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Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria
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Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Sat Sep 03, 2016 2:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria

The best part of deciding your own work hours was that you could take the tube when it wasn't all too crowded. That was at least Draco's favourite part of it. Sure, it was also nice that he was his own boss, except for his manager, of course, but she usually let him do whatever he wanted to do. He was the star after all, at least that was what she always said.
He didn't really feel like a star, as he was holding on tightly to the pole on the tube, not wanting to be knocked over by the sudden starts and stops. He was deep in thought, humming softly along to music in his head. He wished that he had his guitar, but his manager had told him to stop bringing it everywhere, seeing as he might break it, and it apparently was part of his image. He didn't understand even half of the things she told him, but he knew that it usually was better to just listen to her, and do as she said. It usually ended better that way.
Draco liked taking the tube, seeing as it always offered him new inspiration for songs. He liked looking at people, and making up stories about where they were going, and what they might be going through in their life. It was his number one reason to even use public transport in the first place, and it was also what he was doing on that exact trip. His fingers was softly tapping the pole he was holding on to, and he was humming softly, trying to think of lyrics in his head that would match the melody.

Author:  Nymeria [ Sat Sep 03, 2016 3:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria

What had started off as his day off had quickly become a half day, when Harry had been asked to cover for a coworkers 12 o'clock class. Harry didn't really mind and liked being kept occupied; with the house clean and Teddy at school, there really wasn't any reason to decline. This showed to be a good decision, seeing as he otherwise wouldn't had taken this mid-morning train.
If he had to be humble about it, Harry would say that he was fairly certain that Draco Malfoy was standing a couple of yards diagonally from him. The person in question was looking down the wagon in the different direction, but even taking that in mind, Harry was sure it was him. Though the two of them had seen each other on a daily basis while being at school, Harry didn't recognise him from that time, but from the vast amount of his pictures that covered magazines stands on end.
Harry couldn't help but look. He still had his half-read and hasty printed email with the lesson plan in front of him, but it had been a while since his attention had been focused on it. Unable to lower his gaze, Harry momentarily considered asking to take a photo with him, but seeing the artist so at peace made him reconsider; a picture wasn't worth interrupting his trail of thought for.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Sat Sep 03, 2016 11:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria

Draco turned his head to look down the other end of the tube, fingers still softly drumming on the pole, as he watched more people. This was when he spotted a familiar face, or at least he thought it was a familiar face. He hadn't seen Harry Potter since they graduated, but the scar made him quite recognisable, so he felt fairly certain. He hadn't even known that Harry lived in London, but it made sense. It wasn't the first time he had run into old classmates around London after all, so it shouldn't be that surprising to him.
After considering for a moment, Draco decided to go say hi. He felt certain enough about it being his former classmate to do it, and if it wasn't then he would just have to apologise. It was no big deal.
He let go of the pole, and went to approach the man, trying to look at approachable as humanly possible.
"Excuse me," he said in a soft voice, when he was standing in front of the man, while still keeping an appropriate distance to him. "You're Harry Potter, right? I'm not sure if you remember me, we used to go to school together," he said with a shrug. After all, it had been a while since they graduated, so he couldn't really blame Harry for not remembering him.

Author:  Nymeria [ Sun Sep 04, 2016 7:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria

It took Draco to turn for Harry to look away. It was painfully embarrassing to be caught staring and, as Harry aimlessly stared into his papers, he felt a heat creep up the back of his neck. Draco Malfoy was known for roaming the streets of London, and Harry was well aware that he would only do that as long as he could roam uninterrupted. Therefore, Harry fought the instinct to glance up again, and instead ran a hand through his hair in an attempt to gather his thoughts on the text before him.
This, however, turned to be a wasted effort, because within a minute of Harry lowering his gaze, he heard his name being said in a familiar voice and a chill ran down his spine. Utterly surprised and disoriented he looked up, just to see Draco who was standing in front of him. It was absolutely mind blowing that he had approached him, and if Draco's voice and face not been as recognisable, Harry might have doubted whether or not it actually was the singer.
"Yeah, hi," he stuttered, his voice echoing every thought that went through his mind. There was a small grin on Harry's features, brought there by the sheer ridicule of the situation. The girl seated across from Harry seemed to follow the conversation, and she looked as surprised at Harry felt. "Of course I remember you."
Harry had to fight his instinct to say I know who you are instead, but even rephrasing it felt dumb, like he was just stating the obvious; how could he not know who Draco was?

