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mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu
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Author:  Chemical Lady [ Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:07 pm ]
Post subject:  mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu

Katsuro was taking a walk in the neutral zone. Not that anyone but those involved knew that this was a neutral zone. It was still in the middle of the day, he didn’t have any work until that evening. Most of the places that were his clients only opened at night anyway. Even though he was in the neutral zone, he still carried enough armed weapons to be able to stand his man in case something happened. He was a man of honour but he knew that not everyone else was one as well. Common street thugs that were not part of any family tended to disregard the neutral zone. An offense that would not be tolerated from either side. People that were not involved did not know his occupation. Katsuro kept by the code of silence. Taking a walk on this nice sunny day was a good way to relax before his working day started.

Author:  hikutetsu [ Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu

A heavy sigh came came from Gergorio's mouth as he rolled an unlit cig along his lips, without it he'd probably shoot someone by now. Some underlings had screwed up a loan shakedown and he knew the client would have gone to the police for protection, or another gang for that matter. Now that got his gears grinding as he stopped where he was at, looking up at the small cafe and looking around, knowing other gang members could be watching, he headed on in. He knew punks would be driving out and scouting on various members of either family and had developed a habit of constantly looking around, almost bordering on making him paranoid. Looking around, he turned his head, "Gregorio, get your ass in here." came an annoyed tone of a female. She was a lady with blonde curls, painted nails, and a body with curves that got Greg's underlings panting, for now she had a scowl etched onto her face and as soon as he sat across her, a slap across the face knocked him out of his slight paranoia habit. "What now?"

Author:  Chemical Lady [ Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu

Katsuro lighted up a cigarette while walking. A child wasn't watching where it was looking and bumped into him. "Hey. Watch out where you are walking. Can't you see I am holding a cigarette, that's dangerous, kid," he said in a rather harsh tone. The mother quickly apologized for the kid and pulled it away from him. It must be that his tattoo is showing from his collar. Even if tattoos are common nowadays there are still people that will instantly think of bad guys when they see them. Not like that is wrong in this case. He looked at the window of the shop he was walking past. Maybe his expression was just scary? At least the words he had said were nice. Katsuro wasn't worried about being followed. Anyone that dared to breach the neutral zone would pay dearly for it. The little shopping district seemed peaceful. He decided to go to the park and sit on a bench there to calmly smoke his cigarette.

Author:  hikutetsu [ Thu Feb 23, 2017 4:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu

"What did I do now?" he asked, an equal scowl on his face as he was asked to remove his cig by a waitress and cursed under his breath, and rubbed his cheek were a handprint was forming. "You teaching my son how to be disrespectful?" she accused as Gregorio was looking out the window, catching a glimpse of the unknown gang member, "Our son-" he corrected before receiving another slap to the other cheek. "You teaching him how to curse? The school's called and one more swear and he's expelled." she said, clearing blaming him for it, "I ain't teaching him that." he said as he got up, "Is that all? I've got stuff to do." he said as got up, "I'll see what's up with him, Friday." he said as he got up and left the woman fuming. Of course he got flack for letting a woman push him around like that. Maybe a stroll to the park would calm him down a bit, he usually took his kid there as he walked on, lighting up a cig as he trudged along, thinking of his to-do list tonight as he tapped the glock he had on hand, soon. Soon.

Author:  Chemical Lady [ Thu Feb 23, 2017 4:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu

Katsuro was leisurely enjoying his cigarette as a guy came walking up to him, smoking as well. Then the other guy made a weird movement, at a place where typically only one thing could be hiding. Katsuro's first impression was that they guy was a total beginner. Showing that he was armed so openly. Better not get involved, was his second thought. It didn't matter whether or not they were from the same family. When not introduced by a party they both know, there was no way he would admit his loyalities or even his full name. Damn his father for insisting on the family name, as if aknowledging him as his son did any good to him. Judging from the red cheeks, the other guy just got dumped by his girlfriend. Yes better to not get involved, too troublesome. Katsuro stopped with secretly glancing at the other before he got caught and just looked ahead blowing the smoke in no particular direction.

