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The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)
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Author:  Rainbow [ Wed Oct 19, 2016 6:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)

Slade yes but I don't want you to talk to hi8m and mess my employment opportunity with him he is the best one I have Slade looked over at the driver who did not make eye contact with him Slade turned to look out the window as the city went by it was not long before they were outside the club. Slade unblucked his seat belt and paid the cab driver he waited for Wade to come out of the cab when he had they both walked into the club where there was various villains and common people around. this was the place because this was the place to be If you wanted to spend a good time in Gotham but mostly at night. Slade moved through the club to the back table where his employer Black mask was seated Slade came closer to his employer He sat down in the chair across from Black Mask and waited to be talk to first before he talked to Black mask.

Black mask was about to talk to Slade when he saw another man come over and sit near Slade he watched the man for a while he did not know this person but he did not care enough to ask who he was.

Author:  Asterous [ Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)

Wade made a mocking face under his mask that he knew would get him in trouble if Slade could have seen it.
"Of course your majesty, I won't screw this up for you." Crossing his arms, Deadpool fell back in his seat and stared out the window, just like a kid who had just been told off.

When the cab stopped Wade assumed they were there and hopped out. He followed Deathstroke into the club, taking note of the number of people and ladies already here. As Slade took a seat across from a black faced man, Wade slid into the seat beside him.
"Damn did you see those girls?" Wade whistled and leaned back in his chair, trying to catch another glimpse of the dancers they had passed on the way here. Eventually he turned back to the table and cast an eye over who he assumed was Slade's employer.

"Black Mask, right?" He pointed his fingers in a gun position towards the man. "What's up with the whole..." He motioned at the mask, completely forgetting, or just ignoring, what Slade had told him on the way here.

Author:  Rainbow [ Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)

Slade basiclly face palmed when Wade sat beside him and elbowed him in the ribs hard hoping to shut him up this was one of Slade's employers Slade then looked back at Black mask hoping that he would just ignore his friend's question he watched Black mask for a while it was hard to tell what his experience was because of the mask. Slade looked over at Wade "really what did you expect his name is Black mask he is one of my employers and he has his own reason for having it which he dose not want to dicuss to you and dose not have the time to tell the complete story right now any way." Slade looked at his employer "sir I told you that I will not be able to take any contracts for you right now and the reason that I did not give earlier". Slade cleared his throat "well the reason is that I have to fine they guy who did this to me and find out why even though I'm not complaining I am the best assassin after all" Slade was not actually mad about this but he did want to know why the guy had done it. Slade listened to Black mask for a while "of course sir I can give him the folder and thanks for the heads up I hope to see you after all this and then I will be free to do more contracts for you". Slade smiled as his watched his main employer leave the building he then turned his attention to Wade "you nearly blew that chance with you remarks I though I told you not to talk to him" Slade glared at Wade not very happy with him but he did not say anything further.

Black mask looked over at the friend of Slade's he laughed at first at this guys first remark about the dancers but he stopped short when he heard the other question what was that boy you have the nerve to ask me about this Black mask gestured towards his mask which resembled a black skull "this how I can hide my identity from the Batman or any other guys who are after me and it is in my name Black mask." Black mask looked at Slade "of course I understand your reasons and I do know that you can not take care of these contracts for me that is why I'm here I'm going to give them to Dead shot sense he is not busy". Black mask pushed the file folder across the table "and if you want to know some information on the guy your looking for go meet Dead shot he has a list of about everyone her hates and wishes to kill so he may have some information on your guy have fun". Black mask sootd up and started to walk away from the table "oh and do you mind give Dead shot that folder for me thanks you can find me at my steel mill see you later Slade". Black mask then walked out of the club and out into Gotham.

Author:  Asterous [ Fri Oct 28, 2016 12:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)

Wade felt the jab to his ribs and scooted farther away from Slade, the source of the elbow. He listened to what Deathstroke had to say about this being his employer and blah, blah but didn't really pay much mind to it. If the man didn't want him questioning him, he could tell him himself, they were all grown men here. When Black Mask became angry with him, calling him out on his nerve to ask his question Deadpool laughed.
"Oh, I've got nerves, lots of them. Helps me feel when someone gets **** enough get physical." Under his mask he was grinning.