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Sun Sep 04, 2016 2:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria

It was impossible not to smile at that. Even if they hadn't seen each other for a couple of years by now, then Draco had still been thinking about Harry every now and again. He had gotten even more handsome than he was back when they attended school together, and it really brought Draco back to when he was 15 years old. It was ridiculous, but he welcomed the feeling, instead of shying away from it. He sat down across from Harry, a soft smile resting on his lips, matching the one Harry was wearing.
"How are you doing? I haven't seen you in forever," he said, leaning forward towards Harry, obviously interested in what he had to say. His life turned crazy after high school, especially with the entire x-factor thing he had going on, and his life never really was the same after the show. He appreciated everything he had gotten though, and it was always mindblowing to him just how far he had come. However, it didn't leave him with a lot of time to reconnect with old school mates, no matter how much he wanted to, and that was a bummer.
"I hope you don't mind me sitting down with you? If you're busy, or if you'd rather be doing something else then tell me."

Author:  Nymeria [ Sun Sep 04, 2016 3:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria

Harry was completely disoriented by Draco's actions, and what he heard of his question's made Harry exhale a little, flustered laugh. "No, please sit," he said, and even in the midst of his slight embarrassment he knew he didn't want to do anything that would discourage Draco from the conversation. Draco seemed genuinely interested, and his smile made Harry's head spin and his heart race quicken. Thankfully Draco had said and asked several things in a brief window of time, and Harry answered what felt less intimidating.
"Things are good. I'm just on my way to work," he said with a humble smile. Harry's life was undeniably less interesting than Draco's, and besides Teddy, Harry had little to show for the last years which have passed. He couldn't help but linger at the fact that Draco apparently had expected them to see each other after they graduated, and he wasn't sure what to say about that other than an soft: "You've been quite busy, though."
There was an equally soft smile on his lips; after all, they had gone so long without seeing each other that they were practically strangers, and Harry didn't know how much he could take the liberty to. He, however, figured it'd be pointless to return the question, pretending that he didn't know what Draco himself had been up to.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Sun Sep 04, 2016 3:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria

Draco shrugged softly at that, knowing that that very much was the truth. He had been really busy, and he was honestly still incredibly busy. Hermione was going to kill him if he went on detours, but he figured that he could talk with an old schoolmate on the train. That wasn't distracting to his work after all, and it would help his progress with the album. That was at least what he was going to be telling Hermione.
"Yeah, I have," he stated with a shrug. He knew that his life was fairly broadcasted in the media, even if he tried to keep his privacy as much as he could, but there were certain things that he couldn't hide from the public. "But I bet that the Daily Mail will tell you all about that," he stated with a crooked smile, and another shrug. He leant back into the seat again, but his eyes were still on Harry, wanting to get to know him again. He couldn't even remember the last time he had seen Harry, and it was nice to hang with him again.
"I am more interested in you. What do you do?"

Author:  Nymeria [ Sun Sep 04, 2016 4:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria

How quickly Draco had dismissed himself as a conversation topic made Harry's heart skip a beat, momentarily afraid that he had overstepped. Draco's way of being was in every way overwhelming, and in that moment, Harry couldn't remember if he had always been like that, or if fame had changed him - or maybe his fame had changed how Harry experienced him.
"I, uh-" he eventually started, in an attempt to fill the silence. "I teach -" the smile that had disappeared with his worry, slowly made its way to his lips "- I'm a middle school history and PE teacher."
Saying it out loud had never felt underwhelming before directing them to Draco. Harry absolutely loved his job and working with kids, it just felt so humble compared to what else was out there. It took him a few moments to realise, but he caught himself looking at Draco differently, searching for a reaction to his trade, finding him unecessarily wanting Draco's approval.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Mon Sep 05, 2016 9:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria

Draco nodded softly at that, somehow really seeing Harry in that role. Harry was mostly a jock back at school, interested in lacrosse and such, but somehow it made sense to Draco that he became a teacher. The fact made him smile softly, happy that Harry had found a steady job.
"Yeah? That's great. You like it?" He asked, unable to curb his curiosity. He hadn't really stayed much in contact with anyone from school, except for Nott and Pansy, and Pansy he mostly saw because she designed all of his red carpet looks. God, he really needed a vacation, if Hermione would allow him to go. He has a lot of shows lined up though, and he knows that Hermione wants to get him on tour soon as well, so he doubts that that will be any time soon.

