, her most prestigious suitor, knelt before her to ask for her hand. Nobody had ever asked her before. There was no malice in his beautiful brown eyes, only hope and vulnerability.

"I, Motto of Gilthlore..wish to have your hand in marriage, Lady Genevieve. I...have great admiration and...feelings..desirous inclinations..” Genevieve blushed. She'd have been lying to say that the same desires hadn't been in her own mind. "..for you, Princess of Faldothia. I shall not take you from your kingdom or purchase you like a mere jewel. I would have thee as my bride. My Lady,..will you take me?”

"I.. " She was floundering. Genevieve couldn't put her thoughts into words. It was as if they were stuck in her brain. All she wanted to do was kiss this beautiful man, but she knew how improper-"Blast propriety." The same servant gasped aloud as Genevieve slid from her chair and onto the floor before the King

and she kissed him

It was gentle at first, her hands resting on his shoulder and chest, a tender touch of their lips. The warmth from before grew in her belly, rising to her chest and spread through her limbs. The gentle touching of lips became something more. Something passionate and Genevieve's hands moved to his hair. It was soft, thick, everything she thought it would be. She had pressed herself against his frame. As if coming to her senses, Genevieve pulled back, a blush finally catching up with her, most decidedly, improper actions. "I will. I do take you, King Motto of Gilthlore, if you'll take me." A flutter as she awaited his reply. Could this action deny her something she didn't think she could have? They had known each other but a few days, but Genevieve hoped there could be happiness here.

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