As the man turned to Slade and they took over talking Wade huffed and leaned back, putting his chair on two legs and crossing his arms. He only half listened to what was being said but dropped his chair back down as Black Mask left, waving to the man though he gave the red clad man no acknowledgement.

He turned back to Slade, a comment on his lips when the man lashed out at him.
"Oh yeah, that thing you told me. Guess it just slipped my mind...much like something else is slipping over there." Wade said, watching the action behind them where a man was receiving some very close attention from a scantily clad woman whose top was gradually slipping down her shoulders. Eyes still fixed on the scene Deadpool asked Deathstroke a question he knew would be good to have the answer to.
"So who's this Deadshot we're going to see? Any relation, what with the whole assassin-y stuff and the name?"

Author:  Rainbow [ Mon Nov 14, 2016 4:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)

Slade looked at Wade "yes and you had to say something to him and I just want to let you know that there are many of my fellow villains here even though most of them my look like average citizen" Slade looked passed the scene Wade had pointed out he could see Firefly, Hush and Mad hatter playing a card game he could tell that Mad hatter was losing. Slade could also see cat women, Killer Croc and many other villains around the night club. Slade turned his attention back to Wade "the man named Dead shot is the best shot in all of Gotham he is lethal at 40,000 meters and he is the guy that gave me most of the guns I own now so we can meet him tomorrow or we can go and find him tonight if you want." Slade looked at the file to see who was in it "he also has a list of people that he wants to be gone it is like a hit list and you don't want to be on that list". Slade waved a watier over and order a drink this guy was getting on his nerves as he awatied Wade's answer of what he wanted to do next.

Author:  Asterous [ Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)

Wade looked around at the people sitting around the club, noting the peculiar appearance of a few of them. But than again, who was he to talk wearing a full body red spandex suit. Still looking around he heard the profile of Deadshot described to him.

"Might as well go tonight, unless you had something else planned." He said. Deadpool was sure he could fine, or make, some fun of his own, but if they could continue with their main objective, that would work too. 

"A hit list eh?" Deadpool laughed. "Maybe I should try to make it on, give him some entertainment." He couldn't help but picture this guy shooting him and expecting him to topple over like a rag doll, just to see the merc up and walking as though nothing had happened.

Author:  Rainbow [ Thu Nov 24, 2016 5:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)

Slade smiled when Wade suggested that they sould get him on the list alright it may make finding him easier and we can go tonight because there is nothing else that I have planned tonight". Slade opened the file and took a piece of paper that was blank and wrote down Wade's name and a small description of what he looked like "okay there now I can call him and tell him that I will be giving him a folder of new contracts and tell him where it will be and then we just have to wait for he to come and find us". Slade closed the file folder and pulled out his mobile phone and dialed Deadshot's number "hey Deadshot black mask gave me a file of contracts for you I'll drop it of in and ally a block away from the night club". Slade hung up and turned towards Wade "alright lets go drop this off and then we just need to wait for our sniper to show just don't tell him he missed becasue he always says that he never misses and that will just make him angry but knowing you". Slade looked Wade up and down you won't listend to an order and do it anyway and to that I say go right ahead I won't stop you" Slade stood up and walked toward the exit he waved to a few of his friends as he passed them he then put his mask on and walked outside of the night club and he waited for Wade to follow him but that would take a while so he went ahead and dropped the file off in the ally and had returned to the front of the night club to see Wade finally come out of the building Slade looked at him "shall we be off now" Slade waited for an answer from Wade.