Author:  Nymeria [ Mon Sep 05, 2016 1:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria

"Yeah, I love it," Harry answered without hesitation; this was the first answer which had come naturally to him during this conversation - the only one he didn't have to carefully construct for Draco's sake. The words were followed by a genuine and crooked grin, but the promptly lowered his gaze to the papers still in his hand.
He made a vague gesture towards them, but of course they meant nothing to Draco, so he folded them together, figuring he wouldn't get the chance to finish reading them.
"- I love kids," eventually came the ending to a sentence, which wasn't noticeably lacking one. He shifted his position slightly in order to put the folded paper in the pocket of his jacket, and his eyes once again moved to Draco, a smile still on his lips.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Tue Sep 06, 2016 10:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria

The genuine grin that spread on Harry's face prompted a similar one to appear in Draco's. They might not have been close friends back in high school, but it was still nice to know that Harry was happy and doing well for himself. He was genuinely happy that he has run into Harry here.
"Yeah? Got any of your own?" He asked, mostly out of interest for an old schoolmate. However, he did harbour a very strong crush on Harry back in high school, and Harry had gotten more handsome since then. Sure, he wasn't Blaise levels of handsome, but there was something incredibly charming about his crooked grin and boyish expression. It was different from what he was used to, and honestly, it was super refreshing to be around.

Author:  Nymeria [ Tue Sep 06, 2016 11:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria

Draco's smile absolutely took Harry's breath away, and for a moment, his own smile softened while the world attempted to catch up to the quick pace of his heart's beating
"Yeah," Harry eventually exhaled, the smile reappearing as a small twitch in the corner of his mouth. "I actually do -" the subject felt weirdly intimate for the situation, but somewhere in the back of his mind Harry knew it probably wasn't. As the background noises reappeared, Harry shifted his position slightly. "- I've got a 7 year-old."
A small silence followed his words, and Harry looked at Draco in an attempt to figure out what had caused it. When it finally dawned upon him, Harry couldn't help but smile.
"He's adopted," he offered as an additional explanation; it had barely been 7 years since Harry graduated from high school, and an equal amount of time since he last saw Draco.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Wed Sep 07, 2016 5:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria

It wasn't hard for Draco to imagine Harry as a parent, however it was hard to imagine who Harry had hooked up in high school, for it to be possible for him to have a 7-year old. Sure, they didn't talk much back then, but the gossip always ran high, and he figured that he would have known about such a scandal if it had happened.
It all started to make a lot more sense, once Harry explained that his child was adopted, which made the timeline fit a little better. "Wow, so I guess that you're all settled down," he stated, not really sure what response he expected to get to that. A part of him wanted to know why Harry had adopted, rather than getting his own biological children, but maybe there were special circumstances, and it felt rude to pry, even if he was about to burst from curiosity.

Author:  Nymeria [ Wed Sep 07, 2016 2:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria

Harry ducked his head with a crooked smile at that; something about this little gesture disagreed with Draco before Harry got to phrase his answer.
"You'd think so, yeah," he said with a joyless laugh in his voice; Harry, too, had thought that he'd be settled down by now. With a soft exhale, he ran a hand through his hair, and once again raised his gaze to meet Draco's eyes. There was a soft smile, as he for a moment considered if it was appropriate sharing that much, but he figured it would do no harm.
"I've just recently broken up with my college boyfriend," he eventually said with a shrug, as he lent forward, resting his forearms against his knees. He seemingly didn't put any thought in the fact that Draco might not have known that he was bi, and continued without leaving time for a reaction. "He's in Pakistan teaching girls math, and 3 months turned to 6 and now he's been gone for close to a year."
Harry let that be explanation, as he once again shrugged. Though they were technically on a break, Harry didn't have high hopes for their future as a couple.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Thu Sep 08, 2016 7:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria

The mention of a boyfriend took Draco aback for a moment, but Harry didn't give him time to process the fact that he wasn't straight, and instead just went on to explain why it hadn't worked out with the college boyfriend. Draco tried his best to not act surprised by the fact that Harry was... gay? bi? He knew that Harry had dated girls in the past, but if those had just been flings to figure out his feelings, he didn't know. In fact, it was none of his business. However, a small part of his was pleased to know that Harry also dated boys now, even if it didn't mean anything to him. He shouldn't get his hopes up anyway.
"Damn, I'm sorry," he said, and he honestly meant it. It wasn't nice to have expected to settle down with someone, only to have them move that far away from you, even if it was for an honorable purpose. It didn't make the situation better that there was a child involved in the process, and Draco just hoped that Harry had full custody over the child. "Did you get the child together?" He asked, fearing that he was overstepping the second he had asked, but he honestly just cared for his former school mate.

