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Unexpected (Moonchild/Alanna)
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Author:  Moonchild [ Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:00 am ]
Post subject:  Unexpected (Moonchild/Alanna)

Name: Penny Blank


Species: Human

Occupation: Farm girl.

Appearance: bright brown eyes, brunette hair, slightly tanned skin. An hourglass shape figure with slight muscles from years or farm work.

The White Isle, what a bustling little town on the border of mountains and forests. The White Isle had mountains to the south, a jungle like dense forest to the north and civilization east and west. It was a town where most everyone knew eachother....usually.

It was the middle of spring and Penny was hard at work on her farm. She could smell the fresh forts and taste it too.Her brunette hair was tied tight in a ponytail. Her usually perfectly manicured hands were covered in dirt as was her clothing. She continued to pull weeds,plant and water seeds. One she was done, Penny stood up wiping the sweat from her forehead leaving smudged of dirt on her face. The slightly tanned human walked over to her strawberry bushes and began to pick them, inspect the and throw the ones that passed into a basket. She did the same thing to her cherries. People came up buying different things from Penny. Some bough cheese, milk or veggies. They knew that Penny's crops and animal products were the best the White Isle had.

Around noon, when the sun was at its highest was when Penny would step inside her farm cottage, shower, change and fix a fresh lunch with a tall glass of tea. She read while she ate before retiring to the back deck to continue her reading. Penny had plenty of work to do, but when the sun was at its highest in the sky, land work was dangerous. She could suffer from heat exhaustion or a heat stroke and being that she was single and lived alone, she would not be found right away. So for now she sipped her tea and read her book.

Author:  Alanna [ Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unexpected (Moonchild/Alanna)

Name: Alanna
age: late 20 in human years.
race: elf
Job: healer

Alanna walked around the front part of her house. which was more set up to be able to treat people for injuries or illnesses. Her long brown hair was in a lose braid that hanged down to her waist. she was wearing a clean white shirt and black pants. she was a bit on the skinny side but then again so was most of her kind. tucking a piece of her hair behind her pointed ear before going outside to check on the few herbs she had growing. whiching she was able to grow a bit more then what she has now but she just didn't have the time to tend to a lot.

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