Author:  Asterous [ Sat Nov 26, 2016 7:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)

"Wait, wait, wait! I was kidding!" Wade tried to reason, but Slade seemed set in his ideas. "Well f*** you too." He said, watching Slade write up his profile and stick in in the folder. It was clear he was going to get no say in what was happening, so resting his chin in his hand with his elbow propped on the table, Wade drummed his fingers on the surface, glaring at Slade as he made the call. He listened to the brief call, impatient to go already when the other man made a comment on his inability to follow an order.
"What can I say? It's part of my charm." He laughed, standing to follow Slade back outside. 

Naturally, he got a little sidetracked, and exited the club with a small knife in his ribs. Pulling it out, he tucked it into his belt.
"Some of those girls sure are feisty." He said. "It's not usually on the first date that you get savagely

Author:  Rainbow [ Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)

Slade laughed at Wades comment on the girls inside the club they were the type that would be a little feisty he had been the victim of them before he knew most of the girls names that were fellow villains and just some of the employees would not mind to stab you in the side or in the ribs they do not belong to anyone and they would harm anyone who tried to own them. Slade walked down the road to where they were going to meet deadshot he watched to see if there was any movment of the roofs around them even if there was Deadshot was very care full when it came to hiding on the roof tops to hit a target. Slade knew that he was there through he could feel like he was being watched but did not know from where Slade looked back at Wade "this has been the best idea you ever had this entire time".

Deadshot was on a roof setting up his gun he had found the perfect spot to shoot his target from even though he had never heard of this guy before but it did not matter he did not ask questions about his targets. Deadshot watched deathstroke arrive to the meeting spot through his sight he looked past Slade to see the target that he was told to kill now he just needed to come a little bit closer into his range so he could take the shot.

Author:  Asterous [ Sun Jan 22, 2017 3:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)

Deadpool followed after Slade, not paying much mind to what the man was saying. As they proceeded down the road, Wade watched Deathstroke looking towards the rooftops, though he couldn't see anything in particular he would be searching for. It was when the man stopped and Wade walked right into his back that he focused on what was going on.

Crossing his arms at Deathstroke's comment, Deadpool took a few steps past the man.

"I have lots of good ideas, just none of them to your damn standards." Before he could say anything else, Deadpool felt more than heard a bullet pierce his chest. Looking down at the hole, and back up to Deathstroke, Wade smiled.

"Looks like somebody's impatient." Turning in the direction the bullet had come from, Deadpool laughed.

"Thought you were the best shot in town! Looks like you missed!"

Author:  Rainbow [ Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)

Deadshot stood up and went to walk away untill he heard someone speak up looking over the edge of the building he saw his target standing and alive okay now that is impossible "I never miss" Dead shot threw a rope over the edge of the building and climbed down and made his way towards the supposed to be dead target. "what is this I shot you directly in the chest where your heart is you should be dead". Deadshot looked at Death stroke "of course I have information on every one but this guy you are looking for the only thing I know is his name and where he is from I can share that information with you but after this you owe me a favor okay Slade".

Death stroke walked in between Deadshot and Dead pool " calm down I just figured that out now just like you I thought he would have died but apparently not" Death stroke alright so deadshot this is Dead pool he came here to help me out on finding the doctor who made me who I am today so do you know who he is and if so where we can find him the reason I ask is because you have a information on about anyone." Death stroke listened to what Dead shot had said "alright that is okay at least it is something" Death stroke looked at Dead pool alright we have something and that is better then nothing". Slade looked around the place where they were then at the rising sun so are you going to stick around or are you going to be heading back home what ever you decide is fine with me" Slade waited for an answer.

Author:  Asterous [ Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)

Deadpool laughed when Deadshot questioned how he was still alive after the shot. 

"Surprise, surprise. I'm not!" He said mockingly at the man's comment. At Deathstroke's remark, Deadpool looked to him. 

"And you would have missed me to no end!" Slinging an arm around the man's shoulders he pressed his cheek to Deathstroke's, a grin under his mask. When he was introduced to Deadshot, Deadpool waved his free hand at the man. Losing interest as the two talked, Deadpool let go of Deathstroke and wandered a few steps away from them, placing his hands on his hips.

"Man, I hate extensive dialogue." He said to no one in particular. When he heard the two fall silent, he turned to face both men before strutting up to them. 