Author:  Nymeria [ Thu Sep 08, 2016 3:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria

Harry frowned at that before shaking his head, but of course, Draco had no chance of knowing this. "Oh, no, he's mine - he's my godson," he explained, his eyes briefly moving from Draco's eyes to a point above his shoulders. "Teddy was never ment to be our son."
When Harry's eyes once again returned to Draco, a soft smile brightened his face. "This is my stop," he exhaled, before getting up on his feet. He bent down to pick up his messenger bag, which until now had sat unimportantly on the subway floor. Harry pulled the strap up onto his left shoulder before reaching out for a post in search for support. Inattentively, he cast a glance down the wagon as the train came to a halt.
"It was nice seeing you, Draco - good luck with everything," Harry smiled politely and genuinely. Luck was maybe not a factor worth mentioning, but that too showed in Harry's grin, before he turned to walk towards the train exit.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Fri Sep 09, 2016 1:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria

Draco barely had time to react to Harry's statement, before he declared that it was his stop, and he had to get off. Panic flew through him, because he didn't feel like he was done talking with Harry, but he knew that he couldn't ask him to stay longer on the tube. Instead, he got a card out of his pocket, and flew up from his seat to follow Harry to the door.
"Harry, wait," he said, not wanting to yell on the tube, so he could only hope that Harry could hear him. It seemed to be working, seeing as Harry turned around, so that Draco could offer him the card he was holding. "If you ever want to grab a cup of coffee or anything, then call me, yeah?" He asked with a soft smile, hoping that Harry would take him up on the offer.

Author:  Nymeria [ Fri Sep 09, 2016 3:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria

Harry was absolutely shocked by Draco's words and he remained immobile for so long that, hadn't he stood in the doorway preventing the doors from closing, the train might very well have continued on.
"Uh," Harry stuttered, looking down the wagon when a small beep emitted from the doors, indicating that something was in their way. "Sure, alright."
He turned to eye Draco, and the smil that was on his features as he once again met the other's eyes portrayed a mixture of disorientation, disbelief and excitement. Momentarily lowering his gaze, Harry took the card from Draco's hand before taking a step out of the wagon. Once out, he turned towards Draco and before the doors quickly closed, he raised the card in an unspoken cheers.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Sat Sep 10, 2016 2:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria


Draco was happy that Harry had decided to give him a call, and they had managed to set up a date for them to get some coffee and catch up. Draco had really been looking forward to hanging out properly with Harry, and had picked out a coffee shop he frequented for the purpose. He liked this coffee shop, seeing as it usually was very empty, and he could get to enjoy a cup of coffee in peace, without getting disturbed too much by anyone. It was also a place where he enjoyed to write songs, seeing as they didn't mind him sitting there with his guitar and strumming occasionally.
Today he had left his guitar at home, but he still had his notebook with him, and was scribbling frantically in it. The waitress had just played a soy latte next to him, and he had gotten struck by inspiration for a song he was working on, so he had to write it down immediately. It was what happened occasionally, and he always had to take advantage of it whenever he could.

Author:  Nymeria [ Sun Sep 11, 2016 2:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Musician AU - iamcrystalqueer and Nymeria

Everything related to this coffee date had been an emotional roller coaster; first and foremost, Harry was certain it wasn't a date, and secondly, Harry was unsure of how much of it had been polite conversation. It had taken him close to two days to figure out if Draco had been genuine, and the more Harry seemed to think about it, the muddier his memory of the conversation became. Even when dialling the number, it felt like he was misinterpreting the situation; and now, walking up to the coffee shop it just simply felt unreal.
Somewhere above him, a soft bell rang as he stepped into the coffee shop. Harry immediately spotted Draco, but seeing him so absorbed by his notebook made Harry hesitate. It was dumb, but it was impossible to shake the idea of not disturbing him, when Harry was well aware of the fact that Draco was expecting him.
With a soft exhale, Harry finally got into motion, his hands moving to unwrap his scarf. Once Harry came within a conversational distance of Draco, he spoke a soft: "Hi."

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