Author:  hikutetsu [ Thu Feb 23, 2017 5:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu

Puffing out smoke as he walked on, the glock was there for his own security, his slight paranoid habits was almost a sign of weakness but then again if anyone knew which kid was his that'd be another mark of weakness too. He glanced over at the other man who also had a smoke as well, as the stranger was heading on his way. He probably noticed the handprints on his cheeks, making what he will of the sight. He stopped as he dug into his pants pocket and looked at the buzzing phone, -Get those deadbeats dead. Don't go waiting til night. Get your boys, leave no evidence.- A text from his brother, the younger one to be exact. He growled lowly, even his younger brothers had more power than he did. He rubbed his red cheeks as the family would get on his case for that too, and then another text came from his older brother. -Go shake up those thugs, they're sticking their noses in drugs- How the middle child managed to get ordered around by both brothers to do more work than what he had irritated him more than his baby mama slapping him around. Guessing he'd better get the dirty work done sooner than later as he went on his way.

Author:  Chemical Lady [ Fri Feb 24, 2017 7:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu

Katsuro's phone went off as well. He picked up without saying anything, only listening. "No... Patrolling the neutral zone," he said while looking at the stranger leave again. "Understood." He got up and put out the cigarette in his pocket astray. It seemed like one of his 'clients' wanted to make a run before he came around to make his rounds. He casually strolled along the road, almost looking like a normal business man. At the border to the turf of his family two men in suits were waiting and joined him without a word. Leading him to a black car with shaded windows. These two were his personally picked underlings. He had a few more but he liked these two the best. One of them was an expert on hand to hand combat while the other was an expert with any kind of blade. Adding himself and his expertise in guns, he believed to have compiled a good team. Silently he was driven to the location. It was a nightclub that was still closed for the day. The other two went around the back while Katsure approached the front door. His relaxed look had given way for a stern intimidating glare that could even make a grown man shrink away. And a grown man it was that tried to sneak out the front door. "My friend, where are you going at this time? Don't you know that today is collection day?" Katsuro spoke to the man in a semifriendly manner. Still the man jumped as if he had been shot at. While the man turned pale and tried to uther excuses, Katsuro gestured him back inside. "Let's talk some business my friend, come one."

Author:  hikutetsu [ Fri Feb 24, 2017 1:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu

Might as well take care of those thugs that were getting involved in drugs, hell, didn't they know the family didn't take part in those deals? What a hassle, he knew what his old man said about drugs and thugs, they don't mix. Sooner or later they'd be addict too and then the family would have to go and clean up their messes, and that was a pain in the ass. By now Gregorio was back in his family's territory and now zeroed in on the thugs and their drugs, he wasn't alone though, he had some of the underlings that worked with his siblings. He approached the soon to be druggie thugs as they were as the text had said, both in a haze of their heroin buzz, "Hey girls, look alive." Greogorio said with blank face, of course they were deep in their drug buzz and he shook his head as he looked at the thugs, "You blokes give these girls a nice ride out on the town. I have bigger fish to fry." he said as the men simply nodded and carried off the druggies into normal looking moving truck to look normal to the police. Now to go deal with those deadbeats who didn't pay back their debts.

Author:  Chemical Lady [ Sat Feb 25, 2017 6:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu

An hour later, Katsuro stood outside the night club again. He casually lit up a cigarette while being greeted by one of the neighbouring bar owners. Most people respected what the family did for them. They were man of honour afterall. Time to report his findings. He took out a seemingly old cellphone and dialed the number. There were no numbers saved in case something happened, he had to remember them all by heart. Sometimes the Code of Silence can be a little inconvenient. "Katsuro here," he said to the person on the other side. "The issue with the owner of 'Kiss Kiss' is done. It seemed he wanted to earn a little pocket money, but guessed that we wouldn't allow that. We calmly explained to him that we would gladly help him oversee such side dealings. Of course for the usual commission. Yes, I will report the rest when I get back." Katsuro hung up without saying goodbye. Such a hassle. Now he had to go back to the office just to say that the club owner wanted to sell drugs as well. He had wanted to take a run because he thought that the family wouldn't allow such dealings instead of just commissioning them to oversee the deals. Overseeing deals that have little to do with the law is also his work. Making sure that both sides keep their part of the deal. Sure it costs a little, but who would try to screw over a deal being overseen by the family? Only idiots. Talking to the club owner had been annoying. Having to make clear that he shouldn't try to run and just try to talk to them when problems arise was troublesome. They hadn't touched the owner, but now he had to renovate his office. His two underlings came out behind him. They looked satisfied with the amount of destruction they had caused. Something of this level was not something where Katsuro had to lift a single finger. "We are going to the main office," he said as he walked to the car.