"Did you really think you could get rid of me that easily?" He said with a laugh before leaning closer to Deathstroke so he could stage whisper to him. "Cause the correct answer is f*** no!"

Author:  Rainbow [ Fri May 26, 2017 10:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)

Deathstroke laughed at Wade's remark that he would miss him ya right becasue I like a guy I just met today that much I killed people that I liked less and never miss them Slade looked down at his phone to the see that Dead shot's information that he had shared with him thanks Dead shot I hope to meet up after this whole thing is over. Slade turned back to wade "I hoped I could have gotten rid of you but apparently I'm stuck with you for now until this is all over Alright we got the information that we came for so the doctors name is Doctor Yohon." Slade looked up to see Dead shot had disappeared "well he needs to stop doing that anyway I guess we could go back to my place for the rest of the night or do you want to come with me on a heist". Slade looked Wade over "actually I never asked you this but are you and good guy or are you a bad guy because I'm a criminal and I have a guy that calls himself Batman after me so what are you Good or Bad." Slade took out a pistol and fliped it over in his hands making sure he had enough ammo for this hiest he wanted to do.

Author:  Asterous [ Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)

"I'm just special." Wade laughed, taking a step back from Slade before pointing his thumb at him and facing Deadshot. "Ain't he something, kinda cute actually." The mercs attention was pulled away, once more by Deathstroke and he sauntered back over to his fellow Wilson. Ignoring the concept of personal space, Wade leaned against Slade, peering at his phone with the information.

"See, if you got rid of me who would you go on adventures with? Hmm?" Wade snorted when he read the doctor's name, standing up straight and clearing his throat.

"I'm doctor Yohon." He said in a mocking voice, drawing out the name in a lower tone. "Doctor Yooooohonnnnnn. Doctor Yooohooon." Having had his fun with the name, Wade laughed. "It's almost as bad as Francis!" Rejoining the other mercenary, having wandered a little ways away, Wade thought about the question. He finally shrugged, holding both hands up in an 'I don't know' position.

"Good, bad, tomato, tamato...does it matter? Let's just go mess up some motherf***ers!" He pulled a pair of guns out, holding them both out in front of him and pointing at imaginary opponents, making it look as though he were shooting them.

Author:  Rainbow [ Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)

Deathstroke laughed at Wade calling himself special Deathstroke put the phone away and listened to Wade for a moment “alright I got this heist I’m supposed to be helping with”. Deathstroke had agreed to help a friend with this heist a while ago he didn’t really know who he was helping out with it but that didn’t really matter to him. Deathstroke looked to see where the steel mill was it wasn’t to far away from where they were. Deathstroke turned his attention back to Wade “alright the location of the heist is right down there at that steel mill. Deathstroke started down the road he made sure his guns were loaded and then jumped up to the low roofs of the buildings they were near “hope you can keep up Wade”. Deathstroke started to run along the roofs jumping across the gap between the roofs and landing on the next roof without stopping or slowing down.

Author:  Asterous [ Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)

At the mention of a heist, Wade lowered his guns and tilted his head to the side. Following the other merc’s gaze towards the steel mill, he slid his guns back into their holsters. Watching the man take off and begin climbing onto the roofs, Wade found a stack of crates nearby and scaled them.

“You’re just trying to lose be now aren’t you?” He shouted after him, following the best he could along the rooftops. When he finally caught up to Slade, he bent forward in an exaggerated display of exhaustion.

“You know, for an old move pretty fast.” He gasped out, his hands on his knees before straightening up. “Now, who’re we putting down?”

Author:  Rainbow [ Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)

Deathstroke laughed at Wade he then turned his attention to the area before them well I guess we are supposed to get rid of the armed guards that are wearing the GCPD uniforms. Slade stood on the edge of the roof leaning close to see the whole area he knew the place well he started to wonder who would want to get into the steel mill only one name came to mind Slade cursed under his breath the one person skilled enough to break into this place was the skilled assassin named Copperhead. Slade pushed the thought to the back of his mind and pulled his blades free “alright let’s get to this” without a second thought Slade jumped from the roof and on top of the first guard which caused more of the guards to notice something was up but didn’t see him Slade looked up at the roof where he had left Wade “well you coming or not”

Author:  Asterous [ Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)

Wade listened to what Slade was saying, taking note of the men he had pointed out.

“Taking out the coppers...that’ll be a first.” Wade said, stepping up beside Slade with his arms crossed. “So, do you got a plan or do we just go in guns blazing?” He asked as he pulled both of his guns out.

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Slade was already on the move.

“Guess that answers that question.” He remarked before throwing himself off the roof and onto one of the men below. Both fell to the ground and Wade squirmed around, placing one of his guns against the back of the man’s skull and pulled the trigger.

“You are horrible at catching.” He said to the body before climbing to his feet and switching his guns out for his katanas. “Show time f***ers!”

Author:  Rainbow [ Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)

Slade laughed at Wade taking down one of the officers slade pulled out his katana and proceed the take out one guard at a time and without being caught by other guards in the area. Slade came closer to the entrance of the steel mill now that most of the guards were out of the way the only thing that remained was to meet with the skilled assassin inside waiting for him and she was dangerous and he didn’t want to be on her bad side “Alright wade let’s go the person we are meeting is inside and they are dangerous wade so don’t do anything that will make them angry at us do you understand”. Slade opened the door and walked inside the steel mill was in darkness and there were no guards inside for some reason it seemed a little too easy for Slade’s liking that was until he heard a officer shouting for help. Slade put is katana away and took out his pistol ready for anything Slade also keep checking the roof for movement sure some people would say he was paranoid but with Copperhead you could never be sure she was the kind of person that would turn on their partner in and instant. “What’s wrong Slade you would think that I brought you hear to kill you I would have done it by now” Slade scanned the ceiling trying to find the hidden assassin which he knew was close to impossible “Come on Copperhead want don’t you just show yourself and then we can talk Slade entered and open room. “And where is the fun it that Slade you know me better than that” Slade found Copperhead perched on a pipe “there you are” Copperhead crouch lower on the pipe till she was almost lying on it “looks like you found me Slade but what’s this you brought me a new person to play with “Copperhead no that is not why he is here I brought him to come and help with the heist you wanted help with. Copperhead wrapped her legs around the pipe and hung upside down the light catching on her metal claws Slade saw them glint menacingly Slade knew for a fact what Copperhead was capable of.

Author:  Asterous [ Sun Mar 03, 2019 11:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Tale of Two Wilsons (Rainbow & Asterous)

Subtlety wasn’t one of Wade’s strong suits, and that translated well over to the field. While Slade went about taking guards out one by one, drawing little to no attention to himself, Wade did the exact opposite. As soon as he had stood, guns had been trained on him and it seemed all attention was drawn to the red suited man.

“Well ain’t this by lucky day.” He said to no one in particular, swinging one katana around as he pivoted, taking in the armed guards. Letting loose, Wade felt the shots pierce him, dramatically letting his body jolt with each one until he was on his knees, head down.

“Okay, okay, I’m down!” He said as the guards approached. “And now it’s my turn.” Jumping to his feet, Wade slashed and hacked seemingly at random until those around him were down for the count. Whistling as he examined the damage, his attention was drawn to Slade calling him over. Sauntering over, Wade heard what was said and waved the man off.

“Me? Pfft. I’m hurt you would even consider I would do such a thing.” Following him in, Wade blinked behind his mask, trying to make out anything in the darkness when the shouts for help cut through the gloom.

“What kinda person did you say we were meeting again?” Wade asked, following Slade’s lead and drawing his own guns. When the mystery person made herself known, Wade allowed his arm to drop, his gun trailing at his side.

“Hey, I’m not opposed to a little play time.” Wade said, taking in the exotic beauty. “Rawr.” He said, using his free hand to claw at the air like a cat. “Slade, buddy, why don’t you introduce us?”

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