Author:  hikutetsu [ Sat Feb 25, 2017 12:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu

-Gregorio. They've got nothing to make up for them drugs. Bastards spent the family money for it. They're better off dead.- Came the text as he drove to a where the next client was. He had some thugs get him for him as he pulled over to the side of a sidewalk to text back. -Get rid of them. You know what to do.- He huffed, it was looking like his family's men were starting to slip up and at that rate, that other family on the other side of the city would soon claim their territory. What a bother. About a half hour later, he got to the spot where his boys were as he approached an abandoned warehouse, a man in his 30's looked shaken up as Gregorio approached him, now wetting himself as Gregorio came him a grin, "Well then Fagan, where's the money?" he asked as his boys held the man's shoulder quite hard, the man of course started to blubber as Greg paced like a caged animal and gave him a frown, "Women. Cars. Gambling." he said as he knew what the man spent the money on, making their client wet his pants. "I gave you money, now I want it back." he said as he toyed with his glock. It was clear the man didn't have anything to pay the mobster back, as he was now sputtering nonsense as he pointed the glock at the man and pulled the trigger, point blank to the face. "Boys you know what to do." he said as he left them to dispose of the body, knowing they'd probably incinerate the body or hide the body and burying it over cement mix. "I'll report to the boss." he told them, and he'd pay his boys for this bother. Report to Father, get chewed on by everyone, and get it over with and go home. He sighed, why couldn't Friday come soon?

Author:  Chemical Lady [ Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu

Business at the main office was quickly done. Katsuro gave his report. There were no more 'extra jobs' for that day. However by the time he was done, it was time to get on with his usual rounds. Most people respected him and paid their protection fee obediently. Shops that were under his care would never get robbed and if someone was stupid enough to steal from one of his 'friends' then he would make sure they regret it until death. Most shop owners appreciated that greatly since they can not go to the police for most business. Of course the price was not cheap. Still, it was a price they should better pay if they wanted to stay in business. The rounds of that evening went by without any trouble. This was fine by Katsuro. He preferred it peaceful. It didn't matter if he was always prepared to take action without hesitation or mercy. It was all the same as long as he got the job done.

Author:  hikutetsu [ Sun Feb 26, 2017 5:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu

-Everything in the black markets is running smoothly. Report to father- Came another text from his brother, Gregorio sighed as he rubbed his temple, his men got his things done as he'd go report back to his father as usual. He sighed as he went to his father's building, of course it looked like a normal business building though he'd always meet him in the basement and he was met by his younger half brothers, "Look who's here," one said as he snickered at the red handmarks on Gregorio's cheek, "Looks like Cynthia's got you by the balls." he said as they other snickered as well, "What'd you go and do now Greggo? Forget to pay the lady for child support?" he asked as both ended up laughing as Gregorio huffed before addressing them, "Vito, Nicholas." he said flatly as they stopped, "I did your work, you owe me." he said as he'd take their share of the money as he went to report to his father. "Useless son. Can't even keep his woman in check." One report, no acknowledgement or approval from father as usual, he always kept his expectations low anyways. Though his brothers got away with slacking on the job, he just had more to do tomorrow. A night drive home would help calm him as he looked at another text, now dealing with his son. Great.

Author:  Chemical Lady [ Mon Feb 27, 2017 5:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu

It was early morning by the time Katsuro was done with his rounds. They had run into some kids that thought they were the greatest. He had honoured them by personally breaking the arm of the leader of the brats. All the big words had quickly made place for begging for mercy. Killing harmless kids would put a dent on his reputation so he let them live, after a thorough beating. A little teaching of who not to mess with was always a good lesson. After refusing a few persistent ladies of the night, Katsuro let himself be driven back to his apartment. The sun was already rising. He took a nice shower before going to bed alone.

Author:  hikutetsu [ Mon Feb 27, 2017 11:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu

Finally heading home to his flat, Gregorio opened the locked door and was greeted by two dobermans who were patiently waiting for his return, both of them getting up to lick his face. "Hi boys." he said with a tired sigh, patting both dogs as he slipped off his boots and headed to the kitchen to feed them. Getting both of them a nice bowl of dog chow, he had sent a lengthy text to Cynthia regarding his son. He knew he wasn't the one being a bad influence, far from it. He wanted his son to grow up right, he didn't want his son to get caught up in the lifestyle he grew up in. "Friday, can't wait til that." he murmured, it seemed having his kid around him made him a bit more human. He went off to shower, a nice cold shower would calm him down and then a nice rest in bed would do him wonders. And then the cycle would continue again once more.

Author:  Chemical Lady [ Tue Feb 28, 2017 7:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu

Katsuro prefered to sleep into most of the day. Mainly because he had to work all night. He had already gotten used to this rythm before long. He got up in the afternoon, brushed his teeth and stuff before going out. As usual he was wearing a suit. Katsuro strolled through the neutral zone. His favourite bakery was there. After getting some fresh bread he went to sit on a bench in the park to eat leisurely. Even if he seemed relaxed, he never dropped his guard.

Author:  hikutetsu [ Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu

There was the sound of dogs whining as one doberman pulled the covers and the other went over to Gregorio to wake him up, they were animals that still needed to be looked after. Gregorio groaned as he reluctantly got up, "Alright bambinos, I'm up." he mumbled as the dogs licked him awake. An afternoon shower woke him up as he got them on their leashes and was out the door, the neutral zone's park was always a nice place to relax without worrying about the mafia's business. Though today he didn't carry his glock with him but kept a butterfly knife in his pocket, the dogs were eager to get into the park. No mafia outfit for now though, he wore ripped jeans and a white tank top as he walked through the park, with the dogs and a newspaper under his arm. It was always interesting to read up on what the police had gotten a report of and which gang were slipping, finding an empty bench, he sat to read as his dogs remained by his side.

Author:  Chemical Lady [ Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu

Katsuro was one of those types that smoke while eating. He knew that he wouldn't taste much if he was smoking but old habits die hard. he left the last piece of bread in the paperbag next to him on the bench and leaned back. Blowing a circle of smoke to the grey sky. It didn't looke like rain although the sun probably won't show itself today. Maybe it was alright to drop his guard just a little bit while enjoying the weather.

Author:  hikutetsu [ Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu

One doberman, named Rufus made a soft whining sound as he seemed a little nervous as Gregorio looked up. There was that mobster again, at least what he thought the suit meant, he seemed to frequent the park a lot. "Hush." he said as he patted the dobby's side and went back to reading the news. It was a little odd, maybe he was part of the family but he'd never seen him around. Or he was a self made man? He went back to reading an article of a man that went missing, no body, no crime? It's how his men dealt with clients who wouldn't pay. He looked up at the sky, maybe it'd rain and he could easily dispose of bodies tonight.

Author:  Chemical Lady [ Wed Mar 01, 2017 5:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu

Katsuro's ringtone sounded. It was a simple preprogrammed standard ringtone. "Yes? ... Now? ... Yes I understood..." As he hung up he sighed. "So far for any breaktime, I didn't even get to eat all my bread." Still Katsuro didn't get up to leave immidiately. He smoked the last bit of his cigarette before purring it out in his pocket astray.

Author:  hikutetsu [ Wed Mar 01, 2017 5:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: mafia 1x1 with hikutetsu

Gregorio peered over his newspaper as he quirked an eyebrow at the gangster over there, this one was odd as one dog was keeping an eye on him as the other dozed off. And then his phone buzzed, this time from his son's mother. -Don wants you to come to open house, so you better get your ass over here tonight.- He sighed, meaning he had to do his night work now or in the afternoon. Of course with his family, well just his son, he dropped everything for him, "Come on boys, daddy's gotta get work done." he muttered as he got up with the dogs, newspaper under his arm and gave that man a glance before having to leave.

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